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Greatest Paul Gascoigne Quotes, a complete collection

Fri 18 June 2021 | 6:30

A look back at the greatest Paul Gascoigne quotes including his comments on football and the biggest clubs he has coached.

Paul Gascoigne is a retired English footballer who is considered as one of the greatest players in the history of Britain. Gascoigne was a world class midfielder who spent the best years of his career at


and Glasgow Rangers and won numerous awards including the FA Cup and the

Scottish Premier Division

. He represented England at the 1990 World Cup and Euro 1996, reaching the fourth place at the former.

Two of the most memorable moments of Gascoigne's career were his crying after he received a yellow card in the 1990 World Cup semi-final against Germany, and his amazing volley goal against Scotland which is regarded as one of the most iconic goals in the history of football.

Paul Gascoigne retired in 2004 after scoring around 100 goals in 400 games. Gascoigne had a brief spell at Kettering Wood as a manager, but did not succeed. His self-destructive behavior and alcohol addiction caused him a lot of suffering after his retirement, but he is a very popular figure among football fans from all around the world. He is truly among the most influential figures in the history of the beautiful game. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Paul Gascoigne quotes


Best Collection of Paul Gascoigne quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of

Paul Gascoigne quotes

which includes his footballing philosophy as well as his comments on Messi and Ronaldo.

Paul Gascoigne quotes about his character and private life

Paul Gascoigne is famous for his passion, amazing technique and humor. He was famous for his pranks and has had an eventful life outside of football. Gascoigne struggled heavily with addiction for many years of his life. His relationships and marriage were also unstable, as was his relationship with his father. He is among the most fascinating characters in the history of football and it is interesting to read more about Paul Gascoigne quotes on his own character and personal life.

Paul Gascoigne best quotes about his character and childhood

I never make predictions and I never will.

I'll tell you what my real dream is. I mean my absolute number one dream that will mean I die a happy man if it happens. I want to see a UFO. They're real. I don't care if you look at me like that. UFO's are a definite fact and I've got to see one soon.

I got eight O-levels at school...zero in every subject.

Daft as a brush? I'm daft, but I'm not daft as a brush!

A boy is better unborn than untaught.

I like to help create team spirit in the dressing room. I feel that I've got loads of love to give.

Everywhere I looked life seemed to be full of problems and they were just going to go on and on. It was never going to get any better.

I'm going to do things when they are right for me.

If I want to be a better person for whoever is in my life, I have to learn.

I never refused an autograph, never refused to buy someone a drink. Now I'm learning to say I've got other things on, instead of doing it and wondering why.

I'm a better person now, and not only that - I'm a better man.

I don't really do pranks any more. I have a laugh in the dressing room here, where it's safe, and the guys don't go to the papers and tell them what I've done.

You learn, right, a lot of people's problems - why they get upset, why they get down, why they turn to drink - is because they can't say one word and it's N-O, no.

I've got a bit of money in the bank. I'm quite comfortable.

I take responsibility for myself and what I do now.

I still have my problems but I try and deal with them a bit better now. I don't let them ride on for a month then realize I've got a stack of them.

On his failed Marriage

I never wanted to get married, it was the only way I would see the children. I don't think I ever loved her. Sheryl has poisoned and twisted those kids against me.

I was at the front of the church standing alongside Sheryl. When I said `I do' I heard a shout of `Yes!' from someone on Sheryl's side of the congregation. I looked at my sister and started crying. She told me later she thought I was weeping because I was so happy. But I was crying because I thought `I'm trapped'. That's why the honeymoon wasn't as it should have been. I couldn't stop thinking about that `Yes!'

I don't think I ever loved Sheryl and there's no way back. I don't know whether I'll ever be able to trust anyone again.

I never even unpacked my suitcases. I left them in the hallway unpacked, I just knew it wasn't right. I knew it was the end. She needs to move on. I have. It's quite simple - `stop calling yourself Gascoigne.' I never wanted to get married. Getting married was the only way I was going to see the children, that's why I did it.

