AC Milan's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

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Big football fans always follow every new item in the football world, especially when it comes to their favorite teams. The following article is related to AC Milan home, away, and third kits for 2021-22. To get more about the details of their new jersey, join us through the article.

Almost always, we know all football clubs through their jersey, which they have presented themselves by them during the years. Combinations of various colors and patterns, besides a wide range of details, make the kit of each club unique, which caused them to look different from the others.

In the following article, in addition to uncovering Milan's 2021-22 home, away, and third kit, whose red and black striped jersey has always represented the club throughout its entire history, we have taken a look at its jersey history.

There is an idea behind the colors that red comes from the thought of players' fiery passion, and black refers to the rivals' fear to challenge the team. The colors also have earned the club's nickname, Rossoneri, which in Italy means "the red & black."

However, it is not the only club's nickname. The other one comes from the image of a red devil as the club's logo beside a Golden Star for Sport Excellen ce. The history behind the star relates to the club's winning ten league titles in 1979. 

AC Milan's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022 

Stay with us in an overview of Milan's kits in 2021-22.

AC Milan's History

Founded in 1899, A.C. Mian is one of the professional football clubs in Milan, Italy. With all due respect to Milan's origins, the club has kept its English spelling. The abbreviation 'AC' at the beginning of the club's name stands for Associazione Calcio, which in English means "kicking club."

The name comes from its nature which was partly football and partly a cricket club. It had not passed so long that the football part became predominant and caused the club a rebrand to Milan FC in 1919. However, the assigned name changed again to the previous one. 

Reviewing the club history will reveal a brilliant record for it in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football, since the 1929-30 season. However, during the 1980-81 and 1982-83 seasons, they could not perform their best as well as they deserved.

In 1901, Milan achieved its first Italian championship and won two more others during two consecutive years in 1906 and 1907. As their achievements, 18 FIFA and UEFA awards, show, joint with 

Boca Juniors

, they have placed fourth highest out of any club and the most out of all Italian clubs.

Besides the mentioned trophies,

A.C. Milan

has recorded a joint one in its history, including three International Cups, one FIA Club World Cup, and the Cup Winners' Cup two times. In addition, they have achieved European Cup/Champions League titles seven times, considered as Italian record, and the UEFA Super Cup a joint one five times.

According to the number of league titles, 18, that Mian has earned, it has placed themselves third most successful club in Serie A. The second most successful club is Milan's local opponent, Inter Milan, which with 19 league titles, has placed Milan behind themselves.

Their other rival is 


, which by owning 36 league titles, has earned the place of the first successful club in Serie A. Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana are two of the other achievements that Milan gained them respectively five and seven times. Milan appears in home games in SanSiro, known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, which is the largest football stadium in Italy, with a total of 75,923 seats for spectators. 

The Club's Rivalries

In 1908, through signing with foreign football players, which led to an internal disagreement, the club experienced a split. The splitting caused the formation of another Milan-based club, Internazionale. Following these changes, Milan could not win a single domestic title in the 1950-51 season.

In 1963, by beating


, Milan gained its first continental title in the final competition of the European Cup. Three years later, they earned the same success again and also won the intercontinental title. 

As one of the wealthiest clubs in the Italian and football world, AC Milan has a long-standing rivalry with Inter, which contests with them in one of the most followed derbies in football, Derby della Madonnina.

As the history of these two clubs shows, Mian's supporters came from the city's working-class, and Inter Mian's followers were mainly from the more prosperous middle class. Having over 18.4 million fans has led Milan to be the thirteenth club with the highest average attendance amongst European football clubs during the 2019-20 season.

Although after a fight between Genoa and Milan's fans, which led to former death, Genoa's supporters consider Milan as their hated opponent, Milan knew its neighbor club, Inter Milan, as the main rival. These two clubs meet each other twice every Serie A season in the widely anticipated Derby della Madonnina.

The matches between the clubs have usually been full of excitement, though occasionally have led to some problems for them. In the Champions League quarter-final in 2004-05, which following throwing a flare from Inter supporters, caused a hurt on the Milan goalkeeper Dida's shoulder and led to the match abandonment.

