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Serie A Team of The 2020-21 Season

After a long and exciting battle, Inter ended the nine years of Juventus' reign in Italy. The qualification battle was as interesting as the Della Madonnina derby for Scudetto. Read on to find out more about the Serie A team of the 2020-21 season.

Serie A 2020-21 was wonderful. There was much drama that attracted every football fan around the world. In the first half of the season,


was in the lead. Inter followed the traditional rival closely, waiting for them to slip. After the mid season Inter finally got the lead. From that point, the endless for getting the UEFA Champions League qualification began. Milan,






, and


all were in the qualifications zone, rotating.

Roma and


were two teams that had better form in the first half of the season.



Hellas Verona

managed to finish in the top half of the standings. The final and sweetest point of the season was the return of the audience to the stadiums. Let's check out the 2020-21 Serie A team of the season.

The following is the best Serie A team of the 2020-21 season:

In the 119th season of Serie A, full of surprising events and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, twenty teams competed with each other to find glory.

Andrea Consigli

Sassuolo started the season in the qualification zone, but in the end missing the Conference League qualification to Roma only due to goal difference. De Zerbi's attacking style with Sassuolo gained praise but no one can deny

Andrea Consigli

's magnificent season. While

Samir Handanovic

lifted the Serie A trophy with the least goals conceded, Consigli is the goalkeeper of the Serie A team of the 2020-21 season.

That's because Andrea Consigli has saved Sassuolo notably more than Handanovic. Inter's solid defense is the reason for the fewer threats against Handanovic.

Consigli has saved the goal 3.5 times per 90 minutes. The number is 2.2 for Handanovic. Consigli has done seven clean sheets; it's more than you expect for a goalkeeper playing for Sassuolo with its offensive style. The Italian goalkeeper has been the man of the match twice. In the clean sheet factor, Handanovic and

Gianluigi Donnarumma

have twice more clean sheets than Consigli. The most notable in the favor of Consigli is that he has the most saves with 130 saves from 189 shots he faced.

Theo Hernandez


truly should be in the Left defense position of the Serie A team of the 2020-21 season. Theo Hernandez is arguably the best AC Milan sign-in of recent years. He is Rossoneri's most reliable left back since Paolo Maldini. Milan had several changes in years to find a perfect left back, until Theo Hernandez snowed up. He plays 90 minutes whenever he's available. Hernandez has a solid style of play. He is good in both defense and offense phases.

Hernandez has scored nine goals and created six big chances, of which five of them were netted by Milan players. Theo has a ratio of 2.3 completed dribbles per 90 minutes, which is by far the best dribbling performance among Serie A full backs. His successful cross rate is the same as successful dribbles. The French left back has an average of 48.6 per game and 83% of passes completed. 

15.5 of 48.6 successful passes per game were in the final third of the field. On the other hand, he has a notably low rate of dribbles past per game with 0.6, and fouls per game with 1.2. Hernandez has proven his quality once again and got into the

Serie A team of the 2020-21 season


Milan Skriniar

Adapting to Antonio Conte's demands from defenders in his trademark 3-5-2 formation took some time from

Milan Skriniar

. There were rumors of his transfer, but after a while, Skriniar took his place back in Inter's starting line-up. Alongside

Stefan de Vrij


Alessandro Bastoni

, Skriniar is a crucial part of Inter's concrete defense now.

Because of Inter's excellent teamwork, goalkeeper Samir Handanovic and his defenders didn't face many threats, but the flawless performance by Milan Skriniar as the representative of the team's defense may not be unnoticed. Skriniar started 31 in Inter's line-up and one time he was a substitute player. Despite the huge time of play, the Slovakian defender had only one single error the entire season.

He has scored three goals, including his three points goals in a vital single goal win over Atalanta. Skriniar had 1.8 tackles attempted per 90 minutes that 1.5 of them were successful. Because of his strong physical attributes, he is a natural duel winner, but he has done such a neat job that he has received only one yellow card in the Serie A 2020-21 season.

Cristian Romero

In one of the best seasons in Atalanta history,

Cristian Romero

was a key player for Gian Piero Gasperini. Romero has the highest rate of interceptions with 3.8 intercepts per 90 minutes. Atalanta has done a great job with recovery in defense. Recovery is gaining the ball in a situation where neither team has possession or where the ball has been played directly to a player by an opponent.

