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Leaked: Inter's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd kits

Wed 16 June 2021 | 11:30

Almost always, related details to the football world have been interesting for big fans. One of the cases is the new kit of clubs, which they will appear with them through the following year. Today's article is about Inter 2021-22 home, away, and third kits. Stay with us till the end.

If you are a big football fan, you know these days, clubs are leaking their home, away, and third kits for 2021-22. Through the following article, we have focused on the Inter home, away, and third kits for 2021-22. Additionally, we have prepared a complete review of the Inter's history, including its rivalries, badges, and jerseys.

The football world mostly knows Inter via its blue and black striped kits as their home jersey. Football Club Internazionale Milano is the Italian professional club in Milano. Known as Inter Milan outside Italy, it is the only Italian team that has never experienced relegation from the top flight of Italia football.

Owning 18.4 million fans come from the rich history that Inter has recorded. Since its formation, the club could achieve 31 domestic victories, that 19 out of 31 trophies were league titles, seven were Coppa Italia, and the other five were Supercoppa Italiana. In addition to the awards, the Inter earned five successive league titles, a record the club reached between 2006 and 2010. 

Inter's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022 

Through today's article, our team has tried to depict the 

Inter's home, away, and third kits for 2021-22

.  If you are one of the big fans of the Italian club, keep reading till the end to get more about how the club will appear in the following season, and take a quick look at its rich history besides the club's rivalries.  

Inter's History

We have started today's text regarding the Inter's 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits with a review of the Italian club history. They appear for their home matches at the San Siro stadium, which is a joint between them and their city rivals,

AC Milan

The high reputation of the club has earned them a large number of fans, and since 2019 Inter has been the only Italian club that has had the highest home game attendance. It has also placed the club with the sixth-highest attendance in Europe.

The club's name is amongst the most valuable ones in Italy and the football world. Although the club has appeared brilliantly during its history, the football world recalls the 1960s as the golden era of

Inter Milan


They achieved a wide range of honors, including European Cup victory two consecutive times in 1964 and 1965 and winning the Intercontinental Cup. Afterward, the club set a plan to earn its eleventh and twelfth league title, respectively, in 1971 and 1980. However, in 1972, they lost the final of the European Cup against Johan Cruyff's Ajax 0-2. During the 1977-78 and 1981-82, they added two more Coppa Italia tally to their rich history.

Following the honors and defeats that the club gained, it experienced many changes in coaches and managers. On 31 May 2019, Inter Milan appointed Antonio Contes as their new coach, the former Italian and



In the 2019-20 Serie A, the 2-0 winning result against Atlanta caused the team to finish it as runner-up. Then, despite reaching the 2020 UEFA European League Final, in a competition against Sevilla, they lost 3-2. The draw result between


and Sassuolo on 2 May 2021 earned the champions for Iner, an award they gained for the first time within eleven years. Their winning ended Juventus' run of nine consecutive titles. 

Though the club spent a Serie A glory period under Conte's management, disagreement between him and the board around the players' transfers earned his departure. Simon Inzaghi is the next manager who has joined the club since June 2021.

Inter's Rivalries

Appearing in competitions, Inter's players have worn various jerseys during the 113 years of the club. By the beginning of the new season, its fans are interested in knowing about Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits. 

Their followers are looking forward to getting with which jersey they will play against their rivals, especially AC Milan and Juventus. Though the club has several other competitors, these two ones are the highest significant in Italian football.

Through their competition against Milan, they participate in the intracity Derby della Madonnina. The starting point of the rivalry refers to the time that Inter split off from Milan in 1908. The match usually arouses exciting atmospheres with many banners unfolded, including humorous and offensive content. 

Their other significant rival is Juventus, the one which with Inter are famous as Derby d'Italia. Before the 2006 Italian football scandal, which led to Juventus relegation, none of these two Italian clubs had played below Serie A. 

