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Tue 22 June 2021 | 10:30

In the following article, we are going to deep dive in some interesting top facts about Antonio Rudiger personal life. The German defender of Chelsea who managed to win the UEFA Champions League in 2020-21 season and is a key part of German national team.

Antonio Rudiger who is also known as Rudy, was born on March 3rd 1993 in the capital of Germany, Berlin. Antonio Rudiger was born and raised in Neukölln which isn’t the best place to live in Berlin. From his early childhood days until the day he became a

UEFA Champions League

winner, Antonio Rudiger had to fight and make his way through many obstacles that were holding him back. In the following article, we take a look in what made Antonio Rudiger the player and more importantly the person he is today.

At the time of publishing this article,

Antonio Rudiger age

is 28 years old. He started his professional football career by playing for Borussia Dortmund youth team and in 2011, he made his senior debut with

VFB Stuttgart

. Since then he never stopped developing and today he is considered as one of the crucial parts of both German national team and Chelsea squads. During his career, trying to find a spot in the starting line-up wasn’t the only thing Antonio Rudiger was fighting for; he also was one of the victims of racism in football and he is trying to raise the awareness on that issue as well.

Short Top Facts About Antonio Rudiger

Before we start and talk about

Antonio Rudiger personal life

in details, let’s check out some quick top facts about Antonio Rudiger and know him better.

  • Full Name: Antonio Rudiger

  • Nicknames: Rambo, Rudy

  • Date of Birth: 3 March 1993

  • Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany

  • Current Age: 28

  • Nationality: German

  • Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

  • Weight: 85 kg

  • Position: Centre-back

  • Preferred Foot: Right

  • Current Team: Chelsea

  • Jersey Number: 2

  • Religion: Muslim

  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces

  • Eye color: Brown

  • Hair color: Black

  • U19 Fritz Walter Gold Medal in 2012

  • FIFA Confederations Cup winner with Germany in 2017

  • FA Cup winner with Chelsea in 2017-18

  • UEFA Europa League winner with Chelsea in 2018–19

  • UEFA Champions League winner with Chelsea in 2020–21



Now it is time to get down to business and reveal some

top facts about Antonio Rudiger

such as Antonio Rudiger wife and children, Antonio Rudiger net worth and salary and even some top facts about Antonio Rudiger transfermarket stats. Stay with us!

Top facts about Antonio Rudiger Parents and Family

Although Antonio Rudiger was born and raised in Germany, his parents were from Sierra Leone.

Antonio Rudiger parents

met each other in 1991 while they flee away from a civil war in Sierra Leone and immigrated to Germany. Antonio Rudiger father’s name is Matthias and his mother is named Lily. One of the top facts about Antonio Rudiger is that he has a half-brother from his mother named Sahr Senesie who was a former professional football player. In the 2007-08 season, Sahr Senesie made 24 appearances for

Borussia Dortmund

 and finally he hanged up his boots in 2015.

Antonio Rudiger also has four sisters which are younger than him. Antonio and his family have a strong bond to each other and up to this day, Antonio Rudiger tries to bring joy and happiness to his parents and siblings. Matthias and Lily were immigrants who survived a civil war back in Sierra Leone so they find it really hard to adapt to the new country and culture. Therefore in their early years the Rudiger family had to struggle a lot and actually that was what motivated Antonio Rudiger to become a professional football player and help out his family.

The Interesting Story of Antonio Rudiger Childhood

Antonio Rudiger family used to live in Neukölln which is located in the southeastern of the capital, Berlin. Neukölln is mostly populated with immigrants and people like Antonio Rudiger parents who just arrived to Germany and are struggling to live a better life. Therefore

Antonio Rudiger childhood

was not easy at all and it didn’t take him too long to realize that he has to try harder than others and nobody is helping him.

