Top Facts About Cengiz Under, The Turkish Undertaker

Sat 29 May 2021 | 13:30

In today’s article we are going to learn some top facts about Cengiz Under personal life and review his journey to become one of the talented wingers in the European football. The Turkish footballer is currently on loan at Leicester and is set to get back to his parent club Roma in the next summer.

Cengiz Under is a professional football player who was born on July 14th 1997. So at the time of publishing this article

Cengiz Under age

is 23 years old. He is an attacking player who can play on both side winger positions but his main position is the right winger. Cengiz is a fast and agile player whit some decent dribbling ability. In addition to that, he has a powerful left foot which allows him to take long range shots and score some spectacular goals.

After a breakthrough season in Turkey’s Super League, Cengiz Under moved to Roma in Italy to experience playing in the one of the Europe’s top five Leagues. He had a couple of decent seasons at Roma but in the summer of 2020 the club decided to loan him out to former England champions

Leicester City

. It seems like the young Turk didn’t fit in Brendan Roger’s thoughts and couldn’t find the chance to adapt himself with the English football. But still he has the time on his side to get back on form and amaze his fans with his exciting play style.

Short Top Facts About Cengiz Under

If you are on a hurry to learn some

top facts about Cengiz Under

, we got you! Here we gathered some quick and short facts that help you to get familiar with the jewel of the Turkish football: Cengiz Under.

  • Full Name: Cengiz Under

  • Nicknames: The Undertaker, The Turkish Dybala

  • Date of Birth: 14 July 1997

  • Place of Birth: Sındırgı, Turkey

  • Current Age: 23

  • Nationality: Turkish

  • Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

  • Weight: 66 kg

  • Position: Right Winger, Left Winger

  • Preferred Foot: Left

  • Current Team: Leicester City (on loan from AS Roma)

  • Jersey Number: 19

  • FA Cup Winner 2020-21 with Leicester City

  • Turkish Footballer of The Year 2018



Now let’s get down to business and reveal some top facts about Cengiz Under net worth, Cengiz Under children, Cengiz Under girlfriend and much more.

Top Facts About Cengiz Under Parents and Family

Cengiz Under was the first born child in his family in 1997. Back then the Under family were living in a town named Sındırgı which is a district of Balıkesir Province in the west of Turkey.

Cengiz Under Parents

were considered as a middle class family and they had a simple life just like every other family in Turkey back in the days. Cengiz Under father is named Hasan Under who as you would notice in the following article, had a great impact on Cengiz Under and helped him to become the player who he is today.

Even today, Hasan Under didn’t stop supporting his beloved son. Hasan pointed it out lately in an interview that he is so proud of his son and still he keeps praying for him to continue his successful path. Cengiz Under also has a supportive mother named Fatma who was a housekeeper. As you would expect from a mother, Fatma did everything that she could to make sure Cengiz is happy at home and is able to follow his dreams of becoming a professional player.

Cengiz Under also has a younger sister named Fatma Nur. So it’s fair to say that the Under family is a perfect four person family! They have a great relationship with each other and express their love for each other at every possible moment. For instance, when Cengiz Under was on his way to join AS Roma in Italy, he had to leave the home and start an independent life. Cengiz had his family beside him at the airport when he was about to fly to the Italy. From the pictures of that day, you could see that his family specially his mother and sister are starting to miss him and couldn’t hold back the tears.

Cengiz Under Childhood

 Cengiz Under was about five years old when the 2002

FIFA World Cup

was held in South Korea and Japan. In that world cup, Turkey national team achieved a record breaking result and reached to the semifinals for the first time ever. They lost to the Brazil which managed to win the tournament but then in the third place play-off Turkey won against one of the hosts, South Korea. As a nation which is really passionate about football, little Cengiz Under was being mesmerized by the magic of the beautiful game.

  That World Cup ignited the passion for football in

Cengiz Under childhood

. Watching Turkey players competing against the best teams in the world inspired him to become a football player when he grow up and wear the red shirt of Turkey national team. Cengiz Under parents also recognized their son’s enthusiasm and encouraged him to follow his dreams. So Cengiz Under spent most of his time playing football in his childhood days.

One of the

top facts about Cengiz Under

childhood is that he had religious parents that were serious about praying and other religious activities in Islam. Therefore they always asked Cengiz to do the same but the little boy had other ideas. As soon as he came home from school, Cengiz was thinking about doing his homework and then go to the streets to play football with his friends. But of course there were some days that he stayed home for prayers and didn’t go out before he was done with his prayers. So it’s fair to say that he got at least a little help from his God in his early days!

In 2007 when Cengiz Under was about 10 years old, he signed up for Bucaspor youth football academy. It was his first step of starting a career as a football player. Although Cengiz Under physics was not as great as other kids in his age group, he had a decent technique and was agile enough to dribble past his opponents. All of his managers during his youth career admired his skills and talents in football and it looked like that there is nothing to stop Cengiz Under from becoming a shining star in Turkish football.

After six years in


, Cengiz under left there and joined the Altınordu club which was also located in Izmir, the same city that Bucaspor was located in. After one year playing for Altınordu, Cengiz Under was called up to play for Turkey U18 national team. At that time Cengiz Under age was about 17 years old and he managed to score his first ever national goal in one of the six matches that he played for Turkey U18. Everything was going smooth for the Turkish Dybala and he was showing that he is ready to step up in his career. So in 2014 Cengiz Under got promoted to Altınordu senior squad and experienced his first ever professional football match at senior level.