Inter's 2021 Logo

Though today's article is about Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits, we have allocated the first part to the club's new logo, which they have unveiled because they have placed it on their jersey for the 2021-22 season. 

Through taking a closer look at the new badge and according to the club's claim, they have based the new identity in style and expression. The current logo has been the inspiration source for the new one that looks like the simplified version of the former. 

I and M are the two principal elements of the new logo that respectively come from Internazionale ad Milano. The white letters are in the center part of the logo in the middle of a blue circle with a thick black outline.

The contrast between the colors of the letters and their background has given a more attractive appearance to the badge that grabs attention in one glance. The general design and the roundel pattern of the badge come from the original logo design that the club has had since 1908 and the other ones that have followed the same format. 

Inter 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd kit

In the following section, at first, we have made an overview of the club's kits and logo history and then presented the detailed facts regarding 

Inter 2021-22 home, away, and third kits

Behind the first Inter's logo design in 1908 was the idea of a painter, Giorgio Muggiani, who was one of the club's founders. A series of circles that had surrounded the letters 'FCIM' formed the logo of the club.

Since then, many changes have happened to its design, though the principle elements have remained without any changing. Nearly one hundred years later, in the 1999-2000 season, the idea of adding the club's name and the foundation year at the upper and lower part of the crest caused a modification at its size to a smaller one to provide enough space for the new items. However, in 2007, they returned to the pre-1999-2000 era.

Adding a smaller Scudetto star o a lighter scheme gave the logo a more modern look, which lasted till July 2014, following the club's decision to own a new brand. Elimination of the star from all related media to the club, except its kits considered as the most significant difference between the former and current logo. 

Since 1908, Inter's fans mostly remember the club with its black and blue stripes, which has earned it the nickname Nerazzurri. Being founded on 9 March at 23:30 has caused the club to adopt the nocturnal sky color for Inter. However, Giorgio Muggiani considered that blue is the opposite color to red, which was the part color of their rivals, like Milan Cricket.

All the designs and colors, through political matters, changed and following merging with Union Sportiva Milanese changed to the red cross on white background. After World War II, in 1929, the club returned to its original color and name. In 2008, they appeared in their away kit while a red cross had designed it to celebrate their centenary. The red cross comes from the flag of their city, which they have used on their third kit. 

Like other clubs that mostly use animals as a symbol to represent themselves, Inter uses a grass snake called Biscione. The city, which is full of historical places, has used the snake as a symbol in various places, including on the coat of arms of the House of Sforza, the historical Duchy of Milan, and Insubria.

Inter's Home Kit for 2021-22

Following leaking four pictures regarding Inter's home kit for the 2021-22 season by @Roger_90, they presented the replica version of the jersey. It contains the snakeskin design in black, which from far it looks navy. One of the other differences is from the previous model is on the log, which Rupertgraphic made an edit with the Scudetto and the logo of the probably new Inter sponsor Hisense. 

At the beginning of this year, the manufacturer unveiled the Inter 2021-22 home kit, which was the first home kit of the club that they had produced with the new logo. The released outstanding design depicts the club's nickname, II Biscione, which comes from the Big Grass Snake. 

Due to not being published any facts about the club's sponsor, it is not clear which sponsor will replace Pielli, the long-term partner of Inter, and will be appeared on the front part of the Nike Inter Milano home kit in the 2021-22 season. However, it seems that Hisense and Samsung are two of the principal candidates.

The picture above is a close-up of Nike and Inter's previous logos on their former kit, which helps you to compare them easily with the new version presented in the two following photos.

Based on the unveiled photos, Lenovo has placed its name on the back part of the shirt as the sub-brand Driver instead of Pirelli. However, there is no published data about the official announcement of a deal between the club and the brand. 

The combination of the colors ' Blue Spark' and 'Truly Gold' for logos has given the Nike Inter Mian 2021-22 home shirt a brilliant appearance. Though they have redesigned the new jersey with a new color palette, the two mentioned ones are the same that the manufacturer had used for the kit in the 2020-21 season. 

