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Leaked: Juventus' 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd kits

Sat 19 June 2021 | 9:00

A football team kit is something beyond a mere uniform, a kit can be memorable. With the start of the new season, all teams introduce their new outfits, a ceremony that has become a tradition. So, keep reading till the end to upgrade your info regarding Juventus' 2021/22 home, away, and third kit.

Now, after 123 years, it is safe to say that Juventus is no longer just a football team, Juventus has a rooted status in the hearts and lives of many people around the world. For many Juventus' fans, it is a way of life, they eagerly follow the news of their club, laugh with the success of their team, and shed tears when they are defeated. Teenagers hang the club flag on the wall of their room, and parents buy their children their favorite team kit as a gift. Apart from this, when a team reaches such a level of popularity and, most importantly, success, important sponsors compete for the favorable opinion of the team. A competition that brings them both social luck and double wealth. With this in mind, the issue of a team's new kit cannot be overlooked.  In today's article, we will reveal the details of Old Lady's new Kit and all of its ins and outs. To get more about

Juventus' home, away, and third kits for 2021-22

, join us till the end of the text. 

All About Juventus 2021-22 kit and the club’s history 

To raise the excitement of introducing the new kits of la Vecchia Signora, it is not bad to have a brief overview of the history of the Turin's Side. 

Juventus' History

Some Massimo D’Azeglio high school students, all passionate about football, gathered in early 1897 in Turin, Italy, on a bench on Corso Re Umberto. They were very strong-minded to start a football club, a club that will mark an important part of football history in the future. They had enough urge to carry out their decision and they finally did it. Among them were brothers Eugenio and Enrico Canfari.  As the team was formed the Canfari brothers hold a meeting in their small office, a meeting attended by primary officials and football-loving players and young people. At first, their main obsession was to find a proper headquarters and a place for the club. These two young people would soon find a building with four rooms and a yard, which could be a suitable place for a young and newly established team.

With the formation of a young team and determining the location of the team, another task was placed on the shoulders of the founders, the club should have a name for itself, once again the Canfari brothers held a meeting. As the club was made of ambitious youngsters and the oldest one was only 17 years old, the group decided to choose the name of Juventus Sports Club, and thus, with the approval of the group, the Juventus Sports Club was registered. According to Juventus records, the side made its debut and joined the Italian Football Championship in 1900, and in five years they managed to win the first league championship in 1905 and then they decided to change the color of the side's kit from black and pink to black and white stripes. 

Juventus’ manufacturers and sponsors

Juventus is mostly known for its black and white striped shirt. Several patterns can be found in the history of the Juventus jersey. The Old Lady's first kit was pink and a black stripe which was later replaced by a black and pink one. However, the new jersey was not in favor of the managers and was eventually replaced once again by black and white stripes. During all these years, Juventus has different suppliers for its kits. Among the manufacturers, Kappa has been in charge of Juventus clothing for many years. They have been Juventus' manufacture from 1979 till 2000, during which time it has benefited from the presence of prominent sponsors such as Ariston, UPIM, Danone, and Sony. Then Lotto became the supplier with the help of some sponsors namely Tele+. After three years, Nike was assigned as the supplier with the contributions of Sky Sport, Tamoil and FIAT (New Holland) as financial supporters. After almost 12 years, Adidas was chosen to supply Juventus' Kit, a contract that is still valid today.

Juventus' home, away and third kits for the 2021/2022

Given the current situation  that Juventus have lost the Serie A title for the first time since 2011, this summer would be definitely a season full of uncertainty for Juventus, they no longer have Pirlo and Allegri is once again the captain of the Old Lady's ship. However, revealing the new jersey has already given the team a good ambiance. Scratch that, let’s take a look at the leaked news about the team this year’s jersey.

Juventus' 2021-22 Season Home Kit

Juventus 2021-2022 home kit was recently launched by Adidas and the Italian club in the final match of the Coppa Italia against Atalanta which ended 2-1. Adidas' latest jersey for Juventus creates a classic look, black and white stripes in a more traditional sense which is always the Old Lady signature. By this new kit, Juventus would turn to the normal black and white stripes for the first time since 2017/18, which was recently experimented with wide stripes (in 2018/19 season), and then with black and white halves (in 2019/20 season) and in the latest season (2020/21) with blurred abstract stripes. In the last two seasons, Juventus Home Kit has shown a redesign of classic strips that features the half-and-half appearance of last year and the brushstroke print from the previous season.

But, their new Home Kit, has four black stripes and four white stripes on both front and back, featuring a new sponsor patch – 4XE – next to the Jeep logo. During the previous season, 2020/21, this patch has already appeared on Juventus shirts several times, for example in their match against Crotone in October. Also, the color of the Jeep is now changed from white to black as opposed to the earlier drafts of the 2021-22 home kit. The color of the Juventus logo on the chest of the Juventus 21-22 home is also changed, at first it was estimated to be gold, but it turned to be white. The collar, based on the Condivo 21 pattern, as well as the sleeve of the Juventus 2021-2022 Home jersey, is white with black piping.

Regarding the features of Juve's new Home Kit, Francesca Venturini, the Adidas football designer, elaborated that:" It was important for us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Allianz Stadium with this shirt, because we know how much it means to the fans and integrating the Walk of Fame stars allows us to connect with all the people associated with the club,. Juventus is a club synonymous with innovation and a global leader in the world of football, which is why we wanted to include a new and unique element in this shirt, whilst remaining faithful to its tradition.

”On the inside collar of the Juventus 2021-22 home kit, you would see a custom-built graphic " 10 Years At Home' which refers to the 10th anniversary of the Juventus Stadium opening. The letter "A" is conventionalized to resemble the arch of the stadium and on top, there is a crafty design that appears inside the black stripes, which is motivated by the stars seen on the Juve Walk of Fame.  Also, as officially released, the shorts of the Adidas Juventus 2021-2022 kit are designed to be white, while black or white socks will be ready according to the opposition.

Juventus’ away kit leaks for 2021/22

Unlike the Home Kits, Juventus' away jersey has not yet been officially unveiled, but as always, there are rumors. According to Goal, the away kit of Juventus would be revealed in the summer.  Goal estimated the second jersey would be all-black with orange accents on the shoulders. The logos on the front of the shirt are anticipated to be in white, with the shorts and socks also set to be all-black. The last time Juventus' second kit was all black was the 2019/19 season once they had also a black third kit. Having Adidas as their sponsor, Juve only had another black kit in addition to the black/yellow 18-19 third - in their debut season 2015-16 (black and gold). 

Juventus’ 2021-22 Season 3rd Kit 

Just like the second jersey, the team's third uniform has not yet been officially introduced to the media and fans. According to Footy Headlines, Juventus' third kit would feature an exceptional design. The Adidas -made Juventus 21-22 third jersey has a yellow base ('Shock Yellow') along with 'Hi-res Blue' and white. The front and lower back of the shirt has blue and yellow blocks of color, with a pair of chevrons towards the lower part of the shirt standing out in particular.

Since these days the topic of the new Kits of different sides is swirling around, we also tried to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the Old Lady new Jersey. Last season's Juventus clothes are sold in reputable stores for 90 euros, which is expected to be sold at the same price range this season.

What do you think about the new design of Juventus? Let us know what you think.


source: SportMob