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Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners

In an attempt to find out the most prominent fighter who made history in the event of boxing at the summer Olympics, we have come up with a series of Olympics boxing articles. In this regard here, we have specifically delved into the Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners.

With the inclusion of the sport of boxing at the Summer Olympics in 1904, apart from the 1904

Summer Olympics

in Stockholm, the boxing Olympics tournaments remain to be one of the biggest arenas for newcomers to showcase their talents and become recognised on the world stage.

Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners competed at the Workers Indoor Arena of Beijing, China; in eleven events that were categorized according to the weight division of male fighters.

This edition of the Summer Olympics game, was the last boxing programme with the exclusion of females participation since the International Olympic Committee confirmed the addition of female boxing events for the 2012 London Olympics.

As of 2008 in the tournament of the

Boxing at the Summer Olympics

in Beijing, the following eleven divisions are the weight categories in which Olympic Gold Medal Boxing Champions succeeded to outpoint their rivals.

  • Light flyweight (−48 kg)

  • Flyweight (48–51 kg)

  • Bantamweight (51–54 kg)

  • Featherweight (54–57 kg)

  • Lightweight (57–60 kg)

  • Light welterweight (60–64 kg)

  • Welterweight (64–69 kg)

  • Middleweight (69–75 kg)

  • Light heavyweight (75–81 kg)

  • Heavyweight (81–91 kg)

Super heavyweight (+91 kg


Before going through the list of Olympic medalists in boxing, it is notable to suggest that the qualifications event for this edition of Summer Olympic were 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships in which 8 athletes for −81 kg categories and 4 athletes for +81 kg were qualified, 2008 Continental Olympic Qualifying Events consisting of two events being held in Africa, America, Asia and Europe as well as 2008 Oceania Boxing Championships.

Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners

Here you would get to know the Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners in all of the above weight categories of events. As long as boxing at the Olympics is concerned, you might be interested to read

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Zou Shiming

  • Game Category: Light flyweight

  • Country: China

He is a Chinese retired professional boxer who took part in the bouts from 2013 to 2017 and was honoured to hold the WBO flyweight title from 2016 to 2017.

Being assumed as China's most successful boxer of all time during his amateur career, he succeeded to collect three World Amateur Boxing Championships gold medals in 2005, 2007 and 2011 in the light-flyweight division.

In the 2004 edition of the Olympics, he won a bronze medal which was China's first Olympic boxing medal and then amid home supporters at the 2008 Beijing Games, he managed to bag a gold medal so as to add even more honours to a career that already boasted three world amateur championships.

Precisely as saying, at the 2008

Summer Olympics

, he took China's 50th gold medal of the tournament which was also China's first-ever gold medal in Olympic boxing with grabbing a triumph in the final of the light flyweight division.

When at the final his rival, Serdamba who was his opponent from the final of the 2007 Asian Amateur Boxing Championships, had to retire and give up the competition in the cope of a shoulder injury, Zou was so much compassionate toward him that burst into tears for his injury.

Moreover, four years later, at London Olympics Games, he beat Thailand's Kaeo Pongprayoon 13-10 to prove his utter dominance in the light-flyweight division and aside from being one of the

Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners

, be included in the 2012 champions as well. In case you are curious to know other champions of the 2012 Olympic Games you can check out Olympics boxing 2012 gold medal winners.

Somjit Jongjohor

  • Game Category: Flyweight

  • Country: Thailand

As an amateur Thai boxer, he earned worldwide recognition when he won gold medals in the flyweight division at the 2003 World Amateur Boxing Championships and the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

He also took part in the 2004 Olympics games and although he beat South Korean Kim Ki-Suk by the score of 22-12, unluckily he had drawn with Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa until he conceded the score 21-26 to his Cuban rival.

Besides, as one of the Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners, he represented his national side in the competition of Beijing in the Flyweight 51 kg as he beat Eddie Valenzuela of Guatemala 6-1, Samir Mammadov of Azerbaijan 10-2, Anvar Yunusov of Tajikistan 8-1, Italian Vincenzo Picardi 7-1 and finally Cuban Andry Laffita 8-2.

Likewise, it was in this tournament that he announced that the game was his last fight as he would go on his boxing career being at the helm of the national team.

Enkhbatyn Badar-Uugan

  • Game Category: Bantamweight

  • Country: Mongolia

As a former fighter from Mongolia, he was honoured to become the first Olympic boxing champion from his national side who won the gold medal in the Bantamweight (-54 kg) event of the 2008 Olympics. At the same time, with this feat, he became the second Mongolian to grab Olympic gold in any field of sports.

