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Fatih Terim Biography

Tue 08 June 2021 | 10:30

An Emperor, a glorious legend in the coaching area, and a leader with the capability of making a united army in a blink of an eye. Fatih Terim is one of the great legends in Turkey, so today, we will talk and write about Fatih Terim's biography.

Who knows Fatih Terim, the Emperor on whom the Fiorentina and Milan fans rested so many hopes? What happened to the charismatic Turkish coach, considered the best coach in the history of the country? Currently, Terim is still fully active on the bench of Galatasaray, the most symbolic team in Turkey.

Fatih Terim was born on September 4, 1953, in Adana, Turkey. Everybody Knows Terim with his successful times on the bench of Galatasaray and the Turkish national team, but for some reason, the main turning point in his life was coaching AC Milan. Terim made an agreement with Berlusconi's AC Milan. The beginning gave good hope - remember the 4-2 in the derby, but it was a failure at the end of the day.

His career then alternated between Galatasaray and the Turkish national, which he failed to take the team to the World Cup. Terim's Galatasaray has always been a terrifying team for opponents. Fatih Terim had a fine career as a player, both for club and country, but he is above all the man who coached Turkey during its rise to be a force in international football; and guided Galatasaray to the top levels of competition in Europe.

Fatih Terim nationality

is Turkish, and he is known as one of the respected people in Turkish football history. Fatih Terim was a great defender and, no one can deny it; he is one of the legends of Galatasaray. Sure it is not all about Terim's life story as there is so much to say. Stay tuned as we take a look at Fatih Terim biography.

All You Need to Know About Fatih Terim Biography

Fatih Terim was born on September 4, 1953, in Adana,


, and is now 67. Terim began to leave his mark on Turkish and European football in 1993, when, after three years of experience with the Under 21 team, he moved to the helm of the Turkish senior national team.  The new coach works on Turkish players' athletic training, nutrition, and psyche, and the results are there for all to see.

Turkish football grew exponentially in those years, and in 1996, Turkey won their first qualification for a final phase of the European Championships, finishing in 2nd place in qualifying Group 3 behind Switzerland. With some pillars such as the legendary goalkeeper Rustu Recber, defender Alpay and the strongest center forward in Turkish football, Hakan Sukur, Terim's side were included in Group D with Croatia, Denmark, and Portugal. Portugal dominated the group.

After having won a lot with Galatasaray, 'The Emperor’ - he is nicknamed for his passion for Napoleon Bonaparte, as he keeps a portrait of him at home - returned to lead Turkey for the second time in the summer of 2005. He finished the qualifying round at the World Cup in 2nd place but then lost the decisive play-off against Switzerland. 

The Swiss imposed 2-0 at home but lost 4-2 away with many final brawls with overheated spirits on both sides. Although Turkey did not participate in the World Cup in Germany, in 2008, Terim took the team, who finished 2nd behind Greece in the elimination round, to the Euro in Austria. Their style was a mix of great competitive spirit and offensive football.

Thanks to the new generation of Turkish players, qualifying for the quarter-finals as 2nd in Group A arrived. In the quarterfinals,

Arda Turan

and his teammates won 2-4 on penalties, took revenge on Croatia, and even earned the right to play for the final in the semifinal against Germany.

However, Terim's team faced a difficult challenge with many absences, such as suspensions and injuries. Following a historic result for Turkey, Terim was confirmed at his helm with a contract until 2012. But the 2010 World Cup path was rather tortuous, and a bad defeat against Belgium in October 2009 caused 'The Emperor' to resign. There is a lot to said about this man, so keep reading as better parts are yet to come.

Fatih Terim Information

In this part of Fatih Terim biography, you could find some general information about Fatih Terim listed down here.

