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Bayern Munich Biggest Losses in History

The news around the giant and outstanding culbs have always been amongst the top, which big fans always follow. In the presented article, we have focused on the top ten of Bayern Munich biggest losses in history. Not to miss the related shocked facts, stay with us within the article.

FC Bayern Munchen, also referred to as Bayern Munich in English, is a German professional sports team based in Munich, Bavaria. Bayern is the most prosperous club in the Bundesliga, the top division of the German football league system, and is best known for its professional football team.

By winning a record 32 national titles, including 20 national cups—ten in a row starting in 2013—and multiple European awards, they have earned the top spot in German football history. The club has a rich list of accomplishments that includes the UEFA Cup, European Cup Winner's Cup, UEFA Super Cups, and FIFA Club World Cup victories. Additionally, they have twice won Intercontinental Cups.

They are now among the most prosperous worldwide Europan clubs as a result of all these accolades. They are the only club in Germany that has the potential to win both international championships. FC Bayern Munich, a dominant force in the Bundesliga, has the record for being ever-present in the top divisions since 1965.

Even the top-tier German footballers have, however, lost games in shocking fashion, leaving the football world to recall those games as the biggest losses in Bayern Munich history. The top 10 Bayern Munich losses in terms of severity are shown here. Continue reading to learn more about the club's history's startling conclusion.

Taking a Look at the List of Bayern Munich Biggest Losses in History

Memorable competitions come from the unpredictable results they have had. Along with how much the rivals in competitions have richer career history, football fans expect an ending close to their predictions. However, a goal contrary to what was expectable shatters everything.

Through the following article, we have gathered a collection of Bayern Munich biggest defeats ever, which nobody could predict in advance. Join us to read regarding these famous matches.

Borussia Monchengladbach 5-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 18 May 1974

  • Attendance: 34500

Taking a look at the 

Borussia Monchengladbach

 history reveals that their most successful decade was the 1970s. Playing under coach Hennes Weisweiler had earned them an offensive-minded philosophy and professional play and had abled them to attract many football fans all over Germany.

In the 1973-74 season, Bayern Munich, one of the best clubs in Germany, was in its ninth season in Bundesliga. However, no everything went well for Bayern on 18 May 1974 during the competition with Borussia Monchengladbach. Whether lack of luck or any technical mistakes led them to lose the match in a 5-0 result and became one of 

Bayern Munich

worst defeats in history.

In the 30th minute of the game, Jupp Heynckes, with Bernd Rupp's assists, scored the first goal and put his team one point ahead of Bayern Munich. However, within less than five minutes, Allan Simonsen doubled the point in the 34th minute. During the first 45 minutes, Borussia Monchengladbach's players scored two more times, including Rainer Bonhof's and Jupp Heynckes's goals, which the latter did with Bernd Rupp's assist.

Despite Bayern Munich's effort, they did not net anymore, but instead, at the 71st minute, Lorenz-Gunther Kostner scored the fifth goal of the competition, again with Bernd Rupp's assist.

Hamburger SV 5-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 1 April 1977

  • Attendance: 51000

One of the other 

Bayern Munich biggest defeats ever

 is their losses against the 

Hamburger SV

 club. They ended the match with the same result they had gotten three years before in 1974 against Borussia Monchengladbach. In 1976-77, Bayern Munich's 12th season in Bundesliga, the club did not achieve honors as much as past. Their defeats against Dynamo Kyiv and R.S.C. Anderlecht can explain well how they passed the season.

On 1 April 1977, in the match against Hamburger SV, they had a heavy loss. In the 19th minute, the German midfielder Klaus Zaczyk scored the first goal of the game. Hamburger SV's fans were still rejoicing in the first goal, which Willi Reimann, with Arno Steffenhagen's assists, netted the second one within the next two minutes. In the early moments of the second half, Casper Memering changed the result to 3-0.

At the 67th minute, through Felix Magath's assist, the professional HamburgerSV's central midfielder, George Volkert, could earn another point for his team and change it to 4-0. Following the goal, within 10 minutes, Arno Steffenhagen, with Manfred Kaltz's assist, made his team the last point and caused a 5-0 victory for Hamburger SV against Bayern, which after 44 years it is still one of 

Bayern Munich heaviest defeats in history

1.FC Kaiserslautern 5-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 29 April 1978

  • Attendance: 25000

One year after the heavy 5-0 defeat against Hamburger SV, Bayern Munich experience the same result in the match on 29 April 1978 over 


. Klaus Toppmoller and Benny Wendt, the 1. FC Kaiserslautern's forwards at the time respectively scored the first and second goal of the game at the 20th and 30th minutes.

