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Best Luis Figo Quotes, a complete collection

A look back at the greatest Luis Figo quotes including his comments on football, his playing style and career, his personal life and other football stars.

Luis Figo is retired Portuguese player who played at many top clubs, including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan, as well as the Portugal national team. Figo is widely considered as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Luis Figo started his career at Sporting Lisbon in 1989 and spent the first five years of his career at the club. In 1995 he moved to Barcelona and won 2 La Liga titles and Two Copa del Rey trophies in his five-year spell with the Catalans.

Figo's next move became probably the most controversial transfers in the history of football as he decided to join Barcelona's eternal enemy,

Real Madrid

. His signing was the first big transfer of Real Madrid in their Galacticos era. Despite the strong and even violent reaction towards him from


fans, Figo shone with Los Blancos and won another two La Liga titles as well as the 2001-2002 Champions League.

Next stop for Figo was the Serie A giant, Inter Milan and the Portuguese superstar won four Serie A titles with his last club. He retired in 2009 after scoring around 124 goals in 687 games. He is truly among the most influential figures in the history of the beautiful game. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Luis Figo quotes


Best Collection of Luis Figo quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Luis Figo quotes which includes his comments on his personal life, career, and playing style as well as his quotes about other football's great stars.

Luis Figo quotes about his own character and personal life

Luis Figo is famous for his elegance, amazing technique and self-confidence. His strong-willed attitude and high temper were not easy to handle for some of his colleagues and coaches, but those who managed to get along with him admitted his influence on the team's performances. Figo is a true family man. He has been married to his Swedish super-model, Helen Svedin since 1995 and has three kids. Here are Luis Figo quotes about his own personality.

The mistake is to imagine that perfection is possible when the very idea is unthinkable.

Portuguese people have natural skills to learn new languages. I believe I’m not an exception. When I was in school I wasn't a big fan of English classes, actually. But later, when I was living in Barcelona, I had to improve my English to seduce my wife, who is Swedish. (From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

I have a fantastic wife, and not only in terms of external beauty. Her priority and mine is our children. That is our choice.

I love Japanese food, but also Portuguese.

One was born in Barcelona and the other two in Madrid. They’re always switching teams. The smallest is Madrid and I think the other two are Barça. I don’t know if the middle one has changed to Madrid now. It’s hard to keep track of.” (From Figo's interview with en.as.com)

I have about 40. I have my own brand, which is called IWC, but I also like Seiko, Franck Muller and even Swatch. It all depends on the occasion and who offered them to me. I’m not sure if there are footballers who have more than I do! (From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

I’ve never been attracted by being a coach. I haven’t even got the license and I can’t see myself getting one in the near future. I don’t want to be a pundit either because I’m not the type to slate people, I always speak highly of players. I prefer playing golf, life’s easier like that. (From Figo's interview with en.as.com)

Luis Figo quotes about football and his career

Luis Figo had a unique style of playing football. He was famous for his quickness, dribbling skills and amazing powerful shootings. His 106 assists are the second-most in La Liga history, behind Lionel Messi and with 127 appearances, he is the second most-capped players for Portugal behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The famous Portuguese former player is known for his interesting and inspirational views on football and the ideal way it should be played. He has won many major awards during his career and it is certainly interesting to know more on the

best Luis Figo quotes

about football and his own style and career.

On Football in general

As a professional football player, I have known perfectly well from the day I started playing that every day I have to fight for my place.

In football, day in day out, you always have to show your worth.

If the most important thing for your project is to put on a circus, then you have less chance of winning things.

I care about football, so what I'm seeing regarding the image of FIFA, not only now but in the past years, I don't like it.

In top flight competition, the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.

I remember once, while I was still at Sporting, we had a friendly game against Newcastle and we were losing 3-0 at half-time and we managed to win 4-3. An Italian or Spanish side would never let the opponent come back from 3-0 down. But English football is open, they always try to attack, even if they are winning.