Fatih Terim Bio

  • Full Name: Fatih Terim

  • Nickname: “Grande”, “Emperor”

  • Profession: Former Professional Football Player and Active Football Manager

Fatih Terim Physical Stats

  • Weight: 78 Kilograms

  • Height: 1.72 Meters

  • Eye Color: Dark Brown

  • Hair Color: Grey

Fatih Terim Football Information

  • Position: Defender

  • Jersey Number: 5

  • Professional Debut: 1967

Fatih Terim Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 4 September 1953

  • Birth Place: Adana, Turkey

  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

  • Nationality: Turkish

Fatih Terim Early Life

Born in Adana, he became interested in football at an early age. Fatih Terim was born on September 4, 1953 in Adana, Turkey.

Fatih Terim childhood

was not all about football.

Fatih Terim was born on September 4, 1953 in Adana. Terim, the son of a low-income family, worked in many different jobs with his father. The eldest son of three children, Fatih experienced a difficult childhood as part of an impoverished family. His father, Talat Terim, was physically disabled, and, as a result, Fatih worked a variety of manual labor jobs to provide for his family from childhood.

"I won't say I was a poor child or something. My childhood passed like that, but I was a pleased child. I don't need to look for an idol; my father is a vital idol for me, even though he has a disability in one foot. He has contributed a lot to me." Fatih Terim once said in an interview. He learned to play football on the streets with other kids, and his father, seeing his talent, prayed for his son to become a famous football player. 

Terim's passion for football stood out against his disinterest and failure in school. His father's wish to also have his son graduate from vocational high school ended with disappointment as Terim dropped out of high school during his second year.

Fatih Terim started his football career with Ceyhanspor. Afterward, he played for

Adana Demirspor

and Galatasaray football teams. It is also known that Fatih Terim, who played in Galatasaray for 11 years, was often involved in judicial events. Fatih Terim, who was also in detention a few times, announced that he had quit football as of 1985. While Fatih Terim's football career was short-lived, his coaching career began.

He served Turkish football in this field for many years. He is a Turkish coach and former national football player who played in the Libero position.

Fatih Terim life story

is filled with memories of glorious flashes, which probably makes him one of the best characters in football history.

Fatih Terim Profile

In this section of 

Fatih Terim biography

, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now. Advancing in his career as a coach, Fatih Terim became the head coach of Ankaragucu in 1987. Terim, who brought great success to the team, coached Goztepe between 1980-1990. In 1990, he assisted German coach Sepp Piontek, who coached the national team. In 1993, he became the head coach of the national team, and in 1996 he took the team to the European championship. Fatih Terim, who did not show much success in this period, returned to Galatasaray again.

He won the Super Lig title 4 times from 1996-2000. In 2000, he brought the UEFA Cup to Turkey for the first time in history. In the 200-2001 season, he resumed his career by managing Fiorentina. He then managed

AC Milan

until 2003. In addition, he came to Galatasaray again in the same year. However, he was sacked in 2004 as a result of repeated failures. In 2005, he became the coach of the national team again.

He resigned from his position on 19 October 2009. On May 17, 2011, he became the manager of Galatasaray for the third time. In 2012, he became the coach who won the most championships in league history with 5 Super Lig titles. Finally, as of 2017, he took over Galatasaray again. Stay tuned to read more about Fatih Terim Biography and get to know him better.

Style of Play

Regarding Fatih Terim’s style of play, he used to play as defender. He was a solid and good defender, and probably, for this reason, he has been named as Galatasaray captain for years and years.

Coaching Style

Fatih Terim is the most successful and well-known Turkish manager. Regarding Fatih Terim Coaching Style, it can say that he gives a lot of enthusiasm to his players. In fact, he tries to use 120% of the power of the players by entering their minds, and that is why all his players play at their best. Of course, there are some criticisms about Fatih Trim's tactics.

In his autobiography, Andrea Pirlo mentioned that Terim did not have sufficient tactical knowledge to work at the top level. His latest managerial achievements are with Galatasaray between 2011 and 2013. For the first time in his long managerial career, he managed to get through to the second leg in the Champions League and won the Turkish league but still, something was missing.

Nobody knew what the tactical plan on the pitch was. Galatasaray wanted to play the game in the opponents’ half with high pressure and high defensive line and create a maximum possible confusion.


