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Thomas Tuchel Biography

Thomas Tuchel is a German former footballer who played as a defender. Nowadays he is a football manager and current head coach of Premier League club Chelsea. Sportmob brings you the notable events of Thomas Tuchel life story and the untold biography details.

In his days on the pitch, he played as a defender before sustaining a knee injury and saying goodbye to the football field. Thomas Tuchel began his coaching career at the VfB Stuttgart youth system and stayed there for five years, establishing himself as a professional manager. When it comes to coaching, the former footballer is quite famous for his unique style and tactics.

Thomas Tuchel nationality

is German and as you know Germans are popular for their discipline. The same goes for Tuchel as well. He gives a lot of attention to discipline and details on the pitch. Christian Heidel Mainz’s sporting director also noted that the manager is a perfectionist and wants everything right where they belong. Find out more detail about Thomas Tuchel biography in the following.

Details About Thomas Tuchel Biography, You Probably Didn’t Know 

Christian Heidel further described Tuchel as a “footballaholic” and he says the German manager has a profound understanding of the game. “He thinks about football 24-7,” Heidel says. “Every training has to be perfect. He plays the game in his head beforehand. He needs everything to go according to plan, especially tactical discipline – where the players are standing, where they have to go. This makes it very hard to play against teams coached by Thomas.”

Thomas Tuchel Information 

Before we get into the details of

Thomas Tuchel childhood

and early life we will fill you in with the details of his bio and other information.  

Thomas Tuchel Bio

  • Full name: Thomas Tuchel

  • Nickname: The Professor

Personal Information

  • Thomas Tuchel date of birth: 29 August, 1973

  • Zodiac sign: Virgo

  • Place of birth: Krumbach, Germany

  • Thomas Tuchel religion: Christian

  • Father’s name: Rudolf Tuchel

  • Mother’s name: Gabriele Tuchel

  • Thomas Tuchel Nationality: German

  • Marital status: married

  • Marriage date: 2009

  • Wife’s name: Sissi Tuchel

  • Children: Emma and Kim

Body measurements

  • Hair color: dark blond

  • Eye Color: blue

  • Height: 193 cm

  • Weight: 82 kilo

Football Information

  • Position: defender

  • Debut in profession: 1979

  • Clubs served: TSV Krumbach, FC Augsburg

  • Teams managed: FC Augsburg II, Mainz 05, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain.

  • Current club: Chelsea 

Thomas Tuchel Early Life 

Thomas Tuchel was born on 29 August 1973 to his mother Gabriele Tuchel a housekeeper and his father Rudolf Tuchel, a former football coach in Krumbach, Germany. According to

Thomas Tuchel date of birth

his zodiac sign is Virgo. As a child, he grew up in an environment full of love and passion for football. He was a big fan of Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Tuchel has named Hans-Günter Bruns as his football idol. Back in his early days his father was a football coach with great knowledge and experiment.

He encouraged his son to dedicate himself to football and establish himself as a professional footballer. In 1979 he joined the TSV Krumbach youth system and began his training. Erich Rutemöller described Tuchel: “He understood the science of training, sports medicine, physiology and psychology. He was already a very good student. He was pretty quiet. He was watching and listening. And he was smart. He knew what to do and how to get along with different participants. But he was not the big guy in the lectures.” 

In addition to football, Tuchel went to Simpert-Kraemer-Gymnasium and formed tactic strategies in PE volleyball class. He also paid attention to his education. The footballer finished his education at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and graduated with a degree in business administration. At the same time, he was a student Tuchel worked as a bartender at the Radio Bar in Stuttgart.

Thomas Tuchel Profile  

Over the years Tuchel came a long way establishing himself as a professional player and later a successful coach. Based on

Thomas Tuchel bio

in his playing days, he featured as a central defender. In the following, we will walk you through the manager’s career both on the field and off the field. Stay tuned and let’s begin.

Style of play

Tuchel was an agile defender with strong physic and excellent balance. He has a unique style of play which made him a tough opponent to go up against. Back in his playing days he worked hard and dedicated himself completely to become a professional footballer and a great defender. However, due to his knee injury, he couldn’t peruse his career on the field.


