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Off the Pitch: Euro 2020 – Day 5

Wed 16 June 2021 | 13:30

Euro 2020 continues onward on full throttle. What was the talk of the media off the pitch on day 5 of the tournament? Follow us below as we go through what went on in Euro 2020 day 5.

Can you believe it has already been five days since Euro 2020 was kicked off in the opening day with a clash between




? Neither can we. Time passes in a flash and the European tournament does not wait for anyone to catch up.

That is why we are here to provide you with details about everything that goes on off the pitch, while also bringing you the most important news of each day in Euro 2020. Day 5 did not disappoint at all, as history was made by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, while there was also a new dangerous accident during France’s 1-0 victory over Germany. We also got to see some nasty and hilarious stuff happen during the clash between the goliaths of world football. So read on as we go through each and every one of these moments in detail.

Euro 2020– Day 5 Review

The most important moment and the focal point of yesterday’s games was obviously Cristiano Ronaldo adding another record to his tally. But it was not the only moment people have been talking about. Here is all you need to know.

The all-time top goal scorer in Euro history

It’s happened again!

Cristiano Ronaldo

has broken yet another record in his illustrious career. The Portugal international managed to become the all-time top scorer in Euro history, surpassing Michel Platini, with whom he had tied for the position for four years. Ronaldo went on to score a brilliant brace in his nation’s 3-0 win over Hungary, which took his overall tally to 11 goals.

Of course this is only the beginning of his record-setting run and he can easily improve on his tally throughout Euro 2020. The Juventus striker is quite literally a goal machine and is on his way to breaking yet another record, becoming the all-time top-scorer in football history. He’s managed to score a total of 106 goals in 176 international appearances, while also adding 40 assists as well.

No one was surprised when Ronaldo broke the record and no one will be surprised in the future when he breaks even more records along the way, adding to his long list of individual honors. Such a determinism comes from the fact that the 36-year-old is still one of the best athletes in the world, having the body of a 20-year-old despite his relatively old age in football.

This phenomenal athleticism comes from his strict dietary regiments and the way he takes care of himself, training to the limit every day. Ronaldo showcased his healthy habit by removing Coca-Cola bottles that were put in front of him during a press conference prior to Portugal’s clash against


. After removing the bottles, the striker went on to say “drink water”, which reportedly caused a massive $4 billion loss for the soft-drink goliaths, who are official sponsors of Euro 2020.

The botched jimmy jump

As if Denmark’s

Christian Eriksen

collapsing to the ground after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest wasn’t enough, yet another horrible accident has occurred, this time, during the clash between France and Germany. While some jimmy jumps like the one in the UCL final between




can be quite entertaining to many, this particular example only resulted in two spectators being hospitalized. The accident came after a botched paragliding stunt during the match, with the Greenpeace protester hitting Spidercam wires and bolting into the stands.

The protester’s parachute, which was emblazoned with the words “Kick Out Oil” hit a Spidercam wire when he attempted to fly into the stadium and land on the pitch. The protester went on to clip the heads of two spectators before finally managing to divert his parachute onto the pitch. Some debris even fell in front of France manager Didier Derschamps. Why would someone attempt such a dangerous thing? You ask? Well, the man responsible for the accident was protesting against Volkswagen, who are an official sponsor of Euro 2020. Was it worth it? Absolutely not!

Suarez, is that you?

We might have gotten used to Luis Suarez and his old shenanigans in the Premier League all those years ago, but it seems that the former


striker is not the only biter in football. German international Antonio Rudiger actually bit France star Paul Pogba during yesterday’s game between the two powerhouses. The incident was initially missed by the officials, but thanks to all the footage we get, the attempt was quickly revealed to everyone.

Rudiger was tasked with covering Pogba on the pitch, but it seems like he took his job a bit too seriously when he directed a subtle bite into the Manchester United midfielder’s back. Pogba went on to confirm the biting attempt, saying that the German defender “Nibbled a little bit and he felt it, But I he doesn’t want him suspended.” Thankfully, though, despite the officials missing the incident and with Pogba initially complaining about it to the referee, the two footballers hugged it out after the full-time whistle, which is all we ever wanted. Fair Play!

Two captains, one armband

We got to see Ian Wright’s genius at cracking a joke as he mocked his fellow pundit Roy Keane for apparently wearing a “captain’s armband” on his jumper during ITV’s coverage of last night’s game between France and Germany. Former

Manchester United

midfielder and one of the most decorated players in United history Roy Keane was wearing a jumper that had four white hoops on its left sleeve, which resembled a captain’s armband.

The joke came when Mark Pougatch went on to introduce a new segment of the show by saying “Wales need their captain, the man who wears the armband.” That is when Wright took his chance and quickly responded with: “Like Roy is, look, he has to keep his armband on his jumper.”

The cheeky dig was enough for Write, Pougatch and Patrick Vieira to all erupt into laughter, mocking their fellow pundit. Pougatch added to the joke by saying: “Two captains, one armband.” The joke didn’t end there as Ian Wright once again jumped in to finish it off by sarcastically saying: “He’s letting us know he’s a captain.” We sure hope to see much more from the iconic duo of Ian Wright and Roy Keane, and we will surely see more of them as Euro 2020 is only getting started.




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