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Eliud Kipchoge is a Kenyan marathon runner who has previously competed at the 5000-meter event. With a time of 2:01:39 recorded on September 16, 2018, at the 2018 Berlin Marathon, he holds the world record in the marathon. His time was 1 minute and 18 seconds faster than the previous world record. "The best marathoner of the modern period," as he has been dubbed.

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Top Facts about Eliud Kipchoge you need to know

Eliud Kipchoge earned his first solo world championship gold at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 2003 and set a world junior track record in the process of more than 5000 meters.

He won the senior 5000 m world title with championships record in the 2003 World Championships in Athletics, then went on to win an Olympic bronze for Kenya in 2004, he won a bronze medal at the IAAF World Indoor Championships, and in 2006, he won a bronze medal at the same event.

Kipchoge won silver medals at the 2007 World Championships, 2008 Summer Olympics, and 2010 Commonwealth Games, making him a five-time World Championship 5000 m finalist.

In 2012, he converted to road running and ran the second-fastest half-marathon debut in history, clocking 59:25. He set a course record in his first marathon, the 2013 Hamburg Marathon. In 2014, he won his first World Marathon Major at the Chicago Marathon, and he went on to win the series in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

He set a record by winning the London Marathon four times and the Olympic marathon in 2016. His only marathon losses were a second-place finish behind Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich in the 2013 Berlin Marathon, where Kipsang set a new world record and an eighth-place finish in the 2020 London Marathon.

Kipchoge raced the marathon distance at 1:59:40 at a special event in Vienna, Austria on October 12, 2019. Because typical competition regulations for pacing and fluids were not followed and it was not an open event, the run did not count as it is a new marathon record.

Some quick top facts about Eliud Kipchoge

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Eliud Kipchoge bio

  • Full Name:

    Eliud Kipchoge

  • Nickname:

    Eliud Kipchoge EGH

  • Date of Birth:

    5 November 1984

  • Birth Place:

    Kapsisiywa, Nandi County, Kenya

  • Marital Status:


  • His wife:

    Grace Suggest

  • Age:

    36 years old

  • Profession:

    Distance runner

  • Nationality:


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Height:

    1.67 m

  • Weight:

    52 Kg

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Eliud Kipchoge early life

On November 5, 1984, Kipchoge was born in Kapsisiywa, Nandi County, Kenya. Kipchoge graduated from Kaptel Secondary School in 1999, although at the time, he did not pursue running seriously. Every day, he ran two miles (3.2 km) to school.

Kipchoge grew up with a single mother (a teacher) and only knew his father through photographs. He is the eldest of four siblings. At the age of 16, he met his trainer Patrick Sang (a former Olympic steeplechase medalist).

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Eliud Kipchoge career

During 2016

Kipchoge won the London Marathon for the second year in a row in April 2016 in the timing of 2:03:05. In London, he smashed the course record and set the second-fastest marathon time in history, falling 8 seconds short of Dennis Kimetto's world record.

Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Kipchoge won a gold medal in the marathon event at the 2016 Summer Olympics as the pre-race favorite. On the final day of the Rio Olympics, August 21, 2016, he won at 2:08:44. Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia) came in second with a time of 2:09:54, and Galen Rupp (USA) took third with a time of 2:10:05 in his second marathon.

When the racers reached the halfway point at 21.0975 kilometers, 37 guys were within 10 seconds of the leader. Shortly before 34 kilometers, the field of competitors was reduced to three leading runners. Around 36 kilometers into the race, Kipchoge made his final move on silver medalist Lilesa. 

He ran the first half of the race in 1:05:55 and the second half in 1:02:49, a difference of more than three minutes and a negative split. The 70-second victory margin between Kipchoge and Lilesa was the greatest since the 1972 Olympic marathon.

The winning time of 2:08:44 is Kipchoge's slowest marathon time (as of Mar 2020). A total of 155 runners started the race, making it the greatest field in Olympic history; only 140 of them finished. Kipchoge became the second Kenyan guy to win an Olympic marathon gold medal, following Sammy Wanjiru in Beijing in 2008.

