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Top Olympic Tennis Quotes

Wed 21 July 2021 | 4:30

A collection of top Olympic tennis quotes from the great players who have won medals at different editions of the biggest sports ceremony of the history.

The Olympic Games is considered the biggest ceremony of sports in the world. The first Olympics was held back in 1896 at Athens, Greece. Tennis was a very popular sport back then and was included at the first ever Olympics. John Pius Boland of the Great Britain was the winner of the first ever tennis Gold medal in the history of the Olympics. Another player from Britain, Andy Murray is the only player among men and women to have won two Gold medals at the singles events.

Women were allowed to participate for the first time in the 1900 games at Paris. Charlotte Cooper of the Great Britain was the first woman to win the Gold medal. Many great players have been able to win the Olympic medal, but the most successful of them among women is the famous American player, Venus Williams who has won four Gold medals and one Silver.

Many great stars like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Venus and Serena Williams have been able to win an Olympic medal. There are also the less fortunate stars like Boris Becker who have never tasted the feeling of winning the awards at the Olympics.

Tennis is different from other sports in that the players most often respect their opponents. But despite the politeness and friendliness of players towards each other, there have been many great comments and quotes throughout the history of the sports. In the following article we will have a look at the

top Olympic tennis quotes

from the greatest stars of the game.

A collection of top Olympic tennis quotes from medalists

In this article we present you with an interesting collection of the top Olympic tennis quotes from the famous players who shone at the court.

Roger Federer

We start our article on top Olympic tennis quotes with legendary Swiss player, Roger Federer. Widely regarded as one of the best players in the history of the sport, Federer won the Silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Despite being in the prime of his career, Federer was not able to win the Gold medal and lost the final to the famous British player and Gold medal record holder in men's singles, Andy Murray.  Here is Roger Federer's quotes about his 2012 Olympics experience:

On losing the final of Men's singles to Andy Murray at the 2012:

Don’t feel bad for me. For me, it’s been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became world number one, and I got silver. I’m really happy and pleased. I know that sounds strange as people are so used to me winning and probably only winning makes me happy, but I’m a happy tennis player so a good result like this is obviously going to make me feel extremely proud and very happy.

On the everyday life at Olympic Village:

I have stayed in the Olympic Village before so it’s not like I feel that I have to do the Village so badly. I would love to, but of course – have also become very famous over the last eight years or so, so times have also changed and when I do move around in the village things are not as simple as they were.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams has won four Olympics medals so far into her career, including the Gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, which she won after defeating Maria Sharapova in the final. She famously celebrated her victory with some slick dance moves. Here is what she had to share about her success at the 2012 Olympics at London.

On winning the Gold medal:

Oh my gosh, this one is high up there, being Olympic gold champion, being golden slam champion singles and doubles, that’s pretty awesome. I was thinking during the final, ‘Serena, this is your best chance to win a gold medal. You played Wimbledon on grass. You played great on grass. Pull it together. You’ve got to do this.

On her idol and the 1988 Gold medal winner, Steffi Graf:

Growing up watching her, I always liked her, having a chance to be mentioned in the same name -- I always thought, 'OK, one person I'll never be mentioned in the same name is Steffi Graf. She's done everything.

On her game against Maria Sharapova at the 2012 Women's singles final:

Against Maria, if you give her any hope, she's trying to come back," Williams said. "She won that one game and I could see her pumping her fist, and I was like, 'Oh boy, here she comes.' It was really important for me to almost go out there and just do everything."

On her dance moves after winning the Gold medal at the 2012 women's singles:

I don't think I've ever danced like that, I don't even know where the dance came from.

On winning the doubles champion in Sydney and Beijing with her sister Venus:

If my home were to catch on fire, there would be a few things I would grab, and the medals would be some of them.

Juan Martin del Potro

Another great tennis player in our article on the

top Olympic tennis quotes

is the Argentinian famous player, Juan Martin del Potro. He won the Bronze medal at the 2012 and the Silver medal in 2016. Here is his quote after winning the bronze medal at men's singles in 2012:

I think I’m the most happy of the world at this moment. After a really sad day two days ago, it’s not easy to recover and to play these kind of matches, but I had energy in my body, in my heart, and that helped me to play this big challenge for me. I knew that everybody in Argentina was following this match, trying to give me power to play my best tennis, and I really appreciated that. This gift is for all our country.

