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Most Underrated Serie A players of All time

Tue 08 June 2021 | 19:29

Even in a top-level league like Serie A, some players may not get a chance to be seen. In the following article, we have a review on the most underrated Serie A players of All Time.

The truth is that the more starry a league is and the higher the level of its games and competitions, the harder and harder the work of the players, especially the younger ones, will be to grow and be seen. In such a situation, the fire of competition is so hot that many are never seen, despite the fact that they are constantly present in games and training.  In such a situation, the fire of competition is so hot that many are never seen, despite the fact that they are constantly present in games and training. The strong presence of the media also helps to ignore these people, because they are always looking for the most controversial  players and have nothing to do with organized and regular players.

The Italian Serie A is an important launching pad for all those football fans who want to achieve great success in a few months, unaware that the same starry and even marginal league can prevent them from being seen, despite their unmatched merit and talent. Scratch that, what follows is a list of the most underrated footballers in Serie A league history. 

The Most Underrated Players From The Top Seven Serie A Clubs

While there are several definitions to describe an underrated player, in the following article, we would focus on those who have been overlooked despite their true efforts. 

Elseid Hysaj

we would start our list of the most underrated Serie A players of all time, with Elseid Hysaj, the 27-year-old Albanian professional footballer who plays as a right-back for Italian club Napoli. He was only seven once he started his amateur club in Albania at KF Shkodra and as he turned 14 traveled to Italy to be evaluated by Piccioli and participated in several teats at various clubs, including


, before joining the Empoli academy. He rose through the ranks of Empoli and became a key player in the successful squad of Maurizio Sarri and then in 2015, he broke into



Everything was going well before the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti. Unlike the previous coach, Ancelotti did not trust him much and as a result, during Ancelotti's one year at Napoli, he was not seen as he should have been. Though, as the coach changed and Gennaro Gattuso came to San Paolo Stadium Hysaj conditions started to get better and now he is trying hard to regain his old reputation, since that moment, we should put his name on the list of the

most underrated Serie A players of all time. 

Francesco Lodi

Let's continue the list of the most underrated Serie A players with Francesco Lodi who is now playing as a midfielder for Italian club FC Messina. He normally plays as a deep-lying playmaker and in this post, he is famous for his passing qualities. Not just in Serie A, but all over the world, speaking of being a playmaker, everyone would think of Andrea Pirlo or Daniel Di Rossi, no one even name Francesco Lodi, the 37-year-old mastero in Messina. Being born on 23 March 1984, Francesco started his club-level football in 2000 with Empoli and so far, after more than two decades, he has played in some great Serie A sides namely


, Catania and



But why his name should be included on our list of the

most underrated Serie A players of all time,

even though he is indeed one of the best free-kick takers in the Italian league? perhaps we can answer it this way. He has never played in some prestigious clubs such as



AC Milan

  that he had rejected to play for three of Italy’s biggest clubs,

Inter Milan

, Juventus, and AC Milan. As an unselfish player, Lordi helps his teammates a lot and he is always ready for the team, but yet he is indeed considered an underrated footballer.

Carlos Tevez

There are many reasons why a player in a team or a league can be overlooked. One of these reasons is the change of league and team of a player. For example, the future and success of a player who plays a leading role in the English Premier League could be in danger once he decides to be transferred to another national league in another country. The real example is Carlos Tevez. Everyone remembers him as the

Manchester City

team. When he moved to Juventus after years of success in the English Premier League, especially Manchester City, and


, his name and reputation were forgotten and few people remember his time in Italy when they hear his name, even though he was still a strong and accomplished player.

Tevez joined Juventus in 2013 after four seasons at Manchester City and soon proved himself as a worthy player to the fans and his teammates, he even had a blasting debut as he scored the fourth goal in Juventus' 4-0 victory over


on his debut. However, after winning two Serie A titles and a Coppa Italia, he failed to achieve his former English Premier League fortunes and with no doubt, he is one of the most underrated Serie A players of all time. 

Fabrizio Miccoli

The fourth name on the list of the most underrated Serie A players of all time is Fabrizio Miccoli an Italian former professional footballer who played as a striker in several Italian sides namely  Perugia, Juventus, Fiorentina, and


. He started his club-level football in 1996 with Casarano and soon could break into Juventus. In his debut season with Juventus, he showed impressive performances and could score some great goals thanks to his perfect technical skills.

He was even nicknamed "the Romário of the Salento", "the Maradona of the Salento" and "bomber tascabile" ("pocket bomber"), because of his small stature, speed, and his technical ability. Throughout his career, he was famous for his all-around attacking and creative abilities that enabled him to play a playmaking role or as an attacking midfielder on occasion, However, he has never been appreciated as other Serie A strikers such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Antonio Di Natale. 

Juan Cuadrado

The better a team is, the harder would be the role of a player to show his skills to be accepted by the squad and the fans. So in a team with nine Scudetto titles, every player should struggle to be acknowledged. The fifth

most underrated Serie A player of all time

, is Juan Cuadrado, the Colombian professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Juventus.

Cuadrado is famous for his direct style, his speed, and dribbling skills, though it seems he didn't get the appreciation which he deserves for his help. In fact, he has some problems in goal scoring that his performance in attack is a bit weak, but we cannot ignore that Juan Cuadrado is pacy, skillful, and unstoppable once he finds an area to run into down the right-wing, and notwithstanding his lankiness, he has extremely perfect ball-control. So, maybe the fans and press should close their eyes on his occasional weakness and try to acknowledge his major abilities. 

Thomas Strakosha

Let's continue our list of the most underrated Serie A players is Thomas Strakosha, an Albanian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Italian club Lazio. The young Albanian goalie was born on 19 March 1995 and started his senior football career in Lazio in 2014 and still plays there.

