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Leaked: Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

Wed 09 June 2021 | 7:30

Are you excited to wear Chelsea's 2021/22 home, away and third kit? Have you purchased next season’s home kit already? If not, then follow us below as we take a look at both confirmed news and all the speculation around Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits.


are without a doubt one of the best clubs of the 21st century and this fact was proven even further as the club literally became the champions of Europe after defeating Pep Guardiola’s formidable

Manchester City

in this season’s Champions League final. With such a status all around the world, the London-based club have surely boosted their fame across the globe and many new fans will want to get their hands on

Chelsea's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

season as well.

That is why many rumors and speculations have been spiraling around the club’s leaked information, exciting fans more than ever, inviting them to guess how their favorite club’s kits for the next season are going to turn out. Chelsea have already introduced their first kit for the next season, but the away and third kits are still a mystery and people are debating about the details and the colors on the web. That’s why we have decided to provide you all the details available on Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits.

But before moving further and discussing the latest news available, why not take a brief walk through history and learn more about the past kits and the traditional colors that Chelsea have worn throughout the years since the club was founded 116 years ago in 1905?

Chelsea are literally known by their nickname “The Blues”, which obviously tells you what color they primarily wear each season. Their iconic blue shirts, blue shorts and white socks have etched an unforgettable image on the minds of every football lover. But it evidently the colors were not always the same since the beginning. The Blues of London began their journey in football wearing blue shirts, but the tone of the original blue was a much paler eton blue instead, which was inspired by the racing colors of Earl Cadogan.

The eton blue shirt used to be worn with white shorts and black socks, a trend which continued even after the main shirt color was changed to royal blue instead. With the primary color of Chelsea being replaced with royal blue back in 1912, the club’s traditional and iconic blue was born, which gave way to the modern Chelsea kit. White initially the shirt was worn with white shorts and black socks until the 1960s, Tommy Docherty, the then club manager, decided to switch the colors and use blue shorts and white socks instead.

Back then, no other major side used such as color combination, thus making Chelsea’s color palette a truly unique one in Europe. The main colors have seen little to no changes over the years, except for short period from 1985 to 1992, when the English club wore blue socks instead. As one of the most famous and widely supported clubs in the world, Chelsea have also had quite distinct away kits as well. They have used bright and dazzling colors such as all yellow kits and even all white kits.

Those interested to know more about

Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

already know that the club’s recent away kits have also included darker shades of blue and black. While Chelsea’s away colors are usually traditionally primary and simple colors with simple designs, Chelsea supporters have also witnessed unusual designs over the years. The pensioners have, for instance, donned strange lookalike designs such as the black and white vertical stripes that they used for the 1966 FA Cup semifinal.

There have also been many other strange designs over the years, including the graphite and tangerine colored kits, the luminous yellow kit, the red and white diamonds and the all jade strip. These designs have been introduced over the years by several kit manufacturers, with each world-renowned sportswear company having their turn to shine as the proud sponsors of one of the best clubs in the world. Both Nike and Adidas have sponsored Chelsea’s kits over the years, with Nike actually high-jacking Adidas’ contract by signing a 15-year deal in 2017, which is worth around a whopping £900.

Chelsea's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

What does this deal mean

Chelsea's 2021/22 home, away and third kit

? Read on as we dissect the speculations around the possible designs for Chelsea’s kits for next season.

Chelsea’s 2021-22 home kit

Chelsea fans are used to new daring and avant-garde designs every now and then, which is why they weren’t surprised when Nike and Chelsea unveiled their new home kit for the next season. According to the latest news on

Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

, the club unveiled their new home kit a couple of weeks ago earlier in May, with the team set to wear their new shirts for the FA Cup final.

The shirt is claimed to have been made with 100% recycled plastic and it fashions the same old royal blue color, with several changes made to the overall design. There are new details added to the plain and simple color of the previous version as Nike have decided to add a couple of patterns to the shirt. The patterns include a chequered style of light and dark shades of blue on the left side of the shirt, taking up what seems like one third of the whole area until half of the club’s badge.

The other pattern includes a not-so-orderly zig-zag style with the same two shades of blue, which takes up two third of the shirt from the right side. While the “Three” logo is still white, the Nike logo features a lighter shade of yellow, with the same color used for the stripes on each side of the shirt. The club’s letters “CFC” can be seen on the V-style collar with the same light yellow color as well.

Unfortunately, it seems that this style has not yet found its fans and is somehow regarded as a “bad charm” after Chelsea lost the FA Cup final with a 1-0 defeat against

Leicester City

while wearing their new home kit.

That is why the club decided to switch back to the old design and use their 2020-21 home kit in the Champions League final win over Manchester City, where they created history by winning their second-ever UCL title. We will have to wait and see if the new design can redeem itself in the new season, or if superstition is going to ruin Chelsea’s new campaign.

Chelsea’s 2021-22 away kit

According to the latest news on

Chelsea's away kit for 2021/22 leaks

, Nike have decided to go back to the club’s roots by using a traditional color. According to the latest reports from several outlets on the web, Chelsea’s away kit is going to feature two main colors, which include opti yellow and black.

While traditionally we have seen a couple of Chelsea away kits fashion the color yellow as the primary tone and the club’s main royal blue as the color for the badge and other details, it seems that Nike have decided to give it a sense of freshness as well as nodding to the past. There are no official or even unofficial images showcasing what the new away kit might look like, which can surely be disappointing for those who are eagerly following the news on Chelsea's away kit for 2021/22 leaks.

The Blues might wait until after the Euros to unveil their new away kit and might wait even longer to reveal their third kit. While the first kit features both chequered and lightning zig-zag patterns and the third kit is also rumored to have its unique patterns, the speculations around the club’s away kit suggest that it might contradict the other two designs by featuring a simpler design. However, we might still get to see the same patterns on the away kit as well, as the little information available are only rumors.

Chelsea’s 2021-22 third kit

News and rumors about Chelsea’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits are getting stronger each week and more and more people are talking about the possible designs of the future kits. Interestingly, while the club’s away kit is still a mystery and neither official nor unofficial images are available to showcase how it might look, a certain image has found its way onto the web which shows Chelsea’s third kit for the 2021-22 campaign. This shirt features its own unique design, throwing away the chequered and zig-zag patterns of the home kit and opting for a paint mark design.

The third kit also uses two shades of blue, but the leaked image shows that the two shades differ in tone to the ones we have seen on the home kit. These two shades are accompanied by a light pink color, which is used both on the back of the collar, on the sides as a full line going down from the bottom end of the sleeves to the end of the shirt, while also being used as the primary color for the club badge, the Nike logo and the “Three” and the Hyundai sponsor logos.

Taking a look at the possible leaked third kit, one can also see a rather peculiar design on the inside of the shirt, which is only visible when no one is wearing the said shirt. This particular design is the shape of two separate circles, which kind of resembles a bullseye.

What do you think about Chelsea’s recently unveiled home kit and the possible rumored designs for the away and third kits? Will Chelsea get to win more trophies wearing these kits in the new season? Or will they suffer from their success just like they did after their 2012 Champions League triumph? We can only wait and see what the future holds for the Blues.




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