Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time

Sat 15 May 2021 | 4:30

The world will never forget the star of Brazil's golden days. Ronaldinho who was blessed with such football instinct that made any match an extraordinary one. In the following article, we would explore Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time.

Being known as one of the greatest and most skillful players both of his generation and of all time, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho Gaúcho, was born on March 21, 1980, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Ronaldinho has been surrounded by football since the day he came into this life, his father, his brother and his uncles were all football players. At the age of eight, Ronaldo's football skills began to take shape and he was nicknamed "Ronaldinho" simply because he was often the youngest player in youth club competitions.

With time his Brazilian football skills got flourished and then following his youth career, Ronaldinho became a key member of the Brazilian team that won the 2002 World Cup. He has been given the chance to play in several clubs in Brazil, France, Spain, and Italy and has twice been named FIFA Player of the Year. Now that many years have passed since the retirement of this valuable player, in honor of the hard work and happy moments he created for the world, in this article we will flashback to

Ronaldinho best moments ever


Ronaldinho greatest moments of all time

Ronaldinho's genius has been evident since he was very young, he was so good at football that he looked like a young player. At first, it should be mentioned that It’s very challenging to restrict Ronaldinho’s career to few remarkable moments. scratch that Let's move forward to

Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time


Ronaldinho vs David Seaman (2002)

Our list of Ronaldinho greatest moments of all time

starts with one of the most memorable games during the 2002 World Cup. In the quarterfinal match against England in the 2002 World Cup, he managed to score a goal which is definitely can not be considered as his best-ever goals, but indeed is known as one of the brilliant ones. 38 yards out, he scored a fantastic goal and so broke the English heart by a complete change in the game so great that attracted many club managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United. As he stroke the ball many thought that it wouldn't settle in the net as the angle wasn't that much right and also it was David Seaman protecting England. But Seaman's strong defense wasn't able to resist the Brazillian football. Some still believe that this beautiful goal was scored by chance.

We may never know for sure, but Ronaldinho himself has surely always emphasized that he deliberately hit that free-kick on David Seamn net in the 2002 World Cup quarter-finals. When the English's grief over their defeat subsided, most admitted that Ronaldinho's goal was so amazing that it would bother David Seaman, the English goalkeeper for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Ronaldinho couldn't play in the semi-final as he was sent off after his perfect goal, but luckily, he came back to the team final where Brazil defeated Germany 2-0. The 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea marked a turning point in Ronaldinho's career. He managed to win the championship, along with other Brazilian stars such as Rivaldo and Ronaldo, and create one of the most beautiful football moments.

Keep reading to learn more about Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time.

Bicycle Kick Against Villarreal

As second Ronaldinho best moments ever, we choose his breath-taking Bicycle Kick Against


. Throughout his glorious professional tenure, he managed to score tons of goals that many of his greatest was during his time at Barcelona, including this fantastic Bicycle Kick shot against Villarreal. Some may believe that this goal was not so amazing. But the truth is that to score such a goal, a player needs the amazing skills that Ronaldinho had. In that game, the great Ronaldinho received a cross from midfielder Xavi in the penalty box, then he could control it with his chest, and then before falling on the ground he made a bicycle kick which flew into the top of the net.

What made the goal even more brilliant is what he said in the following: "Ever since I was a young boy I've dreamed of scoring a goal like that. "I'm never going to forget this goal. Now I have to try for my other dream goal which is to score from the halfway line." Maybe it is better to say that not only this beautiful goal, but the whole season is one of

Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time.

 The 2006-07 season was definitely his best season in La Liga and while he brilliantly could score 21 League goals.

When rival fans respect him in Bernabeu

The third on our list of Ronaldinho funny moments of all time is indeed one of the most extraordinary ones.  It is no exaggeration to say that one of the highlights of Ronaldinho's career has been his five-year presence in Barcelona. From the beginning until today, the rivalry between Real Madrid and


has become one of the most fascinating football events in the world. These two rivals are not at all at peace and furthermore, these two Spanish giants are not used to complimenting their fierce rivals - the Bernabeu fans rarely admire their players. But could it happen that a fanatical Real fan cheers on one of the Barcelona players?

Yes indeed, a rare event in El-Classico happened in November 2005 as Barcelona beat

Real Madrid

3-0 during which Ronaldinho scored twice. The first goal of that game was scored by Samuel Eto'o. Then, Ronaldinho competed on the left-wing, defeating Sergio Ramos at this point, before moving inside the box and shooting from Iker Casillas. For his second goal, he quickly beat Ramos again and passed the ball over Casillas, leading to an inevitable cheer from Madrid, that not even Lionel Messi has accomplished that during his career. Ronaldinho's amazing performance was the epitome of pure Brazilian technique, a fascinating display of skill and creativity that the game has ever seen. 

Stay tuned as we continue our list of Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time.

The one with Stamford Bridge

Let's continue the list of Ronaldinho best moments in his career with another great event involving EPL.  In February 2005, Ronaldinho was at his best when Barcelona met Mourinho at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League last-16 tie. His performance inspired fans around the world, who were enchanted by his trickery and agility. Barcelona could have went out to Mourinho Chelsea 4-3 overall, but the Brazilian genius made his team's loss a little more bearable. In that game, Ronaldinho created a moment in which time seemed to dwell. He was surrounded by three


defenders, holding the ball with his feet and right inside the D.

He swung once, twice, which almost looked liked dance, and then crossed his toes in a position that seemed impossible. The ball could pass Petr Cech and into the net. After that breath-taking goal, it was a minute of absolute silence because most of the crowd and Stamford players did not fully understand how it was possible. Although in the end, Ronaldinho could not prevent his team from losing 4-5, his impromptu strike will not be forgotten soon. 