Most memorable quote by Paul Gascoigne about the death of his father

Saturdays are when I miss him. But he was so dry. He’d talk to anyone but he wouldn’t talk to me, loved to take him around the world with me when I played. At the moment I’m alright, but I’ll be thinking of it, the good times I had, I probably had more good times than bad times. I must have bought my dad about 80 cars and 18 boats and houses.

Most memorable quotes by Paul Gascoigne on his addiction

I'll tell you the truth; I had a double brandy before the game but, before, it used to be four bottles of whisky. Not anymore. I was fine. I had a glass of wine after the game. But it was just a mouthful.

But if I wasn't playing, I would drink Saturdays, then Sunday, then Monday. Then I would try and train and it was no good, then have another drink just to pass the day away.

When it comes to drinking, I don't look to the future now. Because it only brings worry. I live day by day, a day at a time, as they say.

And that way, I don't blame other people. I'm the one that has to keep off the drink. I'm taking responsibility for my life on everything.

Well, I did know - but I just wanted the day to pass and the next day to come and then I wanted that one to pass. It was a horrible cycle. I felt so close to having to pack the game in.

The drink? Yes, I've had tough times in my life, especially the last year, regarding my ex-wife, my kids, I nearly broke my neck, I was on death row with pneumonia.

And that way, I don't blame other people. I'm the one that has to keep off the drink. I'm taking responsibility for my life on everything.

I had to accept that I was an alcoholic that was the main thing. I think you've got to. But I try not say that I'm an alcoholic. I prefer to say that it's a disease I've got.

I don't know whether I will drink again in my life but I didn't drink yesterday, I am not drinking today and I'll try not to drink again tomorrow.

Paul Gascoigne quotes about football and his career

Paul Gascoigne had a unique style of playing football. He was famous for his amazing dribbling skills and his accurate passes and set-pieces.

The famous former England player is famous for his interesting and inspirational views on football and the ideal way it should be played. He has won many major awards during his career and it is certainly interesting to know more on the Best quotes by Paul Gascoigne about football and his own style of playing it.

Glasgow Rangers. God I loved playing for them.

What is the world coming to when you get a red card and get fined two weeks' wages for calling a grown man a wanker?

No one is ever going to be as good as I was.

I've had 14 bookings this season-eight of which were my fault, but seven of which were disputable.

I know I would have had a lot more trophies in my cabinet if I went with him [Sir Alex Ferguson].

If you're fortunate to have talent and getting paid for something you love doing. All you've got to do is perform for 90 minutes.

I know as a manager you have to abide by the chairman's decisions. But his decisions were this team, that team, this player, that player. The chairman is a control freak.

I would do those 2 years over and over again for the rest of my life.

I've learnt and I just want to be respected for what I've achieved on the pitch. I know I haven't achieved much off it but I do know I've given pleasure to people watching me play football over the years.

I've left on professional terms. I just think I needed to extend my career on the coaching side,

At the end of it, I'll maybe do a coaching badge but I'm not going to get forced into things.

The players are still behind me, Kettering is behind me, the staff is behind me, everyone is behind me. Unfortunately, the chairman is not.

Sammy Lee has a coaching course coming up and I want to go and prove myself as a coach, as I wanted to at the start of the season, and hopefully in the future as a manager,

The most important thing is to get Rangers into the Premiership.

The chairman wants to sack me, but I said I will never walk away from Kettering Town and I will fight all the way. I am now looking to buy the football club.

Anyway, how can you sack anyone who still hasn't got a contract. I'll be there for the game and I'll stand behind the dugout giving instructions to the players from there. They will respond to me more than the next manager.

I was proud playing for England in the World Cup. Every game I played in, I did really, really well. I had the world at my feet, you know.

I thought I did well for someone who has been out for 10 or 11 months. Then I was sub against Liverpool and tried to play for the guys and work on my fitness.

If the fans want me out, I'll put my hands up and leave. Like a proper man. I won't make excuses, I'll leave.

I am going to continue and bring this club forward. I am Paul Gascoigne the footballer.

But then I always wanted to play for Rangers. Man United is a great club and Alex Ferguson is a legend.

I've had to deal with everything but everyone has helped me, including Sir Alex Ferguson, to get through. George Best was a good friend of mine. We loved each other, we both knew where we were coming from.

