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Highest paid managers in EURO 2020

Tue 20 July 2021 | 10:30

Being a professional football manager earns you lots of money. Like many other lucrative jobs, people do not see the difficulties of the job, and what a manager has to go through to get in a position in which his salary could be remarkable. Read on to find out more about the highest paid managers in EURO 2020.

Being a national team's manager may see to be easier than being a club's manager, but in fact, it is as overwhelming since you have to be constantly monitoring every player of the nation.

Nonetheless, national teams' managers generally receive lower salary than their counterparts in clubs, due to the fewer number of games, and the less focus which is on international games- except for the World Cup and EURO, definitely!

Being hired by top European national teams can make a manager very affluent. However, the income depends highly on the financial situation of the country they are hired by, and how prominent the manager himself is. The richer the country and the more decorated the manager is, the higher the salary would be.

2020 European Championship started on June 10th, 2021, and finished on July 11th. The 1-year postpone was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Italy under Roberto Mancini won the cup after beating Gareth Southgate's


in the final. Italy had eliminated Luis Enrique's Spain in the semi-finals, while England had won against


under the management of Kasper Hulmand.

Highest paid managers in EURO 2020:

Have you ever wanted to know how much every single manager at the Euro 2020 gets paid yearly? Read the following to find out. Here is the list of the 

highest paid managers in EURO 2020


1. Joachim Low, Germany

  • Date of birth: 3 February 1960 (age 61)

  • Place of birth: Schönau im Schwarzwald, West Germany

  • Height: 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Annual Salary: £4.75 million

Germany's manager, Joachim Low, is the highest paid manager in EURO 2020. He took over Germany's management in 2006, and won the 2014 World Cup with Mannschaft. However, EURO 2020 was his last major tournament with Germany as he is replaced by Hansi Flick.


was eliminated by England in the round of 16.

2. Didier Deschamps, France

  • Full name: Didier Claude Deschamps

  • Date of birth: 15 October 1968 (age 53)

  • Place of birth: Bayonne, France

  • Height: 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)

  • Annual Salary: £4.00 million

The World Cup 2018 winner

Didier Deschamps

stands 2nd on the list of the highest

EURO 2020 head coach salary

. He has been France's manager since 2012, and became one of the 3 men in the history who has won the World Cup both as the player and as the manager alongside Mário Zagallo and

Franz Beckenbauer


3. Roberto Mancini, Italy

  • Date of birth: 27 November 1964 (age 57)

  • Place of birth: Iesi, Italy

  • Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Annual Salary: £3.5 million

And in the 3rd place of the list of the

highest paid managers in EURO 2020

stands the manager of the champions:

Roberto Mancini

. He took over Italy's ruins in 2018, a team that was not even able to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, and within 3 years Mancini took them to the top of Europe. Italy won the 2020 European Championship deservedly, and Mancini's salary seems fairly reasonable.

4. Gareth Southgate, England

  • Date of birth: 3 September 1970 (age 51)

  • Place of birth: Watford, England

  • Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)

  • Annual Salary: £3.25 million

The manager of one of the finalists, England, stands 4th in the ranking of Highest paid managers in EURO 2020. Despite the great hopes English people had before the final match that "Football is coming home", Southgate and his players were not successful in the penalty shootouts against Italy in the last game of the tournament.

England stood 3rd in 2018 World Cup, and reached the final of EURO 2020, how will they end up in 2022 World Cup with

Gareth Southgate


5. Fernando Santos, Portugal

  • Date of birth: 25 February 1980 (age 41)

  • Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Height: 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

  • Annual Salary: £2.75 million

The Portuguese manager is the last manager on the list of the

top five highest paid managers in EURO 2020

. Fernando Santos won EURO 2016 with


as everyone was taken aback.

His squad was even more promising for EURO 2020, but they were beaten by


in the round of 16. The odds say Santos will continue as Portugal's manager to 2022 World Cup, and let's see if they can repeat their feat in 2016 European Championship or not.

6. Luis Enrique, Spain

  • Full name: Luis Enrique Martínez García

  • Date of birth: 8 May 1970 (age 51)

  • Place of birth: Gijón, Spain

  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Annual Salary: £2.5 million

Luis Enrique's Spain lost the semi-finals of EURO 2020 in penalties against Italy at the end of a game in which they had dominated, but failed to win in 120 minutes. S

pain was the leading team of the tournament with respect to many factors such possession (66.8%), passing accuracy (98.3%), most goals scored (13, alongside Italy), and they stand second in the ranking of total goal attempts with 111 attempts behind Italy with 128 attempts.

Luis Enrique

's performance has satisfied Spain fans, and they are very hopeful toward future.