He arrived at Lazio at the age of 17 and soon managed to rise through the ranks and became the number-one goalkeeper of Lazio once Federico Marchetti, the club's long-term goalie went out. So far, he has made 177 appearances for Lazio and has a remarkable record of clean-sheet. The 26-year-old Albanian goalkeeper went through a rough time and had a great contribution to the recent success of Lazio, but he has been overlooked by the press and the fans. 

Franck Kessié

The sixth name on our list of the most underrated Serie A players of all time is Franck Kessie the young Ivorian professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Italian club Milan. Being born on 19 December 1996, Kessie started his football in


and get himself to Milan. Since 2019, he could play in 72 matches and score 17 goals, yet some Milan fans have constantly lamented Franck Kessie's sporadic bad performances, missed pass, or wayward shooting as if they close their eyes to see his impressive impact on Milan since his arrival. Kessie is a player with incredible physical strength, imposing presence, and magnificent workload and brilliantly could gain the trust and support of Milan's coaches.

Even his teammates believed that Frank is indeed one of Milan's greatest players, despite fans' lamentations. In this regard, Sandro Tonali, Milan's newcomer said: He’s a very good player and has everything to become great. He gives 100 percent and never gets tired. After playing one game, he could play another. He’s a teammate who helps you a lot, supports you a lot and it’s great to play with Franck because he helps you with everything."

Fabio Borini

The next name on the list of the

underrated Serie A stars

is Fabio Borini, an Italian professional footballer who has played as a winger in several sides namely Chelsea, Parma, Ac Milan,


, and now he plays in Fatih Karagümrük. Being born on 29 March 1991 and as he was only a ten-year-old boy, he started his youth career in 2001 with


and then could break into


and soon became the first-choice striker.

In 2011, he moved back to Italy with Parma, who quickly loaned him out to Roma. As he could climb through the ranks, he finally got himself at AC Milan. As a winger, he was mainly acknowledged as one of the promising forwards, who became one of the top players born after 1991 by Don Balón. Despite being quick, agile, and perfect in movement off the ball, and an accurate shot that enables him to play in several other offensive positions, he has never been truly appreciated during his time in Serie A in his country.  Stay tuned as we continue our list of 

The Most Underrated Players From The Top Seven Serie A Clubs


Manuel Locatelli 

Manuel Locatelli, born on  8 January 1998, is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder. He is indeed one of the promising young midfielders of Italy who could gain what he deserves so far, so his name should be listed on the list of the most underrated Serie A players of all time. Locatelli started playing football at the


Youth Academy at the age of 11 and only two years later moved to the prestigious Rossoneri Academy in Milan. Soon in 2015, he could sign his first international football contract with Milan, and right then in 2015, The Guardian named him one of the 50 best young players in the world who were born in 1998.

For almost three years he stayed with Milan and during this time could play in 48 matches. With too many stars on Milan's squad, he couldn't show his real football talents, therefore despite Milan's offer to extend his contract until 30 June 2020, with the pay rise, he left the club to join


to come out of the shadow of great and famous players, with his new team, he enjoyed more of a role at the club and regular minutes, often playing him a full 90 minutes. Unfortunately, so far, he has still been overlooked at the international level, but with no doubt, in the near future, his great football talent makes him one of the top players in the world.

Emil Hallfreðsson

The next footballer on the list of the underrated Serie A stars, is Emil Hallfreðsson, the 36-year-old Icelandic footballer who plays as a central midfielder or left winger for Italian club Padova. After spending his early football career in his home country, Emil continued to play more professionally in the English Premier League with

Tottenham Hotspur

and soon became a key member of the team. Almost five years after starting his football career, he joined the Italian Serie A and the Regina team. There, like his former teams, his beautiful and professional football technique made him one of the main players in the team. He played for his first team in Serie A for four years and later joined other teams such as


, Udinese, and Padova. But what is significant about his career is that, despite his tremendous impact on all of his teams, he has never been properly praised, and received by the media. He has always been in the service of his team and regardless of being ignored, he has been determined to earn three valuable points in each game.

Stefano Sorrentino


The last name on our list of the most underrated Serie A players of all time is Stefano Sorrentino who was a goalkeeper in his whole life but now he plays as a forward, which is interesting. Sorrentino was born on 28 March 1979 and in 1996 he started playing football with S.S. Lazio, finishing his youth training with Juventus F.C.  in 1997. He then went through a long journey to reach one of the best Serie A sides, Palermo. He undoubtedly played a very influential role in Palermo's return to Serie A. As a goalkeeper who is very talented in acrobatic moves, during his football career, he managed to stop famous forwards and prevent them from scoring goals. 

Sorrentino was known for his ability to block penalties, as well as his great shot-stopping, reflexes, and skill to create spectacular saves. As an  Experienced and consistent goalie, he was always praised for his pace of work, perseverance, leadership, and longevity. Between 2001 and 2019 he had 14 stops in 363 games so he became the joint–seventh–most penalties in Serie A history, alongside Francesco Antonioli. 

His extraordinary football talent was so great that Antonio Di Natale, the former professional player, named him as one of the best Italian goalkeepers of his generation. Despite all this talent and positive influence, he has always been overlooked in the Serie A league. After retiring, he decided to continue playing football in the lower division teams of Italian football, but in the role of a striker.

Over the years, Serie A has often relied on the presence of more humble players who play fundamental roles in their sides thanks to their ability to follow instructions and be always in the service of their squads. But in fact, these players aren't that much dashy to attract the attention of the press or even the big sides, so they always remain in the shadow.

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