 A long-range screamer

As we continue our list of Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time, we reach his tremendous move in a match against


in 2003. Despite all the praise that Ronaldinho has received for his trickery and skill, it should be noted that he also had a lightning strike at times. In that La Liga match against Sevilla in 2003, he received the ball in their own half, then with his dancing movement pass alongside the two midfielders and let out an absolute 30-meter thunderbolt that passed the goalkeeper and came out of the net. At that time Frank Rijkaard was Barcelona manager. Once Ronaldinho could score that goal, Rijkaard turned to his bench in awe, He put his hands on his head in disbelief, knowing that such a scene is rare in football.

Rising from the Ashes in Atletico Mineiro

Continuing to recall the best of Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time.  we must mention his impressive presence in one of the Brazilian teams.  After leaving Barcelona, Ronaldinho first joined


and then returned to his homeland after 3 years. Many may have thought he could not play as he did in his heyday in Europe, but with his brilliant presence on Atletico Mineiro, he proved that football talent is in his blood. After playing for


, Ronaldinho joined Atletico Mineiro and led them to the Copa Libertadores in his debut campaign. The next season, the team, mostly with the help of Ronaldinho, could win which was the first time in their club's history.

During Atletico Mineiro's exciting cup run, the Brazilian icon scored four goals and provided seven assists which overturned the two-goal difference between the two games in the semi-final and final. Following his success in the same year, he won an award for the Best South American player in 2013 and Copa Libertadores top assist provide.  Stay tuned with 

Ronaldinho funny moments of all time

Ronaldinho vs Athletic Bilbao

To complete the list of Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time we have to mention his magical move during the 2006/2007 season against Atletico Bilbao. Ronaldinho is a real philosopher in football, there is no doubt about that. But what this distinct moment proves is that he is even beyond that. In a match against Bilbao, Ronaldinho got blocked by Bilbao's three defenders on all sides, However, he did not lose possession of the ball, nor did he pass the ball to anyone else, which not every player can do or even think about it. He managed to control the ball and didn't let it hit the ground, then he hit it three times over a defender, this breath-taking move fascinated all the spectators in the background. 

Historic Double Strike Against Marseille

After surpassing the youth level, Ronaldinho joined the Grêmio team and, after spending three years, took an important and big step in his career. A step that threw him into the professional world of European first-level football. In 2001 he signed his €5 million contract with


for five years and soon made his debut against

AJ Auxerre

at the Stade Abbe Deschamps. Gradually, he managed to find his place in this Parisian team. But in Paris everything was different. The key to becoming a PSG legend was one thing. Without scoring in Le Classique against Olympique de


  you cannot claim to be a PSG legend. Ronaldinho, however, went one step further. In 2001,  he scored a double which helped PSG to a famous 3-0 win in the Parc des Princes. Ronaldinho could score the debut goal with a touch of chance.

He took a free-kick from the right, the ball seemed to be mishit, even its height was low. But surprisingly, the ball passed its way through, flying all over and at the end settled in the net. Half an hour later, once Vedran Runje beat Ogbeche, another opportunity pop up and Ronaldinho stepped up to take the penalty kick. He cleverly managed to deceive the Serbian goalkeeper and put the ball in the goal to end Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 in the first half. In the next half, the third goal was scored, but Martin Cardetti was the one who scored the goal. However, Ronaldinho not only won his team with his amazing game but also became a Parisian legend by scoring two goals against Marseille. Next on our list of

Ronaldinho greatest moments of all time

, is about his 5-year glorious spell at Barcelona.

His 5-year spell at Barcelona

Before Ronaldinho joined Barcelona in 2003, he played for a big team like Paris Saint-Germain. But the undeniable truth is that the world recognized Ronaldinho by his presence in Barcelona, and his moment-by-moment presence in Barcelona is one of his most brilliant professional football records, therefore we consider including his 5-year-spell on the list of 

Ronaldinho best moments in his career

.  For the new generation of football fans, perhaps Barcelona's name is equivalent to Messi, whose presence for almost two decades cannot be ignored. But not long ago, the Barcelona team was revived by someone whose name is perhaps much less heard today. In those days, Barca was trying hard to get the Champions League trophy and at the same time, Ronaldinho was at the climax of his powers. Until 2006, Barcelona had not been able to achieve European success.

Whoesle but Ronaldinho could have broken the spell of this 14-year-old failure with his pure Brazilian technique and overwhelmed Barça fans with joy and pride? After a 14-year wait for European success, Barcelona could beat their rival, Arsenal 2-1 in a tense final match. Ronaldinho was at the center of Barcelona's tough journey to break the unbreakable spell. In the round of 16, he could score such a wonderful goal against Chelsea with his unimaginable power to defeat a challenge. He could overcome two men and take a shot that flew over Peter Cech. That moment wasn't an ordinary one, it was a complete representation of what Ronaldinho was all about and could do on the ground, regardless of his rival. From that day on, the world became acquainted with a new star in the world of football, a star who is distinguished from other players by his speed. quick feet, lightning pace, and devastating power. Barça also won their second consecutive title that season, and their champion won the 2005 Ballon d'Or and FIFPro Player of the Year award.

As we said at the beginning, our goal in this article was to recall Ronaldinho Best Moments of All Time. But it is undoubtedly a very difficult task for a great player like Ronaldinho to choose and sift through such moments. What beautiful moments from the career of this Brazilian star do you remember? Share them with us in the comment section. 

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