6. Stanislav Cherchesov, Russia

  • Full name: Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov

  • Date of birth: 2 September 1963 (age 58)

  • Place of birth: Alagir, North Ossetian ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Annual Salary: £2.5 million

Russian team's manager is the unexpected item on the list of the

highest paid managers in EURO 2020

. He is paid more money than managers of Belgium,


, and Denmark. He coached the team in World Cup 2018, and took the team to the quarter finals. However, they did not have a satisfying performance at EURO 2020 and were eliminated in the group stages.

7. Frank De Boer, Netherlands

  • Date of birth: 15 May 1970 (age 51)

  • Place of birth: Hoorn, Netherlands

  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Annual Salary: £2 million

Frank De Boer is the 8th highest paid manager at EURO 2020 with an annual salary of £2.5 million. He started the tournament with lots of doubt toward him and his team from their fans, but played brilliantly in the 3 group stage games and made everyone hopeful. However, round of 16 was the furthest they could go, and were eliminated by

Czech Republic


7. Roberto Martinez, Belgium

  • Full name: Roberto Martínez Montoliu

  • Date of birth: 13 July 1973 (age 48)

  • Place of birth: Balaguer, Spain

  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Annual Salary: £2 million

The manager of the Rank 1 team in the FIFA ranking stands 8th in the list of highest paid managers in EURO 2020. Belgium was regarded as one of the most probable teams to win the title, and through the 3 group stage games they showed great competence.

Belgium also eliminated Portugal in the round of 16, but was beaten by the eventual champions in the quarter finals.

Roberto Martinez

's future is doubtful since his performance with Belgium's golden generation has not lived up to the expectations.

8. Vladimir Petkovic, Switzerland

  • Date of birth: 15 August 1963 (age 58)

  • Place of birth: Sarajevo, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia

  • Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

  • Annual Salary: £1.5 million

Switzerland was one of the teams that surprised every football fan, and was one side of one of the greatest matches in the history of European Championships. Vladimir Petkovic's lads made their way to the round of 16 in a group in which they had to compete with the eventual champions, Italy,


, and Turkey.

They had to face France, the world's champion, in the round of 16. While everyone had prewritten the name of France to qualify for the next round, Switzerland made a comeback and turned the game around: while France had 2 goals lead (3 – 1), Petkovic's men did not lose themselves and took the game to the extra times and then in the penalties defeated one of the most superstars-prolific teams of the tournament.

A large part of the credit goes to the manager undoubtedly, and football fans are looking forward to see them perform in 2022 World Cup.

The rest of the list of highest paid managers in EURO 2020 is as follows:

9. Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine

  • Full name: Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko

  • Date of birth: 29 September 1976 (age 45)

  • Place of birth: Dvirkivshchyna, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union

  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Annual Salary: £1.2 million

Andriy Shevchenko

's Ukraine went further than expected in the EURO 2020. They beat Austria in the round of 16, but were eliminated by the finalists England in the quarter finals. Nonetheless, the fans are extremely happy with their performance and Shevchenko is even more popular now.

10. Kasper Hjulmand, Denmark

  • Date of birth: 9 April 1972 (age 49)

  • Place of birth: Aalborg, Denmark

  • Annual Salary: £1 million

Many people expected Denmark to be the surprise of the tournament, and this turn out to be true. After a tragedy in the first game against Finland and Christian Eriksen's heart attack in the middle of the match, Denmark could not stand on their feet until the 3rd game against Russia.

They went on and on and reached the semi-finals where they were eliminated by England in the extra times. However, the penalty which sent England to the finals is a controversial one that aroused lots of disapprovals.

10. Senol Gunes, Turkey

  • Date of birth: 1 June 1952 (age 69)

  • Place of birth: Trabzon, Turkey

  • Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Annual Salary: £1 million

Senol Gunes is a Turkish football manager and former player. His most notable managerial achievements to date include coaching the Turkish national team to third place in the 2002 FIFA World Cup and winning two Süper Lig titles; both of them with


11. Paulo Sousa, Poland

  • Full name: Paulo Manuel Carvalho de Sousa

  • Date of birth: 30 August 1970 (age 51)

  • Place of birth: Viseu, Portugal

  • Height: 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Annual Salary: £650,000

Paulo Sousa was announced as the head coach of the


national team in 2021. In his first match in charge, his side drew 3–3 against Hungary in the 2022 World Cup qualification.

At the former tournament finals, and in spite of three goals from star forward

Robert Lewandowski

, they exited in the group stage; nonetheless, the manager was assured to remain on the job.

