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Top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert, The Bulldog

From the Green pitch to the presidency campaign, Jose Luis Chilavert’s story has been full of controversies, which made him the perfect subject for an interesting article; we welcome you to top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert, The Bulldog.

José Luis Félix Chilavert González is a former goalkeeper for Sportivo Luqueno, Guaran, San Lorenzo de Almagro,

Real Zaragoza

, Vélez Sarsfield, RC Strasbourg, Pearol, and the Paraguayan national football team.

When playing for Vélez Sarsfield, Chilavert won 12 club trophies, including the 1994 Copa Libertadores and the 1994 Intercontinental Cup, and is a three-time IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper award holder.

In his youth, Chilavert was considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, known for his leadership, confident personality, and goalkeeping abilities; outside of goalkeeping, Chilavert was often known for his outfield expertise and ability as a free-kick specialist, and he frequently took penalties. In his professional career, he scored 67 goals, many of which were crucial, including eight in international matches.

From 1989 to 2003, Chilavert played 74 times for Paraguay's national football team, scoring eight goals and appearing in five international tournaments. Chilavert played in two FIFA World Cup tournaments for Paraguay (1998 and 2002), serving as captain on both occasions, and three

Copa América

tournaments (1991, 1993, and 1997). Chilavert was named to the FIFA World Cup Team of the Tournament in 1998.

The introduction section holds less than a percent of what Luis has done throughout his life, which makes it really intriguing how we are going to keep it as simple and as brief as possible. We are going to start with his basic information and then move on to his Transfermarkt statistics and club career, then we would move out of the field and dive into his personal life and controversies.

A well-organized article of top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert, The Bulldog

When it comes to their football skills, goalkeepers are often criticized; criticism that most fans of the game will believe is true. Playing in goal is unlike any other spot on the field for obvious reasons.

When you're playing between the hoops, a deft touch or a precise shot is completely pointless. Fast reflexes, steady hands, and excellent body balance are much more desirable qualities.

As a result, almost all keepers lack technical ability from the waist down, as well as the ball-handling composure needed to ever contribute outside the 18-yard box. Now, pay attention to the world ‘almost’ because Jose Luis Chilavert had it all.

Let us first list his information then we would talk about this in a much more detailed manner.

Jose Luis Chilavert information

In this part of the

top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert,

we are going to explore some of his most basic information for those who may not know him well or saw him once or twice in various programs or mostly in the field but want to get more familiar.

Personal information

  • Full name:

    José Luis Félix Chilavert González

  • Date of birth:

    27 July 1965

  • Age:


  • Star Sign:


  • Star sign features:

    Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate

  • Nationality:


  • Place of birth:

    Luque, Paraguay

  • Marital status:


  • Religion:


Football information

  • Position:


  • Total appearances:


  • Club appearances:


  • National appearances:

    74 caps

  • Foot:


Last team:

Vélez Sarsfield

Physical stats and appearance

  • Height:

    1.88 m

  • Weight:

    92 kg

  • Hair color:


  • Hairstyle:


  • Facial hair:


Now that we have provided all the necessary information for ones who didn’t have any idea of who this legend is, it is safe to say that we should move on to the next parts of top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert.

Jose Luis Chilavert Transfermarkt

Let us move on to his Transfermarkt information as we form this section of top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert with the statistics that are available on his profile page of



His market value graph is one of the simplest yet interesting one that you may have ever seen. His graph forms a mountain and his top market value has been 350 thousand euros. It seem a bit inaccurate and odd that this graph indicates that he left football while he was on the top of his career and potential.

 Now, getting to his career statistics, we should inform you that he has no red cards and 32 yellow cards. He has conceded 165 goals and has 73 clean sheets which is an amazing stat if you ask me.

On his profile page, you can see 3 of his top achievements which are The French cup, Uruguayan championship cup, and Copa Libertadores cup. Additionally, he also lifted the International cup,

Recopa Sudamericana

, and Argentinian Championship cup.