In doing so he outpointed Mexican Óscar Valdez 15-4, John Joe Nevin of Ireland 9-2, Khumiso Ikgopoleng of Botswana 15-2, Veaceslav Gojan of Moldova 15-2 and eventually Cuban Yankiel León 16-5.

Apart from being included on the list of Olympic medalists in boxing, he won the bronze medal at the 2006 Asian Games as he was beaten by Korea's Han Soon Chul 19-29.

Likewise, at the 2007 world championships as he defeated Englishman Joe Murray by the score of 20-11, he grabbed a silver medal while he was beaten by Sergey Vodopyanov 14-16 in the finals. In the same year, he also received a gold medal at Asian Senior Boxing Championship, Ulaanbaatar.

Vasyl Lomachenko

  • Game Category: Featherweight

  • Country: Ukraine

He is a Ukrainian professional fighter who is the former world champion of three weight classes. At the moment, he has cemented his place as the world's second-best active lightweight according to the ranking of Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, The Ring magazine, ESPN, and third by BoxRec.

Being regarded as one of the most successful amateur fighters of all time, he has set a record of winning 396 times and losing just for once, while he took revenge for that loss twice.

In the featherweight as well as the lightweight weight categories, he collected a silver medal at the 2007 World Championships, a gold at the 2008 European Championships, successive gold at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and consecutive gold at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships.

In order to be included among

Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners

, in the event of the featherweight division, he beat his five rivals by a startling 45 point margin, outpointing them 58–13, while winning this gold medal was his first gold medal at the senior level.

Precisely as saying he outscored Russian Albert Selimov 14–7, Bahodirjon Sooltonov of Uzbekistan 13–1, Chinese Li Yang 12–3, Turkish Yakup Kılıç 10–1 and finally French Khedafi Djelkhir 9–1 to become one of the

Olympic Gold Medal Boxing Champions.

For this feat, he was subsequently called the outstanding boxer of the tournament and was granted the Val Barker Trophy for it. Not to mention that in the same year he won gold again so as to anchor the title of the continental champion to his name at the European Championships in Liverpool.

Then after a forced move up to the lightweight division, he won his second successive Olympic gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London to be amazingly a rare two-weight Olympic champion.

Aleksei Tishchenko

  • Game Category: Lightweight

  • Country: Russia

As a retired Russian Olympic fighter, he is immensely popular for his dominance in the lower weight categories with his winning several recent titles to such an extent that he was widely revered as "one of the best pound for pound Olympic boxers in the world."

As he earned the first spot at the 2nd AIBA European 2004 Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Warsaw, Poland; he became qualified for the Athens Games as he finished to win the Featherweight Gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Likewise, he received the featherweight gold medal at the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Mianyang, China and as a member of the Russian team, he also won the 2005 Boxing World Cup. Afterwards, he went up to lightweight and right away he was awarded the European title in Plovdiv.

Moreover, as he was benefitted from Gavin's absence at the Beijing Olympics, he succeeded to win the gold medal as he beat Saifeddine Nejmaoui of Tunisia 10-2, Australian Anthony Little 11-3, Colombian Darley Pérez 13-5, Armenian Hrachik Javakhyan 10-5 and finally French Daouda Sow 11-9 so as to be considered as one of the Olympic boxing 2008 gold medal winners.

Manuel Félix Díaz

  • Game Category: Light welterweight

  • Country: Dominican Republic

He is a Dominican professional boxer who won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and bronze at the 2003 Pan American Games when he was an amateur.

He represented his national side at the 2004 Summer Olympics, but he was beaten in the first round of the Lightweight (60 kg) division by Kazakhstan's bronze medal winner Serik Yeleuov.

Likewise, at the 2007 PanAm Games, he conceded to Inocente Fiss 12:13 in the quarterfinal. While he was qualified for the 2008 Olympics as he beat Myke Carvalho 8:6.

At the Beijing Olympic Games, by winning all of his five bouts he amazingly won the gold medal, while this feat was very special because the reigning champion Manus Boonjumnong of Thailand was one of his rivals.

His winning gold was considered to be his side second ever Olympic gold after Félix Sánchez in 2004 and the second boxing medal just after Pedro Nolasco that won a bronze in Los Angeles in 1984.

More specifically, he outpointed Armenian Eduard Hambardzumyan 11-4, John Joe Joyce of Ireland 11-11, Iranian Morteza Sepahvand 11-6, French Alexis Vastine 12-10 and finally Manus Boonjumnong of Thailand 12-4 so as to be enlisted among Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners.

