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Top Facts About Daniele De Rossi

Daniele De Rossi; One of the top defensive midfielders Italy has ever had and just to tell you the truth, the highest goalscoring Italian defensive midfielder after the World War II, but what about Daniele De Rossi personal life? In this post, we are to some top facts about Daniele De Rossi.

Well, when we say top facts about Daniele De Rossi, we surely mean every aspect of

Daniele De Rossi personal life

, that is, Daniele De Rossi childhood,

Daniele De Rossi parents

, Deniele De Rossi wife and children, and of course, Daniele De Rossi net worth and salary.

And don’t forget about De Rossi’s footballing life; that actually concerns with Daniele De Rossi stats - we mean footballing stats - and Daniele De Rossi transfer market stats which we will surely let you know about in this post

Top Facts About Daniele De Rossi You Might Like to Know

All said above, we just forgot to tell you that we’re also going to let you know about Daniele De Rossi’s digital life in this post; we mean Daniele De Rossi social media accounts and specifically his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts if he has any.

Daniele De Rossi Childhood

Before anything else, let’s tell you about

Daniele De Rossi age

and where and when he was born. Daniele De Rossi was born in July 1983 in Rome, so, he’s by now 37 years old and as you might have guessed retired from professional football, but only as a player, because he currently works as an Italian national team assistant coach. As for Daniele De Rossi childhood, we should say, unfortunately, not much is known about the former professional Italian footballer’s childhood except for some trivia here or there.

For instance, we know that he joined the Serie D Italian youth club, Ostia Mare, in 1991 at the age of 8 and he played there not as a defensive midfielder but as a striker. He actually remained there until 1995 that he turned 12. The truth about

Daniele De Rossi childhood

is that the top professional Italian footballer was to football at the very early age of 3 when his father took him with himself to Ardenza Stadium; the stadium of his Serie C home club,



De Rossi family had actually a house in Livorno for whose home club De Rossi’s father played, as mentioned above. What De Rossi remembers from those days - actually his childhood days - he said in an interview: “I have this memory of this house and all the little games I played. It was a house I had never seen since. Maybe it was there I first felt at home, I was very small and only three years old. The first football stadium I remember is Livorno’s. For me, it was like the Maracana: very explosive. My very first memories are tied to that city, where my father made happy memories.”

In the same interview, De Rossi also talked about his days at

Ostia Mare

and how he joined AS Roma: “I was having so much fun and I remember that Roma first came calling when I was nine years old, in 1992. I always turned them down because I wanted to stay with my friends, but I finally went to Roma when I was 11 going on 12 years old.” They say also that the young De Rossi once travelled to Roma without his father knowing to attend the 1990 derby between Lazio and AS Roma at Flaminio Stadium. He was mostly a benched footballer when at Roma’s youth club, however, that changed later when he was actually promoted to the club’s senior team.

Daniele De Rossi Parents

As you might have guessed by now, Daniele De Rossi’s father, Alberto De Rossi, was a footballer who served the Serie C club, Livorno, sometime during his career; actually for three seasons during which he also managed to score 11 goals for his club before he actually joined the Serie D club,


, in the summer of 1985. He also served the same club he took his son, Daniele, to its youth academy when he was 8, Ostia Mare, in the final season of his career. Born in September 1957, Daniele De Rossi’s father, Alberto De Rossi is 64 years old by now. He has also served some Serie C and D clubs including the ones mentioned above as a manager. And about De Rossi’s mother actually no information is at hand, however, some sources claim that her name is Maria; she was born in 1950 and was a make-up artist.

Daniele De Rossi Stats

Part of the

top facts about Daniele De Rossi

is surely concerned with his footballing life and stats. As for

Daniele De Rossi stats

, we should say that you can call the top former Italian defensive midfielder almost a one-club man. Why? Because he actually served AS Roma for almost all his career; actually for 18 years between 2001 and 2019 during which he made a total of 616 appearances and scored 63 goals for them across all competitions. In fact, if De Rossi had not served the Argentinian club, Boca Juniors, in the final season of his club career (2019-20 season), we could actually call him a one club man.