Mattia Caldara

, Romero, and

José Luis Palomino

are the top three defenders in recoveries, respectively. All three are Atalanta defenders. The Argentinian defender has been successful in aerial duels too. His aerial duels ended with 67% success. Romero has won 58% of his overall duels. The other factors that Romero has done a great job are clearance and his play making from the defense.

He has cleared the ball out of the danger area 2.2 times per game. On the other hand, he has an average of 42.2 passes, with 86.2% success. Romero is the representative of Atalanta's impenetrable defense line in the Serie A team of the 2020-21 season. 

Juan Cuadrado

Juan Cuadrado

was once an attacking winger, but now he is Juventus' Right-Back. The 2020-21 season was not so good for Juventus. Andrea Pirlo was criticized for various reasons. If Pirlo had introduced one valuable factor of his manager career it is the usage of Full-Backs. Both Cuadrado and


had a great season. Cuadrado has provided 10 assists that is the third best in Serie A.

Cuadrado was named Man of the Match seven times. He has passed the ball 61.4 times per 90 minutes with 88% of successful passes. Cuadrado has the highest rate of final third passes, with 18.2 among Serie A full-backs. This last factor indicates his effect on Juventus' attacks. About creating big chances, Cuadrado is leading too. He has created 18 big chances. His follower is


, with 10.

The other factor that shows Cuadrado's big role in Juventus is his touches per game. He has 89.8 first touches per game. Despite his offensive attributes, Cuadrado is a big help for Bianconeri in defense, too. He has 1.9 interceptions per game, which is not as good as the offensive factors.

Domenico Berardi

The right midfielder in the list of Serie A team of the 2020-21 season is Berardi. It was

Domenico Berardi

's ninth season in Sassuolo and he has transformed from a promising youngster to the veteran and captain of the team. The Sassuolo captain missed eight league fixtures due to injury. Despite the absence, Berardi scored 17 goals and provided eight assists. The Italian winger had a good number of chances created for his teammates.

Berardi has created 1.70 chances per 90 minutes. He was named Man of the Match five times.

Lorenzo Insigne

is the only winger in Serie A with more Man of the Match titles. It is the same with the Goals plus Assists numbers for Berardi.

His most recent injury was in the first half of April. Immediately after the injury, he was in the starting lineup for the 31st match of the league against


. He was replaced at half time, but before that he scored two goals. In the last eight matches of Serie A, Berardi scored six goals and created three assists. In the final fixture of the season, Sassuolo faced


that, with a goal from Berardi and an assist from him, made it a happy ending.

Ruslan Malinovskyi

Ruslan Malinovskyi

is the next footballer in the Serie A 2020-2021 team of the season. The Ukrainian midfielder in his second season in Italy showed great potential. Malinovskyi hardly played the entire 90 minutes for Atalanta in 2020-21, however he is Serie A top assist provider with 12 passes led to goal. Malinovskyi has created a total of 66 chances, which is 1.83 chances per game.

Most of Malinovskyi's assists were passed to

Duvan Zapata


Luis Muriel

, who netted 10 goals for them. Six of these assists were to Zapata, and this is the best Serie A assist to goal scorer record in the 2020-21 season.

Following his amazing performances, the departure of

Papu Gomez

didn't affect Atalanta's great season. Malinovskyi is used by Gasperini in six different roles. His play making expertise combined with excellent ball control made a perfect number 10 of him. He's been used mostly as an Attacking Midfielder, but he has played a few games as a Central and Right Midfielder and even once as a Defensive Midfielder. Right Winger and Shadow Striker are other roles that he had in Atalanta through the season.

Nicolo Barella

As one of the center midfielders of the Serie A team of the 2020-21 season, the 24 years old has become the most important player for Antonio Conte.

Nicolo Barella

was the main midfielder of Inter in their path to the Serie A championship. Barella's pass accuracy is usually more than 85%, which is less than

Marcelo Brozovic

, who has 90% of successful passes. The comparison does not indicate how Barella works. He plays more offensive than Brozovic and risks more than the Croatian pass expert. 

Barella has a big role in forging counter attacks. Italian star has an average of 1.3 key passes per game and has provided nine assists. The interesting fact about Barella's assists is that they were netted by nine different players. Two of the nine assists by Barella were scored by opponent players and they are own goals that some sources don't consider as assists.