Luis Figo famous quotes on his time with Barcelona

I haven’t always played as a winger. Actually, I only started to play as a winger when I joined Barcelona. At Sporting I used to play more as a midfielder. (From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

When you are 22 and you face a challenge like Barcelona, you never think about who you’re going to replace. You just want to do your best, prove what you’re capable of and show that you deserved the chance. That was exactly what happened to me. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my career. (From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

I thought that Barcelona were not treating me properly by not paying me according to my importance at the club. The chance of joining Real Madrid came up but the directors of Barcelona assumed I was bluffing them.

I think they later used the fact that I was leaving to show they had financial problems. In the end, when I already had a deal with Real Madrid, it’s true they agreed to give me what I was asking for and there was a chance for me to stay. But it was too late and I ended up going to Real Madrid to avoid problems for my agent, who had a commitment with them. (From Figo's interview with From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

I really did not think much about the size of the transfer fee when I left Barcelona because it was all down to market forces, not me.

Me call the president? If he has kicked me out, what for? He didn't call me either when I left.

Luis Figo famous quotes on His time at Real Madrid

There was interest from clubs in Italy and England, I believe. But I've never been attracted by the way they play in Italy. Staying in Spain was always my preference.

To play for Barcelona, means to have an opportunity for a brilliant career. But to reach the top of it, you have to play for Real Madrid.

Regaining the Champions Cup is not going to be easy.

If we win trophies then I suppose we draw more fans and the club is more successful commercially. But it's not up to me to do the sums.

When I left Barcelona, staying in Spain was an important factor in my decision to join Madrid. I did not have to change country or learn a new language, adopt a different sort of lifestyle, and so on.

Some of the fans here were not too sure about their club signing a player from their biggest rivals. Fortunately, we had a great season and won the League title for the first time in four years. Now, I think, everyone can say it was good business.

Our president has always said it was his intention to sign the world's best players - and he believes it makes good business sense.

Everything started to go wrong at Real after those first three years when commercial decisions took precedence over sporting ones. They started signing players for the sake of signing them. When things are like that sooner or later you pay for it.

I'll have time to say goodbye to the fans because they deserve it more than anyone. On Saturday, I'll give a press conference to say goodbye to them because I won't be able to say goodbye in a match.

On his famous return to Camp Nue as a Real Madrid player

I was in charge of taking the corners and I was focused because I wanted to do my job in the most professional way possible, But there came a time when I couldn't because the amount of objects heading my way were such that I couldn't describe.

All I remember is that it favoured me because, at that time, Coca-Cola sponsored me and I saw a bottle on the grass and picked it up as if I was shooting an ad. The next day I had the opportunity to see in the newspapers that whiskey bottles and pigs heads' were thrown. There was a bit of everything. (From Figo's interview with Marca)

It was a significant game for me, as it made me much more mature. I was probably the only player in the world who had 100,000 people together just against him. My build-up for that match was exactly the same as it always was.

My only concern was to play football and do my part. But of course I was a bit worried that I could be harmed, because you never know if there’s some crazy guy who will do something stupid. (From Figo's interview with FourFourTwo)

Luis Figo famous quotes on his career spell at Inter Milan

I think that in Italy - and I say this from experience - they have a way of thinking in relation to footballers' ages that's not like Spain. Here, you get to 30 or 31 and, after one bad game, they say you're finished. In Italy, they judge you solely on the form that you're in, not by your birth date.

I'm going to


to see if they will let me play a bit of football.

I chose this club because it has the same desire to win that I have, I can't wait to start this new adventure. The only thing I'm sorry about is that there were too many intermediaries involved in these negotiations. It only required two days, yet it's gone on for two months.

The focus for football players in Spain is to work more on technique and skills, while in Italy, your physical conditioning is what defines the game

Best Luis Figo Quotes on his International career with Portugal

For what we played over the 90 minutes we didn't deserve this result. Greece was driving two times our goal and scored two goals ... football is like that. Who makes less mistakes can win the game.

I’m not sure if it was my best game, because I had some great games for Portugal. In fact, all the games I played for my country were extraordinary. I’ve always been proud to play for Portugal. It’s natural that people remember that match because it was in the Euros and had all that symbolism. (The game against England)

That goal against England at Euro 2000. It was a thrilling game and during a very big competition. Or one that I scored for Barcelona against Real Madrid.

