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Top Facts about Quincy Promes, the Trouble Maker

Do you wish to know everything there is about the Dutch footballer? This is the perfect place for you to read all the Top Facts about Quincy Promes that can be found throughout the web.

Quincy Promes's facts includes information about his upbringing, early life, family, parents, spouse, kids, lifestyle, private affairs, and net worth.

We present the Footballer's path from his early stages to when he gained fame in the world of soccer.

Everyone knows he's a natural goal scorer with a keen eye for speed.

Only a few football fans, however, are aware of our Quincy Promes life story, which goes as far as explaining the details of the Ajax star's arrest for a violent stabbing incident.

Top Facts about Quincy Promes You Definitely Wanna Know

Let’s get to know him a little first.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Quincy Anton Promes

  • Nicknames:

     The Money Wolf

  • Date of Birth:

     4 January 1992

  • Place of Birth:

     Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

  • Weight:

     67 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife: 


  • Position:

     Forward, Attacking midfielder

  • Current Team:

     Spartak Moscow

  • Jersey Number:


Net Worth: 

3 Million Euro or 2.5 Million Pound

 (According to WTfoot)

Quincy Promes Upbringing Years and Family Roots

To begin with, he is known as "The Money Wolf." Quincy Anton Promes was born on January 4, 1992, in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, to his mother (a housekeeper) and father (an ex-footballer).

He was born to his wonderful Surinamese parents as one of two sons.

Quincy Promes was born in the Netherlands, but his family is from Suriname, a South American country and former Dutch province.

This is the country where Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids, and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink all come from.

During the early 1990s, his parents, along with many other Suriname families, were among those who relocated to the Netherlands due to the country's difficult economic situation.

It's also worth noting that the inhabitants of Suriname have Sub-Saharan African origin, with many of them having West African descent.

The soon to be a forward grew up in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with his brother, about whom little is known. He did not come from a well-to-do household, one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

His parents, like many other migrants in the city, had poor jobs and lacked the necessary education for a good white-collar job.

Promes was never interested in the newest toy collections given to him by his parents as a child; instead, he was pleased with anything related to football.

According to research, the optimal age to start learning football is between the ages of 6 and 10.

It all started for Promes when he was able to walk, thanks to his father's efforts to continue fulfilling his football aspirations through his kid.

Before emigrating to the Netherlands, Promes' father was a former amateur footballer in Suriname.

It was simple for Promes to fall in love with the beautiful game because he had a football-loving father.

Another one of the

Top Facts about Quincy Promes

is that his mother objected to his football. In order to continue fulfilling his father's football ambitions, Promes decided with his father early on that he would become a footballer.

He was overly committed to his goal of becoming a professional football player, and as a result, he played football in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

This didn't sit well with his mother, who was worried about her son not studying enough and being out too late without remembering to do his homework and home responsibilities.

As a result, Promes' mother would sometimes ground him. His dreams to become a pro were unaffected by his being controlled indoors by her.

Quincy Promes Career Buildout

When Promes passed the


tryouts and enlisted with his local club, the pleasure expressed by his family members, notably his mother, who had previously expressed concerns about his career, had no boundaries.

The young soccer player idolized Ronaldinho while at the academy. His father, on the other hand, remained his most important role model and was with him during his early years with Ajax.

He envisaged himself fitting comfortably into life at the Academy as he grew older. He was an outgoing child, a leader who ruled over the activities of his squad.

He started getting into trouble with the club's management when he was 16 years old.

Ajax accused him of improper behavior, putting his academy graduation and future with the club in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, Promes' contract with Ajax was canceled in 2008 (when he was still 16) and he was told to leave the club due to "Bad Behavior", one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

Being rejected by Ajax caused Promes so much agony that he considered leaving football.

It required his parents' (mainly his mother's) efforts to urge him to return to football, convincing him that failure was the finest lesson.

The Dutch quickly learned that it was okay to make mistakes, which helped him mature into a better person.

Quincy Promes Path to Prominence

Promes moved on to HFC Haarlem, where he spent a year until the club went bankrupt. He tried to avoid bankruptcy by attending trials with

FC Twente

, which allowed him to join their academy.

FC Twente proved to be the ideal choice for him, as he was promoted to the reserve team after graduating from the academy.

