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Thiago Silva Biography

Thiago Silva is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Premier League club Chelsea and Brazil national team. Over the years the footballer earned lots of titles. Sportmob brings you the notable events of the footballer’s storyline, so stay tuned and don’t miss it.

Thiago Silva is a great leader and he is capable of leading the defense line of the team with great vision and intelligence. Thiago Silva is considered as one of the best defenders of the past decade. Due to his determination to dominate opposition forwards, they call him “The Monster” on the pitch.

The Brazilin footballer first began his professional career at RS Futebol and worked hard to make a name for himself. Silva is admired for being a fast defender with great technic and excellent control on the ball. Aside from the details about the Brazilian defender’s career he had a rough life growing up. Find out the full story of this remarkable player in the following.

Things You Didn’t Know About Thiago Silva Biography

Thiago Silva Information

Before we start with the footballer’s early life we will fill you with details and information about Silva profile.

Thiago Silva bio 

  • Full Name: Thiago Emiliano da Silva          

  • Nickname: The Monster

Personal Information 

  • Date of Birth: 22 September 1984

  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

  • Birth Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Father: Gerlado Emiliano da Silva

  • Mother: Angela Maria da Silva

  • Brother: Erivelton Emiliano da Silva

  • Sister: Danila Emiliano da Silva

  • Thiago Silva Religion

    : Christian

  • Marital status: Married

  • Wife Name: Isabele da Silva

  • Children: Isago da Silva, Iago da Silva

Physical Stats

  • Height: 1.83 m

  • Weight: 79 kg

  • Hair colour: Black/ short hairs

  • Eye colour: Dark Brown

  • Football Information H4

  • Position: Defender

  • Shirt No: 6

  • Current Teams: Chelsea, Brazil National Football team

  • Debut in profession: 2002

Thiago Silva Early Life

Thiago Emiliano da Silva was born on 22 September 1984 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to his father Gerlado Emiliano da Silva and his mother Angela Maria da Silva. According to

Thiago Silva date of birth

his zodiac sign is Virgo. The Brazilian footballer grew up in poverty and experienced hard circumstances. His mother Angela Maria already had two children before she gave birth to Thiago. He grew up with his brother and sister Erivelton Emiliano da Silva and Danila Emiliano da Silva in a dangerous neighborhood inside Rio de Janeiro.

Things got harder as his parents parted ways and his father left them. In an interview, he recalled his hard days as a child and stated: “When I was a boy I missed my father terribly. My parents split up when I was very young and it affected me psychologically. However, later I had a father figure in the form of a stepfather who was god-fearing.” It might also be interesting to know that the footballer grew up along with

David Luiz

who is currently a defensive midfielder at Arsenal.

They were best friends as kids and both dreamed of one day becoming professional footballers. However, in an interview with British media he admitted that he had more passion about kites that football. “I was more passionate about kites than football. The feeling of cutting someone’s kite is as good as scoring a goal,” Find out more information about Thiago Silva biography in the following.

Silva Grew Up in A Dangerous Neighborhood

Growing up 50 meters away from Rio’s Shanty town

Thiago Silva childhood

was full of fear and stress. In an interview he recalled: “We would always hear shootings. The cops would come to the borough where I lived often. When I got home I would thank god for getting home safe.” Despite the fact that Silva grew up in a bad environment it never made him become part of a gang bang or choose a wrong path. He fully focused on football and fulfilling his dream along with his best friend David Luiz. Silva also mentioned that his step father supported him a lot and he stated: “My step father was always there for me, helping me unconditionally.”

The footballer struggled a lot to get where he is today. His family were very poor that he couldn’t even afford bus money. “Sometimes, I used to put my school uniform on when I took the bus to training. That way I wouldn’t have to pay the fare. The bus drivers would say ‘sorry young man this bus isn’t going to your school’. I always told them the truth. I said I’m not going to school but if you can help me make my dream come true, then I would be eternally grateful. They never said no to me.”

Thiago Silva Profile

Thiago Silva nationality

is Brazilian and you probably know how talented Brazilians are in football. However, Silva struggled a lot to find his way in football. He auditioned for different clubs and each time he got rejected. Hoping to draw attention from big clubs he was spotted by Paulo César Carpegiani, who invited him to join RS Futebol in the south of Brazil. At the end of 2001 he joined the club and became a professional footballer. He worked hard in the third division and made his way to the second division. Silva’s performance got better and better and in his last season with the club he joined Juventude.

In 2004 he officially joined Juventude and played for six months. He transitioned from midfield to defense. Just in one season he proved himself worthy and he was rated by the sports magazine Placar as the third-best defender in Brazil, and was included in the team of the season. Due to Silva’s presence Juventude got to the acme and in 2004 finished 7th with 70 points. The Brazilian footballer’s performance caught the attention of other clubs and later he was sold to Porto.

