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Top Facts About Jordan Veretout, The Mister Consistent of Roma

Thu 10 June 2021 | 16:30

In today’s article we put our focus on French box to box midfielder Jordan Veretout who is currently playing for AS Roma in Italy. We are going to reveal some top facts about Jordan Veretout personal life and his footballing career.

Jordan Veretout was born on March 1st 1993 in a small town named Ancenis in western France. So at the time of publishing this article

Jordan Veretout age

is 28 years old. Jordan is a right footed midfielder who is recognized with his great determination on the football pitch. In the last couple of season he was arguably one of the best midfielders in Italy’s Serie A and it seems that he is in the peak of his career.

In addition to his career stats and his journey to become a top level football player, in the following article we are going to talk about some top facts about Jordan Veretout personal life, Jordan Veretout wife and children,

Jordan Veretout salary

and net worth.  So if you are interested in this talented French football player personal life and want to know what is going on with him off the pitch, you have come to the right place!

Quick Top Facts About Jordan Veretout

So if you are in a kind of a hurry and can’t wait to learn some facts about Jordan Veretout, then it’s a good idea to start with some short

top facts about Jordan Veretout

before we get down to know him in details. Below is a list of short quick facts about the French midfielder:

  • Full Name: Jordan Marcel Gilbert Veretout

  • Nicknames: Mister Consistent

  • Date of Birth: 1 March 1993

  • Place of Birth: Ancenis, France

  • Current Age: 28

  • Nationality: French

  • Height: 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Weight: 67 kg

  • Position: Central Midfielder

  • Preferred Foot: Right

  • Jersey Number: 17

  • Ligue 2 winner in 2012–13 season with Nantes

  • FIFA U-20 World Cup winner in 2013 with France

Current Team:  

AS Roma



Now it’s the time to start revealing some top facts about

Jordan Veretout personal life

and how he made his way to become the player that he is today. Stay tuned.

Top Facts About Jordan Veretout Parents and Family

Jordan Veretout was born and raised in a middle class family in France. He was the second child to his parents who were blessed by two other girls.

Jordan Veretout parents

always supported their son and played a huge role in helping him to develop his talents as a professional football player. Jordan’s mother name is Sophie Veretout and his father’s name is Lionel Veretout and they are currently living in France.

Lionel used to take Jordan Veretout to watch the Nantes games in the Stade de la Beaujoire stadium when he was a little boy. Since then Jordan Veretout became a Nantes fan and eventually he ended up to wear their yellow shirt in his early career days. Jordan Veretout also has two siblings which grow with them as a kid. His older sister is named Audrey and the little sister is named Chole.

Top Facts About Jordan Veretout Childhood

Jordan Veretout had a more or less similar childhood to every other kid back then in France. He grew up in Ancenis which was a small town between Nantes and Angers. Two cities that have popular football clubs in French top divisions. So Jordan Veretout had to choose one of them and he chose Les Canaries (The Canaries - FC Nantes nickname). His dad took him to the stadium to watch the matches and since then Jordan Veretout fell in love with football and imagined himself as one of the players on the green pitch.

He even used to play at home on his own and sometimes he broke windows with his powerful shots! He tried to watch every single game from TV and also he enjoyed watching other sports like tennis or basketball. So it’s fair to say that one way or another, Jordan Veretout was meant to be an athletic in the coming years. One of the top facts about

Jordan Veretout childhood

is that he was able to witness the last Nantes championship in Ligue 1 from the stands in 2001. In that time Jordan Veretout age was about 8 years old.

Jordan Veretout joined his first football club when he was only five years old. The club was called Belligne which was located in his hometown village. He played there for five straight years and at the age of 10, one of the region’s biggest clubs came across to sign him and that club was

FC Nantes

. So it was a dream came true for little Jordan. He had a lot of Nantes posters on his bedroom wall and joining the same team that his childhood idols were playing at was everything he wanted as a kid.

Everything About Jordan Veretout Early Career

Jordan Veretout fitted well in Nantes youth squads and one after another progressed through the ranks until he was ready to take part in senior squad. As a prospect in Nantes youth academy, Jordan Veretout idolized some popular Nantes players such as Marama Vahirua,  Stephane Ziani, and Eric Carriere. These were the players that inspired him to grow and develop his skills as a capable midfielder. He also took note watching legends like Xavi, Andres Iniesta and

Cesc Fabregas

. It’s simple; you can’t be a top level midfielder without watching some of the best midfielders in the game and Jordan Veretout knew that.

On the age of 18, Jordan Veretout finally got the chance to make his senior debut for Nantes in a Ligue 2 match. It was thanks to Landry Chauvin who was Nantes coach at the time. He had a good reputation for being able to work with youngsters in his squad and Jordan Veretout used this chance to show himself as a talented teenager with a bright future in front of him. As Jordan Veretout mentioned in an interview lately, Chauvin played him as much as possible, even when Jordan wasn’t as good as other players in his position. That shows how much believe the coach had in Jordan Veretout.

Just after spending one year in England and getting relegated with Aston Villa, Jordan Veretout decided to come back to his home country and this time it was Saint-Etienne who welcomed him back home. Now that he was far away from the gloomy weather of Birmingham, he managed to get back on form and once again people recognized him as one of the best box to box midfielders in

Ligue 1


Just after one season in Saint-Etienne once again Jordan Veretout had the chance to move abroad and experience playing for another top team in one of Europe’s top five leagues. This time it was Fiorentina that approached him in the summer of 2017 and paid €7.00m to buy him from Aston Villa after his loan spell at


came to an end. He spent two successful seasons at Florence and the coach Stefano Pioli helped him to understand the Italian culture and settle in as a person in Italy.

