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Spain Olympic 2020 Men’s Basketball Roster

In the following article from SportMob, we will have a look at the Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster and analyze Spain Olympic squad in Tokyo.

Spain has appeared 12 times at the Summer Olympics, winning three silver medals and one bronze medal. They have qualified for the FIBA World Cup 12 times, winning it twice, in 2006 and 2019. During the early years of the FIBA World Cup, Spain fought to establish a regular presence as a competitor.

At the 2006 FIBA World Cup, Spain achieved their greatest success in its history as they defeated Greece in the final to win their first World Cup title. Held at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, the game ended at 70-47. Furthermore, Pau Gasol was named the tournament MVP, while Jorge Garbajosa was selected to the All-Tournament team. Shortly afterward, the team were awarded the 2006 Prince of Asturias Award in Sports.

At the 2019 FIBA World Cup, Spain won their second World Cup title by defeating Argentina in the final by 95–75. During the tournament, the spectacular play of Ricky Rubio earned him the MVP, while Marc Gasol was named to the All-Tournament team. After this victory, Marc Gasol became the second player in tournament history to win the NBA title and the World Cup in the same year, with the other being Lamar Odom.

Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster

has announced its squad to participate at the Tokyo in 2020 Olympic Games, which will take place in July and August 2021. Tokyo 2020 is already planning for an appointment that promises many of the best examples on the planet.

Great Basketball Excitement in Tokyo: Spain at the 2020 summer Olympics

12 selected will be present in Japan to get closer to the most desired: the podium that allows them to hang one of the Olympic medals. Argentina and the renewed illusion after the huge runner-up in the 2019 World Cup, with the last dance of captain Luis Scola and a Facundo Campazzo more leading than ever after his perfect debut in the NBA.

Spain will try to win an important tile like the world cup 2019 with figures such as Pau Gasol. Ricky Rubio, Sergio Llull, Sergio Rodriguez, Alex Abrines, Rudy Fernandez, Usman Garuba, Alberto Abalde, Willy Hernangomez, Juancho Hernangomez, Victor Claver, Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol make up Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster.

Spain is looking for better achievements than the bronze medal after coming third in the 2016 Olympics. If you want to know some top-tier information about the

Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster

and see which players are included in the Spain Olympic squad, keep reading.

The Spain Olympic squad: Meet the Roster

Led by Pau Gasol, Spain Basketball unveiled its official 12-member

Spain men’s Olympic 2020

Basketball Team.

Selected for Spain at the 2020 summer Olympics, which is seeking another title like world cup 2019, are Ricky Rubio, Juancho Hernangomez (Minnesota Timberwolves), Sergio Llull (Real Madrid), Sergio Rodriguez (Olympia Milano), Alex Abrines (Barcelona), Rudy Fernandez (Real Madrid), Victor Claver (Barcelona), Alberto Abalde (Real Madrid), Usman Garuba (Real Madrid), Willy Hernangomez (New Orleans Pelicans), Marc Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers), Pau Gasol (Barcelona).

Ricky Rubio - Point Guard

Rubio is a different player as he cannot shoot. His jump shot has remained so inconsistent over the years that many around the league have taken to calling him Bricky Rubio. His lack of a jump shot has hindered him from breaking out in the NBA, but in the international game where the fast break is revered above almost all else, Rubio has the chance to emerge as one of the most valuable players on the roster. He played limited minutes in Rio in 2016, averaging 16.8 MPG.

Still, Rubio’s continued to improve each season to the point where there is the confidence he will be in charge to spearhead the Spanish offense in Tokyo. Despite his inconsistent shooting, Rubio is one of the most gifted playmakers of this generation. He has shown at least an ability to finish at the rim, and he is an absolute hound defensively. 

With Calderon retiring from the national team, it is Rubio’s time to take the reigns, and no one has little doubt that he will live up to the challenge. Ricky Rubio can be described as a magician with the rock: uniquely creative as a passer and can conjure offense out of seemingly nothing. Causes chaos with his dribbling and fakes and sees things unfold instinctively. Employs great anticipation and flair to make teammates better and at high speed. Has huge hands for ball-handling and steals.

He has improved as a scorer. Not much of a 3-point shooter and needs to improve in that area to keep teams from easing off him. He can use more bulk on his frame to help with physicality and durability. Surely He is one of the good elements of Spain at the 2020 summer Olympics.

