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In today’s article we will take a deep look into Kevin Keegan’s life, his childhood and of course his Transfermarkt statistics and will uncover some rare facts which has been sitting in the dark for years; we welcome e you to top facts about Kevin Keegan, the mighty mouse.

Joseph Kevin Keegan, OBE is a former footballer and manager from England. He was a forward who played for Newcastle United, Southampton, Liverpool, and Hamburger SV, among others. He went on to coach Newcastle United, Fulham, and Manchester City, all of which won promotion to the Premier League in their first full seasons.

In 1968, he made his professional debut for

Scunthorpe United

, before transferring to Liverpool in 1971. Keegan claimed three First Division titles with Liverpool, as well as the UEFA Cup twice, the FA Cup, and the European Cup. In 1972, he earned his first England cap, and in the summer of 1977, he joined Hamburger SV in West Germany.

He won the Bundesliga title in 1978–79 and reached the European Cup final in 1980 with Hamburg, where he was voted European Footballer of the Year in 1978 and 1979. That summer, Keegan transferred to Southampton, where he spent two seasons before joining Newcastle United in the English second division in 1982.

In 1992, he took over as manager of Newcastle United, who had just won promotion to the First Division. After leading for the majority of the season, Newcastle finished second in the

Premier League

in 1995–96. He took charge of the England team in February 1999 after a stint at Fulham, but resigned in October 2000 after a 1–0 defeat to Germany in qualifying for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

In 2001, he was appointed manager of Manchester City, where he stayed for four years before resigning in 2005. As he returned to Newcastle United for a second spell as boss in January 2008, he had been out of football for nearly three years.

Enough introduction, let us move to the

top facts about Kevin Keegan


Everything of top facts about Kevin Keegan, the mighty mouse

Without any further introduction let’s move on to his information and then we will take a look at his Transfermarkt statistics.

Kevin Keegan information

We'll look at some of his most basic statistics in this segment of the top facts about Kevin Keegan, for those who aren't familiar with him or have just seen him on a few times in various programs or on the field but want to learn more.

Personal information

  • Full name:

    Joseph Kevin Keegan

  • Date of birth:

    14 February 1951

  • Age:


  • Star Sign:


  • Star sign features:

    offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, nonconformist attitude

  • Nationality:


  • Place of birth:

    Armthorpe, Doncaster, England

  • Marital status:


  • Religion:


Football information

  • Position:


  • Total appearances:


  • Club appearances:


  • National appearances:  

    63 caps

Physical stats and appearance

  • Height:

    1.73 m

  • Weight:

    73 kg

  • Hair color:

    Salt and Pepper

  • Skin color:


  • Facial hair:


Now that we've discussed everything there is to know about Kevin Keegan for those who don't already know who he is, it's time to move on to the next segment of top facts about Kevin Keegan.

Kevin Keegan Transfermarkt

Let us analyze all the information available on his profile and transfer page in this part of

top facts about Kevin Keegan


Throughout his career he has received 13 yellow cards according to Transfermarkt.com and 1 red card. With 62 assist he proved to be a good wingman and opportunity provider.

His transfer history list is rather a long one with 7 recorded transfers and a total of 1.93 million euros of transfer fees.

Now for the achievements, 2 times Ballon d’Or winner and one-time top scorer of the premier league are the ones on the top of the list. Additionally, he became the player of the year 4 times and won the European champion clubs’ cup in 76/77 season with



Kevin Keegan club career

In 1971, he drew the interest of Geoff Twentyman, Liverpool's head scout, whose input was highly valued by manager Bill Shankly. Liverpool made a bid for Keegan after Twentyman's suggestion, which was rejected by Scunthorpe United. Keegan was purchased by Liverpool as a winger, but Shankly quickly opted to transfer him up front alongside John Toshack.

Keegan retired from Liverpool after 323 appearances and exactly 100 goals. He was approached by clubs all over Europe, but he decided to join

Hamburger SV

in the West German Bundesliga for £500,000.

With a British transfer record of £500,000 and a German transfer record of almost double that, Keegan arrived in Germany, joining a team that had not finished higher than sixth in two decades.

When Keegan joined Hamburg in 1977, he had a clause added to his contract that allowed Liverpool to buy him back. When he returned to England three years later, Liverpool chose not to exercise this clause.

As a result, Southampton manager Lawrie McMenemy signed him for £420,000, and Keegan made his Southampton debut on July 23, 1980, at Lansdowne Road in a pre-season friendly.