They ended the first 45 minutes with two more points than their rival, Bayern Munich. Within the second half, Klaus Toppmoller scored his second goal in the competition at the 58th minute.

Then, Rainer Geye scored the fourth goal for his team. Not much time had passed, which Toppmoller completed his hat-trick on the 78th minutes and caused his team to get a 5-0 triumph against Bayern Munich. If you think the 5-0 defeat was the worst result in Bayern's history, keep reading to make sure it was not Bayern Munich biggest losses in history. 

TSG Ulm 6-1 Bayern Munich 

  • Date: 9 September 1962

  • Attendance: 15000

One of the other losses, which we have placed seventh amongst 

Bayern Munich worst defeats in history

, is the result they gained on 9 September 1962 in a competition against TSG Ulm. Though the match was not to the liking of Bayern Munich's fans, it was full of excitement with a total amount of seven goals.

The series of goals started from the beginning of the game, at the 9th minute, and continued until the 89th minute. Rolf Engel was the TSG Ulm's footballer who scored the first goal of the competition. Then Helmut Siebert doubled it at the 25th minute. Netting the third and fourth goals by Dieter Praxl and Helmut Siebert had made TSG Ulm four goals ahead of Bayern Munich.

Though Bayern had ended the first half without earning any points, they were the team that started to do it in the second 45 minutes. Rainer Ohlhauser scored the first goal for Bayern Munich in the 48th minute, though it could not save the club from the heavy loss.

Siebert's goalscoring had surprised all his club's fans, by which he scored two more goals in the 56th and 89th minutes. It was the first time that Bayern Munich had ended a match with such a heavy defeat. Do you agree with placing the game seventh among 

Bayern Munich worst losses of all time

1. FC Koln 6-1 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 11 December 1965

  • Attendance: 45000


Bayern Munich biggest losses in history

, their 6-1 defeat against 1. FC Koln has placed sixth. Having promoted from the Regionalliga Sud, Bayern Munich appeared for the first season in Bundesliga in 1965-66. Although they had performed well in the DFB-Pokal and won the domestic cup for the second time, they record one of their heaviest defeats then.

During the competition against 1. FC Koln in 1965, Karl-Heinz Borutta, their rival's midfielder, with Christian Muller's assist, scored the first goal of the match at the 16th minute. Afterward, Thielen's assist got the opportunity of netting the second goal to Heinz Hornig at the 24th minute. Six minutes later, the collaboration between Fritz Pott and Hein Hornig earned another point to

FC Koln

and made them three points ahead of Bayern Munich.

Two minutes before the end of the first half, Franz Beckenbauer, with Dieter Brenninger's assist, scored the first and the only goal for Bayern Munich. 1. FC Koln's displayed an excellent performance in the second half. Early in the second half, Christian Muller changed the result to 4-1, which less than the next 15 minutes Hornig made it 5-1. Finally, 1. FC Koln ended the match with another point by Thielen's goal under Wolfgang Overath's assist.

FC Saarbucken 6-1 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 16 April 1977

  • Attendance: 39000

Although the match between


and Bayern Munich on 16 April 1977 was full of excitement and goals, Bayern's fans prefer not to remember the night. Ronald Stegmayer scored 2 out of his four goals, with Ludwig Denz's assist in the 21st and 60th minutes. He also scored two other times with Jovan Acimovic's assists in the 60th and 75th minutes.

Meanwhile, Gerd Muller's effort with Franz Roth's assist led Bayern Munich to earn a goal in the 70th minute. Saarbrucken's players kept trying till the last minutes, and their efforts left them two more other goals. In the 80th minute, the collaboration between Ludwig Denz and Jovan Acimovic increased their score to 5. However, it was not the end of the match.

Ludwig Schuster continued the goal series and, with Harry Ellbracht's assist, netted the last one for his team and caused the club to end the competition in the 6-1 victory. Based on the presented details, it is clear why the match is on the list of Bayern Munich biggest losses in history.

Kickers Offenbach 6-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 24 August 1974

  • Attendance: 35000

The closer we get to the bottom of the list, the worse the defeat results in the history of Bayern Munich. Now it is time to go through the details of the match on 24 August 1974 against

Kickers Offenbach

, regarded as one of 

Bayern Munich biggest losses in history

. Kickers Offenbach is a club that has left a heavy defeat in Bayern's career history.

