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How will Slovakia line up at UEFA Euro 2020?

Wed 09 June 2021 | 15:49

Euro 2020 is coming with some delay; no worries though! We have everything about Slovakia squad for Euro 2020 in Sportmob!

We have UEFA Euro 2020 coming toward us like a tornado! To survive this, we need all info we can gather but of course a Sportmob fan you don’t need to worry about information. We’ve always got your back! But before we start our prediction of

Slovakia Euro 2020

formation and potential players let’s get to know Slovakia’s national team.

Slovakia qualified for three major international competitions, UEFA Euro 2016, 2010 FIFA World Cup, and UEFA Euro 2020. But they got a long history in qualifying competitions; after world war II, Slovakia’s national team merged into Czechoslovakia! Slovakia didn’t play any game as an independent country for over 50 years but won EUFA Euro 1976 under the Czechoslovakia flag.

They also were in Euro 1996, Euro 2012, and Euro 2016 qualifying but they didn’t make it to Eurogames. Euro 2020 may be another story for Slovakia! So, let’s see what’s

Slovakia Euro 2020

line up?!

How will Slovakia line up at UEFA Euro 2020?

Slovakia group fixtures in Euro 2020 are as follow:

(All times CEST)

Monday 14 June:

Poland vs Slovakia

 (20:30, Krestovsky Stadium)

Friday 18 June:

Sweden vs Slovakia

 (17:30, Krestovsky Stadium)

Wednesday 23 June:

Slovakia vs Spain

 (20:30, Estadio de La Cartuja)

Slovakia will most probably use a 4-2-3-1 formation for Euro 2020 which means they will have four defenders for defending their goal, two defensive midfielders, three attacking midfielders, and one striker to continually attack the opponent. This formation keeps making the game balanced and adds more fluidity to the team.

In football, everything is about the attack and defense! the first thing you need is to keep your goal safe; then you will have time and the opportunity for attacks. As for the formation, 4-2-3-1 is one of the best formations to maintain defense and concentrate on the attack at the same time. For the team though, it’s a bit different! So, let’s get into

Slovakia Euro 2020 squad


  • Goalkeepers:

    Martin Dúbravka, Dušan Kuciak, Marek Rodák

  • Defenders:

    Peter Pekarík, Tomáš Hubočan, Milan Škriniar, Dávid Hancko, Ľubomír Šatka, Denis Vavro, Martin Valjent, Martin Koscelník

  • Midfielders:

    Marek Hamšík, Juraj Kucka, Vladimír Weiss, Róbert Mak, Ondrej Duda, Patrik Hrošovský, Ján Greguš, Stanislav Lobotka, Lukáš Haraslín, László Bénes, Roman Bezus, Tomáš Suslov, Jakub Hromada

  • Forwards:

    Michal Ďuriš, Róbert Boženík, Ivan Schranz

Now that we know

Slovakia Euro 2020 squad

, let’s find out who will play in their 4-2-3-1 formation; don’t worry, we’ve gathered all the info you need about the protentional players in our list. Here we go;

Slovakia Euro 2020

line up!

GK: Martin Dubravaka

Martin Dubravaka is the third generation of a family of goalkeepers because his father and grandfather were playing in the same position. He is one of those goalkeepers who Slovakia can count on his footwork. He even trains as a midfielder sometimes to learn their abilities!

CB: Milan Skriniar

Milan Skriniar

is known for his strong tacklers and his quick response to opponents. He is so good in the center-back position and he is the best option for a defensive midfielder. Milan Skriniar was so talented that his former manager praised him by saying: “He has always been the leader on and off the pitch. He has been described in the media as the successor to former Liverpool icon Martin Škrtel in Slovakia's defensive line. He has also drawn praise from several Italian pundits for his positional sense, as well as his ability in the air, and one-on-one situations.

CB: Lubomir Satka

Lubomir Satka

has played for Slovakia U-17, U-18, U-19, U-21 national teams. We couldn’t find any record of him playing Eurogames! But he has some abilities that make him a good choice for this position. Lubomir Satka is a speedy defender, his responses are quick and enable him to defend the goal in case of counterattacks.

LB: Tomas Hubocan


Tomas Hubocan

played his first international game for Slovakia against the United Arab Emirates in 2006. Since then, he showed how useful and talented he is. all his talents make him a potential player for Slovakia Euro 2020. He has perfect control over the ball which can help the team to defend and create goal opportunities for Slovakia.

RB: Peter Pekarik

Peter Pekarik

has played his first international game for Slovakia at the same time as Tomas Hubocan. He was part of the national team through the 2010 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 2016. Being in these tournaments means Slovakia has seen something in him.

RB: Stanislav Lobotka

 Stanislav Lobotka was called up to play in Slovakia Senior National team in November 2016. Since then, he showed an outstanding performance which can give him the chance to be in the Slovakia Euro 2020 lineup.

Stanislav Lobotka

’s strength lies within his passing ability which enables him to connect different parts of the fields.

CM: Marek Hamsik


Marek Hamsik

is known for his speed, hard-working and his tactical abilities. He is capable of playing in different positions which enables him to predict everyone’s move. He is naturally right-footed but he can use his left foot to score goals. Being a natural footballer, there is a 99 percent chance that he will be in the Slovakia Euro 2020 lineup. Pavel Nedved once said: “Hamšík is my heir. He is the footballer who most resembles me in terms of his characteristics and playing style."

AM: Ondrej Duda

Ondrej Duda made his first international debut for Slovakia in November 2014. He played in UEFA Euro 2016 and scored an equalizing goal against Wales which finally ended up in a 2-1 loss. Ondrej Duda has perfect control over the ball and his long shots abilities give him the chance to open an opponent’s goal from long distances. All these abilities make him a potential player for Slovakia Euro 2020 lineup.

LW: Robert Mak

Robert Mak was called up to play his first game as Slovakia reprehensive in August 2012 but sadly he didn’t play in any of the matches and stayed as a substitute. He played his first Euro game at the UEFA Euro qualification in 2014 in a game against Ukraine which resulted in a 1-0 win.

He is an expert in short passes and can follow the ball with his speeds. These qualities of his make him a potential player for Slovakia Euro 2020 lineup.

RW: Lukas Haraslin

Lukas Haraslin was called up to Slovakia national team in May 2019 for UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying. his abilities such as perfect control over the ball and long shoots can help the team to make more opportunities in their games.

ST: Michal Duris

Michal Duris first national team game in August 2012. He also was present in UEFA Euro 2020 qualification. His explosive speed is the key that can open any goal but of course, this ability wasn’t the only thing Slovakia counted on! Michal Duris is a talented dribbler and can score goals with long shoots. This is why he may be in Slovakia Euro 2020 lineup

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