The best performance of Barella was the first leg match against Juventus that he scored a goal and created an assist for


. That victory against Juventus was the turning point of Inter's Scudetto campaign.

Lorenzo Insigne

The one and only left midfielder of the

2020-21 Serie A team of the season

is from Napoli. The 2020-21 season was one of the best seasons of Napoli’s captain. Lorenzo Insigne reached 100 goals for Napoli and surpassed

Edinson Cavani

in the all time goal scorers of the clubs. He also surpassed Diego Maradona's goals in Serie A. Insigne received Serie A Most Valuable Player of March. Insigne is named Man of the Match more than anyone else in Serie A with nine times.

The Italian striker has scored 19 goals for Napoli and provided seven assists. It's the most goals scored by Insigne in a season. In creating chances for teammates, Insigne has done a good job, too. He has created 55 goal chances, which is 1.62 chances per game. He has a total number of 1651 passes that 85% of which were accurate. Considering all the attributes and factors, Insigne has been the most valuable player of Napoli in this season. Roberto Mancini, Italy's national team coach, could count on Insigne for the upcoming UEFA Euro competition to be a reliable offensive player.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

is the first forward of the

Serie A 2020-2021 team of the season

. He scored 29 goals for Juventus, which is 42 percent of Juve's goals. He is the leader of Serie A goal scorers. It is the first time Ronaldo wins the Capocannoniere award. He also collected a Copa Italia this season. Now he has every possible trophy in his endless list of honors. Six goals out of 29 goals by Ronaldo were from penalty kicks.

Ronaldo has the most shots in Serie A. He has launched a total of 168 shots that were 41.1 percent on target. The Portuguese superstar is one of the six players scoring a hat trick in the 2020-21 season. His hat trick was against


, where he completed the hat trick in the 32nd minute of the game. Ronaldo missed two weeks of fixtures in October including two Serie A matches and two Champions League. He missed two more matches in Serie A for other reasons.

Juventus only won the match against

Dynamo Kyiv

from the five matches without Ronaldo in Serie A and Champions League. Despite the criticism Ronaldo received during the season, his response was good performance on the field.

Romelu Lukaku

The second forward of the

Serie A team of the 2020-21 season

, is


. Romelu Lukaku is arguably the most valuable player of the 2020-21 Serie A season. He has only missed one match due to injury and another one at the end of the season for recovery after Inter's early championship. He is in second place in Serie A Top Scorers and Top Assists at the same time. Lukaku has scored 24 goals in 36 caps.

The Belgian striker has provided eleven assists. This means he has had a direct impact on about 40% of Inter Milan's goals. Five of Lukaku's assists were provided for

Lautaro Martinez

to score. In return, Martinez has provided three assists. Inter's attacking duo had a great season.

Alexis Sanchez

is Lukaku's second favorite player to assist in goals. Sanchez has become a super substitute for Antonio Conte. Achraf Hakimi, next to Martinez, has created three assists for Lukaku. Lukaku had an average of 2.7 shots per game, while Cristiano Ronaldo has 5.1 shots per game. Besides the teamwork quality, Lukaku has performed nice individual skills. He had a record of 53 successful dribbles, which is the third best among Serie A strikers.


Rodrigo de Paul


Sergej Milinković-Savić

are trustworthy subs for the midfield. De Paul has nine goals and nine assists and has been Man of the Match eight times. The numbers for Milinković-Savić are eight goals, 9 assists, and six Man of the Match titles. De Paul has created 21 big chances, which is the best record in Serie A. He has completed 3.3 dribbles and 7.3 crosses per 90 minutes.

The next player with a great 2020-21 Serie A season is

Federico Chiesa

. Chiesa is the alternative for side midfielder. By creating 18 chances, he is the second best key pass provider after de Paul. Chiesa has eight goals and eight assists and was the Juventus' savior many times. With three substitutes for midfield, we are going to need a defender and a striker.

Diego Godin

proved to Antonio Conte that he is still one of the best defenders. Godin and

Alessio Cragno

's good performances are one of the reasons Cagliari survived in Serie A.

Luis Muriel

is the alternative striker for the Keyword. Muriel has the best stats if you consider the time of play. He has scored 1.4 goals per 90 minutes and only two of his goals were penalties, unlike other top forwards.




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