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Top 10 female table tennis players of all time

Table tennis is an exciting sport! So, today we are going to learn so many things about Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time.

Table tennis is one of those sports that most people like to try and is one of old games in Olympic history! Thanks to this old history, unlike the

new sports added recently in Tokyo Olympics

 table tennis is one of the hard sports to get medals in! However, there are those players who dedicated their life to get those medals and today we are going to talk about them.

Of course, there are legends among them who their names will be carved in table tennis’s history. As always in Sportmob, we are going to talk about these legends. Today’s article is about the

Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time

. So let’s get ready for…

Top 10 female table tennis players of all time

Before we start our article about these legendary players, let me say that there is an article about

Top Olympic Tennis Players at Tokyo

, so if you are intrested in tennis just click on it. OKAY! Without further ado, let's take a look at

Top 10 Best Table Tennis Players of All Time

list so we know where we are headed.

Now that we know which legends we are talking about, let’s start to find everything about the

Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time


Feng Tianwei

Let's start our Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time with


Feng! Feng was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang on August 31, 1986. She is the only child of granary worker Feng Qingzhi and his wife, department store employee Li Chunping. Due to financial problems, the Feng family had to deal with, their life became even harsher trying to pay their daughter’s Table Tenis lessons.

Tianwei’s father had multiple sclerosis, but she had no idea how serious her father’s condition was. Qingzhi died in 2002, barely weeks before Feng was to try out for China's B team. Despite getting in, winning the qualifying matches a month later, and being called up to the national squad in 2003, Feng was so desperate for her father’s death that she didn’t answer the national squad.

Our legendary player in Top 10 Best Table Tennis Players of All Time list, left China in 2005 to pursue a professional career in Japan. It was In 2006 when a coach from Singapore Table Tennis Association, saw her while she was practicing under Liu Guodong. She was instantly selected to train in Singapore under the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme in March 2007. Happily, In January 2008, she became a Singaporean citizen to pursue her dreams under their flag.

Feng made her Olympic debut in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, representing Singapore for the first time. Feng and her colleagues Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu led Singapore to a 3–2 semifinal victory against South Korea on August 15, 2008. The team finished second after losing to China in the final but Singapore won its first Olympic medal in 48 years.

Feng competed in the 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020 Olympic Games, winning a silver and bronze medal in the Team Event in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Feng was seeded sixth in the singles tournament on the International Table Tennis Federation's Olympic Qualification Ranking announced in July.

Kasumi Ishikawa

Another player in

Best female Table Tennis players in the World

list is Kasumi Ishikawa. Kasumi's whole family gets excited when it comes to table tennis! Why? Because all of them are or were professional players. Rira, Kasumi’s younger sister, is also a professional table tennis player right now and Kumi Ishikawa who is happened to be her mother is also her coach!

Ishikawa always wanted to play in the Olympics. She first gained public attention when she won her first-ever All Japan Table Tennis Championships, defeating high school and even university students much older than her. However, this was just the start because she did the same thing for four years in a row and won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships.

Ishikawa is called Ai-chan II most of the time, and that’s because she resembles Ai Fukuhara, who began playing table tennis at an early age.

Ishikawa’s table tennis skill originated in her parents, both former players, who provided Ishikawa with specialized training when she was a child. Kumi Ishikawa, her mother, had previously competed at the national level.

If all we said is not enough to get why Kasumi is in

Top 10 Greatest Female Table Tennis Players Of All Time

, We should mention that a separate practice space was built in their house in the autumn of Ishikawa’s first year of elementary school to help her train more rigorously.

Ishikawa opted to move away from home after finishing elementary school and devote herself to table tennis. In Osaka Prefecture, she attended Shitennoji Habikigaoka Middle School and subsequently Shitennoji High School

She was called to the women's table tennis squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with Ito Mima and Miu Hirano, in January 2020. She also competed in the Singles event for the third time partnering with Ito Mima. Ishikawa won the All-Japan National Championships in 2021 for the first time in five years, defeating Miyuu Kihara in the semi-finals and Mima Ito in the finals. 

Cheng I-Ching

Table tennis player Cheng I-Ching is a Taiwanese player in our Top 10 female Tale tennis players of all time. She is now a master's student at Fu Jen Catholic University's Department of Physical Education and a member of the treasury cooperative table tennis team.

She won the bronze medal in table tennis mixed doubles with his partner Lin Yunru at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, representing Chinese Taipei. Cheng is from a sporting family, and her sister, Zheng Shangyi, is a table tennis player as well. She began playing Tennis in the second grade of elementary school and, at the age of 14, became Taiwan's youngest female adult national player.