Jemima Sumgong won the women's marathon at the same Olympics, making her the first female Kenyan to do so. Kipchoge raced in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on November 20, 2016, and won with a time of 59:44.

During 2017

On the Monza Formula 1 racetrack near Milan, Italy on May 6, 2017, Kipchoge, Zersenay Tadese (then the world record holder in the half marathon), and Lelisa Desisa set a new world record in the half marathon (2-time Boston Marathon winner) attempted the first sub-two-hour assisted marathon as part of the Nike Breaking2 project. Two months before the attempt, all three runners completed a test. For a half marathon, the goal time was 1 hour. Kipchoge took first place in 59:17. Per lap, the course measured 2400 meters.

The runners were paced by a lead automobile and 30 supporting pacers who joined in stages during the 2-hour attempt (both considered illegal under IAAF rules). On the 2.4-kilometer track, the event began at 5:45 a.m. local time. Kipchoge finished at 2:00:25, while the other two had to slow down and finished in a distant second and third place. 

To break two hours, the racers scheduled even 14:13 5k splits. 14:14, 14:07, 14:13, 14:15, 14:14, 14:17, 14:17, 14:27, and 6:20 were his 5k splits.

From 25 kilometers and up, the 5k split times would be world records: 25 kilometers in 1:11:03, 30 kilometers in 1:25:20, 35 kilometers in 1:39:37, and 40 kilometers in 1:54:04.

He won the Berlin Marathon at 2:03:32 on September 24, 2017. He finished 14 seconds ahead of Guye Adola, who was running his first marathon, in rainy conditions.

Adola broke the record for the fastest marathon debut ever. Wilson Kipsang, the former world record holder in the marathon, and Kenenisa Bekele, the 2016 winner, both failed to finish.

During 2018

Kipchoge won the 2018 London Marathon over a field that featured Mo Farah, Kenenisa Bekele, and reigning winner Daniel Wanjiru.

Berlin 2018 and a new world record

Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon on September 16, 2018, in a time of 2:01:39, beating the previous world record by 1 minute and 18 seconds (2:02:57 set by fellow countryman Dennis Kimetto at the Berlin Marathon in 2014).

Since 1967, it was the most significant improvement in a marathon world record time. He won by 4:43 minutes over second-placed Kenyan Amos Kipruto. Wilson Kipsang of Kenya, the 2013 World Record holder, finished third in 2:06:48.

Awarded in 2018

Kipchoge got various honors and trophies for his achievements in the 2018 season. He shared the title of IAAF World Athlete of the Year with Catherine Ibargüen, who was elected female World Athlete of the Year. Kipchoge was elected 2018 Sportsman of the Year at the Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year Awards in Mombasa, Kenya, on January 11, 2019.

During 2109

Kipchoge ran the 2019 London Marathon at 2:02:37, which is the second-fastest marathon time in history, trailing only his 2018 Berlin Marathon win. His fourth win in London sets a new track record, breaking his previous best by 28 seconds set in 2016. In 1:01:37, the lead runner crossed the half marathon finish line.

Mosinet Geremew (Ethiopia) came in second in 2:02:55, followed by Mule Wasihun (Ethiopia) in third in 2:03:16. Mo Farah, a four-time Olympic gold champion from the United Kingdom, finished fifth after being a pre-race favorite.

1:59 Challenge by Ineos

In May 2019, just days after winning the London Marathon, Kipchoge announced the Ineos 1:59 Challenge, a new attempt at the sub-two-hour marathon. He ran 4.4 laps of the Hauptallee at 1:59:40 on October 12, 2019, at Vienna's Prater Park, becoming the first person in history to break the two-hour barrier over a marathon distance.

Due to the challenge's design, the performance did not qualify as a new world record under IAAF standards. Kipchoge was given fluids by his support team during the race, which also included a pace car and alternating teams of other runners pacing Kipchoge in an arrangement designed to minimize wind resistance and optimize efficiency.