Sergio Llull - Point Guard

Llull is considered one of the best non-NBA players on the planet; Llull has said he would like to retire with Real Madrid in the past. However, that certainly hasn't stopped the Rockets, who own his NBA rights, from trying to convince him to try to give the NBA a storm. He is clearly their most creative force, the best athlete on the team, and an incessant shot-creator.

His excellent first step and strong ball-handling skills allow him to pick apart defenses extremely well, going either left or right, making him a dangerous threat in transition. He has been featured on several ACB league highlight reels this season because of his ability to drive down the lane at full speed and throw down impressive dunks. Even if he looks a bit wild at times, he has managed to keep his turnovers extremely low all season, considering his style of play, which is a big reason he has earned so much trust from his coaching staff. 

At times he tends to flip the ball up at the rim instead of going up strong. Llull's jump-shot has been consistent all season long. He is a point guard with good size and quickness. He knows how to get by people off the dribble. Utilizes misdirection and change of pace dribbles to keep defenders guessing. Has the ability to turn the corner to get to the hoop. He handles the ball extremely well and can make moves while going full speed or while in traffic. He likes to attack and push the tempo in transition, where he can use his speed to create opportunities.

An extremely confident player who is not afraid to take the big shots. He can be dangerous when he gets into a rhythm where he can string together a run all by himself. He is very efficient in scoring the ball and shoots a high percentage from the foul line. So it is safe to say

Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster

has a great star.

Sergio Rodriguez - Point Guard

Without a doubt, Sergio Rodriguez is one of the great warriors at an individual level within the European basketball scene. His displays both in the Europe League and in the EuroLeague made the fans excited, but not only fans of Real Madrid, his current team, but also any lover of the world of the basket, so it is not surprising that he is one of the main candidates to achieve the MVP of both competitions.

Sergio's great weapon is the game with spaces at full court, and it is that at the moment that Real Madrid obtains control of possession after rebound or basket, it is the main one in charge of launching the counterattack of the white team. In this offensive aspect, no player comes close to him. With his devilish speed and excellent handling of the ball, we must add the immense innate talent he has to generate advantages through the pass and his excellent vision of the game.

His connections are not limited to just the perimeter players; the amount of points Sergio generates in counterattack for Real Madrid's inside players wreaks havoc on opposing defenses. 

Much of the success in the fast game is generated by the high defensive level that the white team shows, the intensity that they print in each play leads to increasing the number of losses of the rival and lowering their percentages, which together with the control of the rebound allows obtaining numerous situations throughout the matches to deploy that quick game.

Sergio can make the hardest passes look easy, gifted, instinctive, creative, and selfless as a distributor. Sneaky-quick and cool on the court, and able to hit full speed immediately. Good at poaching, steals, is great in transition, and has the rare quality of making teammates better. Has dominated European basketball. Not an overwhelming athlete in terms of size or explosiveness and must lean on his great instincts and skill level. He is still working to prove he can be as excellent in the NBA as he was in Europe. Sergio Rodriguez is a huge leader in the Spain men’s Olympic 2020 team.

Alex Abrines - Shooting Guard

A polished and skilled playmaker who can line up offensively at several different positions. He holds point guard tools but still is big enough to play some small forward. He has a great instinct for steals, a great eye and hands for passing, and a superb perimeter shooting game. Underrated. Despite the good size, he is not very muscular, and while he's tall, he's not particularly long. Sometimes gets stuck in the mud defensively and will get burned one-on-one on occasion by explosive opponents.

Imperative for shooting guards with a consistent touch from a distance,

Evan Fournier

is very effective at running off screens and freeing himself for open looks from beyond the arc. He is always in motion and refuses to quit on plays even if the defense smothers him. While many people like to complain about Fournier’s play, Fournier was the most consistent player for the Magic last season. Fournier is not a perfect player by any means. But he undeniably produced for the Magic throughout the course of the 2021 season. He has an excellent, strong body that helps him attacking the rim; he is not so explosive, but his first step allows him to beat opponents off the dribble.

He is a natural talent and can score in many ways: shooting from a 3-point arc, running to the basket, and jumping. He also has a nice left hand and can grab rebounds, both in offense and defense. The label of his game is his strength to score clutch baskets. Defensively, he has a nice position and good footwork, plays smart, is not overly aggressive.