On winning the men's singles Bronze medal in 2016:

I am living like a dream, it could be better than the US Open tournament (2009). My emotions are so high after every match and the crowds make me cry in every match and I would like to say thank you to them.

Maria Sharapova

The beautiful Russian tennis player and model, Maria Sharapova is another star on our list of top

Olympic tennis quotes from medalists

. She had her best performances in the 2012 Olympic Games and won the Silver Medal after losing the final to Serena Williams. Here are two of her most memorable quotes from her experience of life at the Olympic village.

On how she was treated by fans in the Olympic Village

I’m usually pretty naïve about people’s knowledge of me, my career, what I’ve achieved. I try to be pretty humble about it, but the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time was entering the cafeteria. I didn’t walk out eating any food. I barely got an orange juice. It was quite funny. Actually, I didn’t sign any autographs, it was just pictures. I felt like a little statue.

On not having to wear white the All England Club:

It’s going to be so strange – I’m going to be wearing a red shirt.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is the all-time record holder, among men and women with two Gold medals in the singles events. Murray won her first Gold medal in the 2012 Olympics and his second in 2016. Here is what he said in his interview after winning his second Gold medal.

On his second Gold Medal at men's singles in 2016:

"It's one of the hardest matches that I've had to play for a big, big title. Emotionally it was tough. Physically, it was hard. There were so many ups and downs in the match. It was one of the toughest matches that I've played to win a big event.

Leander Peas

One of the most iconic players on our list of the top Olympic tennis quotes from medalists is the legendary Indian player, Leander Paes. With seven participations at the Olympic Games, Peas is the record-holder in the history of the biggest sporting event. Here is what he shared about his feelings when he played at his seventh consecutive Olympic games in 2016.

Last night at the Opening Ceremony I spoke to my Dada and we both had tears. Not many people understand what it takes to get to one Olympics, let alone seven. I love my Dad like hell and he is a phenomenal human being - to speak to him during an opening ceremony, he knows what it's about. He was there in Munich, I was conceived in Munich through all that trouble.

For me, I've done it for myself. Yes I have persevered 28 years for my country, yes I've done it for my people in India, but if there is one human being on the planet who has motivated me to be who I am and to persevere for so long, it's my father. This is how I respect him.

Vera Azarenka 

Azarenka won the Bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. She shared the following amazing story about her campaign in one of her interviews.

I was really in the bubble, I really went there with the mind set to win medals. It wasn't so much for me about the experience of the Olympics, there was an ultimate goal there. There were a lot of mixed emotions because that week was so heavy in terms of pressure, And not just from myself! First of all because I had a partner [Mirnyi], who was very stressed.

We had a lot of pressure from the country and the federation, not in a bad way but everyone wanted us to do so well. When we got to the final we were already guaranteed a medal but I didn't want silver, I wanted gold. There were some expectations [from other people] but I really wanted to prove that yes, I'm able to [rise to them], because we never had any medals ever in the history [of Belarusian tennis]. That type of pressure was there and I really wanted to deliver.

For our country I think the gold medal was the most meaningful of my achievements. It has that much pride for my country.

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf was the first Gold medal winner after Tennis was re-included in the Olympic Games. She won the Gold medal after defeating Gabriela Sabatini of Argentina. Graf also reached the final of the women's singles in the next Olympic Games in 1992. However, he was stunned against the 18-years old sensation, Jennifer Capriati and had to settle for the Silver medal. Here is Steffi Graf quotes on winning the Gold medal in 1988:

Winning the Olympics is a different experience to winning a grand slam. But I have to say that I rate the Olympics higher, I really do. The feeling of playing for your country, the camaraderie, all the different sports – it just feels more special.

I have different memories from that year, and could go through all the matches at the grand slams, but arriving in Seoul, and being part of that Olympic feeling, and being in the Village, and being with the other athletes, that was very special. Those are probably my strongest memories.

In 1988 I stayed in the Village until everyone started partying in the Village and that’s when I left. It became loud, so that’s when I moved to the hotel.

Rafael Nadal

The Spanish superstar is the only player of the "Big Three" who has won a Gold Medal at the men's singles events. Nadal won the Gold medal in 2008. (Federer won the Silver medal in 2012 and Djokovic won the Bronze medal in the same event). However, it was not Nadal's only Gold medal as he also won the Men's doubles gold medal in 2016. Here is what Nadal has shared in his interviews about his two Gold medals.

