Steven Gerrard Quotes, a complete collection

Sun 06 June 2021 | 7:30

A look back at the greatest Steven Gerrard quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Steven Gerrard is a retired player who is currently working as a head coach at Glasgow Rangers football club. Gerrard is among the greatest football figures of all time. One of those few stars who made it big both as a player and a manager. Steven Gerrard was a world class midfielder who spent the majority of his career at


and won numerous awards including two FA Cup titles and the 2004-05 Champions League. He represented England at three European Championships and three World Cups.

Steven Gerrard left his all-time club to play the last season of his career at the famous MLS club, LA Galaxy. He retired in 2016 and started his managerial career two years later, first at Liverpool's youth academy and then at the popular Scottish club, Glasgow Rangers. He implemented the same passion and quality he had as a player in his playing system and was able to win the 20-21 Scottish league title in the most emphatic fashion.

Steven Gerrard also won many individual trophies. In 2005, He was voted the third best player of the year at the Ballon d'OR ceremony. Among his other notable individual awards are: Liverpool's player of the season (Three times), UEFA Champions League final Man of the Match (twice) and Premier League top assist provider (2013-14). He is truly among the most influential figures in the history of the beautiful game. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Steven Gerrard quotes


Best Collection of Steven Gerrard quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Steven Gerrard quotes which includes his quotes about his personality and career as well as his comments on Messi and Ronaldo.

Steven Gerrard quotes about his own personality

Steven Gerrard is famous for his intelligence, determination and leadership skills. He was the captain of Liverpool and England national team for many years of his career. Gerrard comes from a family of footballers, but none of them made it big like him. Gerrard is a family man and has been married to his long time wife, Alex Curran since 2007. Here are Steven Gerrard quotes about his own personality and private life.

A mate owned a Bryan Robson top. We were kicking about, and I asked if I could be Robbo for a while. My dad looked out and went ballistic. He wasn’t having his kid dragging the Gerrard name through the gutter. I thought we’d have to move!

I can play anywhere on the park. I'm a bit like that in bed, too.

Grilled salmon and brown pasta works for me every time.

I have always applied myself the same for club and country.

I listen to the phone-ins on the way home and I know how the fans feel.

I'm playing second fiddle to Justin Bieber - Bieber Fever is sweeping our house, and my girls have made it clear I'm no longer their favourite man.

It was difficult knowing one of your cousins had lost his life.

I might be an ambassador.

I watched Italia '90 with my Mum and Dad and my brother, you know, leaping around the house when the penalties were on... It would be great to be part of that, to have that kind of impact.

Hopefully it’ll give us a bit of luck on the night, but I’m not really a superstitious person.

If other people want to talk about my future I can’t control that.

I was always determined to make it as a footballer, but if things hadn’t worked out, I’d have maybe followed my dad into the building industry.

I think every player listens out for his name being sung and it’s something I really enjoy.

I’m a fan myself and I’m frustrated just as much as them when we get beat.

I have no regrets. We need to forget about mistakes and take the positives.

I'll admit, it gives me a real buzz when I hear my name being chanted and that feeling is the same now as it was when I first broke into the team.

I have played a lot of games, worked with a lot of these players and learnt an awful lot. I’ve got the knowledge and leadership qualities. So, it’s normal that under these circumstances that I got into coaching. I’m learning an awful lot.

If I ever saw one of my team-mates diving, I'd definitely have a word

Obviously the fans are very important to me, in fact they mean everything to me and they are the people I try to please when I play.

Steven Gerrard quotes about football and his own playing style

As a player, Steven Gerrard was famous for his versatility and wide range of skills. He was a true box-to-box player and registered many spectacular assists and goals. The England star is famous for his interesting and inspirational views on football and the ideal way it should be played. He has won many major awards during his career and it is certainly interesting to know more on the

top quotes by Steven Gerrard

about football and his own philosophy of it.

