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Best Alex Morgan Quotes, a complete collection

A look back at the greatest Alex Morgan quotes including her comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Alex Morgan

is an American soccer player who is currently plays for Orlando Pride and the United States women's soccer national team. Widely considered as one of the greatest stars of all time in women's soccer.

During her illustrated career, Morgan has won almost every major title at the club and international level including the WPS Championship, NWSL Championship, UEFA Women's Champions League as well as the Olympic Gold Medal and two Women's World Cups. Morgan has been a member of the American national team for almost 11 years. She has scored 111 goals in 186 games for the USA national team so far into her international career.

She has also won many top individual awards. Some of the most important of them are ESPY Award Best Female Athlete (2019), U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year (2012 & 2018) and SheBelieves Cup Golden boot and Golden ball (2020). Morgan is truly among the most influential players in the history of the beautiful game. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Alex Morgan



Best Collection of Alex Morgan quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Alex Morgan quotes which includes her quotes about her personality and career as well as her comments on Messi and Ronaldo.

Alex Morgan quotes about her Character and personal life

Alex Morgan was born into a family of football fans from California. According to herself, her father was her first coach and she used to play soccer with boys in her childhood years. She did not begin playing club soccer until age 14. Morgan is a true family person and has a close relationship with his siblings and parents. She is a vegan and maintain a very healthy diet.

Morgan has been in a long-time relationship with her current husband, Servando Carrasco, who is also a soccer player. The two married in 2014 and have one daughter. It is certainly interesting to know more about Alex Morgan quotes on his own childhood, personality and private life.

On her childhood, parents, Marriage and kids

Scoring a goal in a World Cup was my dream as a little girl. I didn't really dream of being in 'Maxim' when I was 5.

My dad has been to every soccer game that I've played in, both at the amateur level and at the professional level, and he always had great things to say whether we won or we lost, whether I felt great or not so great.

I don't really have many regrets. I did miss a lot of the events in the days leading up to my sister's wedding because I was at a U17 camp. There were moments like that growing up when I felt like I focused too much on soccer. But that's probably the reason I am where I am today.

I rarely felt or noticed any real divide between girls and boys when I was growing up. Maybe it was because I was so involved in sports and competed with the boys. Maybe it was my mom and dad, who constantly instilled confidence in me and never made me feel as though there were boy activities and girl activities.

I've been a big Chapstick fan since I was a kid. I love lathering it on. I probably use a bit more Chapstick than necessary.

I started off playing sports when I was five years old. I played three or four sports all throughout the year.

I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and I started to love soccer the most around 7-8 years old because it was a physical game. I could use my speed and strength to my advantage.

Around the age of 14, I was very discouraged from a coach. It was my first youth club team while playing soccer. She told me at the time that I wasn't good enough to play on the team, that I would never get into the game.

At home, my mom and my dad shared equally in the responsibilities of the family and our home and always demonstrated the importance of men and women having an equal role.

I'm never just on the couch. Being busy is part of who I am. But it's hard juggling my family, my husband, balancing that time.

She made us wait longer than expected, but I should have known she would do it her way and her way only. My super moon baby.

On her hobbies and preferences

I always map out how to get a good eight or nine hours of sleep before I even start my day. And my rule is to put my phone on silent when I go to bed; that way, no texts or emails can disturb me.

When I prepare for a match, it's like work, even the way I have to shower and put on my makeup.

I went from never doing interviews to doing 10 in one day and standing in front of 60,000 fans. Now people look up to me, and I'm seeing little girls wearing my jersey.

Music is so huge to soccer, to my life, to working out. I usually have headphones when I'm cleaning the house or making dinner.

Ninety percent of the time, when I put on my headphones, I forget to turn on my music. Literally 10 minutes will go by before I realize that there's no music.

The head-banging music gives me a headache. Katy Perry is fun, Rihanna, old-school '90s hip-hop. Salt-N-Pepa. I like listening to that. Get the nerves out before the games.

My off-pitch style is probably girly and comfortable. I like a lot of loose-fitting material on top and more tight-fitting material on the bottom.

I really started to enjoy Instagram more recently because it's something that shows people what I'm doing and what I'm going through, but it's so simple. I don't have to come up with something witty; it's just a funny photo, and you can be as artistic or as plain Jane as you want.

I know the trend I would love to bring back is floral. I think that it's just so much fun, whether it's with shoes or outfits or even pants.

I could be a model for one night. But I'm also a professional soccer player, and I like to be taken seriously on the field.