Silva Nearly Lost His Life Due to Tuberculosis

The defender was bought by Porto for more than €2 million however he only played for the reserve team. He spent a year at Portugal and later he reached agreement with Dynamo Moscow. During his time at Moscow Silva suffered from tuberculosis and nearly lost his life. In an interview he stated: “It happened when I was playing for Porto B, and I started to feel a lot of pain in my chest. After loads of medical tests, they found out that I had tuberculosis. “

He added: “When they showed me the results, one of my lungs was completely white. As the issue was already spreading to the other one, the doctor said I’d be hospitalized straight away for four months, which hit me very hard. In the end, it wasn’t four months, but six. For the first three, I couldn’t see anyone. My mum and girlfriend flew to Russia – actually, Isabelle went there to break up with me but didn’t go through with it! Her presence there gave me so much strength.”

He continued: “After six months I could leave the hospital, but I still wasn’t cured yet. There was a vital intervention from Ivo Wortmann, Dynamo’s coach, who had also been my manager at Juventude. He and my agent wouldn’t allow the doctor to take me for surgery to remove one lobe of the lung. A tuberculosis specialist recommended I go walking for half an hour in the mornings until I felt tired, then restart. Isabelle came with me by bike – but, man, I couldn’t do it for five minutes. But I didn’t stop – little by little, I improved, then began jogging. After three months, I was healed.”


After his battel with illness Silva considered retiring from football but his mother convinced him not to. With the help of his former coach Ivo Wortmann Silva got back on his feet and went back on the pitch. In 2006, Wortmann joined


and despite Silva’s health issues he wanted Silva on board. The defender signed a contract with Fluminense and established himself as one of the best players in the season. During this time Silva was nicknamed “The Monster”. Silva made a great performance and Fluminense had a historical win in the 2007 Copa do Brazil, winning the prestigious trophy for the first time.

Silva played an important part in the victory; he started in every match, and scored the opening goal in the quarter-final, as well as the equalizing goal in the semi-final. His great performance on the pitch led him to be included in the Brazilian national team. Silva was named as the best defender in Brazil by the fans. At the end of the season, he was one of three nominees for the Best Central Defender prize, along with Breno and Fabio Luciano. At the end Silva finished second, behind Breno. Learn more about

Thiago Silva biography

in the following.

AC Milan

Back in 2008 Silva was linked to big clubs like Inter Milan,




. On December 12 it was confirmed that he wanted to join AC Milan. Silva was very popular among Fluminense fans and during his last performance at Maracana, he was cheered by 50,000 supporters. The Brazilian defender signed a four-year contract worth €10 million with Milan. During his first month with the club he had the chance to train with the first team and he learned new defending techniques from Paolo Maldini and manager Carlo Ancelotti.

In an interview, Silva described Maldini: “He taught me a lot, even though he wasn’t aware of it. I was able to see his preparation for training and for the matches. He was a guy who, at 41 years of age, was playing at a high level. He didn’t run as I did when I was 22 but if football was only about running then I definitely wouldn’t be playing it anymore!” Find out more about

Thiago Silva biography

in the following.

Paris Saint-Germain

At the end of 2011-12 season the negotiations to bring Silva to

Paris Saint-Germain

took place. On 11 June 2012, it was announced that


legend Paolo Maldini persuaded Silva to join PSG in the summer. It was rumored that the transfer fee would be more than €40 million which would have made Silva the most expensive defender in football history. At the beginning of his arrival at the club, Silva was presented to the media as the “best defender in the world” by PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

In 2014 Ronaldo described Silva: “Thiago Silva is without doubt the best central defender in the world. He has incredible qualities. He is a symbol of elegance like Franz Beckenbauer was. Silva follows in his footsteps.” On 19 April, he captained the team to a 2-1 win in the 2014 Coupe de la Ligue Final, the first time the club had won the competition since 1998. He was also rated by France Football as the league's fifth-best player, as well as the best defender in Ligue 1. Learn more about

Thiago Silva biography

in the following.


On 28 August 2020, the defender signed a contract with Chelsea for a year. He made his debut on 23 September in a 6-0 home victory against


in the third round of the EFL Cup. Just in two matches Silva took the captain’s arm band and led the team. Silva was surprised that just in two games he was given the captain’s arm band. He stated: “It was a huge surprise. The first two captains, Azpi [Cesar Azpilicueta] and


, were substitutes in that game against West Brom, and Frank didn’t even ask me anything – he just gave me the armband and said, “This is yours today.” My reaction was like, “Bloody hell!”

On 7 November, the footballer scored his first goal for the team in a 4-1 home victory against Sheffield United. His second goal for the team came in a 3-0 win against West Ham. Silva did a great job leading the defense as Chelsea reached the third Champions League final, defeating Real Madrid in the semi-finals. On 29 May, Silva suffered from an injury at the same time that he won his first-ever Champions League trophy after Chelsea's 1–0 victory against Manchester City in the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final at the Estádio do Dragao.

 Style of play

The Brazilian defender has been recognized as a consistent player without any flaws and a true leader. As we mentioned before his great style of play with amazing results made football experts compare him to legendary Italian defender Franco Baresi. The manager and former footballer stated that Silva is a great defender and in June 2012 said that he considers Silva his “heir”. The gifted footballer is one of the fastest defenders of his generation due to his strong and great physic.


