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Top facts about Jamal Musiala, Bayern’s new talent

Bayern Munich's latest wonderkid, Jamal Musiala, is currently playing in the best side in the world's first team, scoring goals and looking comfortable at that level. Read on to find out more top facts about Jamal Musiala.

Despite being only 19,

Jamal Musiala

has earned a spot as the youngest player in Joachim Löw's Germany squad for UEFA Euro 2020.

Jamal, born February 26, 2003, is a German offensive midfielder who now competes for Bundesliga club

Bayern Munich

and the German national team.

Jamal Musiala’s age

is 19 years. Here we take a look at some of the most important facts about the German youngster.

Former coach of Jamal Musiala regularly describes the 19-year-old, who is swiftly developing into one of Europe's most intriguing possibilities, as "unbelievable."

The attacking midfielder for Bayern Munich had a successful season, scoring five goals in 29 appearances and making his senior debut for Germany in March.

Musiala became Bayern's youngest ever Champions League goal scorer earlier this season at the age of 17 and seems well at home amongst world-class players like

Robert Lewandowski

and Thomas Muller.

Stay with us as we uncover more Top facts about Jamal Musiala.

Top facts about Jamal Musiala:

With Jamal Musiala potentially about to replace very well-known football stars, it seems like there's another wonderkid to keep an eye on in the Bundesliga.

Jamal Musiala early life

Jamal Musiala is the son of Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard, and was born in Stuttgart. His mother is German with Polish ancestors, while his father is Nigerian. When Jamal was still a child, the family relocated to East Hessian Fulda due to the mother's studies.

Jamal Musiala’s parents

were always supporting him in the different stages of his life.

Speaking about

Jamal Musiala’s childhood

, he began playing club football at the age of five in 2008 at TSV Lehnerz in the city's north-east, just as the district club was getting ready, the floundering traditional club Borussia Fuldato replaced it as the city's sporting number one.

An important

fact about Jamal Musiala

is that from the start, he was regarded as a phenomenal gift. According to his head coach, Branko Milenkovski, he has always been one age group ahead of his contemporaries and hence has always played one age group higher.

Before migrating to Germany, Daniel Richard, also known as "Rich," played at a higher level in his native Nigeria. Like a personal coach, he accompanied his son on the first leg of his football trip. "Rich was really excited about football.

He was always sprinting up and down the line to encourage Jamal on. Following most games, he was sweating more than his kid!" remembers Branko Milenkovski, the boy's second coach in Lehnerz after Hoffmann.

Mum Carolin, on the other hand, remained peacefully on the sidelines, content to watch young Jamal play and snap a shot for the family album. Coach Milenkovski's first priority was to prevent the kid from cheering for the opposition team's goals.

"Jamal was always eager to cheer, and it was obvious to him that if a goal was scored, he would cheer, regardless of which team scored," Milenkovski says. "I recall Rich's standard reaction when Jamal celebrated with the opponent: he first threw his hands up in fear, then laughed his head off."

A notable fact about Jamal Musiala’s early life is that Jamal was seven years old when the family was forced to relocate once more in the fall of 2010. The mother was studying abroad in Southampton, England. After a failed club search, he attended a holiday camp when scouts from

Southampton FC

noticed him and accepted him into their development system.

The seven-year-old was observed by

Chelsea FC

, among others, after scoring regularly for his club in the city tournament. Following the completion of the semester abroad, the family returned to Fulda for a while before deciding to move to England in the spring and accepting an offer from the reigning English champions and cup winners.

The Soccer talent was born as the first of three children (himself, a sister, and a brother). Jamal Musiala's parents relocated from Fulda to the UK's south coast when their kid was still learning English. To understand what others said to him, the kid needed to acquire fundamental English vocabulary.

Jamal recalls how welcoming the English people were to him during his early days in London. The player once claimed in an interview with the Atlantic, "In the past, I could only interact on an emotional level. people's facilitating gestures, actions, acts of kindness, or when people smile at me allowed me to translate the English language.”

Jamal Musiala personal life

First and foremost, he is a humble and self-assured individual. The German-Englishman is a thoroughly grounded individual, owing to his parents' pleasant upbringing. Simply put, Jamal Musiala is the epitome of a wealthy man who lives below his means.

A fact about

Jamal Musiala’s personal life

is that off the field, Musiala showed the same dedication. He was regarded as a model student, possessing a high degree of self-motivation and an eagerness to learn new things.