Thomas Tuchel made his breakthrough as a manager and made numerous wonders at clubs he served. He is well known for his unconventional methods. Heidel further commented about Tuchel: “He’s not the type of coach where you can give him 10 to 12 players and say: ‘Roll with that.’ Everybody is lucky that he usually wins more games than he loses. If there is a loss, it’s almost like physical pain. He’s very emotional.”

Heidel added: “He can blow up at players because he’s so eager to win. But he’s also someone who will hug them afterwards.” At


he managed to keep his team unbeaten for 14 games which was the longest unbeaten run by a coach in history of the club. Eventually he was awarded a

Premier League

Manager of the Month prize. Find out more details about Thomas Tuchel biography in the following.

Goal Celebration 

Thomas Tuchel playing days were brief and there is no specific information about his goal celebrations. 

Thomas Tuchel Outside Football 

Despite the tremendous fortune he amassed over the years by coaching big teams like Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea, Tuchel has a simple life and he doesn’t like a luxurious and lavish lifestyle.

Thomas Tuchel religion

is Christian and he has a healthy way of life and he described himself as an "imperfect vegetarian. He tries to avoid alcohol and drinks only minimum amounts. Tuchel is passionate about books especially crime thriller novels and books about architecture and design. He also is interested in tennis, rock music, and hip hop. Tuchel is not a social media guy and he rarely posts anything of himself on internet.  

He believes that social media could have a bad influence on people. In an interview he stated: “I’m not a social media guy. I have enough to do to control my smartphone and this is by far enough for me. I can go days without my smartphone and don’t miss a thing. But in general I had to learn and train myself not to read about me. Not in good times and not in bad times, because what is out there has an effect on you and you cannot stop it, you cannot not let it have an effect on you.”

He added: “If it’s out there and everybody’s talking highly about you, it triggers something in you, and if they speak of course badly about you then that sticks with you as well. And it should not, because the target is to be self-confident in the best way and to be self-aware and not in need for the admiration of external people. This is also a kind of a mechanism to protect myself.” Find out further details about

Thomas Tuchel life story

in the following.

Thomas Tuchel Personal Life 

As they say behind every successful man there is a woman. The same goes for Tuchel as well. He married Sussi Tuchel in 2009 and the couple enjoys their life together since. The former footballer is very discreet and keeps his private life hidden. He rarely is seen making public appearances and his wife and family avoid interviews and public comments as much as possible.

Family, Children and Relationships 

Thomas Tuchel and his wife Sussi are blessed with two beautiful girls named Emma and Kim who were born one year apart from each other. When it comes to family Sussi is a very dedicated person. She supports her man in every up and down. The couple plays tennis occasionally and attends birthday parties of footballers close to them. Learn more details about

Thomas Tuchel biography

in the following.


As far as we know Thomas Tuchel didn’t do charity work individually.

Legal Issues

Tuchel hasn’t faced any legal issues so far. Stay tuned for more details about Thomas Tuchel biography.

Thomas Tuchel Career Statistics

Now let’s get into the details of Thomas Tuchel career statistics.


In 1988 Tuchel went to FC Augsburg but he didn’t make any appearances for the side. After he turned 18 he was released from the club. Heiner Schuhmann then-coach described the young player: “He was a passionate player who was exacting and demanding, which didn't go down well with some of his teammates.” Following his release from the club, he was given the opportunity to play in the 2. Bundesliga for Stuttgarter Kickers back in 1992. In the 1992-93 season, Tuchel featured in 8 games.Later he was left out of Stuttgarter Kickers’ first team and went to Regionalliga Süd side SSV Ulm.


Thomas Tuchel didn’t make any appearances on international level.


The retired footballer started his career in coaching back in 2000. He was handed the chance by Ralf Rangnick to coach the youth team at VfB Stuttgart. He contributed to the development of footballers like

Mario Gómez

and Holger Badstuber who became first-team players. club sporting director Andreas Rettig noticed Tuchel’s great skills and his discipline in coaching. Tuchel was later assigned as youth team coordinator. He didn’t have a


Pro License but he was hired anyway. Later he got the License in six and a half month course in Cologne under the supervision of Erich Rutemöller. 