De Rossi only made 7 appearances and scored 1 goal for Boca Juniors which means he was actually benched for the majority of the season he served the Argentinian club. From among 616 appearances that De Rossi made for AS Roma 459 (74.5%) were at league level, 55 (8.9%) in cup competitions, 98 (15.9%) in continental competitions, and 4 (0.6%) in other matches including friendlies. Also based on the number of goals De Rossi scored for

AS Roma

(63) in his 616 appearances for them, we can say that he scored almost one goal in every 10 appearances that he made for them. It might be also interesting for you to know that De Rossi is the second footballer in AS Roma history with the most number of appearances for the club - the first is Francesco Totti with 786 appearances.

And what about De Rossi’s international stats? Well, the top former Italian midfielder made a total of 117 appearances for his country’s national team between 2004 and 2017 and scored 21 goals for them during this time which translates to almost one goal in every 5 appearances. With that number of appearances (117), De Rossi is actually the 4th most capped Italian footballer of all time, if, of course, his record is not overridden Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci who are still in the business and close to him concerning the number of appearances they have made for the Italian national team.

De Rossi is also Italy’s 12th top scorer of all time with the 21 goals he has scored for them. The top Italian midfielder took part in four editions of FIFA World Cup, namely the 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018 editions of the competition, with the Italian national team and actually won the first one (2006 World Cup) with them. From among all the 117 appearances De Rossi made for the Italian national team 38 (32.4%) were at World Cup competitions and the interesting fact here is that only 8 of these appearances were made in the World Cup group stage matches and playoffs - 30 were made in the qualifying round actually. Another interesting fact about De Rossi is that he received more than 100 - actually 144 - yellow cards and 10 red cards during his club career; quite an aggressive type of a footballer, if you ask us.

Daniele De Rossi Transfer Market Stats

What about

Daniele De Rossi transfer market stats

? Well, since De Rossi was almost a one-club man during his career, you shouldn’t expect much from his transfer market stats. In fact, and as mentioned earlier in this post, he only played for two clubs during his career, namely AS Roma of Italy and

Boca Juniors

of Argentina, so, as one might conclude, he was only transferred once during his career which actually took place in July 2019 where he was transferred from AS Roma to Boca Juniors not on a paid but on a free transfer.

Daniele De Rossi Wife and Children

And part of the

top facts about Daniele De Rossi

is surely concerned with his personal life; by personal life we actually mean Daniele De Rossi wife and, of course, Daniele De Rossi children. Let’s see then what Daniele De Rossi personal life looks like. De Rossi has actually had two wives in his life: Tamara Pisnoli, his first wife, whom he actually married in May 2006 and divorced in early 2009, and Sarah Felberbaum, with whom he was in relationship since 2011 and actually married to in 2015.

De Rossi’s first wife was actually a dancer in the Italian major broadcasting company, Mediaset. Why did she and De Rossi got divorced? There is a story behind it: They say Tamara was involved in the kidnapping of a well-known Roman businessman and company owner for a €200,000 loan he had not paid. There was talk that Tamara, with the help of seven other people including loan sharks - probably those from whom the Roman businessman had taken the loan - had kidnapped the guy from a bar and taken him to a safe house - as some believed, it was Tamara’s own house - and even tortured him.

Tamara went under house arrest for six months and when the arrest was lifted she had to sign every day at a police station for some time - probably they had not enough proof against her. It was actually the end of her marriage to

De Rossi

, too. The couple got divorced in early 2009, as mentioned above, and each one went his/her own path. And the second wife of De Rossi, Sarah Felberbaum, is a 41-year-old England-born Italian actress and model who started her relationship with the top Italian midfielder in 2011 and even had her first child with him in 2011 before they got actually married to each other in December 2015.