Musiala joined a chess club and took Hapkido classes in the afternoons when he wasn't playing football during his elementary school years in Corpus Christi, for example. Chess training helped him think more tactically, while Hapkido training helped him become nimbler.

In terms of Jamal Musiala’s religion, according to their names – Daniel Richard and Carolin – Jamal Musiala's parents' religion is most likely Christianity. The name ‘Jamal,' on the other hand, is an Arabic masculine Christian name. If you didn't know, this name is commonly used by Christians and Muslims in Islamic regions.

His family must have counseled him to stay unmarried, especially at this critical juncture in his career.

Jamal Musiala professional career

The attacking midfielder spent four months with Southampton before being spotted by Chelsea - just one year after arriving in the country - and signed to a scholarship. His progress was swift, and Musiala made his league debut for Chelsea's U18 team aged just 15 years, two months and 13 days.

Alongside Bright Arrey-Mbi, Musiala joined Bayern from English

Premier League

side Chelsea, aged just 16. Musiala made his professional debut in the German third tier for Bayern's second team.

Jamal Musiala club career

Musiala progressed through the club's numerous young levels, winning tournaments with them and, at the age of 13, was called up to the English U15 national team. He made his Under-18 Premier League debut at the age of 15. Personal circumstances and the impending Brexit compelled the now-16-year-old to leave the island with his mother and brothers in the summer of 2019.

TSV Lehnerz

In the small German town of Fulda, there is a marble pavilion on the grounds of the Lehnerz sports club. At the end of an extraordinarily successful season, eleven boys from the Under-7s squad posed for a shot together. They're all in good spirits.

No surprise: each youngster proudly displays his gold medals and silver sculptures, but only one youngster has a gold-silver boot bearing the inscription "TSV Lehnerz G-Juniors 2008-09 Top Scorer," a present from his first coach.

"The youngster scored five to ten goals a game," Micha Hoffmann laughs, "and I would have been a bad manager if I hadn't offered him at least a tiny thank you."

The important fact about Jamal Musiala’s career is that the boot is more than a symbol for Jamal Musiala. The award still holds a prominent position in his house in Munich, reminding him of a carefree and magical moment, of his roots. TSV Lehnerz, which is now known as SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz, was his first and only team in Germany for a long period.

Hoffmann remembers his first interaction with the youngster with fondness. "We had indoor training; Jamal was only four years old at the time, but he executed the exercises without fear," he explains.

The very skilled athlete scored 100 goals in his debut season alone. TSV receives a blessing as well as a sign. "Jamal was unchallenged," says Hoffmann. "So, we decided to let him play with older guys, and his father was on board as well."

At this stage, the focus was still on having a good time. Nonetheless, anybody seeing Jamal Musiala play at the Lehnerz sports site could see he was no ordinary kid.

Milenkovski recalls that "he was sometimes two years younger than his opponents, and so a little more fragile." "However, he danced around the other players, since Jamal was psychologically far ahead of the rest."

The boy's tight ball handling notably pleased him and his predecessor Hoffmann. Hoffmann exclaims, "He was incredibly nimble with his dribbling, he never lost the ball, and it was a dream to watch him even back then."

Southampton City Central Youth Club

An important fact about Jamal Musiala’s career is that Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard were tired of making fruitless phone calls while looking for a new football team for their son Jamal.

It had only been a few days since the family had relocated to the southern English port city, but Jamal considered every day without a ball to be a lost day. In October 2010, his parents took the easy step of visiting the city's largest club without making an appointment, and they were pleasantly surprised.

Rich took his son's hand and led him into the Saints Foundation office, which they parked immediately in front of. The Musialas were fortunate enough to meet Jazz Bhatti once they arrived.

Bhatti worked full-time for the foundation while also running the City Central Football Club, a recreational club in the city's center where youngsters, mostly from low-income and immigrant families, may play with like-minded individuals on weekends. He invited Jamal to his brother's U7 team, which was coached by Rosh Bhatti.

"When we initially met, Jamal didn't know a word of English, yet he created an instant social connection, demonstrating how quickly and effortlessly football can bring people from various nations and cultures together," Rosh adds.

Musiala met Levi Colwill, a Southampton child with whom he has a birthdate, in Central City, and the two formed a connection that has lasted to this day.