I love yoga. There's a lot of stretching involved, which helps with my flexibility and injury prevention. Vinyasa is my favorite as a recovery tool and for me to continue having my legs feel good.

Pregame, I eat pancakes for a meal. I always do mental visualization before the game to prepare myself. Postgame, I typically take ice baths.

I was the biggest tomboy growing up. Now I love playing with a full face of makeup.

I really try to take a step back from the soccer world and going a thousand miles an hour every day. I like to do some sort of either meditation or mental visualization or breathing exercises - something to calm my mind down because a lot of times, it's just going faster than it should.

I've always wanted to skydive.

I feel the most confident when I'm comfortable in workout clothes with my hair up in a ponytail.

I have done 'Sports Illustrated,' but I don't regret it because it portrayed me in a positive way - as an athlete.

I have a couple of go-to sneakers off the pitch. I like to have shoes that I can slip on and wear with anything. I travel often, so it's about finding those two or three pairs of shoes that can go with any outfit, whether they go with leggings or a skirt or a dress or jeans.

I grew up always having dessert after dinner. Always. It's such a hard habit for me to break. It's fine to have dessert every once in a while, but not seven days a week!

On her personality, Beliefs and objectives

Honestly, with stats and things like that, I try not to think about them. I just find that the more you think about goals and assists - what you need to do and accomplish - the more you tend to fall short. When you hope for something and you want something, it comes to you.

You should never be afraid of looking athletic or building too much muscle.

I really like my legs because I've worked hard for them. With soccer, that's the one thing you're working all the time.

It's important to accept your body for what God gave you.

I have to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I'm beautiful, even if I don't necessarily believe it.

When I leave the game, I want to go out on top.

Once I got to college, I realized that practicing 3-6 days wasn't going to be enough for me to get where I wanted.

People know there's more than one side to me. You can have beauty and brains and athletic ability. You can switch up the cleats for heels once in a while. You can do both.

Winning and losing isn't everything; sometimes, the journey is just as important as the outcome.

When people say, 'You run like a girl; you play like a girl,' it's not what it used to be. That shouldn't be negative. You should be proud to play like a girl.

My goal is to show girls that I'm fighting so they don't have to, so they don't have to fight the same battles, so they don't have to fight for wage equality or whatever it may be.

There's really no secret to success. You make your own success.

I try to push myself a little every day. For me, it's doing 10 more seconds of whatever I'm working on. So if I'm on the treadmill sprinting my butt off or doing a grueling core workout, I think to myself, 'You can do 10 more seconds, and you'll be that much mentally stronger.' After a while, those 10 seconds add up!

I would like to win the Ballon d'Or for women. But every top professional should have that ambition.

I certainly don't feel like I have the perfect body type... It's through your own eyes. And for every female, you're going to see flaws in that; you're going to see flaws regardless. So for me, it's just important to have that confidence and self-esteem no matter what body type you have.

I feel like when there's more on the line and there's more risks, that means there's more reward.

To force a change, sometimes you need to stand up. You know what you're worth - rather than what your employer is paying you.

I feel like I'm always looking to continue improving myself. I'm always looking to win.

I have experienced sexism multiple times, and I'm sure I will a lot more.

It's an obstacle being a girl when you move all over and don't have half the things you need. It's like everything is wrinkled in your life.

I want young girls to dream about being professional soccer players instead of just watching the boys go out and play.

Social media has come a long way. With the good has come some bad, and you always have a lot of people hiding behind their computers and being very critical of what you do on and off the field, of what you tweet, of what you say, of everything you do.

It's great to see women standing up in their own line of work and fighting for fair value.

There's those young girls that I once was, looking up to Mia Hamm, Christine Lilly, all those players, and I know how much of an effect they had on me. Knowing that, I feel like I'm in a position where I can really help be a positive influence in girls' lives.

It's so easy to lose your fitness and so hard to gain it back.

I feel like you have to use the platform you're given to voice concerns and also to praise things when they need to be praised.

I think it's important to keep things positive. Sometimes you don't win, and that sucks, and you work on improving.

I remember every goal I've scored!

I hate being recognized; I hate it, hate it.

Alex Morgan quotes about football and her playing style

Alex Morgan is known the most for her pace, technical skills, accurate passing, intelligent movement and powerful shooting. She has also been praised for her attacking runs and ability to combine with teammates, as well as an excellent capacity to read the game. The followings are the

top quotes by Alex Morgan

about football and her own playing style.