On 18 January, the Brazilian defender was rewarded by Fluminense's board of directors for his 100th match in the tricolor. He was awarded a shirt with the number "100" and a plaque in honor of his achievements. The footballer is highly regarded as one of Fluminense's most important performers in the 2008 Copa Libertadores, reaching the finals only to lose on penalties to

LDU Quito

. France Football named Silva as the best central defender in Ligue 1 during his 2013-14 season at PSG.

By the end of the 2013 football year, Silva was inducted into the 2013 UEFA Team of the Year for the third consecutive year, making him joint-fifth in all-time appearances. He was also voted by his fellow professionals in the 2013 FIFPro Team of the Year for the first time in his career. Aside from all the titles and awards Silva received during his career, the Samba Gold Award was an unforgettable award. This award is given to the best Brazilian footballer in Europe, as awarded by Sambafoot. In January 2013 the PSG captain was declared as the winner of the Samba Gold trophy for the third consecutive time.

Goal celebration

Thiago Silva has a particular way of goal celebration. He kneels on the ground with his fingers in the air. Find out further details about

Thiago Silva life story

in the following.

Thiago Silva Outside Football

Just with a quick look at Thiago Silva’s activity on social media you will instantly realize that the footballer cares about two things in his life, football and his family. Find out details about the footballer’s personal life in the following.

Thiago Silva Personal Life

The footballer is a married man. His wife is the stunning Isabelle da Silva. The couple first met each other back in 2000 and they are childhood sweet hearts. Isabelle is a blogger on Instagram and she posts stylish photos of herself. Nearly 500k fans follow Thiago Silva’s wife on Instagram. You can find her by the username of @bellesilva. Recently the Brazilian footballer supported his wife via a post and captioned: “I am very proud of what you have accomplished, your dedication to your Instagram posts, your YouTube channel and your tweets. I love you my blogger.”

Family, Children and Relationships

In May 2005 Silva and Isabelle tied the knot after many years of dating in a private wedding ceremony attended by their family and friends. Over twenty years of marriage Isabelle supported her man through every up and down and whenever Thiago has a game she always attends the stadium and cheers him. On November 12, 2010 Isabelle gave birth to the footballer’s first son, Isago da Silva. Just a few months later their second son was born on April 4, 2011 and they named him Iago de Silva.

As we mentioned before Silva and David Luiz used to be best friends since childhood. Now that both footballers went on and started a family that hasn’t changed. During the last World Cup both of the footballers took a cute picture of themselves along with their children. Their kids look just like themselves. The photo got viral on social media and people loved it.


On March 12, 2021, the footballer posted a photo posing for the camera while showing a custom water-cooled gaming PC designed by Nvidia and UK retailer Scan Computers for charity purposes. He captioned: “We are auctioning a signed custom TS PC and Chelsea FC football shirt to raise money for @specialeffectteam charity.” The funds raised were aiming to make a life-transforming difference around the world for gamers with even the most severe disabilities, giving them a priceless opportunity for inclusion in social and competitive gaming communities, often as an equal.

Legal issues

As far as we know Thiago Silva hasn’t been involved in any kind of legal issues.

Thiago Silva Career Statistics

Now let’s get into the details of the Brazilian defender’s career stats.


As we mentioned before Silva started his career with RS Futebol. He appeared in 25 games and scored two goals for the team. Later he went on and joined Serie A club


and made 36 appearances with 3 goals. Silva made a lot of wonders during his career along with numerous titles and awards. During his time with the blues he featured in 34 games and scored 2 goals.


On international level the footballer first got called up to the national team in the 2007 Copa América. He debuted in a friendly game against


on 15 August, as


won the game 2-0. So far the greatest defender of all time played in 93 games and scored 7 goals for his country.

Managerial Career

There were rumors that after Silva got retired he considers to continue his career as a manager. When he was asked about it he answered: “I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the plan. I do think about it, but it’s still a bit far away yet. I’ve started to prepare myself, though: last year I earned my first badges with the CBF [Brazil’s FA]. I’m fortunate to have had many great coaches, like Carlo Ancelotti and Tite, so I’ve learned lots under them. I also spoke to Lampard and Thomas Tuchel about my desire to become a manager.”

Thiago Silva honors

  • Bola de Prata: 2007

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Best Fan's Player: 2008

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Team of the Year: 2008

  • South American Team of the Year: 2008

  • Samba Gold: 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Serie A Team of the Year: 2010–11, 2011–12

  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2011, 2012, 2013

  • UEFA Champions League Team of the Group Stage: 2015

  • FIFA FIFPro World11: 2013, 2014, 2015

  • FIFA FIFPro World11 2nd team: 2016, 2017, 2018

  • FIFA Confederations Cup Dream Team: 2013[266]

  • FIFA Confederations Cup Castrol Index Top XI: 2013[364]

  • FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 2014, 2018

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