Let’s move on to the next part of the

top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert

, in which we will wrap up the facts that are related to his club career.

Jose Luis Chilavert club career

Chilavert made his football debut with Sportivo Luqueo, where Modesto Sandoval was his coach. He made his first appearance for the

Paraguayan national team

in 1989.

Later, he moved to Spain to play for Real Zaragoza.

Chilavert claimed in 1988 when playing for Real Zaragoza, that "When I would come out with the ball at my feet, the fans screamed at me to get back in goal, they would freak out. I've never given any thought to what people are doing. I focus solely on my own skills. Later on, I began practicing penalties and free kicks before they offered me the position on a permanent basis "

Chilavert acknowledged that he stayed behind after training to perform 80 to 120 free kicks, which he believes is how he improved.

He moved to Argentina after his time with Real Zaragoza, where he played for Vélez Sársfield and helped them win the Primera División four times, as well as the

Copa Libertadores

and the Intercontinental Cup, all in 1994. In 1999, while playing for Vélez against Ferro Carril Oeste, he became the first goalkeeper in professional football history to record a hat-trick, scoring all three goals on penalties.

Against River Plate, he also scored a free-kick from behind the halfway line.

Jose Luis Chilavert after football chronicles

In December 2003, Chilavert announced his retirement from football, but he later agreed to return to Vélez. When Chilavert first left, he had just won the Uruguayan league with Pearol. In 2004, he announced his retirement permanently, playing his final match, a farewell testimonial, on November 11 of that year, in which he scored a goal.

Chilavert was sentenced to six months in jail in France in 2005 for falsifying paperwork relating to arbitration for the termination of his deal with



Chilavert worked alongside Jorge Pérez-Navarro as a commentator for the American television network Univision at the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups. If Chilavert had gone to the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, he promised he would have attempted once more to become the first goalkeeper to score a goal.

Jose Luis Chilavert family

Chilavert grew up in a poor family in Luque, Gran Asunción, and walked barefoot when he was seven years old.

Catalino Chilavert, a state bureaucrat, and Nicolasa González were his parents. He had three brothers and two obligations when he was five years old: milking the cows and selling the milk in Niu Guaz, a rural suburb of Luque. Rolando Chilavert, one of his siblings, is also a football player.

Chilavert is married to Marcela, an English teacher whom he met while playing for San Lorenzo de Almagro in Buenos Aires. Anahi, their daughter, was born in 1998.

Jose Luis Chilavert controversies

Chilavert is accused of punching Diego Maradona and Faustino Asprilla. For his altercation with the former at a World Cup qualification in 1997, he was banned for four matches.

For assaulting a physiotherapist, he received a suspended prison sentence.

Chilavert was a guest commentary for Univision during the Copa América Centenario, but he was cut from the broadcasts after CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez requested that he be removed. During Paraguay's Group A match against


, Chilavert mocked Dominguez and called him corrupt on the radio.

Jose Luis Chilavert in other fields

Chilavert was assumed as Paraguay's future president during his career. "A visionary the likes of which South America has not seen since the days of Che Guevara," Chilavert was described.

Here's an interesting fact of top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert. Chilavert declined to play in the 1999 Copa América, which was held in Paraguay, citing the negligence of the local directors as a reason.

Despite receiving official government recognition, he believes that his country should focus its resources on education rather than sports. Chilavert has often slammed his country's leaders, accusing them of being greedy, inept, and complicit in the plight of many Paraguayans.

The former goalkeeper showed his support for Paraguayan Olympic thrower Edgar Baumann against graft in Paraguayan sport in 2008 and 2009 when the athlete's right to participate at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was revoked due to a Paraguayan Olympic Committee controversy.

During the case against the Olympic Committee, Chilavert backed Baumann, claiming that the then-president of the Olympic Committee, Ramón Zubizarreta, should be expelled for injuring competitors and failing to provide them with benefits.