Fatih Terim is 67 and has retired from football in 1985. Netflix Turkey announced they would make a special documentary about the life of Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim, who is a legendary figure in Turkish football, especially thanks to the UEFA Cup victory.

Netflix’s announcement made the headlines on Turkish language Twitter as social media users exchanged ideas about the documentary's name. One of the favorites among Galatasaray fans was “Grande Terim” – the Great Terim – as fans of


and AC Milan, two clubs Terim trained in Italy, called him.

Even though he achieved success at the national team's helm, too, bringing the national team to the semi-finals in EURO 2008, Terim shines more in his Galatasaray career. Being the most successful coach in the history of the Turkish Super Lig, he has clinched 20 trophies so far, indicating that no other coach has won more cups than him.

Goal Celebration

There is not much information about Fatih Terim goal celebration as he was a defender, but one thing is for sure: Fatih Terim great passion and leadership in the team.

Fatih Terim Outside Football

Fatih Terim outside football, is a very respected person, but Fatih also has a story like every person. He has a great effect on the media. He can manage the news to prevent having to own up to certain failures.

If he manages Galatasaray and realizes that he will fail, then the media takes control and provides an easy way out for Mr. Terim. Wherever he goes, be it the national team or Galatasaray, it’s all the same. The media protects him and provides him with a safe way out from any job. Some media members quite like and respect him, while others are afraid of him. There is a huge love and hate relation between Terim and the Turkish press, but you can rarely see a bad reflection in the media about him.

As a result, everyone should respect him as he knows what he wants, and he has created an environment to obtain what he needs. Stay tuned to read more about 

Fatih Terim biography

 and get to know him better.

Fatih Terim Personal Life

Many people may roughly know about Fatih Terim's personal life. He is a committed man who has always been with his family, so you will probably get less information in this part. We should also note that

Fatih Terim religion

is Islam.

Family, Children and Relationships

Fatih Terim, 67, is originally from Adana and has been married to Fulya Terim since 1982. Fulya Terim and Fatih Terim had two daughters, Merve and Buse. Buse Terim is married to Volkan Bahcekapili, and they have 2 children. The eldest daughter Merve is married to Ahmet Baran Cetin, and they have a son. 


Fatih Terim has done charity work with Red Card. Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity. It was established in January 1996, thanks in part to a donation by then Newcastle United goalkeeper Shaka Hislop.

Show Racism the Red Card works extensively across the UK and has offices in North East England, East England (also covering South East England and London), Scotland (Glasgow), and Wales (Cardiff). In Scotland and


, the campaign also plays a role in tackling racism within professional and grass-roots football.

Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim did not die out about the events that followed the death of George Floyd in the USA and shared a post on his Instagram account. Galatasaray Technical Director Fatih Terim gave the message "No to racism" while sharing a black photo on his account. This post of Fatih Terim received thousands of likes in a short time. No wonder, we said that Fatih Terim is an exceptional person. Keep reading to know more about Fatih Terim biography and see if he has had any legal issues so far or not.

Legal Issues

We have already said in a part of the article that Fatih Terim was a controversial person. After Terim and his two sons-in-law were involved in a fight with a restaurant owner, Turkey's football federation said they had parted ways with Fatih Terim.

The veteran manager faced police probes after the incident. He and his bodyguards reportedly trashed the restaurant over an ongoing petty row with a neighboring steakhouse owned by his son-in-law. Fatih Terim, Turkey's national football head coach, left his job two weeks after being involved in a brawl in a holiday town, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) said in a statement.

According to the Turkish media, Terim and five other men were injured in the incident, making headlines in a country where football is king. After giving specific information about Fatih Terim's legal issues, we go to the next part, the Fatih Terim career statistics part.

Fatih Terim Career Statistics

Fatih Terim statistics are just fantastic. Fatih Terim signed a professional contract in the 1969 and went on to appear in 125 games, helping Adana Demirspor reach Super Lig. In 1974, he transferred to Galatasaray and in 11 seasons, made 327 appearances for the Aslans. He scored 12 goals for Adana Demirspor and 16 goals for Galatasaray.

