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Top facts about Alex Iwobi

Sun 16 May 2021 | 19:28

Welcome to the life of Everton and Nigeria winger Alex Iwobi, who has been showcasing his potential in the Premier League since joining Arsenal in 2015. Follow us below as we take a look at some of the more interesting facts about Alex Iwobi and go further into detail about his personal life.

We have seen many Nigerian talents grace the pitch on the big stage of football as the country of Nigeria has always gifted us with many brilliant footballers, with Jay-Jay Okocha, John Obi Mikel and Vincent Enyeama to name a few. But while these football players are either retired or well past their prime days, there is still hope for football in this African country as we see new faces join the elite and the best of the best in the world from Nigeria.

One such young talent who has already made a name for himself in the English Premier League, is the current


winger Alex Iwobi, who is on the rise to fully realize his potential and become a regular starter for The Toffees. Premier League fans might be familiar with the name “Iwobi”, but the fans of other leagues are yet to be acquainted with the 25-year-old, as he is yet to make a name for himself on a global level. But he will on the verge of breaking into the global scene if he manages to realize his potential at Everton.

“Who is Alex Iwobi?”—one might ask—of course you could already be familiar with the talented forward and are only looking to get to know him better through some of the lesser known

facts about Alex Iwobi

. Well, that is exactly what we plan to provide you with. But before going into detail about his personal life, let’s see where and how he started his professional career and how he ended up playing under the great Carlo Ancelotti.

Iwobi started his professional club career at Arsenal back in 2015. He joined The Gunners’ senior team having graduated from the club’s youth side. His career had its own ups and downs at Arsenal, but eventually got to be raised under the wings of Arsene Wenger, the same manager who turned Arsenal into the Invincibles, giving Arsenal fans a free pass to boast about the title every season so far.

The Nigerian international spent four years with the Gunners before signing a contract with Everton in 2019. The Toffeemen acquired Iwobi’s services for reportedly €30 million, which consisted of a €28 million payment up front, plus a €7 million payment in additional fees. During his time at


, Iwobi helped the club win the 2017

FA Cup

and two Community Shields, leaving the club with three trophies in four years.

The Nigerian has not managed to win any major trophies since joining Everton back in 2019, but the club are surely enjoying his immense versatility, deploying him wherever they need him to be on the pitch. Having suffered a single hamstring injury during his spell at Everton, Iwobi has made a total of 63 appearances for the English club so far, scoring 4 goals and providing 4 assists in the process. Now that we have gotten to know the Nigerian talent a little bit better, let’s dive into the top

facts about Alex Iwobi

and learn about his personal life as well.

Facts about Alex Iwobi you probably didn’t know

There is much to know about the former Arsenal forward and there is much to be discovered later as he progresses further in his career and life in general. But we have selected some of the more intriguing

facts about Alex Iwobi

that will definitely pique your interest. Before moving further ahead with details about the Nigerian international’s personal and social lives, we have provided below a list of basic information about the 25-year-old winger, which could give you an overview of his general stats.

  • Full name: Alexander Chuka Iwobi

  • Date of birth: 3 May 1996

  • Place of birth: Lagos, Nigeria

  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Marital status: Not married

  • Current club: Everton

  • Nickname: Big17

  • Jersey number: 17

  • Zodiac sign: Taurus

Now follow us below as we take you through some of the top facts about Alex Iwobi and the life he has had so far.

Alex Iwobi birthday and zodiac sign

Alex Iwobi birthday is on May 3. He was born in 1996, which means that the Nigerian is currently 25 years old. The former Arsenal winger shares his birthday with the likes of former


and current

Aston Villa

winger Anwar El Ghazi, Huddersfield Town attacking midfielder Alex Pritchard and former American soccer player Ben Olsen, who went on to coach DC United for a whole decade.


Alex Iwobi birthday

being on the third day of May, his zodiac sign is obviously Taurus. People born under this zodiac sign usually know how precious everything around them are, whether we talk about people or material things. The Taurus tends to be aspiring, dreaming for their future while also paying attention to those around them.

Alex Iwobi childhood story

Alexander “Alex” Chuka Iwobi was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city which is known for its beach resorts and nightlife. Of course Iwobi and his family didn’t stay long in Nigeria after he was born, as they briefly moved to Turkey when Alex was only two years old. After a short-term stay in Turkey,

Alex Iwobi childhood

took a huge turn as 4-year-old Alex was sent to England to stay with his maternal uncle Jay-Jay Okocha. Okocha played for Bolton Wanderers at the time, which made Alex fall in love with football from an early age.

Alex Iwobi childhood was filled with everything about football, which led to him show his footballing genes from early on, joining Arsenal when he was merely a primary school student back in 2004. Of course his stint at Arsenal as a youngster was filled with difficulties as he was close to being offloaded and released by the Gunners on two occasions, once when he was 14 and again when he was 16 years old.

The reason behind the club doubting Iwobi’s abilities as a young footballer was because he was neither big and strong, nor fast and agile, which led to Arsenal sending a couple of concerning letters to Alex’s family about his future at the English club. But while some might give up their hopes and dreams entirely, giving in to the despair of being a failure, Iwobi doubled his efforts and participated in extra sessions to make up for his presumed “lack” of abilities.