In addition to the rivalry between Milan and Inter, the football world considers the competition between the former and Juventus FC as the one between the two most titled Italian teams. Owning a greater basin of fans, turnover, and stock market value in Italy have confronted more challenges for the two clubs.

The matches between them are almost the championship of Serie A that both clubs try to place themselves in the top position of standing. However, Milan has rivalries with two other Italian clubs, Roma and Napoli.

Milan's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

Before talking about the details of 

Milan's home, away, and third kits for 2021-22

, it is better to review the history of their jersey. They usually appeared in white shorts and black socks as part of their home's jersey, and the strip of the away one has been white.

Both the club and its fans recall it as a lucy strip in the Champions League finals because, throughout eight finals that they have appeared, they finish six of them in victory results and lost two others against




respectively in 1995 and 2005. 

Their third kit, which they rarely appear in, has been black with red in recent seasons. 

AC Milan's 2021-22 Home Kit

In 1981, AC Milan appeared by the jersey, which Linea Milan had produced. Since then, the club kit manufacturers have changed over the years till now. They have worn the kits produced by the top and famous companies, such as Adidas. Since 2018, Puma has been Milan's jersey's supplier with the Emirate brand and the Emirate Group sponsorship. 

Through unveiling 

Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits

, the club surpassed its rivals in showing the new version of the jersey while there have been remained a few other games of the 2020-21 Serie A campaign. In the 2021-22 season, Rossoneri has followed their traditional design, red with black stripes. They also have kept their partnership with Puma, the manufacturers in several previous years, in 2021-22.

In 2021-22, Milan's players appeared in matches with the kits that Puma had produced via its ongoing theme, 'Crafted from Culture.' It had inspired the club's jersey's design, a design containing a subtle pattern print located on top of the stripping. The pattern's idea comes from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest shopping mall in Italy.

As one of the Serie A outstanding clubs, on May 11, they unveiled Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits, while they had applied a fresh spin on the traditional red and black stripes. Based on the published context on authentic websites, the idea behind the new design is a kind of "inspiration from the energy, creativity, and style of Milan." 

In the following, we have explained more through presenting the manufacturer's words. The first change rather than previous models that is noticeable at first glance is differences in the pattern of the stripes. It starts from a thick black one in the center, and by moving outward, it becomes narrower.

The idea of stripes with various stripes comes from the model of new skyscrapers in Milan, which wants to intend the late state of the spirit of Milan, futuristic and wild. It also wants to stress one of the other Milan's remarkable features, open to the influences of international culture. In addition to the mentioned change, the manufacturer has applied another one, particularly set-in sleeves making.

As a result, the manufacturers have increased the range of arm motion, which caused players to have greater comfort on the pitch and the club's fans in the stands. The V-neck collar of the jersey is red with the Puma logo. There is also the sponsor text in white. 

The patch, located at the bottom of the new jersey, is proof of authenticity, which means they have imported Milan 2021-22 season hoe, away, and 3rd kits from the official source, like other years. 

They have prepared black shorts and socks for the described shirt, though depending on the color of their opposition, white shorts and socks are available too. They appeared with the new jersey for the first time on May 15, through the competition between AC Mila Women and Sassuolo in a league matchup. 

On May 16, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his other teammates turned out in the new strip through the match against Cagliari at the San Siro. The team's captain, Alessio Romagnoli, described his feeling about 

Milan's 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits

 and said, "The new kit looks modern, and you can truly see where the inspiration for the stripes comes from it.

It is a great representation of Milan's new and expanding skyline." Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan's chief revenue officer, added that "We are very proud to be launching our new home kit today and debuting it on the pitch for the first time with our Women's team. Once again, Puma's new jersey captures the true essence of Milan, a unique blend of football, fashion, and culture that truly sets this club and this city apart."

Though the colors and the striped design of Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits have many similarities with the previous model, there are some differences. The new jersey's design is with some classic Rossoneri horizontal stripes.

