Leaked: Liverpool's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

Sun 08 August 2021 | 6:00

The 2020-21 season is finally over and clubs are once again announcing their new kits for the new season ahead. What will Liverpool be wearing for their next campaign after the summer transfer window? Follow us below for more info on Liverpool's Nike away kit for 2021/22 leaks.

Most or dare to say all football clubs in the world are known for their very own historic and iconic jerseys. They all have various colors, combinations, patterns and many more details that give them a sense of uniqueness and style amongst the plethora of beautiful jerseys. One of the most iconic kits of all belongs to none other than Liverpool, who have been at the pinnacle of football for more than a century. The fashionable all red style of Liverpool’s kit has given birth to their nickname “The Reds”, which has been stuck with the Merseyside club for years.

Anfield, their home stadium, has hosted the club’s fans and the opposition teams since the club’s formation back in 1892 and people have witnessed the all-red-wearing Liverpool create numerous memorable moments throughout its history. Of course interestingly, the club’s home kit didn’t fashion any hint of red at all, as the home kit resembled Everton’s jersey more than anything. The shirt fashioned a quartered style with blue and white colors, which went hand in hand with white shorts.

The reason for choosing such colors and such a style, which resembled


’s kit just a bit too much, was the fact Liverpool was born out of a dispute between the club’s founder John Houlding and the Everton committee. The dispute led to Everton relocating to Goodison Park and leaving Anfield empty and ready to be owned by a new team.

The newly founded club adopted the iconic red color back in 1894, but the shirt came along with black socks instead of red and it took them more than fifty years to fully embrace the color red and use a fully red kit in 1955.

With Liverpool’s primary color carrying psychological impacts such as danger and power, the club’s away kits have usually been all yellow jerseys or white shirts fashioning black shorts, with a number of other exceptions as well, including an all grey kit which was introduced back in 1987. The club’s away jersey has seen many changes throughout the years, with The Reds experimenting with the color palette, donning colors such as gold and navy, black and grey, green shirts and white shorts, bright yellow and many more.

The Reds have also struck multiple deals with the world’s most famous kit manufacturers over the years, including Warrior Sports, New Balance, Adidas, Umbro and Reebok. The club’s kits are currently being manufactured by Nike, who signed an official kit deal with


at the start of the 2020-21 season. So naturally, Nike are the ones behind the design for

Liverpool's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022


The club will be wearing their new kits come next season, with the players having already appeared on a photoshoot to promote their new designs. Are you excited to see what Liverpool's 2021/22 home, away and third kit looks like? Then follow us below as we provide details about the club’s recent announcements and confirmed news about their kits, while also talking about speculations circling around their away and third kits.

Liverpool's home, away and third kits for 2021/2022

The away and third kits usually take some time to be unveiled by every club, leaving space for much speculation and many rumors along the way. Currently, The Reds have officially unveiled their home kit that is planned to feature in

Liverpool's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

roster. Here is everything we know about the home colors and other information and speculation about the not-yet-revealed away kits.

Liverpool’s 2021-22 home kit

First and foremost on our list of

Liverpool's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

, we should obviously begin with the club’s main jersey. There is no question that the Reds will fashion an all red kit for the next season as tradition requires. But what are the new details added to the kit? Are there any noticeable changes this time around? When will the new kits be available for sale?

There are several details that have been altered for the club’s new home kit, including changes to the front collar and the cuffs, with the addition of a unique style of stripes. But how have these changes been implemented into the kit itself? The new kit designed by Nike has introduced a new color to the color palette that we are used to see from Liverpool.

The sportswear giants have added a new lurid orange to the crimson mix, which is observable on the front collar and on the cuffs of the sleeves. This orange will surely motivate the likes of

Virgil van Dijk

and other Dutch players in the team as it is somehow reminiscent of the


national team’s main kit.

With Van Dijk set to miss the Euros in the summer, the club will surely need to lift their center-back’s spirit before the start of the new season. Those interested in Liverpool's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits will find a strange new addition to the home kit as well, with the addition being a diagonal set of stripes which dissect the body. Nike have tried to go back towards the traditions by featuring a deep green color on the back of the collar, which is reminiscent of the colors primarily used in the nineties.