The next coach that had a great impact on Jordan Veretout career was Michel Der Zakarian. Before Zakarian, Veretout tended to play as near as possible to the opposition box. But Zakarian was a defensive minded coach and demanded his players to take part in the defensive phase of the game. So he tried to change the mindset of Jordan Veretout and make him a complete midfielder who can help his team to stop the attacks and cover the spaces on the defensive half of the pitch. Jordan Veretout showed that he had the ability to learn those tactical instructions and after three years with Zakarian, he was an all-round player who was ready to take a big step in his career.

In 2013, Jordan Veretout played a huge part in the Nantes squad and helped them to get back to the top flight after a few years. He stayed with Nantes for another two seasons and in the summer of 2015 Jordan Veretout joined Aston Villa for a transfer fee of €10.00m which was his first ever transfer since he never left Nantes from the age of 10. But things didn’t go well in England for Jordan Veretout.

Aston Villa

was struggling to avoid relegation in that season and they rarely experienced the joy of winning matches. Although Jordan Veretout was a regular starter in Villa’s squad and had a lot of playing time, losing games one after another wasn’t helping and he didn’t enjoy his time in the Premier League. In addition to that, the weather in Birmingham was mostly rainy, and for a guy coming from western France that wasn’t quite comforting. So all of this made him leave Aston Villa just after one season and come back to France on a loan transfer.

Coming Back to France

Top Facts About Jordan Veretout Wife and Children

Jordan Veretout met his soul mate Sabrina when he was playing for Nantes. One of the top facts about

Jordan Veretout wife

is that she is only two weeks younger than Jordan and they are both 28 years old at the time of writing this article. Her full name is Sabrina Merlos and you can follow

Jordan Veretout wife Instagram account

to stay up to date about her personal life!

Jordan and Sabrina were blessed with two baby girls. But there are no reliable top facts about

Jordan Veretout children

names. We know that their first girl is about 6 years old and it seems that the second daughter is about 4 years old. Jordan Veretout cares a lot about his family and actually one of the reasons that convinced him to leave Aston Villa just after one season was that his wife didn’t like living in Birmingham back then.

Jordan Veretout Social Media Accounts and Personal Life

Jordan Veretout social media accounts

are limited to an Instagram account and a Twitter account.

Jordan Veretout Instagram account 

has more than 167k followers and as suggested on his bio, he put his family first. So you could find a lot of pictures and videos of Jordan Veretout children and his lovely wife. The happy Veretout family also has a cute dag as a pet which is apparently an important part of the family.

Jordan Veretout Twitter account

also has about 15k followers.

One of the

top facts about Jordan Veretout

personal life is that he is obsessed with sports and enjoys watching and following different sports from TV, just like when he was a kid! He also is a TV series fan and he mentioned the Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, and Power as his favorite shows. He also is a fan of Italian crime series Gomorrah which is quite popular amongst Italians and even people from all around the world.

Top Facts About Jordan Veretout Net worth and Salary

Jordan Veretout is playing professional football since he was a teenager. It means that he is earning a big amount of money for more than a decade which led to a huge net worth.

Jordan Veretout net worth

is estimated to be at least €8m which is more than enough for a man at his age. Apart from playing football, Jordan Veretout earns from sponsorship deals with big companies such as Adidas.

One of the other

top facts about Jordan Veretout

is that he signed his last contract with AS Roma in the September 1st 2020 and according to that contract, Jordan Veretout salary is €3.1m per year. That was a four year contract and it means that he will be earning that salary until 2024 unless he renews with Roma or joins another club and signs a new contract. Although he earns a lot for a man at his age, he is not into showing off his wealth with riding super sports cars or buying big mansions. Apparently he is living a simple peaceful life and is trying to keep his focus on playing football more than anything else.

 Top Facts About Jordan Veretout Transfermarket Stats and Playing Style

As mentioned many times in this article, Jordan Veretout is a box to box midfielder. It means that

Jordan Veretout stats

in terms of goals and assists couldn’t be that high. He is that type of players that you need to watch the games in order to find out how important he is for his team. He could carry the ball from his own box to the opposition’s box and create a chance out of nothing.

Jordan Veretout has some top defending skills such as covering spaces and intercepting the ball. In addition to that he is also very capable in taking long shots, scoring free kicks and penalty kick. Jordan Veretout stats in the 2020-21 season shows that he scored 11 goals in all completions and that is due to the fact that he is taking penalties for Roma since last year.  He also managed to produce five assists for his teammates.

One of the

top facts about Jordan Veretout

is that he was a part of France U20 squad that managed to win the FIFA U20 World Cup in 2013. In that team he was considered as one of the top talents alongside players like Paul Pogba, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Alphonse Areola,

Kurt Zouma

, Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Digne, Florian Thauvin and many others. Jordan Veretout played for the national team on various age groups but up to this day he didn’t get called up to make his international debut on senior level.

Another fact about Jordan Veretout transfermarket stats is that he is amongst top 40 most valuable players in Serie A and also he is Roma’s third most valuable player at the moment. He moved from


to Roma in the summer of 2019 for the transfer fee of €16.00m plus add-ons. At that time also AC Milan was in the race to bring the Mister Consistent to San Siro but he chose to play for the Giallorossi. In the summer of 2020 there were rumors that Napoli has him as a target but at the end nothing happened and Jordan Veretout remained a Roma player and it seems he is not going anywhere at least for another season.

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