Instead of the usual width and spacing that we have seen in previous models, some changes have happened to the bands, which caused them to look with irregular patterns. Based on the explanation of manufacturers Puma regarding 

Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits

, the ripple design reflects the historic city of Milan in 2021.

Additionally, they wanted to present its cultural mix of ancient tradition and innovative modern creativity. According to Puma's experts, the new design reflects the ever-changing nature of the Milanese skyline, which evokes old classic cathedrals and opera houses beside vast skyscrapers like the "Vertical Forest" buildings, the Straight, the Twisted, and the Curved. 

They have placed the club's slogan, "Sempre Milan," on the back of the jersey, near the collar. One of the other features of Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits refers to the materials that manufacturers used.

They made it from 100% recycled polyester with advanced PUMA dryCELL thermoregulation technology. The used materials and Ultra-light jacquard structure, located into the back of the jersey, cause a clean fit and maximum flexibility, which leads to high-level breathability during an intense performance. 

Alessio Romagnoli, the 26-yar-old center-back of the club, said, "Wearing the red and black colors day in and day out gives me immense pride. The new kit looks modern, and you can truly see where the inspiration for the stripes comes from- it is a great representation of Milan's new and expanding skyline." The EXPO 2015, which took place in Milan, is the base reason for the modern design that Puma has chosen for AC Milan in 2021-22. They wanted to depict that the city is not looking at the past and has focused on the future.

AC Milan's 2021-22 Away Kit

As the published photos regarding Milan 2021-22 season home, away, and 3rd kits show, the soccer blog, Todo Sobre Camisetas, has proclaimed a fact about 

Milan away kit for 2021-22 leaks

. According to the announcement, the club's away kit could be an off-white color.

They have also placed the club's name across the chest. However, as the photos show Puma Milan 2021-22 away kit is a combination of colors, including "Afterglow" and "Tango Red." The former is light gold, beige color, and the latter is a standard red shade, which there are some designs on the shirt in it. That was all published features regarding Milan away kit for 2021-22 leaks, which authentic sources have published.

AC Milan's 2021-22 Third Kit

Todo Sobre Camisetas leaked the Puma Milan 2021-22 third jersey. The AC Milan 2020-21 third jersey has displayed a modern color scheme, a black background designed with a red blast. However, what Milan's fans predicted and expected formerly was a mainly red jersey with black applications. As the final version of the kit shows, they have placed the Emirates Fly Better logo on its front.

The design-wise of the Milan 2020-21 third kit has followed Puma's global streamlined design language. One change on the leaked kit is that instead of displaying the crest o the left chest, they have surrounded lettering AC Milan between two horizontal lines on the front.

However, there has been a reason behind the idea, the motto of the Puma Milan 2020-21 third kit. It says, "It is your crest that may change over time, but it is your name that leaves a legacy." By using a detailed design of the Milan crest, the manufacturer has rounded off the stylish look. The shorts are black with a red monochromatic Milan crest, and the socks are black with red horizontal lines, which have completed the whole uniform. 

Though AC Milan has always had famous and prominent suppliers, the last two ones, Adidas and Puma, are more known brands than others. Adidas supplied the club's kits during two periods, which through the last one which lasted from 1998 to 2018. The value of the contract for five years, 2013 to 2018, was €20 million per year.

Though the original duration for the contract was for a 10-year period, between 2013 and 2023, both Adidas and AC Milan terminated the contract prematurely under mutual consent earlier at the end of the 2017-18 season.

Afterward, Puma became the club's supplier, which following the contract announcement in February 2018, it has provided the club's kits. As the published facts about the value of the contract show, it has been Between €10 million and 15 million per year. 

In the presented article, in addition to uncovering 

Milan 2021-22 home, away, and third kit

, whose red and black striped jersey has always represented the club throughout its entire history, we have taken a look at its jersey history.

Within the article, we uncovered all related details to all three kits of Milan in 2021-22. Though our team in 


tried to cover every fact to the topic, if there are any other points we have not mentioned, let us know through sharing in the comment section.




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