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Peter Schmeichel Quotes, a complete collection

Tue 13 July 2021 | 16:30

A look back at the greatest Peter Schmeichel quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Peter Schmeichel is former Denmark player who is currently working as a pundit. Widely considered as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, Peter Schmeichel had had the best years of his career at

Manchester United

. He was a key player for the famous Manchester side which won the 1998-99 treble which went into history for the way they won the Champions League by beating

Bayern Munich

2-1 in the injury time.

During his illustrated career, Schmeichel won almost every major title at the club level including 5 Premier League and 3 FA Cup titles as well as the 1991 Uefa Super Cup. Schmeichel was alsoa member of the Denmark national team which miraculously won the Euro 1992. With 129 international caps, he has the best record in the history of the country.

Schmeichel had brief spells at Aston Villa, Sporting and Manchester city before retiring in 2003. Unlike many of his Manchester United teammates, he never became a manager, but he has been active in the football world as a pundit. In 2003, Schmeichel was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his impact on the English game.

During his career, Schmeichel played over 700 career games. He also had a habit of scoring important goals and scored a total of 10 goals, including one for


. He is truly among the most influential players in the history of the beautiful game. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Peter Schmeichel quotes


Best Collection of Peter Schmeichel quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Peter Schmeichel quotes which includes his quotes about his personality and career as well as his comments on Beckham and Ronaldo.

Peter Schmeichel quotes about his character and personal life

Peter Schmeichel's private life has been fairly free of controversy. His mother, Inger was a Danish nurse and his father, Antoni was a jazz musician. He has been married twice. His son from his first marriage, Kasper also became a successful goalkeeper and won the Premier League with Leicester City. So it is interesting to know more about Peter Schmeichel quotes on his own personality and personal life.

My mother really wanted me to go to school and to university, but I was adamant that I wanted to be a football player.

It is very nice Kasper has now also won the Premier League, too. I am very proud; I think he has done a fantastic job. It has been amazing to bring this lad into the world and bring him up and hear his wishes and hopes for the future, his ambitions; he made it fairly clear early on that he wanted to become a footballer.

If you’re mentally ready, you’re willing to go the extra mile.

You will not get anywhere if you are not a great team. It’s simple.

Any beginning is difficult, but when you’re opening the newspaper every day, and it’s all about how bad you are, sometimes even you begin to believe that.

You’ve got to get a certain amount of sleep. You’ve got to eat the right thing. You’ve got to train in the right manner. You’ve got to behave in the right manner.

When you’re young, you want to do everything. You want to go out and find girls; you want to have a drink – there are a lot of things you want to do. But if you want to make it to the top, there are a lot of things you can’t do.

I, as a fan, want to be winning but to entertain equally as much, too.

I’m quite good at golf. I’m not amazing, but I play a lot.

I think, in Denmark, we are quite good when it comes to the environment

I was one of the first foreign players coming in to the Premier League


When you have a way of playing or a mentality of playing, it’s difficult to do something else


Sometimes you’ve just got to hold your hands up and say you’ve been beaten by a quality free-kick


I really want to get involved in football again at some point. I know I’m getting older, but my life has just turned out a different way after I retired from football


Change is good. Quick change can be very dangerous


When I hit 35, there were things I couldn’t do which I’d done previously, and they had been completely natural to me


You have to believe you can win


You can’t do anything successfully in life without leadership


It’s not the mistake that’s important; it’s how you recover from it. If you recover instantly, in that second, it’s gone from your mind. You play on and don’t make the next mistake, and that’s the sign of a top keeper.

Peter Schmeichel quotes about football and his playing style

Peter Schmeichel was famous for his intimidating physique and amazing reflexes as well as his loud, unstinting criticism of perceived mistakes by his defenders. He was the captain of Denmark national team and Manchester United for many years and showed his strong personality in many key moments of his amazing career. It is certainly interesting to know more on the

top quotes by

Peter Schmeichel

about football and his own playing style.

Every player makes mistakes; every goalkeeper makes mistakes. Every manager does, every broadcaster – every person in life makes mistakes. But for goalkeepers, often when they make a mistake, it leads to a goal.

As a footballer, you have to be confident you can win all the time so it does not come as a surprise.

Goalkeeping is now at a point where it’s a very popular position .Kids want to play in goal. In the future, you’ll see many more nominations for big awards going to goalkeepers.

Penalty shoot-outs are the most high-pressure situation that a goalkeeper will face, and in a World Cup, it’s even worse because the stakes are so high.

