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UEFA Euro 2020 Groupstage Matchday 2 Fixtures, Lineups and Livestreams

We are already through the first matchday of Euro 2020 and all nations have found their place. How will the second matchday of the tournament go on? Who will be meeting whom? Follow us below as we go through every detail on 2020/21 UEFA Euro group stage matches

The first matchday of European Championship came and went in a flash as we witnessed some of the strongest nations in the world lock horns for continental glory. The first couple of days were full of drama, thrilling moments, heartbreaks and even shockingly worrying scenes, during which people stood and watched as the medical team tried to revive a footballer.

2020-21 Euro group stage matchday 2

comes with a lot of promise as we have already seen what the underdogs of the tournament are capable of and how every nation has a chance of qualifying for the Round of 16.

Who will be meeting whom on UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2? Will the underdogs continue their fine form and survive yet another round of European football? Or will the goliaths of international football show their strength and jump forward in their respective groups? Let’s take a look at 2020/21 UEFA Euro group stage matches together.

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage draw

Perhaps it would be wise to remind you which national team is in which group and how the

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage draw

has had teams line up so far. In group A, we have


, Italy, Wales and Switzerland. Group B consists of Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia. Then we have the Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia in group C. England, Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic will go head to head in group D.

Group E includes Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia. Finally, we have the so called group of death, which every tournament seems to have at least one such group every year. The so-called group of death in the

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage

draw is “group F”, which includes Hungary, Portugal, Germany and the 2018 World Cup winners France.

Many neutrals might be a bit more interested in seeing how things pan out in the end for Group F as it includes the two previous World Cup winners and the current holding Euro champions. Of course there is also Hungary, for whom almost everyone feels sorry as they have had the worst luck possible. To catch the UEFA Euro 2021 group stage live streams, you can watch the games on many TV channels and live streaming services such as beIN Sports, NPO1, RAI 1, BBC One, TRT 1, TRT Sport HD, Sky Sport 7, DStv Now, ESPN and TF1.

Finland v Russia

  • Date: Wednesday, 16 June

  • Time: 15:00 CET

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2

will start off with a basic, yet crucial match against Finland and Russia. Russia will be hosting


at the Gazprom Arena today at 15:00 CET.

This game will be crucial for both sides, but Finland might be doubly determined to get a win in this match as they have already started their European campaign with a not-so-deserved win against a horrified Denmark, who lost their will to play after one of their most vital players, Christian Eriksen, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the pitch and the medical team actually had to give him constant CPR to revive the 29-year-old midfielder.

Even though


lost their opening match against an obviously stronger Belgium, they too will be motivated to bounce back, especially since they have won all four of their games against Finland since the dissolution of the USSR, having scored a brilliant sixteen goals in the process while only conceding one.

Of course they might want to put a little bit more effort into their game as they have not been in much of a good form. The 2020/21 UEFA Euro group stage matches are only going to get better and what way to start off the second matchday of the tournament than with such a crucial match?

Turkey v Wales

  • Date: Wednesday, 16 June

  • Time: 18:00 CET

The second game of the

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2

is between Turkey and


three hours after the first match. The reactions for both national teams were mixed as one suffered a terrible loss and the other drew their first game. Turkey were the ones to start off the tournament on the opening day in the game against Italy. But the Turkish had quite a disappointing start as they lost their first game 3-0, with one of the goals being scored by Turkey themselves.

Of course it might be too much to expect Turkey to stand a chance against Italy, but they still have the slightest of chances to somehow qualify for the next round if they can hold out in the tournament and win their next two games.

The 2020-21 Euro group stage matchday 2 will see Wales go head to head with Turkey at the Baku Olympic Stadium. Gareth Bale and his teammates were held to a 1-1 draw against Switzerland in the first matchday, during which they narrowly escaped defeat with a late goal from Kieffer Moore. Switzerland had almost all of the ball and had double the number of shots. But in the end, it is accuracy and efficiency that counts, not quantity. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing the Wales national team produce yet another hilarious and chaotic pre-match team photo.

Italy v Switzerland

  • Date: Wednesday, 16 June

  • Time: 21:00 CET


2020/21 UEFA Euro group stage matches

will continue with the clash between Italy and Switzerland, who are both favorites to qualify for the Round of 16 from Group A. Italy got off to a flying start in the opening game of the Tournament as they dominated Turkey 3-0 and showed off their strength to everyone. Of course


were the stronger side on paper and nothing but a win was expected of gli Azzurri. The Italians might have something to work on for their second match of the tournament, which is their shooting accuracy.