11. Rob Page, Wales

  • Full name: Robert John Page

  • Date of birth: 3 September 1974 (age 47)

  • Place of birth: Llwynypia, Wales

  • Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)

  • Annual Salary: £650,000

Wales proceeded to the semi-finals in their first ever appearance in a European Championship in 2016, and EURO 2020 was their 2nd experience. They qualified for the round of 16, but lost the game to the semi-finalists Denmark.

12.  Zlatco Dalic, Croatia

  • Date of birth: 26 October 1966 (age 55)

  • Place of birth: Livno, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia

  • Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Annual Salary: £600,000

Isn't it strange to see the name of the manager of the finalist of the 2018 World Cup in the 16th place? Well, it is true. Croatia made their way to the round of 16 where they had to face Spain.

The game happened to become one of the best games in the history of the tournament by finishing 3 – 3 in the 90 minutes where Croatia made a comeback after falling behind 3 – 1.

  • Full name: Jan Olof Andersson

  • Date of birth: 29 September 1962 (age 59)

  • Place of birth: Halmstad, Sweden

  • Annual Salary: £575,000

Janne Andersson stands 17th in the list of highest paid manager in Euro 2020.


showed great potential in the group stage games. They finished 1st in a group in which Spain was present. They unluckily lost the round of 16 game to Ukraine, in a match that they were totally dominant over.

14. Steve Clarke, Scotland

  • Date of birth: 29 August 1963 (age 58)

  • Place of birth: Saltcoats, Scotland

  • Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

  • Annual Salary: £500,000

In 2019, Clarke was appointed manager of the

Scotland national team

on a contract due to run until the end of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.

On his debut, the Scots won 2–1 at home to Cyprus in UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying. The team then suffered four consecutive defeats against Belgium and Russia, two of them by 4–0 margins, which ended any hope of qualifying automatically for Euro 2020.

Scotland defeated Serbia 4–5 on penalties after a 1–1 draw to take their place in the delayed finals via the UEFA Nations League route.

14. Franco Foda, Austria

  • Date of birth: 23 April 1966 (age 55)

  • Place of birth: Mainz, West Germany

  • Annual Salary: £500,000

In 2017, it was announced that Franco Foda would become manager of the

Austria national team

, with effect from January 2018.

Austria's performance throughout the EURO 2020 tournament aroused lots of admiral's toward the team. They had a great match against the eventual champions Italy in the round of 16, in which they lost after extra times.

Nobody would have said they did not deserve it if Austria had beaten Italy in that match. Franco Foda's squad has a lot to show in the upcoming years.

15. Jaroslav Šilhavý, Czech Republic

  • Date of birth: 3 November 1961 (age 60)

  • Place of birth: Plzeň, Czechoslovakia

  • Annual Salary: £475,000

Czech Republic was another interesting team of EURO 2020 that managed to proceed to the quarter finals. Jaroslav Šilhavý's boys beat Netherlands in the round of 16 with an excellent performance from the team. However, they were beaten by Denmark in the next round.

16. Igor Angelovski, North Mcedonia

  • Date of birth: 2 June 1976 (age 45)

  • Place of birth: Skopje, SR Macedonia, Yugoslavia

  • Annual Salary: £375,000

In 2015, Angelovski became the new manager of the Macedonia national team as a successor to Ljubinko Drulović who left to the Serbian SuperLiga club Partizan. Angelovski had coached Rabotnički in the Macedonian First League.

17. Štefan Tarkovič, Slovakia

  • Date of birth: 18 February 1973 (age 48)

  • Place of birth: Prešov, Czechoslovakia

  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Annual Salary: £350,000

 Štefan Tarkovič is a Slovak football manager. He is currently the manager of Slovakia. He previously managed the teams Žilina, Tatran Prešov, and Košice.

17. Marco Rossi, Hungary

  • Date of birth: 9 September 1964 (age 57)

  • Place of birth: Druento, Italy

  • Annual Salary: £350,000

In 2018, Rossi was announced as the manager of the Hungary national football team. He replaced Georges Leekens. One day before the national team's decisive Euro 2020 qualifiers play-off match against Iceland, Rossi was tested positive for COVID-19. On 12 November 2020, Hungary qualified for the UEFA Euro 2020.

17. Markku Kanerva, Finland

  • Full name: Markku Tapio Kanerva

  • Date of birth: 24 May 1964 (age 57)

  • Place of birth: Helsinki, Finland

  • Annual Salary: £350,000

In 2010, it was announced that Markku Kanerva would coach the Finnish national team for the Spring period in 2011 while the Finnish FA will be seeking a new head coach.

Kanerva had another spell as caretaker manager of Finland in 2015. In 2016 he was permanently appointed manager of the Finnish national team on a three-year contract. In November 2019, he managed his Finland team to qualification for the UEFA Euro 2020.




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