It all comes down to which way you hit the post. Do you hit it on the inside or the outside? Does it go in, or does it go out?

It’s far, far better to be prepared: the more you know about the other team, the better.

I played handball up until I joined United, both as a goalkeeper and an outfield player.

During a big tournament, it is the small details that make big differences.

At the end of the day, it’s 11 men versus 11 on the pitch

The thing about being a striker is you need to be lightning-fast..

Knowing where a team will usually place a penalty can be the difference between winning or losing.

Football has changed. There are no more Zvonimir Bobans or individuals who win games by themselves.

It’s always going to be difficult for Asian countries to create big leagues because Europe is so settled.

Any football club, any person, any human being alive goes through adversity. The art of living life is to recover from that and respond to any challenges being thrown at you.

The star-jump technique – that is a big part of being a handball goalkeeper, and I brought that move into football. It is a very effective way of saving a chance.

To have an 18-year-old coming to you demanding money before he’s even played – that has got to be frustrating for a manager to deal with.

If you are not a good team, you will never get to the final day of the

Premier League

season or the final of the FA Cup.

The better you can prepare your players and the more you can put their minds to it is really important.

If you have been brought up with attacking and trying to get to number two, number three, number four goal, not getting one goal and defend, if that’s sort of the mentality that’s engraved in you, it’s really difficult to do the other thing.

If you’re a senior player, and you really want to make an impact in the dressing room, it’s difficult if you have players there who are not as committed as you are and they have a certain status.

In three weeks, you can improve a lot. You can train a lot. You can come up with a proper plan.

Goalkeeping is very, very much about confidence and thinking you are the man.

Football is a team sport. I’m proud of what I achieved in my career, but I also know that I wouldn’t have achieved any of it without the support of my team-mates. I played with great players, great managers, and in great teams.

Today, the biggest clubs in the world, they buy the players they need for whatever way they think they have to play.

On some occasions, it is every footballer’s dream to play for the national team, but if you don’t reach it, you always need to work harder to reach a higher level, a level you wouldn’t reach if you didn’t have this as a goal.

Top quotes by Peter Schmeichel about famous football players and teams

In this part of our article on we will have a look at the top quotes by Peter Schmeichel about other football great stars and teams, including his comments on Paul Scholes, Manuel Neuer and David Beckham.

On Cristiano Ronaldo:

Obviously, I would very much like to see

Cristiano Ronaldo

back at Old Trafford.

On Pep Guardiola:

Guardiola has a way of playing; he has a system, and he sticks to that.

On Joe Hart:

When you look at the goals he has been criticized for, at some point they could have been prevented by a defender, or it was a misunderstanding. It is not down to Joe Hart on his own.

Joe Hart has bags and bags of talent.

Joe Hart has come in for a bit of criticism, but it’s only because he’s the England goalkeeper, and he’s not got any competition. It’s always been like that; it’s just the way the English media works. Joe Hart is a tough cookie, and he won’t listen to any of that.

On Paul Scholes:

If he is having a bad game, a team-mate might feel Paul Scholes is not quite on his game, but a spectator wouldn’t notice. Scholes, of all the players I have played with, has the highest bottom level.

On what makes Beckham and Cantona unique:

There are hundreds of players who are trying to be a Beckham or Cantona but do not have the personality, and they fail.

On Manuel Neuer:


is the best goalkeeper in the world by far. Neuer is simply sensational.

Neuer is the world’s No.1 keeper and can be used as a role model for all young keepers. He has everything a goalkeeper needs to have.

On Paul Pogba:

I want to see


being a Manchester United player and being as good as everything else he does in life. He’s absolutely brilliant on social media, and he’s projecting himself to be this incredibly modern player.

On Sir Alex Ferguson:

If Sir Alex says, ‘Listen, I want you to play for my team,’ it’s very difficult not to say yes.

Sir Alex is so consistent with his management. He manages each person differently, but you know exactly where you are with him. You know exactly what is required.

You will never see United manager

Sir Alex Ferguson

in the media taking problems he has or the squad has or the club has into the open. Never, ever. But you do see that at Manchester City.

The fear of letting people down – that’s the drive. Sir Alex, I think, if he was brave enough to say it, he would say the same, but in his eyes, the motivating factor is that you want to be the best.

People talk about the hair dryer and all this with Sir Alex Ferguson. What was really great about him, whatever happened in a game, he would spend whatever minutes it took him to get this out of this system and say whatever needed to be said. Once he said, ‘Get your bath,’ that was it. We knew that it would never return.