Then all the foreigners started coming over. I don't mind that but a lot of teams are laying out fortunes for ordinary players and that's no good for our youngsters coming through.

I fought back, got injured again and I had to have another operation. I got down and depressed and I think I was drinking more than I should. Well, I know I was.

I do want to be a manager one day. It might be 10 years, I don't know when.

I won player of the year and players' player, two cups and two championship medals, had a great time.

But then I always wanted to play for Rangers.

Man United

is a great club and Alex Ferguson is a legend.

I've had to deal with everything but everyone has helped me, including Sir Alex Ferguson, to get through. George Best was a good friend of mine. We loved each other, we both knew where we were coming from.

I am going to continue and bring this club forward. I am Paul Gascoigne the footballer.

I feel sorry for the fans because they are laying out a lot of money now and if the players don't perform, they are getting robbed of their money.

Kevin has done a tremendous job here and now it's a matter of trying to work together and move the team forward. We want to give the supporters something to look forward to and get them in the Football League.

Most memorable quotes by Paul Gascoigne about famous football players

In this part of our article on we will have a look at the

Best quotes by Paul Gascoigne

about other football great stars and teams including his comments on Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney and Diego Maradona.

On Joelinton:

The club have spent a lot on that centre-forward, Joelinton. I think he looks very impressive actually and they may have a problem keeping hold of him eventually.

On Gary Lineker:

You know what I like about him? His body. What a lovely body, Unbelievable, it was so smooth I fancied him. Honestly I really did. I used to see him getting a massage after the game and I thought 'wow', he's beautiful.

Paul Gascoigne best quotes about Paul Scholes:

Scholesy is one of my favorite players of all time. He was a great professional who had everything and I used to love playing with him. You could give him the ball in any position, he would take one touch and you would know exactly what the next move would be. He was magical, pure class.

Paul Gascoigne best quotes about Gareth Southgate:

Gareth as a manager, I'm proud of him. I said before [to him] the game, 'Gareth, I'm proud of you'. I'm thankful for what he did for me, what he said about me, [calling me the] best player in the world in 50 years. I'm 51, so I must have been good at one years of age!

On Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney is a fantastic player who wants to win every game. It is his determination which is coming to the fore. Unfortunately, things like that happened to me many years ago when I had a go at the referee. I did daft things and I once got booked for showing a ref the red card. But the rules have changed now, and if you applaud the ref that is what happens.

Paul Gascoigne quotes On Diego Maradona:

At a charity game, I remember I wanted a lighter and I'd seen a little fella outside with a hat on and a big long cigar. I just went up from behind him and said: 'Can I borrow your lighter please?' And he turned round, it was Diego - so I started laughing. I shared a bit of cigar with him and we clicked then, you know?

On the flight, I had a couple of drinks and in the tunnel, I went to Diego: 'Diego, I'm tipsy.' He went, It's OK, Gazza - so am I'

So I went out and beat about four players, scored a goal - and I looked at him and said: 'Beat that.' Obviously I spoke to him in Italian, because he doesn't speak English - and neither do I...

But I think I said the wrong thing! Because after that he was unbelievable; magic. What a player. My icon is Bryan Robson - but around the world Diego was just a phenomenal footballer.

I know a lot of people go on about the hand of God, It made Peter Shilton anyway! Shilts, it made you that goal

On Jose Mourinho:

The players have got to understand they haven't won anything. Jose Mourinho has – what he has achieved as a manager is second to none. I headbutted and punched him and got my own back from when I was younger. Then I just laid there and hugged him for 45 minutes.

As far as I'm concerned, Jose Mourinho is an unbelievable manager. Have you had a look at what Jose Mourinho has won? Jesus. Alex Ferguson was an unbelievable manager, the best ever in the world, and Jose Mourinho isn't far from him.

He's definitely a manager I would play for, that's for sure. A manager is only as good as the players he's got and if he's not happy with the players he's got he will bring in players. The players have got to understand they haven't won anything. Jose Mourinho has – what he has achieved as a manager is second to none.

So here was our article on the

Paul Gascoigne quotes

. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.


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