In 2002, she was called to the junior national team. In 2004, she was picked for the national squad as a youth national player, and at the age of 14, she became the youngest adult national player in 2006.

In 2015, she won the Austrian Table Tennis Open after defeating Japanese player Ishikawa Kasumi in the quarterfinals and defeating the Dutch player Li Jie in the semi-finals, but lost to Germany's Han Ying 0:4 and took silver.

It was in 2021 when Cheng was called to play for the Chinese squad in the Tokyo Olympics, where she would compete in the doubles event with Lin Yunru. This was Cheng’s second time competing in .the Olympics cause she also competed in Rio Olympics. Thanks to her oustanding performance in all her games, she secured her place in Top 10 Greatest Female Table Tennis Players Of All Time

Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen is a Chinese table tennis player who has her place in Best female Table Tennis players in the World. She was born on April 12, 1991. She has won the World Cup five times, the World Championship once, the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals three times, and the Asian Cup four times, and She is regarded as one of the world's quickest players.

Liu was the ITTF No. 1 for nine months in a row from January to September 2010, thirteen months in a row from 2013 to 2014, and eleven months in a row from 2015 to 2016.

Liu Shiwen won the world championships in 2019. Liu described her 2019 World Championship in an interview with CCTV, telling it was so hard for her to get the title. Liu said that in the semi-finals, she was under so much pressure playing with Ding Ning, and in the finals, she felt weak against Chen Meng.

The coronavirus epidemic cut Liu's season short in 2020 and due to an injury, she did not get the chance to compete in the ITTF's restart tournaments. Liu was scheduled to return to WTT Doha in 2021, but her intentions were thwarted by China's decision to withdraw due to coronavirus fears.

Liu returned to practicing with her teammates in January after undergoing surgery for her elbow ailment that kept her out for most of 2020. Liu returned to the Chinese National Team training camp in March and competed in the China National Games Qualifying competition, claiming she had recovered from her injury.

Liu appeared much better than expected in training camp, according to national team coach Li Sun. Thanks to her outstanding performance, she got promoted to represent China in the singles event at the .Tokyo Olympics and secured her place as one of the

Best Woman Table Tennis Players

Zhu Yuling

Zhu Yuling was born in Mianyang in 1995 and began playing table tennis at the age of five to keep herself amused while she was sick. She and her mother relocated when she was nine years old so that she could train, and when she was twelve, she joined the regional team. Zhu Yuling was selected for the national team when she was only fifteen years old and thats one of the facts that make her one of the Best .Woman Table Tennis Players

Zhu became one of the legends in our Top 10 female table tennis players of all time because she always exercised 9 hours a day in addition to her academic pursuits, leaving little time for her family. She has won the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in girls' singles two times.

Zhu Yuling also competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio as a reserve player. It was after a dramatic 4–3 victory over Liu Shiwen at the ITTF Women's World Cup in Markham, Ontario, when she was crowned world number one in 2017.

Ding Ning

Now in our Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time its time to talk about Ding Ning. Ding was born on 20 June 1990 and is an ex-China ping pong player. In the World Table Tennis Championships 2011, she secured women's single Gold for herself. Ding Ning won her second global title in women's singles at the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships, defeating compatriot Liu Shiwen 4–3 in the final.

Ding Ning also defeated Zhu Yuling 4–2 in the final of the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Düsseldorf, becoming World Champion for the third time. But that’s not the end! Ding won the gold medal in women's table tennis singles at the 2016 Summer Olympics after defeating compatriot Li Xiaoxia in the final.

Right now, she is retiring and has a Master of Physical Education degree from Beijing University. She has won the gold in all the World Cup table tennis, the World Table Tennis Championship, and the Olympics as one of the best female tennis players of all time

Wang Manyu

Wang Manyu is another Chinese table tennis player who opened her eyes to this world on February 9, 1999. She entered china’s national team in the second half of the 2017 T2 Asia Pacific League, replacing Ding Ning.

Wang Manyu began 2017 by defeating Chen Meng, the world number one in the Hungarian Open Quarterfinals, right before going on to win the title with victories over Chen Xingtong in the semi-finals and Sun Yingsha in the finals.

After finishing second in the team qualifications, Wang Manyu was picked for the 2018 World Squad Table Tennis Championships women's team in March. Following a successful WTTC, Wang won the Hong Kong Open women's singles final against Chen Xingtong, followed by the China Open women's singles final against Ding Ning.