The 2006 World Cup winners made a total of 24 attempts during their match against Turkey, but only 8 of those attempts were on target, which means that 2/3 of their attempts were nothing but useless. Switzerland have the same problem as well. They had more than 15 attempted shots during their clash against Wales, but only 4 of those shots made their way towards the opponent’s goal.

While Italy might look to have the upper hand on paper, Switzerland are more than capable of dealing a huge blow and surprising everyone with their strength. Both teams are more than motivated to prove themselves to their people and the whole world and go through to the knockout stages. The first day of UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2 will come to an end with this game.

Ukraine v North Macedonia

  • Date: Thursday, 17 June

  • Time: 15:00 CET


UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2

will continue with all its strength into the second day with Ukriane meeting North Macedonia at the National Arena in Bucharest, Romania. Both Ukraine and North Macedonia suffered a loss against their opponents in their first game of the tournament, which is why they will surely want to bounce back and earn a point or two in the second game.

With Austria and the Netherlands already being the favorites to qualify for the next round, Ukraine and North Macedonia might set their priorities straight and aim for the third place instead. Of course neither of the teams will lose their hope as anything is possible in football, just like North Macedonia’s historic and dramatic win against Germany in the World Cup Qualifiers, which truly shocked everyone in the world.

The lineups for UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2 are not yet confirmed, but Ukraine will surely count on Andriy Yamolenko and Roman Yaremchuk to repeat their stellar form and once again score for their nation, just like the clash against the Flying Dutchmen. North Macedonia, on the other hand, might want to tweak their tactics and formation a little bit after their 3-1 defeat against Austria.

Denmark v Belgium

  • Date: Thursday, 17 June

  • Time: 18:00 CET

All eyes will be watching as Denmark lock horns with Belgium in 2020-21 Euro group stage matchday 2. Despite their undeserved defeat in their first game, Denmark are still one of the favorites in Group B and might just get the chance to qualify for the next round.

The world watched in horror as Denmark attacking midfielder

Christian Eriksen

suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during their game against Finland. Such a tragic event can definitely have its toll on the players, which is exactly why the Danish weren’t able to defeat Finland, who only had one shot on target throughout the whole game.

Thankfully, though, Eriksen survived the shocking accident and Denmark will be motivated to prove that they are still favorites even without their star man, hoping to earn a crucial victory against Belgium as a gift for the Inter Milan midfielder.

Belgium, on the other hand, had quite a strong start in their Euro 2020 campaign as they dominated Russia with an easy 3-0 win. Of those three goals, two came from Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, who dedicated his first goal to his Inter teammate Eriksen and will surely be motivated to further increase his international goal tally against Denmark.

Netherlands v Austria

  • Date: Thursday, 17 June

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Supporters of both Netherlands and Austria, as well as neutrals will be looking forward for this match in UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2 as both Netherlands and Austria are favorites to qualify for the Round of 16 in the tournament. The only question for many is, who will go through as group leaders? The Flying Dutchmen narrowly escaped a draw against Ukraine with a late goal and were not decisive enough to be considered favorites in the group.

That is why they will definitely look forward to cementing their position in the Round of 16 with a win against Austria. Of course Austria are a tough nut to crack, who beat North Macedonia with three goals, while conceding only one in return. The

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage lineups

for this match are not yet announced, but Austria are quite lucky if they get to keep their main striker Marko Arnautovic, who might face a possible temporary ban due to his alleged racial slur during his goal celebration against North Macedonia.

Sweden v Slovakia

  • Date: Friday, 18 June

  • Time: 15:00 CET

There are so many exciting games on UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2 that we simply can’t wait for it to go underway. This Friday will mark one week since the opening game of the tournament, with the clash between Sweden and Slovakia starting off the day at 15:00 (Central European Time). It might seem a bit odd to many, but Slovakia are currently group leaders after somehow beating Poland as the underdogs. They are the only team in Group E with three points as Spain were held off to a 1-1 draw against Sweden.

Sweden were clearly the underdogs in their clash against Spain, with a mere 14% possession of the ball during the whole match. While they narrowly escaped a defeat against Spain, they will surely look forward to bouncing back against Slovakia. Of course just as we have seen so far, Slovakia have performed much better than anyone might have expected, which is why it is all up for taking for both sides equally.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is without a doubt missed in Sweden’s UEFA Euro 2021 group stage lineups as the

AC Milan

striker’s hopes for returning to international duty with banging form were lost after suffering an injury prior to the start of the tournament.