Tuchel was the club’s coordinator for three years and later he was promoted to management after he was offered the position as the first-team coach at Augsburg II for the 2007–08 season. With the side, he coached the team along with Julian Nagelsmann who later choose management as a career after Tuchel showed him the drill to scout for the club in 2008. The German coach was well known for his bad temper with referees in games. He often faced fins from Bavarian Football Association for his behavior.

Rettig stated about Tuchel’s bad temper: “After we got penalties for his behavior from the Bavarian Football Association, I told him he had to pay the fines himself. He said: ‘OK, I am responsible for my behavior.’ It was not a question of money for him. It was a question of ambition. He wanted to win. He did not think about saving a few Euros by being calmer.” Stay tuned for more details about

Thomas Tuchel biography


Mainz 05

Tuchel showed remarkable coaching style while he was at Augsburg II and he was spotted by many big clubs across Europe. In 2009, he joined Bundesliga club

Mainz 05

. He began coaching from youth team and eventually signed a two-year contract with the club. Based on the remarks of Christian Heidel, Tuchel is a perfectionist who analyzes every detail of the game. Heidel stated in an interview: “We were in a training camp in Austria and had a match against Olympiakos. Thomas was looking closely at the lawn. He was measuring the height, sniffing the grass.” 

The team was coached by Hermann Badstuber who had a son named Holger Badstuber. Later Holger went on and played under the supervision of Tuchel. Tuchel established himself as a central defender and played in 69 games for the side however he sustained a knee cartilage injury in 1999. At the age of 26 Tuchel said goodbye to his playing days on the field and retired. The former footballer made 8 appearances while he was at Stuttgarter Kickers and scored one goal. With SSV Ulm he featured in 69 games while scoring 2 goals. Find out more details about Thomas Tuchel biography in the following.

Heidel added: “He was so thrilled about this pitch that he wanted me to transfer the grounds man to Mainz. Grounds man called me and said: ‘I heard that we were going to have some talks about a contract.’ The deal didn’t happen but it shows what a perfectionist he is.” During his first season at Mainz he faced some difficulties as his team was a group of players with sub-standard qualities. The squad was not ready to compete with top teams and he also didn’t have enough budget to spend. However, Tuchel was a stubborn manager who didn’t quit easily to circumstances.

He established a business in the transfer market and freely began forming his own squad. Then he instructed the squad to attack the opposing team with pressure. His plan worked very well and the team had a great start in the season finishing in ninth place. His great tactics formed young footballers like

Adam Szalai


Andre Schurrle

. Over the season Tuchel made a lot of wonders with his squad and as a result extended his contract. Eventually he left the club due to financial reasons with a record of 72 victories and 64 losses during 182 games.

Borussia Dortmund

In April 2015 Jurgen Klopp, coach of

Borussia Dortmund

declared that he would be leaving the club following a 7th-place league finish disaster. The club sought for a manager who could fill in Klopp’s shoes and get the team back on its feet. Tuchel seemed like the solution. In 19 April 2015, he officially became the new head coach of the club and he signed a three-year contract with the side. He quickly started to plan for the team’s improvement. Due to Borussia Dortmund’s financial problems once again Tuchel established his business in transfer market and formed a new squad.

Gonzalo Castro and Julian Weigl, two German midfielders joined the club in the transfer window and later they became the pillar of Tuchel’s system. Both footballers showed such a great performance, contributing in the box to box system of Tuchel and allowed him to apply what he had in mind. This system led the team to a great domestic success and they managed to finish runners-up in the Bundesliga, which included a run of 11 consecutive wins to begin the season. Stay tuned for more details about Thomas Tuchel biography.

Borussia Dortmund The winner of 2017 DFB-Pokal

Despite all the efforts by both manager and players Borussia Dortmund finished the season without any trophies and during the 2016 DFB-Pokal Final they were defeated by

Bayern Munich

in the penalties. Dortmund was eliminated in the quarter-final stage of the UEFA Europa League by their loss to


who then was coached by Klopp. But life is full of surprises. 