On Soccer/football

Sportsmanship is definitely an important thing in all sports. In soccer, we all respect each other on such a high level, between Sweden and


and Japan or whatever team it is.

At the FIFA World Player of the Year event, FIFA executives and FIFA president Sepp Blatter didn't know who I was. And I was being honored as top three in the world. That was pretty shocking.

I don't think the entire world respects women in sport. But if FIFA start respecting the women's game more, others will follow.

Whenever people say 'women's soccer,' I want to correct them to say 'soccer.'

I want to know I made women's soccer better than it was when I came into it.

I think players need to get paid for what they're worth, for what they put up on the field.

It wasn't until 1999 when my idols Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly took home the women's World Cup trophy at the Rose Bowl in front of 40 million TV viewers that I remember thinking how rare it was to see women play sports on TV.

I think it's huge, especially in team sports, for players to be able to rely on each other and to really trust in each other.

On her Playing style

As a professional soccer player, I need to get touches on the ball every day, and obviously it's a lot easier to do that with a team than to motivate yourself to do it by yourself.

I wasn't the most technical player. But I was fast, and if I push the ball past a player, I can get there. Everyone always made fun of me in a good way for that.

I always, always decide where I'm going with the ball before I take a penalty shot, stare at the ball, follow through, and never look at the place that I'm going to shoot.

Even when I'm training alone, I always prefer doing soccer-related stuff. On my own, I'll run through cones or do some shooting exercises or pass the ball against the wall.

Every time you step onto the field, you have to set goals. My goals are to either score a goal, to have an assist, or to play well.

I never look at the goalkeeper's eyes.

When I play on grass, my body doesn't ache. It can get sore, but it doesn't pulse, and my legs don't ache. When I play on turf, my legs can pulse and ache for up to 24 hours, and it could take 3-5 days to recover, whereas grass, after 24 hours, I'm ready to play again.

I start warming up before training an hour before at the hotel. That's not because I feel old and my body needs it. It's because it's prehab. It's preventing those injuries.

I could always score goals. I loved that feeling of having your team look to you, that feeling of leadership.

I'm a big advocate of starting soccer young and always having the ball at your foot, but that's because I didn't do that. If I'd focused more on that when I was a kid, it would've been so helpful. It took me, like, halfway through college to feel comfortable with the ball.

My favorite goals are the ones when there's so much pressure. I focus more when the game is on the line.

My workouts are mostly interval-based, so I'm never running at a constant speed. I'm always switching it up because I don't want my body getting used to one thing in particular.

I've probably improved most with my vision of the game and my movement off the ball.

I don't run straight at a constant pace; soccer is always a change of pace and movement.

Alex Morgan quotes on Messi and Ronaldo

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is between

Lionel Messi

and Cristiano Ronaldo fans. Morgan is a fan of Lionel Messi. In 2015, she appeared alongside Lionel Messi on covers of FIFA 16. Morgan has praised Ronaldo and Messi in many of her interviews, although she has stated that to her Messi is the greatest players she has ever seen. Here are

Alex Morgan quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


Messi is out of this world. Scoring 86 goals this year... In 2012. What an incredible accomplishment!

I would have to say Messi, He's just so much better... He's a level higher than any other player I watch. He's a really exciting player to watch.

Best Alex Morgan quotes about her international career 

We wrap up our article on Alex Morgan quotes with a look at the

best Alex Morgan quotes

about her club and international career.

What I really appreciate is the people who come up and say, 'Thank you for representing our country.'

My goal against Italy in the World Cup qualifier was probably my most memorable: we had to go to Italy and had to win, or we wouldn't go to the World Cup, and I scored in stoppage time.

One thing I'm proud to do like a girl is represent my country in the Olympics and at the highest level, at the highest platform that I can.

I am hugely honored to represent my country in the Olympics and in World Cups, and I'm grateful for all the advantages being a professional soccer player brings my way - the opportunities to see the world, the camaraderie and friendships, and more.

After I got my gold medal, I thought, 'This isn't just me. It belongs to my team, my friends, my family, the fans, everybody who's impacted my life - this is our gold medal.' So when someone asks to try it on, I'm like, 'Sure, why not?' I might be a little too relaxed about it, but why would I keep it to myself?

In the 123rd minute of the semifinal game at the Olympics against


, I scored the game-winning goal that brought us to the finals. You can't replicate those do-or-die moments in practice or a friendly game.

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Alex Morgan quotes

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