And what about

Daniele De Rossi children

? Well, De Rossi has one daughter, Gaia, with his first wife, Tamara Pisnoli, who was born on June 16, 2005, before his marriage to Tamara - probably they were also in relationship before their marriage, and two children with his second wife, Sarah Felberbaum, one of whom, namely his 10-year-old daughter, Olivia Rose, was born on February 14, 2014, before their official marriage, and the other, a son, named Noah, was born September 3, 2016.

And if you think that De Rossi and his former wife, Tamara Pisnoli, parted forever after the kidnapping scandal, you’re wrong. The top Italian midfielder took part in the birthday party of his daughter, Gaia, who turned 14 in 2019 alongside his current wife, Sarah Felberbaum, and the two children he has with her, Olivia Rose, and Noah. Tamara’s partner, Stefano Mezzaroma, was also present in the party, and as the party photos suggest, they were all happy together.

Daniele De Rossi Net Worth and Salary

If we are to top facts about Daniele De Rossi, then, don’t you think that we forget one important thing: Daniele De Rossi net worth and Daniele De Rossi salary. Well, about

Daniele De Rossi net worth

, we should say that, based on reliable sources, it is €21.2 million which equals $25 million. It is actually the worth of all his properties, however, we don’t know how it is distributed among the properties De Rossi has including any cars or houses.


Daniele De Rossi salary

, we should say that the top former Italian footballer currently works as an Italian national team technical coach - he’s been actually since March 2021 - and receives a weekly salary of €105,000 which translates to a monthly salary of €420,000 and a yearly salary of a little more than €5 million. It should also be mentioned here that right after his retirement as a player, De Rossi showed his intentions to become a coach and was linked to several coach vacancies in

Serie A

and B clubs like Fiorentina, Crotone, and Cagliari despite not having the UEFA Pro Licence to serve as a manager in the Italian top-tier league, Serie A, however, De Rossi took a UEFA A licence in December 2020, but instead of taking the job vacancies in the above-mentioned clubs, he actually became Roberto Mancini’s new technical assistant in the Italian national team.

Daniele De Rossi Honors and Achievements

To tell you the truth, Daniele De Rossi is not a highly decorated footballer. In fact, De Rossi has only won a handful of club and international trophies and has only six individual honors to his name. De Rossi’s club trophies are two Italian Cups in 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons and one Italian Super Cup in 2007 that he won with AS Roma, and one Argentinian top-tier league, Primera Division, title with Boca Juniors. De Rossi’s only international trophy is the 2006 FIFA World Cup that he won with the Italian national team, and as a member of Italian under-aged national teams, De Rossi won one UEFA European Under-21 Championship and one Olympic Bronze Medal both in 2004.

De Rossi’s individual honors include Serie A Young Footballer of the Year in 2006, Serie A Italian Footballer of the Year in 2009, being nominated for FIFA FIFPro World XI in 2009, Italian Athlete of the Year in 2010, being named on UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament in 2012, and a Giacomo Bulgarelli Award in 2017-18 season.

Daniele De Rossi, A Cultured Footballer!

Quite so! According to AS Roma website, Daniele De Rossi likes classic movies, reading books, listening to music and travelling. While if you ask a footballer about what music he likes or where he likes to travel, you may get a few answers, for Daniele De Rossi, you get definite and detailed answers, which by itself, shows this man really cares about what music he listens to and what movies he watches. Here are the answers De Rossi has provided concerning the things he likes:

Favorite Music Albums

  • Babel by Mumford and Sons

  • Parachutes by Coldplay

  • A selection of Lucio Battisti hits

Favorite Movies

  • Slumdog Millionaire 

  • The Untouchables

  • Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Books

  • Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

  • Open by Andre Agassi

  • The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow

Favorite People

  • Alex Zanardi (racing driver and paracyclist)

  • Ennio Morricone (composer, orchestrator, and conductor)

  • Nikko Hurtado (tattoo artist)

Favorite Cities

  • New York (United States)

  • Glasgow (Scotland)

  • Istanbul (Turkey)

Favorite Bands

  • Oasis

  • The Rolling Stones

  • Coldplay

Favorite Non-Roma Footballers

  • Roy Keane (Ireland)

  • Roberto Baggio (Italy)