Croatia v Czech Republic

  • Date: Friday, 18 June

  • Time: 18:00 CET

The UEFA Euro 2021 group stage matchday 2 for Group D will continue start with an obviously crucial game between Croatia and Czech Republic. While many thought Croatia might be favorites to qualify for the next round alongside England, Czech Republic have managed to prove themselves as strong contenders with a 2-0 win against Scotland. Of course Croatia only lost to England in an unbelievably tight match, with the deadlock being broken by Raheem Sterling, who scored the only goal of the game in the 57th minute. 

Both England and Croatia had eight attempts, out of which only two were on target. On the other hand, Czech Republic were quite efficient in their clash against Scotland. The Scottish national team actually had a total of 19 attempts, but only four of their attempts were on target. Czech Republic, however, had a total of ten shots, with an impressive seven shots on target.

The game between the two teams in Group D actually produced possibly the best goal of the tournament as Patrik Schick put Scotland goalkeeper David Marshall in his pocket with a beautiful headed goal in the first half and an absolute screamer of a goal from long range in the second half to end the match 2-0 in Czech Republic’s favor.

England v Scotland

  • Date: Friday, 18 June

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Scotland will be facing their fiercest foes in Group D on Friday as they will be facing England. With


being one of the strongest contenders for the title itself, Scotland can only hope to survive this round and at least earn a point, which will definitely be no easy task. Of course the reason we all love football is because anything can happen and the underdogs have at times managed to produce a dramatic victory against the favorites, battling it out in a David v Goliath-esque epic.

The 2020-21 Euro group stage matchday 2 will continue with Gareth Southgate under scrutiny for calling up so many right-backs and not leaving room for in-form forwards and midfielders such as Jesse Lingard, who has had quite an impressive season on loan at

West Ham

. England will have to work on their efficiency if they want to have any chance of going through to the final stages of the tournament. Scotland, on the other hand, can only hope for a miracle as they are clear underdogs in the group.

Hungary v France

  • Date: Saturday, 19 June

  • Time: 15:00 CET

Hungary just can’t seem to catch a break in the so-called “Group of Death” as they will be facing


in their next game in Euro 2020. France have already proved to be strong contenders for the title itself with a 1-0 win over Germany, in a match that saw the Germans attack with full power until the end. But the French were resilient in defense at also got to score two goals with their lightning-fast counter attacks.

Of course none of the two goals scored by Mbappe and Karim Benzema were given as the French national team proved to be too fast even for themselves. Hungary have already suffered a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portugal national team. They can only hope that France and Germany show mercy in the following games. 

Once again, it is worth mentioning that nothing is impossible in the world of football, and we might once again witness something truly brilliant and historic, with Hungary managing to get a couple of draws or even defeat one of the goliaths in the group. On paper, however, France are the clear victors. It is too early for the UEFA Euro 2021 group stage lineups to be announced for this match, but Didier Deschamps will surely count on his wonder-boy Kylian Mbappe and his world-class striker Karim Benzema.

The Real Madrid man might have a better chance of making an appearance ahead of Olivier Giroud as there have been speculations of a feud brewing between Mbappe and the Chelsea striker. Such a falling-out will definitely favor Benzema, who has his own personal beef with Giroud. Mbappe also seems to have a unique feeling of friendship towards Benzema and looks eager to assist him for his first international goal since his return to international duty.

Portugal v Germany

  • Date: Saturday, 19 June

  • Time: 18:00 CET

Millions of people will be looking for information on

UEFA Euro 2021 group stage live streams

as Group F has already proved to be one of the groups in the tournament, with three of the strongest footballing nations in the world battling it out for a place in the Round of 16. The current Euro holders


will be looking to continue their winning ways with a win against


. But that is no easy task. With France narrowly escaping a draw or even a defeat, Portugal will have quite a tough game against the 2014 world champions.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke yet another record in his illustrious career by becoming the all-time top goal scorer in Euro history, surpassing Michel Platini by racking up a total of 11 goals in the competition, compared to Platini’s 9 goals. The 36-year-old will definitely look forward to increasing his tally against one of the strongest sides in the tournament.

Spain v Poland

  • Date: Saturday, 19 June

  • Time: 21:00 CET



and Poland both under criticism for their poor start in Euro 2020, both will be determined to bounce back with a victory against their fierce rivals. That is why there will be a surge of demands for information on UEFA Euro 2021 group stage live streams as two great nations go head to head on Saturday. This clash will be the final game of the second matchday and groups will certainly take shape until then.

Will Slovakia be able to hold on to their fragile lead and go through to the next round? Or will Poland or Spain manage to deliver in the next two games? Who knows? Maybe Sweden will go through to the Round of 16 alongside Slovakia. That is the true beauty of football and we are darn glad we can watch these games unfold. Only time will tell who goes through and who gets to go home.




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