Bakhyt Sarsekbayev

  • Game Category: Welterweight

  • Country: Kazakhstan

As a Kazakhstani amateur boxer, he collected gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Asian Games at Welterweight division, along with a bronze medal at the 2002 Asian Games at Light Welterweight weight category.

As he took part in Beijing Olympic Games he outscored Canadian Adam Trupish 20–1, Vitaly Gruşac of Moldova RSC 2 (1:18), Dilshod Mahmudov of Uzbekistan 12–7, Kim Jung-Joo of South Korea 10–6 and eventually Cuban Carlos Banteaux 18-9 in the final so as to etch his name in history as one of the Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners.

James DeGale

  • Game Category: Middleweight

  • Country: Great Britain

As a British retired professional fighter who competed for almost a decade from 2009 to 2019, he is the holder of two IBF super-middleweight titles between 2015 and 2018, and regionally the European and British super-middleweight titles from 2010 to 2012.

In his amateur career, he bagged a gold medal in the middleweight division of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and he also won silver at the 2007 and 2008 EU Championships, as well as bronze at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Then when he became IBF champion, he etched his name in history as the first British boxer to ever win both an Olympic gold medal and a professional world title.

In order to become one of the

Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners

, he beat Egyptian Mohamed Hikal 13–4, American Shawn Estrada 11–5, Bakhtiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan 8–3 in the quarter-finals, who was a former Olympic gold medalist from Athens.

Moreover, he outpointed his long time opponent, Darren Sutherland of Ireland 10–3, in the semi-final and Cuban Emilio Correa 16–14 in the final.

While in the latter one, when Correa docked two points in the first round for biting DeGale's shoulder, he earned a scrappy and bad-tempered affair against Correa.

Zhang Xiaoping

  • Game Category: Light heavyweight

  • Country: China

As a Mongol amateur boxer who is from the People's Republic of China, he was awarded a gold medal in the light heavyweight division of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He also became the winner of two matches of the world championships 2007 that contained a victory over Germany's world military champion Gottlieb Weiss but he was defeated by veteran Yerkabulan Shinaliev. Likewise, at the qualifier, he outscored Mehdi Ghorbani and Dinesh Kumar, but was beaten by Jahon Qurbonov.

In the Light heavyweight division of the Beijing Olympic games, he outpointed Mourad Sahraoui of Tunisia 3-1, Russian Artur Beterbiyev 8-2,  Algerian Abdelhafid Benchabla 12-7, Yerkebulan Shynaliyev of Kazakhstan 4-4 and Kenneth Egan of Ireland 11-7 in the final.

But the final match was reported to be controversial when the judges failed to record multiple points for Egan, but the NBC announcers concurred on that point so as to make Xiaoping to be included among Olympics boxing 2008 gold medal winners. 

Rakhim Chakhkiev

  • Game Category: Heavyweight

  • Country: Russia

As a Russian retired professional fighter who competed between 2009 and 2016, he is the holder of the IBO cruiserweight title in 2015 and the European cruiserweight title in 2014.

When he was an amateur, in the heavyweight division, he took a silver medal at the 2007 World Championships and a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics.

Precisely as saying, he outpointed Iranian Ali Mazaheri 7-3, French John M'Bumba 18-9, Cuban Osmay Acosta 10-5 and finally Italian Clemente Russo 4-2 so as to be included on the

list of Olympic medalists in boxing.

Even though Russia lost in the 2006 World Cup, he beat Cuban Osmay Acosta 24:15 as a member of the team. Besides, in spite of the fact that he was defeated by silver 2005 medallist, Roman Romanchuk, he beat him by the score of 28-25 in 2007 to win the Russian national title 2007.

Likewise although at the world championships he beat Elchin Alizade of Azerbaijan 17-6 and John M'Bumba, in the final he was defeated 6:7 by Italian Clemente Russo.

Roberto Cammarelle

  • Game Category: Super heavyweight

  • Country: Italy

As an Italian boxer, he earned worldwide recognition when he won the World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2007 (Chicago) and 2009 (Milan) in the super heavyweight division and a gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing as well as a silver medal in 2012 London Olympic Games, while he was beaten just by Anthony Joshua.

That is to say, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Game, he beat Croatian Marko Tomasović PTS (13-1), Colombian Oscar Rivas PTS (9-5),  David Price of Great Britain RSC-2, and finally Chinese Zhang Zhilei RSC-4 so as to be enlisted among Olympic Gold Medal Boxing Champions.

Likewise, the southpaw took the Super Heavyweight bronze medal of the 2004 Summer Olympics and the silver medal of the 2004 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Pula, Croatia. He also received the bronze medal at the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Mianyang.


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