In 2009, Chilavert, along with Claudio Escauriza, Tomás Orué, and lawyer Alejandro Rubin, participated in a press conference at Asunción Shopping Centre Shopping del Sol in support of Edgar Baumann, who had won a case against Paraguay Olympic Committee president Ramón Zubizarreta for denying him the right to compete in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

Jose Luis Chilavert political

Chilavert aspires to be Paraguay's president. The key idea is to combat injustice, as he promised to go into politics as a football player.

When people think of football players-turned-politicians, they usually think of Kakha Kaladze, the mayor of Tbilisi, and George Weah, Liberia's president since 2018. But top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert highlights his political career to make him a well-deserved participant which should be included among the list of athletes who became political representatives of the society.

They should now include Jose Luis Chilavert, the Paraguayan goalkeeper and scorer, who stood for President. Chilavert shared a campaign poster on Twitter: "Presidente Chila 2023. I am proud to call Paraguay home."

Paraguay will hold elections in two years, in 2023. While Chilavert declared his intention to run in the summer of 2020, he was one of the first to nominate a nominee. Chilavert's policy can be described as "no more impunity, no more exploitation, no more robbing the people of Paraguay."

Chilavert isn't just an opponent of the current administration. He also ran over Fidel Castro recently, saying, "All this populism, all the revolution's myths - they're worse than the coronavirus," and attaching a picture of Castro.

Jose Luis Chilavert net worth

José Luis Chilavert is one of Paraguay's wealthiest soccer players. He lives in a world with a total population of 6.956 million inhabitants and an annual GDP of 40.5 billion dollars. In 2020, José Luis Chilavert's net worth is expected to increase dramatically.

Anyways there is no record of his precise net worth or salary and it Is estimated to be somewhere around 1 to 5 million dollars.

Jose Luis Chilavert reputation among people

Chilavert could face a more serious challenge: his reputation as a corruption fighter is in jeopardy. Now, in Paraguay, an unfortunate tale is unfolding, in which the state oil giant PetroPar owes the Argentine firm Texos $7 million.

Now let's derivate from the main subject of the

top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert

and get into another subject, which is the PetroPar story.

It all began in 2010 when Texos promised to supply its neighbors with petroleum goods at a very low cost. The deal fell through because PetroPar found the agreement strange: the price was too low, and the Argentine company's approved capital did not exceed $30,000. (usually for oil companies it is several million dollars).

Texos filed a $7 million lawsuit against PetroPar for disrupting the contract. What role does Chilavert play in this? He was the one that brought PetroPar and Texos together, speaking for Argentina. It was represented by an official who was later fired for misconduct along with him. "During the talks, Chilavert became enraged and insisted that everything is completed immediately," remembers Adolfo Ferreiro, a PetroPar lawyer. - We simply stated that we are unable to award the contract without first having a tender.

Even Texos members heard us, but Chilavert was enraged and insisted that the protocol be changed, claiming that "life in Paraguay will not change until the procedure is changed."

Jose Luis Chilavert quotes

Unlike many other players, Jose Luis Chilavert doesn’t have a long list of quotes. He has only one golden like which outvalues all the otherwise words that the other players have said to this day and we will analyze that sentence in full in this part of top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert.

This particular line defines him as a caring member of society as well as a well-deserved politician. “Pressure? This is just a football match. When you do not know how to feed your children, that is pressure.” People really need someone who can look at the problems not from his own perspective but from a normal citizen who is struggling to keep the stomach of his or her family full.

Jose Luiz Chilavert social media

In this part of the top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert, we are limited to only explore his Twitter account because that’s the only platform on which he has a verified account with a blue mark.

He currently has over 200 k followers on the mentioned platform and has been active on the platform since January 2017. His ID on Twitter is


. He has his Wikipedia page pinned in his bio and he mostly tweets provoking posts that make him a righteous owner of the nickname the bulldog.

Thank you for reading the top facts about Jose Luis Chilavert and we would appreciate it if you share this article with your friends or family members so they can learn more about this amazing athlete.

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