It's too easy to blame other people in football.

I think every player listens out for his name being sung and it's something I really enjoy.

If you don't play well, you have a bad game or a nightmare you know that the amount of coverage is worldwide.

The last player you want the ball to go to is the best player on the planet.

Loyalty doesn't seem to be in the game that much these days where players leave their clubs which made them the stars they are today either to seek personal glory or fill their pockets. But one man serves as the epitome of club loyalty.

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is between

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Gerrard played against Messi and Ronaldo many times during his career and has praised both of them in his interviews. However, He believes Messi is an-together better player than Ronaldo. Here are Steven Gerrard quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

I think they're both operating on a different planet to every footballer that's ever lived, probably besides your Peles and Maradonas.

Ronaldo, for me, is more individual. He's hungry for goals, he's a little bit more selfish, whether that be in a good way or a bad way and obviously the profile of the players is very different in terms of size.

But Messi, for me, is more of a team player. If he's in on goal, he'll look for a pass as well as obviously posting really, really good numbers individually as well. I go Messi. I'm not selfish, I'm a team player.

I'm Messi's number one fan, for sure. I love the player. Obscene numbers in his game in terms of assists and goals. I'm definitely a Messi fan, in the gang.

Top quotes by Steven Gerrard about famous football players, Leagues and teams

In this part of our article on we will have a look at the top quotes by Steven Gerrard about other football great stars and teams including his comments on Fernando Torres, Zidane and Ronaldinho.

On Jamie Carragher:

When I leave the car park at Melwood, I try and become a completely different person. I try to get away from it. You have got to. Otherwise you end up like Jamie Carragher - obsessed!

On Kenny Dalglish:

Kenny Dalglish is a hero of mine and is the best player to ever wear a red shirt.

On Fernando Torres:

Torres was easily the best player I have ever played with in my career. I loved him. And when he approached me and said he wanted out, it was like a knife to the heart.

On Zidane:

Zidane, the stuff he could do. His legs were always in control of the ball. He used to glide. He was just a god. He was a freak for me. (Daily Mail)

On Ronaldinho:

Ronaldinho had a two, three year spell when he was on his own. He did things on a pitch where you think 'how has he done that'? (Daily Mail)

On Paul Gascoigne:

I tried to nutmeg him. It never came off and he gave me a slap on the back of the head and told me to start behaving

On Sir Alex Ferguson's comment about him not being a top player:

I went on trial at Manchester United when I was 13 and had a letter off them wanting to sign me on a seven-year deal, I’m a huge fan of Alex Ferguson and what he’s done in the game is fantastic, that’s the reason why he’s sold that many copies in the first week.(BT Sports)

I was genuinely a little bit gutted when I read that, the reaction of the papers, when he said I’m not a top, top player. But I won’t lose sleep over it, everyone is entitled to their opinion. (BT Sports)

On The Champions League:

The Champions League is the competition everyone wants to be in.

But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we're enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.

On the Super League:

I’m not sure what to say on it really, but football is fine at the moment, I enjoy it how it is. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, so I will wait and see what happens, but right now it's of no interest to me whatsoever. (From Gerrard's interview with The Telegraph)

Best Steven Gerrard quotes about the biggest teams he has worked at

We wrap up our article on the Best

Steven Gerrard quotes

with a collection of his most famous comments about his time as a player and a manager with Liverpool, England national team and Glasgow Rangers.

On his time with The England National team

I think everyone around the world knows the tools are there in England’s armoury to do well in a World Cup. The challenge is to go out there and prove it.

107 caps isn’t bad for someone who isn’t ‘a top, top player’, is it? I never expected to get that amount of caps. When I made my debut, I set myself the personal target of trying to get 50 caps and score 10 goals if I could. So to have 107 is something I am really proud of, particularly being among those names.

I am going to go into my coaching badges after my England days are finished and I have the time on my international break.