He began to demonstrate excellent maturity both on and off the field after learning from his mistakes, one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

In the same season, his mature behavior earned him the honor of being named captain of Jong FC Twente by Patrick Kluivert, a Dutch legend, and coach.

Later, the attacking midfielder went on loan to

Go Ahead Eagles

in the Netherlands, where he met Erik ten Hag and became his finest player.

Promes had no idea that his loyalty would lead to Erik ten Hag (future Ajax coach) being the man to get him back to Ajax, his dream club.

Despite his lack of maturity, Promes was adamant about playing well, getting better offers, and negotiating for large sums of money.

His buddies made jokes about him being the "Money Wolf" since he had such great dreams.

The footballer's skills began to interest a slew of European clubs when he scored 11 goals for FC Twente and another 13 for loan-bound Go Ahead Eagles.

He returned to his original club after his loan spell with Go Ahead Eagles ending in the 2012–13 season. 

In the season's first game, a 0–0 draw against RKC Waalwijk, he made his first appearance for Twente in a year, starting the entire game.

Promes netted his first goals in the Eredivisie two weeks later, in a 6–0 win over FC Utrecht on August 18, 2013. Since then, he has solidified himself in the club's starting eleven.

The 21 year old subsequently embarked on a goal-scoring spree against NEC, PEC Zwolle, NAC Breda (twice), and Roda JC between November 2 and November 29.

However, during a 2–1 win over Roda JC on November 29, 2013, Promes injured his knee after colliding with goalkeeper

Filip Kurto


After surgery, it was reported that he would miss the rest of 2013; up to that point, he had started every game since the season began.

Despite this, his performance led to him being awarded the league's top player in the first half of the season.

He didn't sign a contract extension until March 20, 2014, which kept him with the club until 2017.

Despite a second injury during the 2013–14 season, Promes concluded the season with 31 appearances and 11 goals throughout all competitions.

The Dutch forward was linked with a move away from Twente before the 2014–15 season, with teams such as


and Valencia among those interested, another one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

He was given a farewell sendoff for FC Twente's match against Feyenoord on August 29, 2014, after leaving Twente for Russia.

Quincy Promes Ascend to Prominence

Beautiful things started coming his way. Promes was first contacted by the Dutch national team.

Second, his talks with

Spartak Moscow

resulted in a big-money move, something he had always hoped for.

Many people questioned Promes' choice for Russia, claiming that money, not football, was the most important reason for his decision.

He reclaimed the nickname "The Money Wolf" as a result of this.

Promes emigrated to Russia at such a young age, determined to disprove his doubters.

Prior to his field performance in Russia, he made a remark about his fortune.

One of the

Top Facts about Quincy Promes

is that when it came to showcasing his riches, Promes created movies in which he showed off costly clothes, items purchased with cash, and a media lift to his penthouse.

This increased fans' skepticism about Promes' ability to manage life as a football player. 

After some thoughts about his behavior reappearing, Promes decided to delete all videos and refocus on his career.

Promes had a strong start to his Russian career, scoring several goals and providing several assists.

The talented speedy winger with progressing skills became the most talented player in Russia's top flight, winning several league player of the month awards.

Promes silenced his critics by becoming the league's leading goal scorer.

Rather than crumble, the football genius became stronger, moving to


and then Ajax, where he has more than made up for his previous failures.

Quincy is presently among the never-ending supply of amazing footballers boosting Dutch football following the country's 2018 World Cup qualification failures.

Quincy Promes Personal & Love Life

With his meteoric rise to stardom in football, many football fans, particularly female admirers, must have wondered if Quincy Promes has a girlfriend or if he is still single and looking.

There's no doubt that Quincy Promes' good looks, maturity, and professional achievements would make him a better partner and husband (which is currently the case at the time of writing).

Behind every successful footballer stands a beautiful woman. Promes is married to his wife and they have three children: two daughters and a son.

On May 8, 2017, Quincy Promes' wife gave birth to his first boy and third child (Noaquin Given Promes).

This new family member arrived just after Spartak Moscow won the league champion trophy.

Quincy Promes' marriage has recently seen some difficulty, similar to his previous actions.

The 29 year old was once subjected to public scrutiny when he was detained in June 2018 for allegedly assaulting his wife, one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

While the investigation was ongoing, he was released on bail.

Now on to his personality, getting to know Quincy Promes' personal life off the field will help you have a better understanding of his characteristics.

