Florentino Perez Quotes, a complete collection

Thu 29 July 2021 | 6:00

Florentino Perez is the current President of Real Madrid whose name is always involved in controversy especially because of his strict character. Here in this article, we have selected a complete collection of Florentino Perez quotes including his comments on football and famous footballers.

Florentino Perez

had been the President of the Spanish football club, Real Madrid ever since 16 July 2000 and during his presidency he has brought many familiar faces to Real Madrid from various football clubs including Real Madrid's biggest rival, Barcelona.

Perez is also the main person behind the proposal for the European Super League or even known as the Godfather of the European Super League. Even though, according to Perez himself that this Super League is going to save football, so far it has been surrounded by vague comments and doubts.

The history of Real Madrid has definitely been influenced by Florentino Perez, regardless of contradictory comments people have on his personality. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of Florentino Perez quotes, including his quotes on football and the leaked audio of him talking behind some of the most famous football players.

A complete collection of Florentino Perez quotes:

Make sure to check out our exclusive collection of Florentino Perez quotes which also includes his quotes on the European Super League.

Florentino Perez quotes about his character

Florentino Perez Rodriguez was born on 8 March 1947 in the capital of Spain, Madrid. Perez is a businessman, civil engineer, former politician as well as the Chairman and CEO of Grupo ACS, which in fact is a civil engineering company.

He attended the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a few years after he graduated joined the Union of the Democratic Centre party in 1979 which was the start of his political activities.

Also 7 years later, in 1986, Florentino Perez ran in the Spanish general elections as a candidate for the Democratic Reformist Party and served as its secretary-general.

Additionally, ever since 2018, Perez has been the President of Grupo ACS that is Spain's largest construction company. To support the previous statement, it has to be said that this company has a net worth of $2.3 billion.

However, something that you need to know about Florentino Perez is that he has never really been open about his character, his biography, and his personality. Even he himself acknowledges the fact that he always wanted to keep his distance from the media and only keep a business relationship.

On his character:

I prefer to have informal relationships with journalists.

I have the responsibility for Real Madrid to be a pioneer.

Florentino Perez quotes about football

Florentino Perez first became the President of

Real Madrid

, on 16 July 2000 until 2006. However 3 years later, he was re-elected for the same position.

As previously stated Florentino Perez, throughout his career in Real Madrid as the president has brought some of the greatest football players from different football clubs and he himself believes that many times he has saved this club and left it as the richest club in the world with the net worth of 3.6 billion dollars.

On football:

We have to think why young people aren’t interested in football. There are a lot of games of limited quality and lots of other platforms to entertain yourself, so football has to change. A group of clubs of some European countries want to do something to make the sport more attractive on a world level.

Football is maintained by the biggest clubs, it always has been.

We’re working to save football after the pandemic.        

The Champions format is obsolete and only has interest in the quarterfinals.

We want football to go on for another 100 years.

Florentino Perez quotes about the leaked audio controversy

In July 2021, and only a few days ago, leaked audios of Florentino Perez were published by El Confidencial which were recorded by Jose Antonio Abellan in 2006 and 2012.

In these audios Florentino Perez keeps insulting some of the footballers including Real Madrid players such as Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Raul and many others.

However, later Real Madrid stated that these audios were leaked while Perez had been busy with promoting the European Super League. Also Perez himself later gave the media an explanation and added that his lawyers "are studying possible actions to be taken."

On the leaked audios:

The quotes are from conversations clandestinely recorded by Jose Antonio Abellan, who has been trying to sell them for years without success.

They are loose phrases from conversations taken out of the broad context in which they occur.

Now that they are reproduced, after so many years have passed, I understand that it is due to my participation as one of the promoters of the Super League.

Florentino Perez quotes from the leaked audio:

Now you are probably wondering what Perez has said in those leaked audios, so let's together read some of his quotes on other football players.

On Michel:

Michel (Real Madrid legend) kicked

Juan Mata

out of the Castilla, so he could replace him with his son. He's a fraud.

On Roberto Carlos:

I wanted to sell

Roberto Carlos

to Chelsea in exchange for (Ricardo) Carvalho, and then signed (Gianluca) Zambrotta for like 2 Euros.

On Luis Figo:


and Raul were the worst. Zidane was the best.

Figo came and became close with Raul, and those two, along with Hierro, managed the squad. Poor Vicente (del Bosque) wasn't doing anything.

On Fabio Coentrao:


's another guy who doesn't have his head, and Mourinho is an imbecile.

On Jorge Mendes:

All the money Jorge Mendes and Porto's president took from the Russian (Abramovich), for Mourinho, Carvalho, Ferreira, they take all that money to a Swiss bank account.

On Vicente del Bosque:

Del Bosque doesn't know how to coach and knows nothing about tactics. He's the biggest fraud I've ever seen in my life.

On Iker Casillas:


has been a great failure we’ve had….Well, one of the great scams, and the second one is Raúl. The two great Madrid scams.

Casillas is not the goalkeeper for Real Madrid," he said. "He is not and never has been. He has been a big failure. The problem is people adore him, love him, talk to him, they defend him so much.

He is one of the biggest frauds and the other is Raul, the two biggest Real Madrid frauds are first Raul and second Casillas.

Casillas isn't tall, and he can't even see well. They shoot from outside the box, from corners.

On Raul Gonzalez:


is bad; he believes that Madrid is his. It's terrible what a bad kid he is.