Cengiz Under Early Career    

After promoting to


senior squad, the stage was ready for Cengiz Under to show his abilities in top level football. He knew well enough that if he is going to play for big clubs in Europe, this was the chance to start building up a career and prove that he is talented enough to play alongside world class players in the coming years. So in just 58 games for Altınordu, Cengiz Under scored 11 goals and produced 9 assists for his team mates. Those numbers were incredible for a teenager in Turkey’s second tier league.

Just after two years at Altınordu, it was the time for Cengiz Under to make his first big move. The Turkey big clubs like


and Besiktas were both inquiring about him but it was the Istanbul Basaksehir who managed to seal the deal and land the uncut gem of Turkey in Istanbul. In his debut season on Turkey’s first tier football, Cengiz Under was one of the best players of the whole league.

Cengiz Under stats

and playing style in Istanbul Basaksehir proved that he is ready to leave the Turkey and start playing in one of the Europe's top leagues.

Cengiz Under Transfermarket Stats

At the end of the 2016-17 season, Cengiz Under had 9 goals and 7 assists in 43 games for

Istanbul Basaksehir

which was enough to attract the attention of some of the biggest football clubs in world. Manchester City was one of the clubs that was serious about signing Cengiz Under as a prospect and loan him out to gain experience. But Cengiz Under didn’t want to spend his time playing as a loaned away player in smaller leagues. Especially after a breakthrough season in Turkey he was eager to taste the top level football in a big club.

So he waited for another offer and a few weeks later, AS Roma showed their interest for bringing Cengiz Under in the Eternal City. Back then Roma just sold their talented right winger, Mo Salah to


and they were in desperate need for a new right winger. So it was a huge opportunity for Cengiz Under to try his luck and become a regular starter for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

In the July 16th of 2017, Roma officially bought Cengiz Under from Basaksehir for a transfer fee of €14.25m. That was relatively huge money for a 21 years old winger who only played one season in Turkey Super League. That shows how talented he was which brings us to one of the top facts about

Cengiz Under transfermarket stats

: he is currently one of the top 10 most valuable Turkish players with the estimated market value of €18m.

Cengiz Under stats in his first season at Roma wasn’t quite impressive but for a developing talent who was experiencing his first season at a big club like Roma, it was enough to keep the hopes alive for next years. He played 32 games in his first season and managed to score 8 goals for the Giallorossi. One of the

top facts about Cengiz Under

is that he was the one who took the corner kick that led to the historic Manolas goal against


in the Champions League quarter finals. With that goal Roma completed a 3-0 comeback and made it to the semifinals.

Top Facts About Cengiz Under Girlfriend and Children

Up to this day, there are no reliable facts about

Cengiz Under Girlfriend

or maybe even a wife. So we could assume that he is single or at least he is not interested in going public about his love life. Although once in a while he posts some pictures with unknown girls alongside him in his social media, still that is not enough to convince us that those girl are somehow Cengiz Under girlfriend or something like that. It’s more like there are his fans that come across him in public.

With no wife or girlfriend to be seen, we can’t expect to hear about

Cengiz Under children

anytime soon. It seems that the Turkish star is currently focused on his footballing career. He still needs to find a club that he could fit in as a regular starter. For a player at his age it is necessary to play week in and week out to develop your talents and skills. So it’s fair to say that for the time being Cengiz Under has other priorities than having wife and children.

Top Facts About Cengiz Under Personal Life

Cengiz Under personal life

is relatively normal for a football player on his level. As mentioned above, Cengiz and his family have a close bond to each other and Cengiz enjoys spending time with them when he has the chance. Beside from spending time with family and friends, Cengiz Under has some other hubbies too. Playing video games and swimming are what makes him relaxed when he is not on the football pitch. He also is a fan of pets like cat and dog since he has a few pictures with them on his Instagram.

If you are interested in Cengiz Under personal life, you can follow him on his social media accounts.

Cengiz Under social media accounts

are a good place to find out about his personal life and what he does off the pitch. You can find him on social media by clicking on the following links:

Cengiz Under Instagram account

with more than 1 million followers,

Cengiz Under Twitter account

with 230 thousands followers.

An interesting fact about Cengiz Under social media accounts is that when Turkey military carried out an operation in Northern Syria, Cengiz Under alongside many other Turkish players like Hakan Calhanuglo and Merih Demiral tried to show their support for their country army. But people around the world and especially Roma fans didn’t approve with such acts and showed their anger toward Cengiz Under social media accounts.

Cengiz Under Net Worth and Salary

Footballers all around the world earn a quite good chunk of money and Cengiz Under is no exception to that. At the time of writing this article,

Cengiz Under net worth

is estimated to be at least €3.5m. Playing for a club like Roma in a top league like Serie A was the main source of his income in recent years. He also has a paid partnership with Nike that brings him even more money.

Currently Cengiz Under is on loan at Leicester City but he is still officially a


player. That means his still earning his wages according to his last contract at his parent club: Roma. He signed his last contract in 2017 and in that contract

Cengiz Under salary

was set at €48,076 per week. Although Leicester has an option to buy Cengiz at the end of his loan spell, it doesn’t seem likely that the English club are convinced with his playing style and they are not going to use that option. So Cengiz Under salary will remain the same until 2023 unless he signs for a new club or Roma decides to renew his contracts.

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