On His career with Liverpool

When I die, don't bring me to the hospital. Bring me to Anfield. I was born there and will die there.

Even now I can say I'd love to finish my career here, and then stay in the game after that.

I've got absolutely no intention of ever going to play at another club.

This club is all about winning trophies and we’ve got a chance of bringing the greatest trophy of them all back to Anfield, so it means a great deal obviously.

I’ve seen the slip a few times. I don’t have to watch something like that to go through the pain again and again and again.

I didn't sleep with the European Cup but it was in my room! It was just special and I just had to have the cup with me, lifting the cup as Liverpool captain was just the best moment of my life.

There's no doubt that the squad needs strengthening if we are to get back up among the top three because they are operating on another level to us at the moment.

I think we've got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment.

I'm born in Liverpool, I'm a Liverpool supporter.

My message to the fans would be that hopefully I can continue to perform as consistently as I have done this season and lift a trophy for them soon.

We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high.

Everyone is going to be talking about Chelsea and Liverpool but the others are very tough teams.

The fans have played a massive part in getting us to where we are, but the job's not finished.

Against Juventus we were massive underdogs, so to beat them was fantastic.

I've seen the slip a few times. I don't have to watch something like that to go through the pain again and again and again.

That win means so much. They got back into the game but I think we showed today that we want to go to the wire. We want to go all the way.

As club captain all I want to do is help us get back up the table and into the Champions League.

It was nice to get three goals, but I dont feel I have anything to prove

How can I think of leaving Liverpool after a night like this? I am really happy with the club. I will be having talks with the chairman and the manager shortly, but it is looking good. Liverpool fans are crazy, they were unbelievable, and I'd like to dedicate this victory to them.

This club is all about winning trophies and we've got a chance of bringing the greatest trophy of them all back to Anfield, so it means a great deal obviously.

It will be the proudest moment of my life leading Liverpool out. I've dreamed of this day since I was a kid, kicking a ball against the wall in the street where I lived. What could be better than leading Liverpool out for the Champions League final? Only lifting the trophy.

We need everyone, all 11 players who start and the subs, to be ready to give everything. We need that mentality, when everyone has to put everything on the line for Liverpool. That is what it will take to win. We have to make sure we don't have any regrets at the final whistle.

The odds were against us, but we deserve to be where we are.

I share their frustration at times and I get down just like them when we suffer a bad result.

I will be the one lifting that trophy, not Paolo Maldini. Imagine me hoisting the trophy. It is an image I have in my mind and I want to make it a reality. We have world-class players and, believe me, they are in the mood to do it. The atmosphere around the club at the moment is just top-class.

We've proved a lot of people wrong so far but the job is not finished yet and if we come home from Istanbul empty handed then it would be a disaster.

We were massive underdogs at the beginning of the competition and I'll put my hands up say and I didn't think we were going to go all the way. But, as you can see, we are never beaten. The manager told us to keep our chins up, to try and score early in the second half and give some respect for the fans. The first goal gave us a bit of belief. The supporters have saved up for weeks and months to come here. I am so happy to lift the cup for the fans.

To me it's the best trophy you can win and to bring it back for all them fans that have supported us right through would be something special.

On his first managerial season at Rangers

I remember addressing the team, the squad, for the first time. It was one of the most nervous talks I’ve ever done. I had a few days and weeks prepare for what I was going to say. But for me, the key thing was to let them know that I’m not standing here addressing you as Steven Gerrard the player. givemesport.com

Some of the numbers the players have posted this season has been really impressive. (Sky Sports)

I have still got drive and hunger to achieve more. This is the first one, I hope it is the first of many. (Sky Sports)

I love winning, That is my drive, that is my buzz, that is what I get out of bed for in the morning. My family will always be number one in my life, football will be number two. (Sky Sports)

You’ve got to take responsibility and to do everything in your power to get results. Hopefully players look at that and try and follow it.

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Steven Gerrard quotes

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