On his feelings after winning the 2008 Gold Medal at Beijing:

You cannot put a price on Olympic gold. To me, it’s special, it’s different. It’s true we have a fantastic tour, with all the facilities, all the money, but the Olympics is the real spirit of sport.

I felt very big emotions. It is one of the most important victories in my career, without a doubt, so I was just happy about that and I really enjoyed the whole experience in Beijing.

To finish the two weeks there with a victory was so, so special for me. It’s different than any other event but at the same time it is the most difficult event to win, because you’re only going to have maybe one or two, or if you’re lucky, three chances in your career.

So you appreciate the thing that you made it, and those were my thoughts at that moment. I had very high emotions when listening to the national anthem, and at the same time knowing it’s something special. Winning the Olympic gold medal is one of the most important things in my career.

At the end of the day the most important thing is your personal feeling and, for me, that I won the Olympics is at the higher level. I enjoy knowing that I’m an Olympic champion.

On winning the Men's doubles gold medal in 2016:

Win a gold medal today after two months and a half with no practice, with no preparation at all, just working on the gym, is something that is a dream, no?

Monica Puig

Monica Puig is the last women to win the Gold medal in Women's singles. She achieved this feat in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after defeating Angelique Kerber in the final. Puig's Gold medal was her country, Puerto Rico's first ever in the Olympics history. So it is certainly interesting to know how she felt about it.

On winning the Women's singles gold medal in 2016:

"I'm doing it more for my country. This Olympics isn't about me, it's about Puerto Rico. I know how badly they want this. The island is full of bad news all of the time every time there's a Games and someone from the island wins a medal, everything stops and I know how happy people get so this one's not for me this one's for them.

Ekaterina Makarova

Ekaterina Makarova won the Women's doubles Gold medal with her teammate, Elena Vesnina in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Here is how she felt about her great achievement:

It's much more for us than a Grand Slam. We were all the time talking about that, that Grand Slams are great tournaments, we're so happy that we won two Grand Slams, but the Olympic Games for us means much more. We are playing for our country. We won the gold medal. It's an amazing feeling. Our dream came true.

Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish is a famous American former player who won the Silver medal in men's singles at the 2004 Olympic Games. He lost the final to Marc Rosset of Switzerland. Fish continued to be on top of his game for many years. Many expected him to play at the 2012 Olympics. But he eventually decided not to. Here is how he explained why he skipped the London Olympics, instead staying in America.

Playing in the States is my most fun time of the year, playing in the summer, playing in the heat, and I didn’t want to miss that. I was lucky enough to do well in Athens, winning a silver medal, and I’ve got the memories from that.

Top Olympic Tennis quotes from other Medalists

We conclude our article on the

top Olympic tennis quotes

with some short and interesting quotes from some of the other medal winners in the history of the Olympic Games.

Martina Hingis (Women's doubles Silver medalist)

This is only my second Olympics in 20 years and it's an experience you don't forget quickly. It's just so different to the regular tournaments you play. You play for your partner, you play for your country and this is something that I cherish.

Radek Stepane on winning the Mixed doubles bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games:

I can compare this with the Davis Cup finals a couple of years ago. I think the nicest, deepest and strongest emotions you can only achieve when you play for your country. I would recommend everyone to at least go through it once. It is something amazingly special. This medal belongs to our whole country. I'm slowly losing my words because I am slowly starting to realise what we have achieved and maybe at the end of the mixed zone I am going to cry.

Bob Bryan on winning doubles gold with his twin brother Mike:

“People that we haven’t talked to in 10 years have already called and texted, so we have a lot of new friends now after winning this gold, which is cool

Marc Lopez: Men's doubles gold medalist

Sharing these feelings with Rafa, being together at the Olympic Village, it's really a dream come true. All the things we've done together, I am the happiest man on Earth.

Lucie Safarova: Women's doubles bronze medalist

"I think this is same as the Grand Slams. For me the Olympics is an unbelievable event and on the same level of whatever we can reach in our sport.

Venus Williams, American tennis player and four-time gold medalist

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does — that makes you a winner right there. -

So here you had it! Which part of the article you Likes the most? Who is the GOAT among men and women players in the history of the Olympics? Who will win this year's events? Let us know in .the comments section

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