Later American teenager Christian Pulisic joined the club and the team records went high. The average league possession (61%), goal tally (82), and average pass accuracy (85%). In 2017 DFB-Pokal, Dortmund performed strong and won the competition by defeating Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1. Tuchel left the club with 68 victories, 23 draws and 17 losses in 108 matches with a win percentage of 62.96%.

Paris Saint Germain 

In 2018, Tuchel reached an agreement with

Paris Saint Germain

and signed a two-year contract with the side. Before his contract with the club, he turned down an offer from Bayern Munich. Tuchel made a great move by signing Kylian Mbappe for an initial fee of €135m on 1 July. Later Mbappe became a key role player in the squad and Tuchel received football expert’s admiration for discovering young talents. He also earned profits from the transfer market which allowed him to sign with the legendary goalkeeper

Gianluigi Buffon

on 6 July. Tuchel made a lot of wonders while he was at PSG and motivated Neymar and other players.

In an interview he stated: “Everyone is on the front line. Players are aware of these challenges and requirements. They are up to the task of recovering, in their approach to their work, during the time they spend here at the club. Everyone at the club is aware of what it takes to be in shape. That's why it's impressive. We arrive at every game with the knowledge and deep conviction that we are perfectly prepared for this and that we can perform at the highest level and adapt.” On August 12, Paris Saint Germain netted two goals and defeated Atalanta 2-1 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

This was PSG’s first appearance in the semi-finals of the competition since the 1994–95 season. Later in the semi-finals Tuchel’s squad managed to win 3-0 against RB Leipzig and reach their first Champions League final, as well as their first European final since 1997. However, they lost the final game to Bayern Munich 1-0 on August 23. Due to differences with the club's hierarchy Tuchel left the club with the record of 95 victories, 13 draws, 19 losses in 127 matches along with the best win percentage in Ligue 1 history (75.6%) and the highest average of points per game.


On 26 January 2021, Tuchel reached an agreement with Premier League club Chelsea, signing an 18 months’ contract. Tuchel is the first German to be assigned as Chelsea’s coach. In his first game in charge, the Blues had a draw with

Wolverhampton Wanderers

. It was a good start for Tuchel as Chelsea set the record for most possession (78.9%) and passes completed (820). In an interview Tuchel stated about his presence at Chelsea: “It feels very good to be coach here. It has felt like this from the first day and has never changed.”

Tuchel won his first London derby and his first away match by a 1-0 victory against Tottenham Hotspur. On 11 February, during the quarter-finals of the FA Cup Chelsea won 1-0 against Championship side Barnsley and extended his unbeaten run to five games. With Tuchel on their side, Chelsea was on fire. They won 13 consecutive games and reached a record for the longest unbeaten run in Chelsea’s history. Stay tuned for more details about

Thomas Tuchel biography


Manager of The Month 

Tuchel received his first Premier League Manager of the Month award. The unbeaten run ended at 14 games after a 5-2 home thrashing of West Bromwich Albion on 3 April. Thanks to

Hakim Ziyech

goal on 17 April, Chelsea reached FA Cup final. They won 1-0 against league leaders

Manchester City

in the semifinals however they lost the finals 1-0 to Leicester City. Tuchel also led the Blues to the Champions League Final after a 3-1 victory against Real Madrid in the semi-finals. He became the first coach to reach consecutive finals with two different clubs and later Tuchel led the team to triumph beating Man City 1-0.

Thomas Tuchel Honors

Over the years Tuchel efforts as a manager brought honor to the clubs he served. We listed his achievements in the following.

Borussia Dortmund

DFB-Pokal: 2016–17

Paris Saint-Germain

Ligue 1: 2018–19, 2019–20

Coupe de France: 2019–20

Coupe de la Ligue: 2019–20

Trophée des Champions: 2018

UEFA Champions League runner-up: 2019–20


  • UEFA Champions League: 2020–21


  • Premier League Manager of the Month: March 2021

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