Wang was called to play as a reserve for China's Olympic team in Tokyo in 2020 May. She won the second leg of the Chinese Olympic Scrimmage soon after overcoming Olympic women's singles representatives Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha.

In a June closed-door scrimmage, Wang defeated Chen and Sun once more. Because Liu Shiwen was forced to retire due to an elbow injury, Wang Manyu competed in the Tokyo Olympics team event and her team beat Japan 3-0 to win gold and keep China's perfect record in the Women's team event alive.

Mima Ito

The Japanese table tennis player, Mima Itō was born on October 21, 2000.  She is one of the youngest and strongest tennis players in our Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time. In Summer Olympics 2016 at the age of 15, she earned a bronze medal at the Women's Team event. She was the first to win the gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics with partner Jun Mizutani at the Mixed Doubles, a bronze medal at the Women's Single, and the Silver Medal at the Women's Team.

In the history of females table tennis, Ito Mima is often described as the "biggest challenge" to Chinese table tennis dominance. She now holds an overall win over several top Chinese champions Liu Shiwen, former Zhu Yuling No. 1 world champion, and Qian Tianyi world junior champion.

Her hallmark style of play involves deadly shovels, quick shorts and flat forehand smashes. Ito Mima won 4-0 over Olympic Champion Ding Ning in the semifinals of the Qatar Open in March 2020. She won the third set 11-0, making a non-Chinese player the first time she has a set 11-0 against a Chinese player.

Ito's playing style is distinct and continuously evolving, with small pips on her backhand, rapid flat smashes on her forehand, and a one-of-a-kind serve. Because of Ito's inventive returns with short pips versus short serves, opponents choose to serve quick long serves against her more often, even if it means giving up the opportunity.

Ito stated in an interview published in April 2021 that she thought her style was to finish the point in two or three strokes. Ito has been lauded by both Liu Guoliang and Deng Yaping for her inventiveness and desire to explore and develop in-game. Deng Yaping also lauded Ito's ability to build comebacks based on her willingness to take chances and hit tough shots while trailing by a large margin.

Sun Yingsha

Sun Yingsha, another legend from China who has her place in our Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time article; was born on November 4, 2000. Sun defeated Mima Ito in the 2019 World Team Cup finals after coming back from a 10-7 deficit in the fifth game.

Sun alluded to this match as her favorite in a 2021 interview and thanks to that match she began 2021 ranked second in the globe. However, with China's decision to withdraw from all international contests until the Tokyo Olympics, Mima Ito overtook Sun for second place in the global standings. The ITTF changed the Olympic seeding system in April which resulted in her coming back above Mima Ito.

Sun was chosen to represent China in the women's singles and team events at the Tokyo Olympics in May. However, she was defeated in the finals of the first leg of China's Olympic Scrimmage by Chen Meng and the semi-finals of the second leg by Wang Manyu.

Our legendary player advanced to the women's singles finals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after defeating Mima Ito, largely regarded as China's greatest danger by a 4-0 win in the semi-finals.

Sadly she fell against Chen Meng in the finals to earn silver! She stated after the match that she was pleased with her performance, but Chen was just the better player that day. Sun later joined forces with Chen Meng and Wang Manyu to compete in the women's teams event, reaching the final match on August 5, 2021.

.China won the gold medal with a 3-0 victory over Japan, extending ir's perfect record in the event. Thanks to Sun's effort on this task, she secured her place in Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time

Chen Meng

Chen Meng is of course another Chinese table tennis player who is the first in our

Top 10 female Table tennis players of all time

. She born on January 15, 1994. and won the ITTF Women's World Cup women's singles title in 2020, as well as the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Chen Meng also won a silver medal in women's singles at the 2019 World Championships and a gold medal in doubles at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Cheng also won the girls' singles title at the 2011 World Junior Table Tennis Championships.

Chen was chosen to represent China in the women's singles and team events at the Tokyo Olympics in May. Our top player won the first leg of the Chinese Olympic Scrimmage but was defeated in the second leg finals by Wang Manyu but was defeated by Wang once more in a closed-door scrimmage in June.

Chen Meng stated in a July interview that she had been in constant touch with Ma Lin and Li Xiaoxia about mental preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

China’s legend participated in the women's singles event at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and won her semi-final match against Singapore's Yu Mengyu 4-0 and her quarter-final match against Hong Kong's Doo Hoi Kem 4-2 despite trailing 2–0.

She subsequently won gold in the finals, defeating her compatriot Sun Yingsha 4–2. Chen said after the match that she and Sun were both anxious but played well and that Chen's better experience was the reason that put her over the top.


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