Leaked: Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

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Who else is excited to see the Gunners don their new kits in the next season? What will Adidas’ new ideas and innovations be like for the London-based club’s next kit? Follow us below as we provide all the information we have on Arsenal's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022.

With the teams saying goodbye to the 2020-21 campaign and with the champions of Europe’s top-five leagues already being decided, most clubs have already announced one or two of their next season’s kits. Amongst these teams are Arsenal, whose players appeared in a dazzling photoshoot to reveal their next season’s away kits. The 2020-21 season was not what Arsenal fans might have hoped for as they did not even get to qualify for the UEFA Europa League, sitting eight on the league table behind the likes of


, West Ham and

Leicester City


They also lost the chance to appear in an all-English final in the Europa League this season after a defeat against 


and their very own former boss Unai Emery. At least having a new look for the new campaign might help them bounce back and have a fresh start.

But before taking a look at

Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

and talking about the speculations around the club’s third kit leaks, why not briefly go through the history of Arsenal’s kits so far and see who has manufactured them for the club and how they have evolved through the years?

As the first club to join the Football League from the South of England, Arsenal were formed under the name “Dial Square Football club” by David Danskin and fourteen of his co-workers back in 1886. They only later changed their team’s name to Royal Arsenal after a month of playing football under their original name.

The English club are known all around the world by their iconic bright red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts, but they didn’t actually get to use such a color palette until 1933. In fact, Arsenal’s primary colors included a dark red (redcurrant and almost wine-like) shirt, white shorts and white socks with blue horizontal stripes that hooped around the socks.

The club’s iconic bright red shirt is an homage paid to Nottingham Forest, whose donations were the reason Royal Arsenal had anything to wear when they were first founded. This donation, which included a set of kits and a ball, was given to


thanks to a letter written to

Nottingham Forest

by the former Forest players Fred Beardsley and Morris Bates, who had moved to Woolwich for work.

It was only in 1933 that Herbert Chapman decided it was time to upgrade and introduced the club’s iconic kit, which has been both the club’s defining icon and a source of inspiration to at least a couple of other clubs such as Hibernian, Sporting de Braga and Sparta Prague.

Originally, Arsenal used to wear navy blue or white kits as their away colors. But it all changed after the FA ruled for banning navy shirts for being too similar to referees’ back kits. That is when the Gunners introduced their iconic yellow shirt and blue shorts, which went on to be deemed “lucky” after the club won the first ever double in their history after beating


in the FA Cup Final wearing their away kit.

The club have also gone on to use dark blue colors with lighter blue sleeves as their away or third kits since the 1990s. Arsenal have been sponsored by several of the world’s renowned kit manufacturers, including the likes of Adidas, Puma and Nike. Adidas were once again chosen as the club’s sponsors in the 2019-20 season and have since designed and manufactured their kits. Now that we know a bit more about the kit history of the Gunners, let’s take a gander at all that we know about

Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits


Arsenal's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

Are you excited to get your hands on a brand new version of Arsenal's 2021/22 home, away and third kit? What are your expectations for the speculated and not-yet-revealed third kit? Read on as we analyze Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits to see what their inspirations are and how fans have reacted to the unveiled kits so far.

Arsenal’s 2021-22 home kit

The Gunners were one of the few clubs in Europe to unveil their away kit for the new season prior to unveiling their home kit. We got to have a first look on Arsenal’s away kit on the pitch and thanks to the photoshoots a couple of weeks before Euro 2020. Now that the long-awaited tournament has ended with Italy bringing the trophy to Rome, Arsenal have announced their home kit as well.

We had previously shared snaps of the speculated leaked design that was believed to be the new first kit for the 2021-22 season. Now that we know what the actual home kit looks like, you can clearly see that the speculations and some of the leaked images of

Arsenal's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

were in fact correct.

It was previously believed that Adidas were going to keep it simple with a traditional design that used Arsenal’s traditional and iconic red and white shirt design, while also implementing black stripes on the sides of the collar. The leaked image showed the sleeves to be white just like the sides of the shirt, with the end of the sleeves fashioning black and red hoops to better highlight the color red in the center of the shirt.