In his early days, Antonio Rudiger was living a life more or less like any other kid in Neukölln. Antonio Rudiger parents were trying hard to provide for the family and keep their children safe and happy. But as an immigrant in a new country, it is never easy to make enough money. One of the

top facts about Antonio Rudiger

childhood is that at the age of eight, he asked his mother to give him a little money for a school trip. Lily, his mother, said that she doesn’t have that much money and that was a heart touching moment for little Antonio. He saw the look on his mother face and felt that she wanted to give him the money but she couldn’t afford it.

That moment changed everything for Antonio Rudiger and from that day, he started his journey to become one of the best defenders in football. He realized that in order to have a happy life, he has to start working harder and that’s the only way to help himself and his family in the future. So he started to take football more serious than before and try to make a career out of it. He started from playing street football in his neighborhood and from the very beginning; Antonio Rudiger showed that he has that special something to make it to the top level.

For most of the football players, football was just a fun game that they used to play during their childhood. But for Antonio Rudiger football was a way out. He looked at it like every other job such as working in a factory or becoming a plumber. All he was thinking about was that he has to make it to the top level and that is the only way to save his family and help them to have a happier life.

The Beginning, Antonio Rudiger First Football Club

Antonio started his youth football career at VfB Sperber Neukölln which was an amateur team in his neighborhood. At that time he was about 9 years old and his talent was recognized by Dirk Jakob;  a youth football coach who also played a mentor role in Antonio Rudiger personal life. He had a huge impact on Antonio Rudiger whether as a football player or as a person. Thanks to his good physics and determination, Antonio Rudiger was able to play in different positions. It is fun to know that he started his youth career as a striker and he was really good at scoring goals.

But Dirk Jakob would play him in every other position if it was needed. So apart from being a striker and poaching goals, Antonio Rudiger experienced playing in midfield and even as a goal keeper due to his height. As Jakob mentioned later in an interview, Antonio Rudiger was one of a kind and every manager would love to have a player with his attitude in his squad. Antonio was calm and quiet off the pitch but as soon as the kick off whistle, he turned to an absolute beast that nobody could stop him.

Even today you can see that attitude in his playing style. But at the same time he is very humble and kind to his teammates. During one of the matches in his youth career, Antonio Rudiger had a clear goal in front of him but he kept the ball to make an assist to one of his teammates who had never scored a goal before then. That will tell you how generous he is as a human being.

He never missed a training session no matter how the weather was or how much homework he had to do. He was as consistent as a professional football player and we are talking about when he wasn’t even a teenager. Antonio Rudiger forst idol was George Weah, the Liberian legendary striker who played for

A.C. Milan

back then. Antonio had a self-made football shirt with Weah’s name on its back since he couldn’t afford to buy one. As mentioned above, he started his career as a striker so it is not a surprise that his other idol was Ronaldo Luís Nazário the Brazilian world cup winner striker.

Idolizing great players like them helped Antonio Rudiger to keep it up and push hard to improve himself as a football player. He carried on playing football in youth level for several clubs such as SV Tasmania and BerlinNeuköllner Sportfreunde 1907. In 2006 Antonio Rudiger joined the Hertha Zehlendorf which is known for its strong youth department. At that time Antonio Rudiger age was 13 years old. It was the perfect opportunity to develop his skills and make his way to some of biggest football clubs in Germany.

After spending two years in

Hertha Zehlendorf

, the scouts from Borussia Dortmund recognized Antonio Rudiger as a talented defender who has the potential to become a professional and decided to sign him. It was the first time that Antonio had to leave the home and start living on his own in another city. His mother didn’t find it easy to say goodbye to his son but they knew that this wasn’t an opportunity to miss.

Top Facts About Antonio Rudiger Early Career

Rudiger played three seasons at Dormund youth teams and in 2011 he joined another famous German club, VFB Stuttgart. In his first year at Stuttgart he performed good enough to win the U19 Fritz Walter Gold Medal which is an award for youth German football players. In the next year, he made his senior level debut for

Stuttgart II

on the July 23rd 2011.