Fatih Terim, who has served as the Technical Director of Ankaragucu,


, Galatasaray, Fiorentina, Milan, and Turkey National Team from past to present, has been referred to as the Emperor in Turkey and as the 'Grande' in Italy.


Fatih was running the ball in Adana Demirspor's youth team. He was successful with a passion that did not go unnoticed. So much so that while no one in the youth team received any money, Fatih's salary was ₺150. This money, which was paid to motivate him and give him his due, was given secretly from other football players.

He was ambitious. He was working hard. He ran so fast that no one could catch up with him. And it was a great thing for him to be making money on top of the football he loved so much. He was happy. Within 3 years, his hard work paid off and he was promoted to captain. The excitement of the first time he put the captain's arm on his arm could not match any excitement in his young heart.

He wore Adana Demirspor jersey for 6 more years. Fatih, now more experienced, was blowing like a storm on the green fields as a striker in 1972. The match in which Adanaspor defeated Galatasaray 1-0 was a turning point in Fatih's life. For 90 minutes, his dance with football was eye-catching.

He was transferred to Galatasaray Sports Club for ₺1.650m. Fatih Terim ran for Galatasaray until he retired from football in 1985. He wanted to memorize his farewell with golden letters. He immortalized this moment by landing on the field by helicopter for his jubilee. Especially for football fans, this moment will definitely not be forgotten. Fatih Terim said goodbye to football with a cool football show.

On the field, he was getting more ambitious, irritable, and never left the leader line. His image in the football world became even tougher after he spits on the referee in a match. However, Galatasaray fans were happy with him. He assumed the team captaincy for the first time in Adana Demirspor, this time with greater enthusiasm. Perhaps one of the biggest factors in making him one of the most beloved players of all time in Galatasaray was that he successfully served as the captain throughout his career.


Fatih played for the first time in the national game on April 20, 1975, in which


drew 1-1 away. Fatih Terim was the favorite player on the pitch. He also made a great impact on the National Team.

These achievements made him a constant player of the team as Fatih played 7 times in the Turkey U-19 team, 10 times in the Turkey U-21 team, and 51 times in the Turkish National Team. He scored 2 goals with Turkey Jersey. The Turkey-Hungary match on April 4, 1984, was Fatih Terim's last international match. This match also ended in a goalless draw.


His first experiences on the bench were with Ankaragucu and then Goztepe, before the call of the Turkish Under 21 national team in 1990. 

Promoted to the leadership of the senior national team in 1993, Terim manages to conquer the historic qualification for the 1996 European Championships. After Euro '96, he returned to Galatasaray, with which he won 4 Super Lig titles and the 2000 UEFA Cup.

The excellent results achieved at home gained him the call of Serie A. In the summer of 2000, he signed with Fiorentina, but after an excellent first part of the season, the conflicts with the club pushed him to resign. In the meantime, Milan appreciates his technical and human qualities and entrusts him with the legacy of Zaccheroni. After a few months, however, in November 2001, the Rossoneri decided to sack him due to the extremely unsatisfactory results.

A few months after the end of the Rossoneri experience, Terim signs again for Galatasaray, with whom he remains until 2004. This time the results betray him, and the Emperor decides to withdraw from the scene temporarily. In 2005 he returned to the national team, with which he failed to qualify for the 2006 and 2010 World Cups but obtained a brilliant third place at the 2008 European Championships. Stay tuned to read more about

Fatih Terim biography

 and find out what awards and titles he has won.

Historic qualification for the quarter-finals of the Champions League in 2013. In the same year, he was again appointed coach of Turkey, with which he qualified for the 2016 European Championships. In 2017 he wrote a new chapter in his history with yet another return to the club of his life, with which he hit the double championship cup in 2018.

Fatih Terim Honors

Fatih Terim as a player, won the Turkish Super Cup in 1982 with Galatasaray. He also won the Turkish Cup three times with Galatasaray. As a manager, he also has achievements such as winning 5 Turkish Super Cups and 8 Super Lig titles. Terim also has won other titles with Galatasaray, most notably his UEFA Cup win over



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