Fournier has the height and length that many successful European players have often lacked when they transition to the NBA as a pro. While he's drawn comparisons to Marco Belinelli and Manu Ginobili in different circles, he has a good three inches on both those players.

Critics love his size, ability to create his own shot in isolation and pick-and-roll situations, finishing at the rim, and defensive intensity. Fournier is a shining star in the roster of the Spain men’s Olympic 2020. Abrines might not be the Olympic 2020 most important player, but some signs show he has a special place in the Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster.

Rudy Fernandez - Shooting Guard

A skilled, mechanical, dynamic scorer: takes over shots from the inside, outside, and mid-range. He passes well, steals the ball regularly, and hits consistently from the perimeter. Highly proven in Europe. Additionally, he can be streaky, and he sometimes settles for the three too easily. He gets unhappy when not in a prominent role.

He possesses legit 3-point range on his jumper. He shines at shoots well without the ball as he is constantly moving, never settles Really understands how to get by opposing defenders by using his quick first step and ball-handling ability. He is a creative slasher when driving to the basket, as he can finish with a multitude of reverse lay-ups, dunks, or switching hands to get his shot off. He owns above-average leaping ability, solid quickness, and excellent body control.

He needs very little time to get his shot off because his quick release passing ability is solid but not spectacular. He plays very composed, rarely looks out of control or is unfocused on the floor, shows a high basketball.

Having a nice feel for the game, Rudy can also officiate as a creator for his teammates thanks to his passing game. He sees the court pretty well and shows a quick mind to take decisions. Defense doesn't look like a high priority for Rudy at this point.

He is not the most aggressive on-ball defender, and he is not putting much energy into stopping his matchups. Enjoying a much larger offensive role this year, he is probably saving some efforts. He is a skinny guy who might eventually get outmuscled, but his length and quickness make up for it whenever he is focused on this department.

He fully takes part in the intense gambling style of defense that his team employs, staying aggressive in the passing lanes at all times to come up with a large amount of steals each game. Still, his presence at the Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster as one of the stars of the

Spain Olympic squad

is real proof on this matter.

Willy Hernangomez – Center

Brother of Juancho Hernangomez, the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA Willy Hernangomez, will participate in his second Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020. The eldest of the Hernangomez brothers is a true talisman. Since making his debut with La Masculina in 2015, Willy and Spain have not stepped off the podium. Two Golds (in the EuroBasket 2015 and World Cup 2019) and two bronzes (the Olympic of Rio in 2016 and the one of the EuroBasket of the year 2017) are, for the moment, his harvest.

At 25, he has already accumulated a total of 61 caps. Growing year by year and in each tournament, his importance in the National Team directed by Scariolo has not stopped increasing. He holds great hands and basketball abilities for a center. He makes intelligent decisions with the ball in the post, showing elegant and perfect footwork and ball-handling for his size. He creates his own shot and facilitates for teammates too.

Hustles dominate the boards and has enough size to start at the center. While he is an elite rebounder, he struggles with defensive assignments due to his average athleticism. He's foul-prone, in part because he's not explosive or fast; he also doesn't have the ideal length for a post player, so he relies more on his awareness, skill, and smarts. In addition to all these traits, he is one of

Spain at the 2020 summer Olympics

primary stars.

Juan Hernangomez - Power Forward

Juancho's story is even more difficult. He ended up being traded to Minnesota just over a year ago, and this season saw his friend Ricky become a teammate. He signed a good contract with the franchise and was ready to show that he deserves a place in the best league in the world. However, a positive for COVID-19 ruined all his plans for this season.

The forward has only played 12 games so far and has not stepped on the court for almost a month while he recovers from the virus and the physical consequences that it has left him. His contribution, although scarce, varied from night to night depending on the rival, showing that, given the situation, his profile is valuable to Saunders.

Juan Hernangomez may be known to many NBA fans as simply the worse Hernangomez brother, but to the Spanish national team? He is yet another key young prospect on the roster. He is shorter and less of a scoring option than his older brother. Still, Hernangomez has already proven he can be a valuable defensive option off the bench, supplementing his lack of size with a strong motor and good athleticism.

In 2013, Hernangomez competed with the Spain national under-18 basketball team at the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship in Latvia. He joined the under-20 team for the following two years, playing at the FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship. He eventually joined the senior Spanish national team at the EuroBasket 2017 in his inaugural tournament. Hernangomez, unlike his older brother, hasn’t had the chance to prove himself much on the international stage.