His extreme efforts and helped him secure a place in the club’s youth team and find his way into Arsenal’s reserves side. Of course Jay-Jay Okocha’s influence as a well-known professional footballer helped Iwobi quite a lot as well. Alex had gotten his footballing genes from both his maternal and paternal sides as his father was an amateur football player as well. But since being an amateur footballer does not pay well, Alex’s father, Chuba Iwobi, abandoned his footballing career and pursued law as a full-time career instead.

The English prospect and the real Super Eagle

One of the facts about Alex Iwobi is that the Nigerian actually tried his luck in International football with England’s youth side way back in 2011. In fact, his former manager Arsene Wenger had advised him to join the Three Lions as he progressed further down his career. But Iwobi did not feel comfortable playing for England as he later chose to join the Super Eagles, which is the nickname given to the


national team. Iwobi’s burning passion for his home country helped him score the goal which led his country to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

While players tend to have favorite clubs to play against, Iwobi has a whole national side that he loves to play against. Zambia found their bane years ago when the Nigerian talent scored his first two international goals against


in 2016 and 2017. Surely Zambia will keep a close eye on Iwobi if they ever get to meet again.

The Big17, the Nigerian Luke Cage

Many football players have their very own unique nickname. From

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s “CR7”, which has turned into a global marketing brand and there is even an underwear production line under the same name, to the legendary late Diego Maradona’s numerous nicknames, footballers tend to enjoy an illustrious career if they stick with a proper nickname. Of course these names are only given to certain players and have to be earned rather than selected, which is why it has turned into a rather fine point of motivation for soccer stars.

During an interview with Guardian Nigeria, a couple of questions were asked from Iwobi to complete a series of unknown facts about Alex Iwobi. Two of these questions were concerned about his favorite nickname and the person he would like to be if he weren’t himself. While he quickly chose his “Big17” nickname, which was given to him during his days at Arsenal, he gave the second question some thought as he first generalized his answer by saying that he would want to be “any of the superheroes”.

The Everton man later changed his answer to “I don’t know, maybe Captain America”, before finally deciding that he would want to be Marvel’s Luke Cage. For those who are not familiar with the character, Luke Cage is an American fictional superhero who goes by the motto “Hero for Hire”.

Alex Iwobi girlfriend and love life

WAGs or Wives and Girlfriends are quite an important part of football nowadays, as people surf the web to see whom their favorite football player is dating or whom they are married to. Having played for Arsenal and Everton, two of the more formidable sides in the

Premier League

, many of the clubs’ supporters would like to know who Alex Iwobi girlfriend is to find out if he is planning on tying the knot or not.

One person that many would recognize as

Alex Iwobi girlfriend

is definitely Clarisse Juliette, who is a social media model in the UK. The two were in a relationship for four years and used to share each other’s snaps and photos on their social media pages. Juliette even posed with her then boyfriend’s 70-rated FIFA rating card, which showed Iwobi as a Silver-rated left midfielder. While the couple seemed happy to be together on the surface, deep down there seemed to be problems bottling up, which led to their unfortunate breakup after Iwobi’s 21st birthday.

The breakup suddenly got a lot more heated when Juliette shared a snap on her Snapchat holding what was presumably “Alex Iwobi’s money” with the caption saying “You’ll never get your bi**h back”. It seems that the Nigerian’s relationship with Clarisse Juliette was enough relationship for Iwobi for a while as he is currently believed to be single.

Alex Iwobi Instagram and net worth

Social media accounts are now a mainstream thing and almost everyone with access to internet uses such social media platforms to stay in touch with anyone they want. Celebrities and athletes such as the Nigerian star use their accounts to promote their own brand and even promote other brands using their fame, which is why the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo earn more from Instagram than their yearly salary. While

Alex Iwobi Instagram

is quite a long way away from becoming a globally well-known page, the Nigeria international still has his own followers and his own unique page.

Alex Iwobi Instagram is currently active under the ID


and has massive 1.3 million follower base. He also has a secondary Instagram page named “project 17”, where he posts videos of his boots and his other personal belongings, while also sharing videos and getting a bit more personal with his devoted fans.

Looking at Iwobi’s social media accounts such as his Twitter or Facebook accounts, many might be looking to see if the former Arsenal forward has got any tattoos on his body. Well, we can confirm that the Everton man does not have any tattoos and is tattoo-free. Obviously having no tattoos does not mean that one can’t be commercially successful, since the 25-year-old left-winger has been doing pretty well since joining Everton in 2019. If you were wondering about

Alex Iwobi net worth

, then you have come to the right place.

The “Big 17” is currently worth around €22 million on the market and earns a whopping €4 million a year. This salary and his market value have seen a rise in Alex Iwobi net worth, as his current net worth is believed to be around the ballpark figure of €8.5 million.

These were only some of the facts about

Alex Iwobi

and there is still lots to know about the Nigeria international. Surely he can have a bright future awaiting him if he chooses the right paths. We can only wait and see how things pan out for Iwobi as Everton fans definitely want to see their winger improve his game even further.




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