Until Jamal's arrival, Colwill was considered Central City's most gifted player. However, after only a few days with the German newcomer, Rosh Bhatti was certain that he had a truly extraordinary talent in his ranks.


fact about Jamal Musiala

is that imitating the techniques of his favorite players Ronaldinho,

Lionel Messi

, Zinedine Zidane, and Thierry Henry was already a piece of cake for the youngster. Rosh pushed him up a grade and sought up a chat with Jamal's father, Rich, after a few games and numerous goals for the U7s. After that, everyone agreed that Jamal ought to be promoted even further.

"Rich kept stating what a wonderful talent his kid had and that if he could be placed in a large club's junior section, he could go far," Rosh Bhatti recalls. "A lot of people would have laughed at such a confident remark. I mean, what parent wouldn't say something like that about his kid?"

As a result, the Bhattis made advantage of their Saints scouting relationships. Dick Hayes, "a good acquaintance," was contacted by Rosh, who had previously recommended one or two potential young players to him. Jamal's next game, the scout vowed, would be a game that would alter everything.


Jamal's decision to support Chelsea turned out to be the correct one. At his new workplace, he quickly formed social ties. Many of the other boys from his year, including his old friend Levi Colwill, who Chelsea also brought from Southampton, felt like little stars when they saw Frank Lampard, John Terry, or Didier Drogba.

At home, however, as soon as they hung their blue tracksuits in the closet, they were thrust into plain, sometimes even desperate situations, and they lived by the mantra: No pain, no gain.

An important fact about Jamal Musiala’s Chelsea career is that his side won three Premier League tournaments between 2011 and 2014, with Musiala finishing as the leading scorer in two of them. At Anfield, he had one of his best tournaments. "Two



Jordan Henderson

and Dirk Kuyt, named Jamal player of the tournament and top goal scorer," the coach remembers.

Chelsea, on the other hand, remained his sole club in England outside of his school days due to his strong connection with most of his teammates, particularly coaches like James Simmonds, who allowed him to grow in terms of play and tactics from season to season.

Bayern Munich junior squad

There were various inquiries from all throughout Europe, and FC Bayern Munich was chosen. Musiala had to wait for clearance to participate, therefore he missed the first four game days of the B-Junior Bundesliga for the U17s. The team, led by world champion Miroslav Klose, had a rocky start to the season without him.

The offensive midfielder made his debut for his new team towards the end of August 2019. He scored the game's only goal against newly promoted SC Freiburg, making the final score 4-1.

He met four times in the following five winning games, once more in November, before being called up to the U19s in the A-Juniors Bundesliga in December, and also making two appearances in the UEFA Youth League, where the squad was eliminated in the round of 16 at

Dinamo Zagreb


Hansi Flick was allowed to train with a


squad for the first time in February 2020, although he continued to play with the A-juniors. Before the game's activities came to a halt in March 2020 due to the corona pandemic, he completed a total of eight missions without scoring, and the season in the young area was eventually ended.

Bayern Munich senior squad

However, games in the 3rd division were restarted with ghost games from the end of May, and Musiala, who is now 17 years old, was replaced in for many games by Bayern amateurs from the beginning of June. He scored both goals in a 2-0 win over

FSV Zwickau

on his third appearance.

Shortly after, the offensive player under Hansi Flick made his first short debut in the first team when he was substituted on in the closing minutes of the Bundesliga home game against SC Freiburg.

A fact about Jamal Musiala is that in that season, he made eight appearances for the amateur team, two of them from the start, and was the squad's third division champion. The season was not yet done for FC Bayern's professional team, as the Champions League season, which had been suspended in the spring, resumed in early August with the second leg of the round of 16 against Chelsea, in which he sat on the bench.

With a score of 4: 1, Bayern qualified for the final event in Lisbon. Musiala was also present, playing in the quarter-finals against FC Barcelona for the matchday squad, but he was no longer considered in the competition's final stages, which FC Bayern won.

Musiala was promoted to the professional squad for the 2020/21 season, despite the fact that he could still play in the U19 for another two years. In the years that followed, he made multiple appearances for the professional squad, sometimes from the start, and he was also a goal scorer. In October 2020, he had played for the amateurs.

At the age of 17, Musiala broke multiple milestones for FC Bayern Munich, including being the youngest Bundesliga début, youngest Bundesliga goal scorer, and youngest Champions League goal scorer in the club's history. Musiala, who had just turned 18, signed his first professional contract in early March 2021, with a period of June 30, 2026.