However, following two more years of development, the Hernangomez brothers will perhaps follow the Gasol brothers' footsteps in leading the next generation of Spaniards to basketball glory. At the moment, Hernangomez's game relies on his athleticism, speed, and a solid mid-range jump shot. But while he still lacks a certain post-game or a substantial basketball IQ, there is certainly time for him to develop, but he will be a useful weapon for Sergio Scariolo in the Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster.

Marc Gasol - Center

When Gasol signed with the Lakers, it was for the assurance of a two-year deal that the Raptors, still holding out for Giannis Antetokounmpo, wouldn’t give him. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said his team will need Gasol’s contribution at some point this season. Gasol’s averaging just 4.8 points and four rebounds in 20 minutes a game. However, Vogel said Gasol’s stat line doesn’t fully reflect his contribution to the team.

“People need to understand how good of a player Marc Gasol is and how valuable he is to what we’re doing,” Vogel said. “We’re going to play our most important players. So, he’s going to help us win a championship this year. That’s the plan. That’s the vision. Obviously, Andre coming along gives us the depth, but we are going to need all three of those guys."

Marc Gasol is far from his best numbers, but his signing was key in the Lakers' title aspirations. He barely scores, his statistics are rather mediocre, but his impact is total. Every time he is on the court, the team notices it, and this is even more true when he shares the court with James. Both of them understand each other wonderfully in attack, and Marc helps anchor the Los Angeles defense.

Two years from now will probably mark the tail-end of Marc Gasol’s elite status in the NBA, but international basketball is a different beast. The international game often allows aging stars like Dirk Nowitzki and even Marc’s older brother, Pau, to remain productive far after their NBA dominance has gone to die. Gasol’s ability to post up, space the floor, pass, and defend the paint is a scarce skill set, especially in today’s modern basketball landscape.

This versatility makes Gasol a compelling part of the Spanish roster: he can play with basically any combination of players and mold his game to fit their playstyle. Luckily, with point guards like Rubio and Juan Carlos Navarro running the show and a slew of shooters spanning the perimeter, Gasol should have free reign to take full advantage of his biggest strength scoring in the post.

Despite heading into Tokyo at the ripe age of 35, Gasol will still be the focal point of the Spanish offense while securing the interior defense on the other end. After missing the Rio Olympics in 2016, Spain can only hope Gasol makes a similar impact last year in the 2017 FIBA EuroBasket. Ultra-skilled and instinctive for a true center. A feisty, hard-working defender who can shut down opponents one-on-one and is one of the game's best passers out of the post.

He shows improving low-post moves on offense and is an excellent free throw shooter for a center. He makes smart plays. Despite his defensive excellence, he's not quite an elite rebounder nor shot-blocker. Many experts believe his appearance in the Spain men’s Olympic 2020 team will bring most of his teammates.

Pau Gasol – Center

Over the years, Pau Gasol has transformed himself into near demi-god status with the Spanish national team. Following a gold medal debut in the 1998 FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship, Gasol’s legend has only continued to rise in both international and NBA competitions. It is impossible not to be delighted with the return of Pau Gasol to the basketball courts.

The best Spanish player in the history of this sport is going to play in Olympics 2020. Pau Gasol will never be the same again. That magical player who had the ability and the facility to lift a country from its seat has already disappeared due to the serious physical injuries suffered by the player and his age, which already speaks of the decline of the career of a genius resounding.

Gasol’s age might look like a red flag to some, but his ability to take control of entire tournaments in recent years bodes well for his ability to keep playing in Tokyo. 

It is not realistic to expect that same product from the Spaniard. But with players like Hernangomez brothers and Abrines coming into their own and his brother still clinging onto the end of his prime, Gasol will be looked like more of a mentor and role player than anything else. Anyway, be that as it may, what is undeniable is that we are talking about a player of immeasurable, indisputable, unrepeatable talent.

A player with surreal mobility for more than 215 centimeters in height, who will not be accompanied by his physique as in the past to be that dominant center on all sides of the court, but no matter how little he contributes, he will delight all players, so it is safe to say being on the

Spain Olympic 2020 men’s basketball roster

is a huge chance for him to end the national career in the best possible way.

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