Keegan joined Newcastle United and stayed for two seasons, during which time he was a huge hit with the fans. The Gosforth Park Hotel hosted Keegan's first press conference to mark his signing. A local newspaper's key slogan since signing the twice European footballer of the year in the second division was clearly, 'Here he is!'

Keegan scored in a 3–1 win over Brighton & Hove Albion in his last league game. Keegan came out of retirement for a two-game spell as a guest player for

Blacktown City

in Australia's National Soccer League in April 1985

Kevin Keegan childhood

In this part of

top facts about Kevin Keegan

, we will take a look at his childhood

Keegan was born in Armthorpe, at his aunt Nellie's house in Elm Place. His aunt's house was selected because she had electricity, which made childbirth better. Keegan attended Cantley's St. Peter's High School.

After a victory on the horses, Keegan's uncle Frank gave him his first football and his aunt gave him his first pair of football boots. They were a second-hand pair of Winit boots purchased from Ray Harrison's sports store, where he used to play for Doncaster Rovers.

Keegan used his baby boy, Michael, in his pushchair as a goalpost while playing football in Hyde Park. He was a Doncaster Rovers fan as a child. His favorite player was Alick Jeffrey, who was once dubbed "the English Pelé" by Matt Busby's assistant Jimmy Murphy and "the best young player he had ever seen" by Jackie Milburn.

Keegan had a trial for Coventry City as a schoolboy, under manager Jimmy Hill. While being one of two players holding on for an additional six weeks, the club did not give Keegan a deal, but they did offer right-back Brian Joy apprenticeship terms, and he went on to have a 15-year career in football.

Keegan already had a trial with Doncaster Rovers, which his father had planned, but when he arrived, he discovered that he had been given incorrect details and that the trial had been moved to a new time and place.

Keegan took part in a variety of sports, including cross country running, rugby, athletics, and even captaining his high school's cricket team. He also boxed at his local club, which is owned by Bruce Woodcock, the retired British Heavyweight Champion. Keegan ran a 50-mile race from Nottingham to Doncaster with two mates when he was 15 years old.

He later said that he would never again encounter a psychological brick wall when it came to running. In his autobiography, Keegan claims that this race primed him mentally for any potential pre-season training or football games that he would have to run. Keegan graduated from high school with a history and art 'O'Level.

Keegan began working at Pegler Brass Works as an office clerk when he was 15 years old, though he has claimed that he was more of a tea boy and messenger than an office clerk.

Keegan used to play Saturday afternoon football for his local youth team, Enfield House, and Sunday morning football for the Lonsdale Hotel whilst employed at Pegler. During this time, a colleague called Harry Holland asked him to play Saturday morning for the Peglers Works reserves.

In 1966, he had his first taste of professional football when playing Sunday morning league football for the Lonsdale Hotel against Woodfield Social.

Bob Nellis, a player in his mid-30s, was assigned to Keegan. After playing against Keegan, Nellis was intrigued with his talent and gave him a trial with fourth-tier Scunthorpe United, one of the division's only two professional clubs. After this hearing, Scunthorpe boss Ron Ashman offered Keegan his first professional football deal.

Kevin Keegan family

Here’s an interesting fact of top facts about Kevin Keegan. His ancestors came from Ireland to Newcastle. In the West Stanley Pit fire in 1909, his grandfather Frank, an inspector, heroically saved lives. His father Joe and uncle Frank were Newcastle United supporters, with Hughie Gallacher and Jackie Milburn as their favorite players.

His father went to work in a colliery in Armthorpe, Doncaster, where he married Doris and had three children: Mary, who was two years Keegan's senior, Kevin, and Michael. Keegan was never seen playing for


by his father.

His brother served as a goalpost for him. His sister was three years older than him, but Michael was eight years younger, so his mother used to assign him the responsibility of caring for him.

Kevin would place him in the pram and use it as a goalpost – he was struck a couple of times. Kevin came to all of Kevin's games when he signed for Liverpool in 1971, and he also managed Kevin's fan club for a few years, but he then had to get on with his life, and he's no longer in football.

On the Waltzers at Doncaster Fair in September 1970, Keegan met his future wife, Jean Woodhouse. Laura Jane and Sarah Marie, their two daughters, were born on September 23, 1974.

Jean had always taken football with a grain of salt. She never got too entangled in it, not when he was out nor when he was in it. That is crucial.

If he had lost, she knew not to say anything for about 24 hours until he recovered, and if he had prevailed, she knew he would take her out late at night. They made the decision early on that football and family should be combined as infrequently as possible. There was football and then there was life in their heads.