Jamal Musiala international career

Jamal Musiala's first run for a national team occurred in December 2016 in Burton upon Trent, England, when he came on as a replacement in a game between the English U15 national team and Turkey, resulting in a 5: 1 final score. Two days later, the U15s played again, but the next game was only a year later, when the now 14-year-old scored all three English goals in a 3-1 victory over the Netherlands.

He played a game for the English U16 team in the summer of 2018, but was not included in the squad for the subsequent games. Da Musiala was also entitled to play for Germany as a minor dual citizen, and he did so in October, playing two games for the German U16 squad in Saarbrücken and Pirmasens.

An important fact about Jamal Musiala’s international career is that by April 2019, he had returned to the English U16 team, had participated in a tournament with them in France, and had appeared in a total of nine games for the British U16 team, scoring three goals.

Musiala played for the English U17s from September 2019 to February 2020, scoring two goals in nine games. In November 2020, at the age of 17, he made two appearances for England's U21 national team during European Championship qualification.

Although Musiala had expressed interest in a career with the English national teams, the DFB decided not to pursue him, but national coach Joachim Loew attempted to speak with him. His intention to join the DFB was finally announced in February 2021.

Musiala would not be able to play for Germany in the Under-21 European Championship, which will be held in two stages from March to June 2021. He qualified for England previously, and UEFA regulations prohibit a player from competing for two separate organizations.

Instead, he made his first short outings for the German senior national team in late March as part of the Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup as the fourth youngest player ever and the youngest since Uwe Seeler. As a result, he can only play for the German national team. He got nominated for the European Cup on May 19, 2021.

Jamal Musiala great moments

Hansi Flick remained still on the sidelines. Not because of the cold at the Allianz Arena in Munich, but because his Bayern Munich squad was having trouble playing their normal exhilarating brand of football in the first quarter of their Bundesliga match against RB Leipzig.

When they had the ball, the league leaders lacked penetration and were aimless when they didn't. The visitors from Saxony seized the lead after a little blunder by the typically implacable Manuel Neuer.

Javi Martinez, a veteran midfielder, gripped his left thigh and demanded to be replaced. Things appeared to be getting even more difficult for a Bayern club that was already struggling.

"Get well soon, Javi," Bayern's stadium announcer Stephan Lehmann said, his voice gloomy amid the empty stadium. The fourth official's board flashed up with the number 42 at that precise time. Jamal Musiala, about 15 years Martinez's junior and nearly four pound lighter, took the field. Then something extraordinary happened.

"Oh, my goodness! I don't believe it, "Musiala scored barely five minutes after being inserted as a replacement, and Lehmann chuckled into the microphone. Even more amazing than his technically perfect finish, which four Leipzig defenders and goalkeeper

Peter Gulacsi

were unable to stop, was how the 17-year-old midfielder perceived his job.

Musiala handled even the most difficult passes with ease, elegantly weaving his way between the opposition's lines and deftly passing the ball to his teammates. This is exactly what happened four minutes after his score, when he assisted Thomas Muller in putting Bayern 2-1 ahead. Bayern only achieved a 3-3 tie in the end, but they finally realized they had a diamond on their hands.

"In the beginning, we didn't have much ball control. With Jamal's replacement, that altered " Musiala's eighth appearance in the Bundesliga was highlighted by Flick. Julian Nagelsmann, the Leipzig coach, was clearly enamored with him, "On the ball, the youngster is extremely confident, fast on his feet, and difficult to defend. A tremendous talent."

A remarkable talent who has traveled from Germany to England and back. World-class coaches and world-class stars are enthralled by this skill. We now know that this talent will play for the German national team.

Jamal Musiala social media


Jamal Musiala social media

, it should be mentioned that he has an Instagram page (


) with 91.9K followers. In the page we can see various pictures of him during the matches and training.

He also has a Twitter account (


) with more than 50K followers. He often posts new stuff about football in his page.

Jamal Musiala body measurements

Speaking about

Jamal Musiala body measurements

, it should be mentioned that the star is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) and weighs 150 lbs (68 kg).

Jamal Musiala net worth and salary

Jamal Musiala's net worth

is now assessed to be €5.68 million. He has a current market worth of €750,000. He also gets a €240,000 base pay and a €5,000 weekly pay. According to reports, Jamal's new deal may pay him up to £100,000 a week.

The final

fact about Jamal Musiala

is that the German-English footballer has a no-flash attitude. As a result, there is little such thing as an exotic lifestyle that can be clearly identified by flashy automobiles, large mansions (houses), and other indicators of affluence.


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