Guinness World Records awarded him the titles of "Fastest marathon distance (man)" and "First marathon distance run under two hours."

During 2020

With a timing of 2:06:49, Kipchoge finished eighth in the 2020 London Marathon.

During 2021

Eliud Kipchoge won the NN Mission Marathon on April 18, 2021, at Enschede Airport Twente in the Netherlands, with a time of 2:04:30, and Jonathan Korir finished second in a personal best of 2:06:40, in preparation for the 2021 Olympics.

Eliud Kipchoge family and relationship

Kipchoge lives in Eldoret, Kenya, with his wife and three children. He trains and resides in Kaptagat, which is 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Eldoret.

Eliud Kipchoge is married to Kenyan Grace Suggest. Grace's brother was one of Kipchoge's greatest friends at school, and the two knew one other from there.

The couple has three children and resides in Eldoret, Kenya, which has a population of 500,000 people. "He meets everyone and doesn't look like a person who believes he is successful. He appears like a normal person," Grace Suggut said of her husband's appearance at home.

Eliud Kipchoge style of play

In both training and competition, Kipchoge may achieve incredible physical peaks. But it is his mental strength that has made him one of the best marathon runners.

He credits his mental toughness to the fact that he has won the tensest of races: “I often tell people that I don't run by my legs, but by my heart and mind.” “A person's mind is what causes them to run faster. When your mind is calm and focused, your entire body is under control.”

Eliud Kipchoge honors

World finals   


Paris 5000 m:



Helsinki 5000 m:



Osaka 5000 m:



Berlin 5000 m:



Daegu 5000 m:


Olympic finals

  • 2008 Beijing 5000 m:



Athens 5000 m:



Rio de Janeiro Marathon:


Personal best

  • Marathon:

    2:01:39 WR (Berlin 2018)

  • Mile:

    3:50.40 (London 2004)



26:49.02 (Hengelo 2007)



12:46.53 (Rome 2004)

Eliud Kipchoge issues

While some runners at various levels have certainly had legal problems, Eliud Kipchoge has never had a legal dispute in his lifetime.

Eliud Kipchoge Net Worth

long-distance runner, Eliud Kipchoge has a net worth of $3 million, yet his salary is unknown. He has previously had annual sponsorships to compete, including a deal of seven million Kenyan shillings (about $65,000) from Isuzu East Africa (per The Standard). His Instagram feed shows him wearing Maurten — a sports drink business — and NN Investment Partners apparel, implying that he has also benefited from partnerships with both companies.

Kipchoge's net worth might rise if he sets another world record in a long-distance event in the 2020 Olympic games, where he is a favorite to earn a medal. He is regarded as one of the world's most spectacular athletes, and regardless of whether he wins gold, he said that, once the Olympics are over, he aims to compete in other sports.

Some Short Top Facts about Eliud Kipchoge

  • When he was young, he lost his father.

  • Poverty had a negative impact on his youth.

  • His first job was selling milk.

  • Patrick Sang, a legend in the world of athletics, was instrumental in his achievement.

  • With a timing of 2:06:49, Kipchoge finished eighth in the 2020 London Marathon, he is still running such a teenager.

  • Kipchoge, 36, is a one-of-a-kind athlete in the world of long-distance running, and sports pundits say he is the guy who will usher humanity into a new era of possibility.

  • He has won nine of the ten marathons he has participated in. He is the youngest of four children who grew up in Kapsisiywa, a small community in Nandi County.

  • He previously devised a formula: Consistency = Motivation + Discipline.

  • Eliud's breakfast with his teammates in his short video includes tea and bread. “It's breakfast for Africans,” Eliud says. Only tea and bread are available. “Enough is enough.”

  • The Berlin Marathon was part of Nike's "Breaking 2" project, which was thoroughly recorded by National Geographic in 2017.

  • Kipchoge is a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He's been keeping track of his workouts in a notebook since he started taking the sport seriously. He now has 15 notebooks, one for each year he has spent on the international stage.

  • Kipchoge won the London Marathon for the second year in a row in April 2016 in the timing of 2:03:05.

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