Only 19 minutes after the whistle starts the game, Winfried Schafer scored the first goal. Then Norbert Janzon's effort helped Dieter Schwemmle for the second goal at the 31st minute. Though the result 2-0 that Kickers Offenbach had gained in the first 45 minutes of the match was great, they continued their effort within the second half and earned four more other points.

Passing only four minutes from the second half, Erwin Kostedde and Sigfried Held caused scoring the third goal. The collaboration between these two players made his team one more point ahead of its rival, Bayern, but Held was the goalscorer.

At the 70th minute, Erwin Kostedde, with Manfred Ritschel's assist, scored again, which was the fifth goal of the match. Eventually, another goal by Egon Bihn's effort and Norbert Janzon's assist caused Kickers Offenbach to finish the game in a 6-0 victory. 

Eintracht Frankfurt 6-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 22 November 1975

  • Attendance: 55000

One year after the heavy defeat in 1974 with the 6-0 result, Bayern experienced the same result against Eintracht Frankfurt in front of 55000 spectators, considered one of the other Bayern Munich biggest losses in history.

The series of goals started in the first 8 minutes by Rudiger Wenzel, which with Bernd Nickel's assist could earn the first point in favor of his team and put ahead of their rival, Bayern Munich. After his first assist, Nickel, through Jurgen Grabowski's help, scored the second goal in the 17th minute.

Eintracht Frankfurt

achieved three more other points during the first half.

Jurgen Grabowski's goal in the 28th and his assist in the 40th minute via Bernd Holzenbein ended to the 4-0 result. Following Willi Neuberger and Bernd Nickel's collaboration in the last minute of the first half, Eintracht Frankfurt's goal numbers became 5.

As you know, it was not the final result of the game, and in the 61st minute, the goal numbers changed again. Though Nickel had a notable impact on the scored goals, he still did not give up until he scored another goal in the 61st minute.

Fortuna Dusseldorf 7-1 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 9 December 1978

  • Attendance: 26000

The competition that has placed second on the list of Bayern Munich biggest losses in history is their match against

Fortuna Dusseldorf

. They played on 9 December 1978 in front of 26000 spectators, and Bayern ended it in the heavy 7-1 defeat.

Klaus Allofs, the skillful Fortuna Dusseldorf's striker, did not let much time pass from the start of the game and scored the first goal with Emanuel Gunther's assist in the 1st minute. Following their effort, Klaus Augenthaler and Norbert Janzon set out to make up the lost point, and through an excellent collaboration, scored the first Bayern's goal in the 22nd minute.

However, the club could not add any other point till the end of the match. Allofs caused his team, Fortuna Dusseldorf, to finish the first half in the 2-1 result. In the second half, Wolfgang Seel and Emanuel Gunther each scored two goals. Also, Gred Zimmermann used Wolfgang Seel's assist, and he scored his goal in the 65th minute. 

FC Schalke 04 7-0 Bayern Munich

  • Date: 9 October 1976

  • Attendance: 50000

Now it is time to know about the first item on the list, regarded as 

Bayern Munich biggest losses in history

, the competition in which Bayern Munich could not score any goal within the whole 90 minutes. Within only 11 minutes after the start of the game, Kalus Fischer, the German former professional footballer in the role of a striker, by Rudiger Abramczik's assist, could score the first goal of the match.

However, it was not his only goal, and till the end of the competition, he netted three more other times. As the 7-0 result shows, apart from the four goals that Kalus Fischer scored, 

Schalke 04

earned three more points. One of them was the point that Erwin Kremers achieved for his team by using Hannes Bongartz's assist in the 44th minute.

The other one was the output of a collaboration between Manfred Dubski and Rudiger Abramczik, which led to scoring another goal. The other one was the goal in the 67th minutes, earning by Abramdzik's assist and Klau Fischer shot. Comparing with the other items on the list, it was the worst and heaviest defeat in Bayern Munich history that they could not even score one goal during the 90 minutes. 

As you read, though all football fans remember Bayern Munich as one of the top and outstanding clubs due to the club's rich history, there have been some competitions, which they ended in unbelievable results. We have excluded the Oberliga games prior to the formation of the Bundesliga. 

In the text, we tried to cover the list of the top ten Bayern Munich worst losses of all time and present the most available facts about each game. Our team in 


 always welcomes any ideas from you. So, if there are any related facts about the shocking results of Bayern to share, let us know via the comment section.

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