The skillful design with the predominant blue base with various shades of colors, including some black, has given the form of a snakeskin pattern on the appearance of the front. However, the previous version contained black and blue stripes for the 2020-21 season. They showed the snakeskin pattern for the first time on the leaked anthem jacket. 

In the new Nike template for the Inter 2021-22 home shirt, they have used the V-collar model, which its black color matches the style of the cuffs of the sleeves. The golden Nike and Inter logos shine on the dark background. They have also placed the text of the club on the inside part of the collar. 

The black-truly gold shorts besides black socks have completed the Nike Inter Milan 2021-22 home jersey. The color and model compatibility between all parts have made it an attractive kit through the following season.

They will launch the mentioned jersey in July 2021. Although the specialized website published four photos of Inter's home kit, it does not confirm 100 percent that the described kit will be the club's home kit for the next season. 

Till now, the club has not announced reaching any agreements over a new kit sponsorship deal. On the other hand, it has passed the expiration date of the contract with Pirelli in June. So, it might be no coincidence that the leaked shirt, which we depicted in detail, does not have any sponsors for the kit.

The club's fans, who are waiting for 

Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits

, are interested in knowing by coming to the expiration of Inter's longstanding partnership with Pirelli how the new sponsor logo will appear on the new jersey. 

Overall, by taking a quick look at another Nike rework, two differences from the previous version attract your attention. One of them changing the traditional black and blue stripes with light blue on deep navy.

The other is modifying the clean lines with a more glorious pattern, snakeskin in large and tiny tiles covering the entire jersey. The point that all are waiting for is the logo of the new sponsor that will be as beautiful as Pirelli's logo. 

Despite our efforts in covering all related facts about Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits, not being unveiled officially has limited our info. 

Inter's Away Kit for 2021-22

Becoming aware of changes on their club's home kits, including a shirt without featuring Pirelli's logo as its sponsor and the new badge, has made the club's followers so excited and interested in knowing about the Inter away kit for 2021-22 leaks. 

Following the 

Inter away kit for 2021-22 leaks

, all fans are interested in knowing about the final result of the Brazilian PES jersey maker Eder Mello's work. The Inter away shirt for the 2021-22 season comes from a tribute to the iconic away 20010-11 jersey of the club, which its snake graphic are on the sides and sleeves.

Like the club's home kit, that company's logo is unknown for being placed on the front of the shirt no brand has located on the away shirt, too. However, based on the most recent reports, Hisense and Samsung are the two principal candidates, and Lenovo has placed its brand on the back part of the shirt as its sponsor. 

According to the estimated time, they will release their away kit in June- July 2021. Based on the leaked photos regarding the club's away kit for 2021-22, there are black logos on white background, locating on the chest. Although most expected a custom snake crest, it will not feature it, and instead, it presents the standard club badge.

Inter's Third Kit for 2021-22

In the last part of the article regarding 

Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits

, we have presented the details about the club's third kit for the following season. 

If Inter can achieve the qualification to appear in the 2021-22 Serie A & Champions League, they will wear the third kit that Nike has made. However, the club has not officially announced its main sponsor yet.

Owning spectacular design, the third kit of Inter for the 2021-22 season is mainly black besides four different accent colors, orange (Total Orange), green (Green Strike), Blue (Chlorine Blue), and Yellow (Lemon Venom). 

Though the club has not acclaimed the exact design of the third kit for the 2021-22 season, the official shirt color is black and total orange, the shorts are black and chlorine blue, and the cocks are black, lemon venom, and green strike. Through news, the club has mentioned that in September 2021, they will launch their third kit.

As you read through the text, we described an overview of the Italian club's history and presented a brief regarding its rivalries. Having looked at previous versions of the club's kits, we depicted 

Inter 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits


Although there are not many photos available for the new version, our team in 


tried to cover all related facts to their design. All in all, if we have missed some parts to mention, let us know via sharing your ideas in the comment section. 




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