Luis Figo quotes about Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is between

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Figo played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid. So it is very interesting to know more about

Luis Figo quotes

on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Player I would like to sign for Internazionale? It's easy, the strongest in Europe at the moment is Lionel Messi, and so I would say him. Messi has amazing qualities, he is the best of all, number one. That is unquestionable.

For me, it is a pleasure to watch Messi play, it's like having an orgasm. It gives an incredible pleasure.

I watched the thing with Messi and his attempt to leave Barcelona this summer like all football fans: expectantly and surprised. He'll have his motives and reasons for making that decision. I don't know what happened beforehand. 

Every club wants to have a player like Messi, but then it depends on factors like the current financial situation at the club, the money he'll cost the club in wages, the will of the player. But generally, in life, if you don't want to be somewhere, in the end, there's nothing that can change your mind.

I'm not surprised by his form because Cristiano has always been a great professional, If injuries are kind to him, he'll keep scoring goals because it's a gift he has and, if the physical side allows him - age has an influence in terms of recovery and speed, sure - but if that and his hunger to be decisive and score goals continues, he'll [score] many more.

Cristiano is always good, but the problem is he can’t be expected to score two or three in every game and when he doesn’t it seems he’s not playing well. Cristiano is possibly Portugal’s greatest ever player. For his statistics, without doubt, and for what he has won. For respect, possibly Eusebio, because he was the first. But for numbers and skill, maybe Cristiano.

Top quotes by Luis Figo about famous football Leagues, players and teams

In the last part of our article we will have a look at the

top quotes by Luis Figo

about other football great stars and teams including his comments on Paul Scholes, Ronaldo Nazario and David Beckham.

On Paul Scholes:

I'm star-struck when I see Paul Scholes because you never see him. On the pitch you can't catch him. Off the pitch he disappears.

On Ronaldo Nazario:

There are some things Ronaldo can do with a football that make me touch my head and wonder how on earth he did it.

Once, at Barcelona, at half-time during a match against Logroñes that we were winning 4-1 or 5-1 with three goals from Ronaldo, Bobby Robson turned to him and said: “Ronaldo, Ronaldo... I want a double hat-trick, double hat-trick.” We all rolled on the floor laughing. We all knew what a hat-trick was, but... a double hat-trick?! (FourFourTwo)

Some players work 14 hours a day and they just can’t reach a high level. Ronaldo almost didn’t need to practise to be a great player. I don’t think I ever had a team-mate who achieved such impressive figures in just one season.

On Raul Gonzales:

I think he [Raul] is the greatest player to have ever played the game. He walks on the turf and astounds. It is utterly amazing.

On Rui Costa:

I would have been thrilled to play alongside Rui Costa at Madrid. I am sure he will win things with Milan. I just wish he could have won things with Madrid, instead.

On Nuno Gomes:

He has a heart as big as his country, Nuno Gomes is like that, he can be having a bad patch for his club, but when it comes to defending the Portuguese colors he's explosive.

On The Super League:

This so-called Super League is anything but Super, This greedy and callous move would spell disaster for our grassroots, for women’s football, and the wider football community. Only to serve self-interested owners, who stopped caring about their fans long ago, and complete disregard for sporting merit. Tragic.

On Ousmane Dembele:

If you have to ask me for a player that reminds me of the way I played, I'll say that I really like Dembele. He's had bad luck with injuries, but he has enormous potential.

On Joao Felix:

Joao is a young player that has a lot to learn. He's going to be much better than he is already because of the time he still has to improve. He's a player that has to play in his natural position to be able to perform at his best. He can play on the wing, but it's difficult. In terms of performance, you're going to notice him more if he plays in the middle. He's a goalscorer, he picks up good positions and that's a unique gift in football.

On Jose Mourinho:

I already knew him at Sporting. He was my coach there, at Barcelona and Inter. I admire him a lot because I know him as a person beyond his role as a coach. At Inter I could have retired a year earlier but I didn’t so I could work with him and I think it was the right decision.

On Neymar:

He has his way of playing and if people don’t like it that’s their problema.

On David Beckham:

We made a big signing every year and in the end we fitted together well and played as a unit. David is one of those people I stay in touch with, he’s a good friend.

So here was our article on the

Luis Figo quotes

. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.


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