  • Eric Cantona (France)

Favorite TV Series

  • Breaking Bad

  • The Sopranos

  • Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Songs

  • Not with Haste by ​Mumford and Sons

  • Forever Young by Audra Mae from Sons of Anarchy soundtrack

  • Offend in Every Way by The White Stripes

Favorite Non-Footballing Sportsmen

  • Alex Zanardi (racing driver and paracyclist)

  • Gianmarco Pozzecco (Italian Basketball Player)

  • Michael Jordan (American Basketball Player)

Daniele De Rossi Social Media Accounts

Well, part of the top facts about Daniele De Rossi is surely concerned with his digital life; we mean

Daniele De Rossi social media accounts

and specifically his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ones. Let’s start with his

Instagram account

; Daniele De Rossi has 308,000 followers on Instagram and follows 353 people on the social media platform as of today (August 2, 2021). The interesting fact about his Instagram account is that he has only posted 9 photos and videos on it to this date, however, if you know that he has joined Instagram just since December 2020, that won’t be very amazing, though it shows that he’s not that active on the social media platform plus that getting 308,000 followers in just less than a year is not bad for a footballer - we mean that number will probably increase in the future.

As for Daniele De Rossi’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, we should say that the top former Italian midfielder has actually no official accounts on these two platforms. There is one Facebook account with the Daniele De Rossi name created in February 2012 and with more than 2300 followers. It also has a number of De Rossi related posts, but since it doesn’t have that famous blue tick by it, it doesn’t belong to the Italian footballer himself.

On twitter, it’s also the same; there are two accounts with the Daniele DE Rossi name created in 2010 and 2014 and with more than 47,000 and 3000 followers, but none of which, for the same reason as mentioned above, don’t belong to De Rossi himself. Taking the time De Rossi created his Instagram account (December 2020) into consideration, it seems the top former Italian footballer is new to social platforms and he may, in the future, also join Facebook and Twitter which we will surely update you with here if he does.

Fast Facts About Daniele De Rossi

Here are some fast

facts about Daniele De Rossi


  • Daniele De Rossi was born in July 24, 1983, so, he’s exacdtly 38 years and 9 days old as of today (August 2, 2021).

  • Daniele De Rossi is 1.84m tall, weighs 81kg, and his foot size is 10.

  • Daniele De Rossi’s zodiac sign is Leo.

  • According to different sources, Daniele De Rossi has only one sister named Ludovica De Rossi.

  • Daniele De Rossi’s footballing idol was the Irish footballer, Roy Keane, at least for some time during his career.

  • Daniele De has endorsed two brands to this date: Puma and Nike.

  • They say Daniele De Rossi has a house in Rome, Italy, and a Jeep CRD.

  • As far as we know, Daniele De Rossi is a non-religious person which means he has no religion. He’s also against racism; what he actually spoke of in an interview with New York Times.

  • They say Daniele De Rossi speaks English fluently which according to him, he has learned it in school and from one of his girlfriends in school time whose parents were both native English speakers.

  • They say Daniele De Rossi’s favorite color is red; maybe that’s why he remained with AS Roma for almost all his career?!

  • Daniele De Rossi is half-so covered with tattoos! He has 13 tattoos on different parts of his body including both his arms, his chest, and his legs, depicting several images like Lady Justice and a snake in a graveyard with different meanings.

  • In an interview with BBC in January 2020, Daniele De Rossi said that one of the reasons he had retired from professional football was to spend more time with his family.

  • Daniele De Rossi received a total of 16 yellow cards and 2 red cards in international matches that when added up to his club career yellow and red cards, 144 and 10, respectively, makes for a total of 160 yellow and 12 red cards for all his career.

  • Daniele De Rossi’s jersey number for most of his career which was spent at AS Roma was 16, however, he also tried jersey number 7 at Boca Juniors, and jersey numbers 26, 27, and 4 at the start of his career with AS Roma. He also tried jersey numbers 4 and 6 with the Italian national team other than jersey number 16 which actually he wore often when with his country’s national team


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