He's a negative guy, he's destroying Madrid and the morale of the players so that people say: "It's Madrid who are playing badly, not Raul." It's terrible what a bad kid he is. He's not going to play for Madrid anymore.

On Jose Mourinho:


is an idiot. It is not that he does not want to play. Well, he's a bit abnormal... that said, he has been overwhelmed by the pressure.

Florentino Perez quotes about European Super League

A few months ago in April 2021, Florentino Perez was announced as the first chairman of the European Super League, a breakaway league which consists of the 15 greatest and largest European football clubs.

However, this proposal instantly received backlash and criticism from around the world including players, managers, fans, politicians, and other clubs as well as UEFA, FIFA, and national governments.

The reason behind the opposition was said to be the lack of competitiveness within the competition. The negative feedbacks made a huge impact on the formation of the Super League, as a matter of fact, nine of the clubs including all six of the English clubs, officially announced their withdrawal.

However, Perez has so many times stated that they are not going to give up on this plan which according to him, has been created to save football.

On Super League:

When you have no income, only that from television, you understand that the solution is to have more competitive games, the most attractive you can have in the world. We have decided that in the week, instead of the Champions League, we can have a Super League with more games.

We can go on for another year. We’ve been working on this for two or three. We’ve got to a situation that we can’t bear. The idea is to start in August.

It’s better for everyone. Their survival depends on everyone going well. It’s can’t be that most small clubs get money and


loses money.

There was someone in the English six clubs who did not have much interest. That started to affect the others, there was fear. One of the English clubs was never really convinced.

The English clubs tried to do something, but they were being told they were killing football. But there is no other solution than the Super League. Or somebody invents something else.

The important thing is that the big teams play with each other, so the kids will watch football. The founder clubs believed in this project. It is not dead. We will keep working.

If there is money, there is money for everyone. The project is on standby. We are all together, reflecting on the future. Juventus has not left. The fundamental thing is that the games have interest to young people.

If the players participating in the European Super League are banned from playing the 2022 World Cup in


, we will create our own World Cup tournament. It is not a big deal. Any player can be totally calm because that is not going to happen.

The contract of the Super League is binding. Nobody can leave, we will work all together.


They say the new Champions League will start in 2024, in 2024 we are dead! UEFA is a monopoly and it has to be transparent. They have to be open to dialogue and not threatening.

They (English clubs) are leaving due to UEFA putting on a show, which surprised me. I don't want to get into it with the UEFA president, but he needs to be able to talk. It was like we had thrown an atomic bomb.

UEFA are working on a new format, that they presented today. I don’t understand it, nobody does. It won’t generate the income needed to save football. The idea would be to start as soon as possible. We say we will talk with UEFA and FIFA. I don’t know why someone has to get angry. We can’t have a president (of UEFA) that insults the president of a club and we want transparency. I know what Lebron James earns because his salary is public but I don’t know what the president of UEFA earns for example.

I have never seen such aggression from the UEFA president and the president of La Liga. It has been orchestrated, it surprised us all.  I have never seen anything like it. Threats and insults. As if we had killed someone or killed football. Football must be saved. A complicated event occurs. There was someone in it. English group that didn’t have much interest.

They have killed us with a terrible aggressiveness. They were waiting for us. When all this happens and reality comes we will see what happens. The clubs are going to lose more than two billion.

On the 15 founder members:

We have not invited PSG. For now we are 12, we could be 15.” On Bayern: “Nobody with common sense thinks this will end domestic leagues. That’s stupid.”

VAR will improve, referees will improve. There will be financial fair play and clubs will improve.

It’s not just a chosen few. The 15 founder members are those who’ve earned it, clubs who’ve made the semi-final and final of the Champions League and have fans all over the world. Somebody has to give us another format, to earn more money. Without earning more money, this will all die.

There are 15 teams that generate value and five that come on sporting merit. It’s not a closed league, it’s open. We have never thought about a closed league. We believe in sporting merit. The money goes to everyone, it’s a pyramid. If those at the top have money, it goes to those below. That can happen here.




have not left. Barca are thinking about it. Maybe we can change it a bit - that the top four in England enter, the top four in Spain.

Florentino Perez quotes about famous football players and teams

For the last part of this article, let’s take a look at the top quotes by Florentino Perez about other football stars and teams, which include his comments on Ramos, Cristiano Rolando and Lionel Messi.

On Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi:




was great, not just for Madrid and Barcelona, but for Spanish football and football in general.

On Ramos:

He came to see me at the office and told me they had a very good deal from China. I told him it was impossible for us to let our captain go for free.

On Real Madrid:

Madrid’s income has fallen from €900m to €600m this year. We’ve worked very hard on something that would satisfy everyone, and we didn’t expect such a response.

Real Madrid needs change and this is the right moment for me to leave the presidency. I am convinced this is the boost the club needs.

I'd do it all again. I believe in emotions and spectacle, and without this magic it wouldn't be Madrid. Thanks to this philosophy I left the club the richest in the world.

We created a great team and maybe I educated them wrongly and they got things confused.

On UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin:

I want an educated UEFA president, who does not insult. As simple as that. And that we argue, that they do not trip. That way of insulting a centennial president. He would have to set an example.

And finally this was our exclusive collection of Florentino Perez quotes. Which part did you like the most? Are  there any other quotes you want to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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