The Nike logo, alongside with the club’s badge and Liverpool’s long-term commercial partners Standard Chartered’s logo are all obviously fashioned in a tone of white. The new kit was donned by Liverpool players for the first time in the clash against

Crystal Palace

on 23 May. For those keen on observing

Liverpool's 2021/22 home, away and third kit

, the home jersey might remind them of the traditional


kits, which usually implement such bright colors of yellow or orange.

Liverpool’s 2021-22 away kit

It seems that the

Liverpool's Nike away kit for 2021/22 leaks

were in fact correct as we got to see what the club’s away kit for the new season looks like. It has been a while since the jersey was first unveiled by the club, but the news are still fresh enough for many to be unaware of. We already got to talk about how Nike might have been planning to pay homage to the 1990s and take a trip down memory lane by using a similar design from the good old days.

Well, the speculations were proven to be true when Liverpool unveiled their new away kit for the 2021-22 season. The color that has taken the center stage this time around is a rather sophisticated one, which is decorated with classy features all around. The main color of the shirt is ecru, which is the color of unbleached linen. While some clubs have aimed for a rather avant-garde experience with their away kits by using odd shapes or designs, Liverpool have stayed classy thanks to Nike designing something that could even be worn outside a football stadium.

The color palette also includes atomic teal, which is used in the collar and on the sleeve cuffs while also featuring on the sides of the shirt. The dark atomic teal color is combined with a rather bright red or orange color, which is also used on the collar and for the Nike logo and the club badge. The Expedia and the Standard Chartered logos are featured in a pitch black color and help bring out the small details of the pattern that could be seen on the shirt.

Just like most of the kits used by the top football clubs in Europe, Liverpool too have decided to use recycled material to manufacture their kits for the new season in order to help save the environment. The club’s official website has listed the new away shirt for sale, with the prices starting from £87.00 for Womens Away Stadium Jersey 21/22. The shirt is accompanied by black short and matching socks that feature all the colors used in the shirt, including the orange and the atomic teal colors.

Liverpool’s 2021-22 third kit

Who would have thought the speculations about

Liverpool's 2021-22 Season Home, Away, and 3rd Kits

would turn out to be correct and the leaked images would accurately depict what the club’s new third kit looks like? According to previous rumors, Nike were reportedly planning on using the colors yellow and red to design Liverpool’s third kit for the new campaign and now we all know that these rumors were actually true.

Nike simply could not have disappointed fans and the media more than this year as the club unveiled the horrible design that the manufacturing giants have introduced to the world. While the media expected to see many angry fans on social media, everyone is having a laugh by mocking the new design and its resemblance to something that Ronald McDonald or a McDonald’s employee would wear.

The new outfit is basically created with no imagination or inspiration whatsoever. The all-yellow base of the shirt makes it look like a barren desert, while creating a clown-like appearance for the whole kit. There are no noticeable details to be found anywhere, except the horrendous and at times hilarious chequered patterns that have been incorporated onto the collar and the cuffs. The red color that these chequered tiles feature, makes the whole outfit look even more like a McDonald’s uniform.

These tiles are complemented with equally red logos and badges. The only point worth mentioning is that Nike have opted to use their new logo design, which incorporates the company’s name on top of the iconic Swoosh logo. Both the club badge and the sponsor logos appear in red as well.

There are no other details left to be mentioned about Liverpool’s third kit, which has caused quite the controversy on social media thanks to how empty and uninspired it looks. Perhaps the Premier League side would be wise enough to at least avoid wearing the new kit too much. Who knows? Maybe this horrible design could one day prove to be a lucky charm for Liverpool and their fans.

Jurgen Klopp and his men finished the 2020-21 season as runners-up behind Manchester City. But with all the signings that other clubs have been making, perhaps Liverpool might want to stick to the superstition of a good-luck charm to maybe emerge victorious amongst their rivals.




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