Antonio Rudiger stats

during his first ever season as a senior player was decent and he even managed to score 3 goals in 22 matches. From the beginning of 2012-13 season, he was a part of Stuttgart first team and finally he was ready to take his part as a professional player in Bundesliga, German’s top flight.

Antonio Rudiger continued to perform well in the following seasons and turned to a hot target in every transfer window. Finally in 2016, Walter Sabatini, the sporting director of AS Roma who is famous in finding high quality defenders, signed Antonio Rudiger for a transfer fee of nearly €13.00m. Although he suffered a terrible ACL injury during his first season in

Serie A

, but in the 2016-17 season he was one of the best defenders in the league and that was enough to convince Chelsea to spend €35.00m and bring him to London. The rest as they say is history.

Top Facts About Antonio Rudiger Personal Life

Antonio Rudiger is not interesting in publishing information about his personal life. So there are not much top facts about

Antonio Rudiger wife

or other stuff like that. He always tried to keep his focus on playing football and keep the media away from his loved ones.  With the amount of abuses football players can get on the social media that is understandable. He is kind of trying to protect his family from trolls and cyber bully on the internet.

But when it comes to top facts about

Antonio Rudiger children

, we know that as a fact that he has a son who was born on February 2020 and is named Djamal Sahr Rudiger. He is Antonio Rudiger's first and up to this day, his only child. Since their only son is just one year old, we have to wait a little bit longer to hear again about Antonio Rudiger children.

Antonio Rudiger Social Media Accounts

If you are interested in Antonio Rudiger personal life, you can find his social media accounts by clicking on following links:

Antonio Rudiger Instagram account

with more than 1.7 million followers,

Antonio Rudiger Facebook account

with more than 3.1 million followers and

Antonio Rudiger Twitter account

with nearly 900 thousands followers. By following

Antonio Rudiger Social Media Accounts

you would notice that he is a relatively religious man and he is not interested in showing off his wealth like many other famous people.

Antonio Rudiger social media accounts are also a place that he uses to raise the awareness about racism and online harassment. Unfortunately he is one of the victims of racism both on the pitch and on the social media. In 2017 during a derby match at Roma against


the opposition’s captain, Senad Lulic offended him with some race related words and in addition to that, even the fans annoyed him with doing the monkey voices. Antonio Rudiger thinks that the football community isn’t trying hard enough to kick the racism out of the game and let’s be honest, he isn’t wrong about that!

Antonio Rudiger Net worth and Salary

As a top level football player who is playing for the most famous football league, Antonio Rudiger is earning a big chunk of money which he couldn’t dream of when he started to play football on the streets of Neukölln. At the time of writing this article,

Antonio Rudiger net worth

is estimated to be around €10 m. He earned that money mostly by playing football and also having paid partnership with big sport companies.

Antonio Rudiger salary

according to his current contract at Chelsea is €100k a week. Which means Antonio Rudiger salary is €5.2m per year. His contract is expiring at June 2022 which means if


wants to keep him at the club, they have to act fast and offer him a new contract with a higher salary. Otherwise there are many top clubs that are craving for a defender like Antonio Rudiger.

Top Facts About Antonio Rudiger Transfermarket Stats

Antonio Rudiger transfer market value is estimated to be about €28.00m at the moment. But that is not his highest value ever. In the 2019 season he was performing week in and week out and it led to raise his transfer market value to €50.00m which was his highest number ever. One of the

top facts about Antonio Rudiger

is that he has Sahr Senesie as his agent. As mentioned above in this article, Sahr Senesie is Antonio Rudiger half-brother who was a former football player.

One of the other

top facts about Antonio Rudiger transfermarket stats

is that he is amongst the top 20 most valuable German players at the moment and also amongst the top 40 most valuable defenders all over the world. Antonio Rudiger was a part of Germany national team on various age groups since 2010. Antonio Rudiger stats at national level show that he played 43 games for Germany first team and scored one goal. He lost the EURO 2016 due to ACL injury but since then he was always a key part in

Die Mannschaft



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