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Eriksen sent a WhatsApp message from hospital to his Inter teammates

Sun 13 June 2021 | 8:20

Right before the half-time interval, the Denmark captain was collapsed during his side's Euro 2020 opener against Finland and was pulled off the ground on a stretcher, and then was taken to hospital.

However, after a long delay, 

the Danish midfielder contacted his teammates on Facetime


to tell them he’s 

‘in a stabilized condition

’ and 

asked his teammates to continue the match

, which was postponed after the incident. The match ended with a historic victory for Finland as

UEFA gave the Inter midfielder the Star of the Match’ award after the match.




Beppe Marotta

, has confirmed 

Christian Eriksen

 has left a message for his Inter teammates on their


group from the hospital as well as his Danish teammates. Insuring them ‘he’s in good condition’.

“We watched the images on TV that suggested something dramatic was happening, which unfortunately we have also seen on Italian pitches before,” 



Rai Sport


“The players are very close and we all immediately communicated with each other after seeing those images. We didn’t want to be invasive and so tried to respect his convalescence once we had been reassured.

“I can only say that 10 minutes ago


himself sent a message in our internal chat and this confirms the bond between the players.”

Being asked whether COVID had any involvement in the sudden collapse, the

Inter CEO

added: “He did not have COVID and was not vaccinated either. At this moment, Eriksen is under the guidance of the Danish medical staff and it is right that they release information, but I can say the Inter medical staff have been in contact with them from the start.”

“He struggled to settle in initially, then Antonio Conte worked very well with him,” added



“We want to hang on tight to him for a long time and hope he can resolve his health issues.”


Christian Eriksen's Inter


Romelu Lukaku


paid tribute to the Dane after scoring his side’s first goal

in Belgium's 3-0 Euro 2020 victory over Russia the same night.

"I enjoyed the game but for me, it was difficult to play because my mind was with my [Inter Milan] team-mate Christian Eriksen," Lukaku told reporters after the match.

"I hope he is healthy and I dedicate this performance to him."

"I cried a lot because I was scared, obviously. You live strong moments together. I spent more time with him than with my family.

"My thoughts are with him, his girlfriend, his two kids, and his family."


source: SportMob