On David Moyes:

If we should have any regrets as Manchester United that is that we only gave David Moyes seven months. I think we should have given him more time, accepted that results weren’t going to be the way we hoped they would be and that playing would be a little bit different. I believe he would have grown into that role.

On David De Gea:


David De Gea

first came to the Premier League, he was a small boy.

On Wayne Rooney:

I am a massive fan of Wayne Rooney, and it is nice to see him play in any position because he gives a 100 per cent. Not many players can do that and say they do that.

On Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

I read about

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

in the newspapers. I would love for him to come to Manchester United; I’ve said this for a long time. He was born to play for Manchester United.

For Zlatan to play the way we love him to play, he has to be Zlatan.

On Andrea Pirlo:

People say that Andrea Pirlo is the main player and that everything goes through him, but that’s an illusion. Pirlo is a brilliant player but doesn’t dominate Italy’s play as much as people say.

On Louis Van Gaal:

The big clubs will always talk about the same names such as Ancelotti, Mourinho, and Wenger. Louis Van Gaal is always in there as well. He has his own style and is a very determined man. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s got direction, the ability and experience at big clubs such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

You have to bear in mind where Louis van Gaal has worked before. His self-belief is bigger than Jose Mourinho’s.

On Real Madrid:

Real Madrid

will be the first team to claim two Champions League trophies in a row.

On Leicester City:

I am crazy about


; I am crazy about the owners – they are fantastic and really good for the Premier League.

Best Peter Schmeichel quotes about Manchester United and Denmark National team

We wrap up our article on the

Best Peter Schmeichel quotes

with a collection of his most famous comments about his time at Manchester United and Denmark national team.

On winning the Euro 1992 with Denmark:

The myth is that we were all on the beach. You know, myths are myths. The reality was that we'd finished our seasons, the players who played abroad at the time, and the players who played in Denmark were still in their season when we got told that we were in. But we've come back from playing our seasons and all we were thinking about was holiday.

Once we drew 0-0 with England, it was like a funeral in the dressing room – we could not believe we hadn't won that game.

It's more a mentality, I think. And I think that, more than anything, was why we won the European Championship.

It was magical and unexpected. It's funny, because along the way Denmark has had really, really good results in other sports – and it's like they've taken over as the benchmark. And this European Championship, if it's not been forgotten, when people bring it up again it is a pinnacle. (From Schmeichel interview with UEFA.com in November 2015)

On his time at Manchester United:

At Manchester United, you can have a bad day, and the supporters understand. Even in a crunch game, you can have a bad result, and they still back the team.

This is something you learn as soon as you walk through the doors at Old Trafford: that you’re never better than your last performance. You always have to improve on your last performance.

I have no regrets about leaving, and I don’t miss being at United at all.

With a club like Manchester United that have history and traditions, I think the manager at the club should respect that.

When I arrived at Manchester United, the club hadn’t won the league for 26 years, and then in my first year, they won the championship.

I have had a fantastic career with United, and I owe it to the club, players, and fans to do everything I can to finish on a successful note.

There’s no doubt: nobody can argue that Manchester United is not the biggest club in the world. It is.

I think Manchester United is a much bigger club than any manager in the world, and the manager who comes in should respect what Manchester United is.

You can’t just walk into Old Trafford, and you’re there. There’s so much to get used to.

We never played for 1-0 and then defend. We always went for the second goal and the third.

For 99.9% of the players there, they are at United because they want to be at United, and it is their dream move. That gives United a little bit of an advantage over other clubs, where some players are maybe there because there was financial pressure for them to be sold.

At United, everyone is there because they want to be there.

To be a Manchester United player, it requires a certain level of performance, mentality, and you have got to be proud to be a Manchester United player.

People remember the treble in 1999 as if we only had to turn up to collect three trophies. But on that cup run, we were 1-0 down against Liverpool going into injury time, and we turned it around to win 2-1. And everyone remembers the Champions League final in Barcelona, where the same thing happened.

Manchester United would like to have world class players.

Even when I went to Aston Villa, it was very important that I was not in competition with Manchester United.

It is important that Manchester United keeps its identity. Their heritage is to produce and develop players, something that started with Sir Matt and continued with Sir Alex Ferguson.

I would have come to play at United for absolutely nothing if I’d been given the chance – everyone I played with at the time would have done that, too.

There are millions of Manchester United fans everywhere in the world. A lot of them live by the club. They need to be inspired by the manager.

I am very proud to join the Hall of Fame.

So here was our article on the

Peter Schmeichel quotes

. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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