Kevin Keegan children

You are about to read the funnies fact among the top facts about Kevin Keegan. His daughters mistook him for a professional golfer for years. He didn't have his first child, Laura until he was 27 years old, and by then he was already a Hamburg player.

Sarah, his other sibling, was born in 1982, but she was just two years old when he left the game in 1984. They then moved to Spain for seven years, where he mainly played golf and had no involvement in football. They didn't realize he was involved in football until he was called in to manage Newcastle in 1992. He witnessed their growth. He used to take them to kindergarten.

"You must be very sad Mr. Keegan, it's a girl," one of the nurses said when his second daughter Sarah was born in a Southampton hospital, which he wasn't. But that meant he wouldn't have to deal with the possibility of raising a son who would be burdened by all kinds of aspirations of walking in his footsteps. However, if one of his daughters has a son, he will like him to play football.

Kevin Keegan personal life

Moving on to his personal life in this section of top facts about Kevin Keegan we can dive deep into the secrets that he might hold in his life.

In the 1970s, Keegan became famous for his "poodle perm" hair, which consistently put him at the top of "bad hairstyles" polls.

Eamonn Andrews, the host of This is Your Life, emerged from inside a giant cake at his daughter's christening reception in a London hotel on February 4, 1979, to delight Keegan and his guests with his iconic big red novel. Ten days later, on Keegan's 28th birthday, the TV show aired. "I'm so happy I wore brown pants," Keegan joked.

In 1979, Keegan and his wife took part in ITV's "Brian Moore meets Kevin Keegan," a series filmed over the course of the season at the family's Hamburg home and during his personal business appearances, including in France, to provide insight and unique look into the life of a contemporary millionaire footballer away from the pitch.

In early July 2008, Flybe International revealed that one of their latest Bombardier Q400 aircraft will be named in honor of Keegan's contributions to Newcastle United as a player and manager.

The plane is used on a routine route between Newcastle International Airport and Gatwick Airport in London. He is well-known for his charitable work, which includes visits to Lord's Taverners and Sussex Cricket Club cricket matches.

Kevin Keegan in other fields

Keegan was a contestant on the BBC's television show Superstars in 1976. Despite suffering serious cuts after colliding with his bicycle, he insisted on re-racing and finished second, before going on to win the edition of the program. Along with boxer Henry Cooper, he promoted Brut aftershave.

In 1992, he narrated the 90-minute documentary Keegan on Keegan, which was released on VHS cassette by Castle Vision.

Keegan resurfaced in August 2009, almost a year after leaving Newcastle, after being confirmed as ESPN's lead pundit. Keegan was a pundit for ITV coverage at the 2010 World Cup. With pitch-side build-up and post-match commentary, he was a part of ESPN's live coverage of the FA Cup finals in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

In 1972, Keegan released the single "It Ain't Easy." His album "Head Over Heels in Love," written by Chris Norman and Pete Spencer, was released on June 9, 1979, and reached number 31 in the UK charts, but number 10 in Germany, where Keegan was based at the time and Norman's band Smokie was successful.

On his return to England from Germany, he released another hit, "England," but it struggled to chart.

Kevin Keegan target of an assault

This is where the top facts about Kevin Keegan takes a sad turn.

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 9, 1991, Keegan was beaten senseless with a baseball bat and robbed while sleeping in his car on Reigate Hill.

Keegan stopped at the viewpoint car park at the top of Wray Lane for a break after a long drive from his villa in



As he drove from Dover to his Hampshire home, he became exhausted and exited the M25 at the Reigate junction around 9.30 p.m.

Keegan paused at a famous family-friendly beauty spot between Gatton Park and Colley Hill. He closed his silver Range Rover door before falling asleep but was awakened three hours later by two men breaking the driver's door frame.

The 40-year-old former footballer was battered with a baseball bat in the head and face and ordered to hand over his earnings.

Kevin Keegan net worth and salary

He amassed a gross net worth of $12 million as a football player. He was sold to Liverpool for £35,000 when he was just 20 years old. His annual salary as a Liverpool player was £12,000, and he received £250,000 in sponsorship deals.

Kevin Keegan social media

There is no official account of Kevin Keegan on Instagram or Twitter, however, there’s one account on Twitter that might be him but since it doesn’t have a blue mark, we can’t be sure about the real owner of the account. The name of the account is GalacticKeegan with over 60 thousand followers on Twitter.

Thank you for reading the top facts about Kevin Keegan.

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