For those of you who are keenly following the news on Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits, we can confirm that most of the details that could be seen on the leaked images are correct, with only minor differences between the leaked image and the final product that was unveiled to Arsenal fans. The sleeves are still white alongside the sides of the shirt and one can clearly see the red and black hoops at the end of the sleeves.

The major difference, however, is in the color of the stripes and the sponsor’s logo that is printed on the sleeve. While it was previously believed that the color of the shoulder stripes and the sponsor’s logo was going to be black, it has since been revealed that the color is actually blue, which highlights the stripes and the logo a lot more than a simple black color. The authentic official Arsenal home kit is now up for sale online and fans can get their hands on one for €120.

Arsenal’s 2021-22 away kit

It seems that some of

 Arsenal's away kit for 2021/22 leaks 

turned out to be correct after all as the Gunners seem set to return to traditions with an homage to their 1970-71 season, when they won their very first double. As we all already know by now, the color yellow is considered to be lucky for Arsenal fans and is generally well-received every time it hits the market.

It seems that Adidas know and appreciate the value that such a color palette has amongst the club’s supporters. That is why they have decided to design a similar kit and bring back old memories for the old-timers as well. The decision to go back to the old designs did not come out of thin air and it was made based on the fact that this year marks the 50th anniversary of their historic triumph against Liverpool.

Fans excited about 

Arsenal’s 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

 might expect a traditional yellow shirt with blue shorts, but they will instead be getting what is described as a “pearl citrine pale yellow” shirt, with a black round collar and three stripes on each should. The sleeves also fashion a large black and a smaller red hoop, which help highlight the club’s badge and the sponsors’ logos that are printed in black as well.

One of the greatest changes made to Arsenal’s new away kit, is the return of the iconic cannon, which has been the club’s defining logo for so many years. This nostalgic touch to the logo has many supporters excited as they can’t wait to see their players don the new away kit next season. Of course they have already showcased what the all-yellow kit has to offer as they wore the kit for the first time in their 3-1 win over 

Crystal Palace

 on 20 May.

Arsenal’s 2020-21 third kit

The news on

Arsenal's 2021/22 home, away and third kit

might finally come to an end as the club have finally unveiled their new third kit for the 2021-22 season. The speculations had been going on for a while since the unveiling of the club’s home and away kits and we now know that the rumors were in fact true and the leaked images accurately showed all the details we needed to know about Arsenal’s third kit.

According to the previous news on Arsenal's away kit for 2021/22 leaks, the new third kit was supposed to feature a zigzag pattern with different shades of blue combined with red details. Arsenal unveiled their new kit with several posts on social media, which showed that all the information leaked previously were in fact true and the design is an exact copy of the image we had shared a couple of weeks ago.

Adidas have been quite daring in designing the new exotic third kit for Arsenal, using a diagonal zigzag pattern with shades of blue and red, while using the color white for several key details on the shirt. The sportswear giants have replicated the looks of a thunder (electricity) with their zigzag details, going for an avant-garde look for the new season. Taking a look at the new away kit, one could see that the shirt includes the colors navy blue, light blue and a tone of red as the main colors of the zigzag pattern, which kind of resembles electricity waves.

The club’s badge is the same as the home kit, unlike the away kit which features a simple cannon instead of the whole badge. The Adidas logo also follows the color palette of the club’s badge as the three stripes fashion a red color, while the name “Adidas” is imprinted in white. Other than the three stripes and the club’s badge, Adidas have used the color white for the “Emirates” logo and their slogan, while also using the same color for the sponsor logo on the sleeve and the three horizontal stripes that could be seen on each shoulder.

With the club’s kit set completed for the new season, we will have to wait and see how Arsenal will perform in the Premier League. Will the kits prove lucky and help them fight for a spot in the Champions League? Or will they suffer heavy losses and once again finish mid-table?




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