Promes spends his free time with his best friend, Memphis Deplay. Despite the fact that they play in two separate nations (at the time of writing), they frequently communicate with one another on a daily basis. Music and tattoos are what they both love.

He collaborated with international fellow Memphis Deplay on a weird new rap tune.

Their rap video begins with the two laughing and sitting in a beautiful Rolls Royce before placing their valuables on top of the car.

Memphis Depay started rapping before Promes, who was considerably more enthusiastic.

More so in Quincy Promes' personal life, he has a natural affinity for Russia, the world's largest country, which has helped him to the pinnacle of his profession.

The footballer has seen towns blanketed in dazzling white coatings of snow in the winter, making each sight special and unique.

The icy scenery in other natural sites he saw is truly enchanting—yet another reason he has fallen in love with Russia.

Finally, he holds the opinion that Russian football fans are not racist.

Quincy Promes and his family made the most of their time in Russia when he was playing for Spartak Moscow.

Quincy Promes Networth & LifeStyle

Quincy Promes's lifestyle information will help you gain a better understanding of his way of living.

Making a lot of money in football allows him to live an exotic lifestyle, as evidenced by his fancy automobiles, one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

In terms of lifestyle, Promes is currently unable to choose between practicality and pleasure.

The constantly attractive footballer is known not just for his skill on the field, but also for his capacity to purchase high-end watches and live out his beach fantasies.

The attacker signed a two-year contract with Ajax Amsterdam in July 2019, earning a whopping 2 million Euro (1.7 million Pound) per year.

According to our calculations, he earns €5,479 (£4,657) per day and €228 (£194) per hour!

This means that the ordinary man would have to work for 4.72 years to earn the same amount as Antokha does in a month.

His move to Russia helped him raise his reputation as well as his money account.

His current net worth is estimated to be around 3 million Euros. His current market value is estimated to be over 18 million Euros.

Quincy Promes Family

Footballers, like other people, require the support of family members, particularly both parents.

Quincy Promes' parents have stood with him and helped him get to where he is now.

Promes lives in Amsterdam with his wife, three children, parents, and brother at the time of writing.

After successfully integrating into Dutch society, his family is now reaping the benefits of having their own carving his family's own path to financial independence, all owing to a successful football career.

The Amsterdam-born considers his mother to be his pillar and the person who pushed him to return to football after he was fired by Ajax.

Quincy Promes Less-Known Details

Now to wrap this article up, we’re gonna tell you the facts you probably haven’t heard of before and mostly about the not-so-pleasing ones.

Arrested for Stabbing a Family Member

Around the middle of December 2020, word got around that the Footballer had done the unthinkable.

Quincy Promes was arrested for stabbing a family member, according to Telegraaf. The claimed event occurred in his warehouse in Abcoude, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, during a family gathering.

Promes was accused of stabbing the victim with a knife during a heated dispute in a shed, causing significant damage, one of the

Top Facts about Quincy Promes


Because of the involvement of the Promes family, the victim's injuries did not become life-threatening.

The stabbing of Qunicy Promes occurred in July 2020, and it is unknown why a family member reported the incident at the end of 2020.

Rubbing Shoulders with Busta Rhymes

This symbiotic link between football and what we may roughly refer to as "rapping" has been around for a long time, and Quincy Promes has recently stepped up his game.

His charisma in entertainment has seen him rub shoulders with some of the industry's greats, including Busta Rhymes, since breaking into the hip-hop scene, another one of the Top Facts about Quincy Promes.

Quincy Promes, without a doubt, is an influence on the ever-growing list of the greatest rapping footballers of all time.

His Tattoos

The Dutch attacking midfielder doesn't hesitate to cover his body in tattoos thanks to the wealth that comes with being a global sensation.

He has numerous tattoos, including the "Egyptian Pharoah" on his back. His front side is covered in various tattoo writeups that depict his former life.

Among all of Quincy Promes' tattoos, the one that portrays his initials, stylishly inscribed as ‘QP‘ and positioned at the back of his head, is the most eye-catching.

The Encounter with Pele

Quincy Promes' parents assisted him in securing his complete registration into Ajax, which offered him the opportunity to meet the King of Football, "Pele," when he was a young lad.

He was a little unsure of himself before meeting the Brazil Legend, pondering what to say or question someone who was a part of history.

It was like meeting someone from a book when he met Pele.

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