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Top Facts about Julian Nagelsmann, the youngest coach of Bundesliga

Julian Nagelsmann is a German coach as well as a former professional footballer who has never made any appearances at senior level at all! Keep reading our tops facts about Julian Nagelsmann.

In spite of studying a whole different major in university, Julian Nagelsmann decided to pursue his dreams and what mostly interests him: football. Although he wasn’t really successful in playing football professionally, he took another path and became a coach.

Julian Nagelsmann’s career as a footballer began in 2006 and lasted for only two years. After a period of being inactive, he decided to finally move on, start studying all over again and enter university.

It took Julian Nagelsmann 8 years to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sporting and training science, and afterwards he become a coach.


fact about Julian Nagelsmann

is that he has never played in or even coached a non-German team.

This article includes tops facts about Julian Nagelsmann:

A rather fun fact about Julian Nagelsman is that he was given the nickname ‘Mini-Mourinho’ by the German goalkeeper Tim Wiese, during working as an assistant coach in 1899 Hoffenheim football club.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography

Julian Nagelsmann was born on 23 July 1987 as the last child in Nagelsmann family. His hometown is Landsberg am Lech, Germany, the same town that Adolf Hitler got imprisoned. He grew up in the loving arms of his father Burgi Nagelsmann and his mother Erwin Naglesmann.

As previously mentioned, Julian is the last child in his family which means he has two elder siblings, a sister named Vanessa and a brother called Andre. The picture above is Julian beside his mom and his sister. Their hometown was only an hour away from the big city of Munich, where Julian and his brother, Andre had a proper chance of starting their sports activities.


fact about Julian Nagelsmann

that you need to know is that he lost his father at an early age. Apparently, Burgi Nagelsmann was suffering from a kind of illness which he couldn’t endure at the end and sadly, passed away.

This tragic event, made its impact on Julian and obliged him to take his dreams more seriously than ever and begin putting some effort into his career as a professional footballer, even though in this tough journey of backing up his family, Julian wasn’t alone and along with him, his siblings were working at the same time to manage the difficulty they all have been going through.

On this regard, Julian also has opened up:

“It all made me more mature and grown in my life. I did maybe things that were not normal for somebody my age.”

Listening to his father’s advice, Julian started training while studying at the same time. But after some time, he had to leave the school behind so as to fully concentrate on his career and improve his skills as a defender.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Professional Career

Julian Nagelsmann was welcomed for the first time to the world of football in 1992, playing training in his hometown academy, FC Issing. After ten years of playing in the same team, Nagelsmann switched two other football clubs including FC



1860 Munich


Finally he had the chance to start his career at senior level in 2006 playing for the second team of 1860 Munich. But one

fact about Julian Nagelsmann

tells us that his professional career as a footballer wasn’t really fortunate.

To support the previous statement, it should be mentioned that due to suffering different kinds of injuries, there were so many halts in his career which also made him stop playing football at the end.

The first injury goes back to his brief time in 1860 Munich II in season 2006-2007, and as a result he didn’t make a single appearance for his team and decided to leave the club for FC Augsburg in the next season.

But unfortunately, Julian got injured again which damaged his knee and meniscus severely. As a matter of fact, Julian Nagelsmann came to the conclusion of ending his career as a professional footballer having had made no appearance at senior level at all.

Another fact about Julian Nagelsmann that you need to know is that since he ended his career at an early age, he never really had the opportunity to start his international career and play in Germany’s national team.

On the subject of his retirement, he once explained:

“It was very sad for me that I had to end my career so young. At first, I didn’t want to do anything more to do with football...

“Right in the middle of fighting against relegation, I had to take my final exams and I was under immense pressure, especially mentally. It was the craziest weeks of my life, a time I felt I won’t live longer than 30 years!”

Even though he was reluctant at first, by listening to some advices from his friends and family, Julian at last was motivated again to start afresh and try coaching.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Coaching Career

In 2010, Julian Nagelsmann began his coaching career with

1899 Hoffenheim

’s youth academy. Staring as an assistant coach from season 2012-2013 up to 11 February 2016, Julian had been coaching the team at under-19 youth level.

Although on 27 October 2015, Julian Nagelsmann became the head coach of 1899 Hoffenheim, he was supposed to start early in the 2016-2017 season. Allegedly, he signed a three-year contract with the German club.

When he started his coaching career, he was named as the youngest coach in Bundesliga history. Back then Nagelsmann was 28 years old. More specifically, Julian began his job when the previous head coach, Huub Stevens resigned from his position on 10 February 2016. The main reason behind his resignation was said to be his delicate health condition.

When Nagelsmann became head coach, 1899 Hoffenheim was nearly facing relegation; but the actual result of all the struggles to save the team finally proved positive when they finished the season with one point above the relegation playoff spot.

Nagelsmann managed to keep the team going perfectly strong as they finished 2016-2017 Bundesliga season on the fourth spot and also for the first time in1899 Hoffenheim’s history, they became qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

Although on 9 June 2017 Julian Nagelsmann extended his contract with the club until 2021, on 21 June 2018 it was announced from 1899 Hoffenheim that Nagelsmann had decided to leave the club by the end of the 2018-2019 season.

However, before leaving the team he supervised his 100th league match and as a result was named as the youngest Bundesliga coach who has ever reached the 100 match milestone.

After leaving 1899 Hoffenheim, having coached the team for three years, on 21 June 2019 Nagelsmann joined

RB Leipzig

on a four-year deal.

On 13 August 2020, Julian Nagelsmann’s team managed to defeat

Atletico Madrid

with the result of 2-1 in the Champions League quarter-finals, which took the team to the next level, semi-finals. As a result of this victory, Julian Nagelsmann was announced as the youngest individual in history who has ever coached a team in semi-finals.

Also one more time on 10 March 2020, Nagelsmann broke another record when he was announced as the youngest coach in history who has even won a UEFA Champions League knockout tie.

However, there came a time when Julian Nagelsmann had to move on from RB Leipzig and therefore, made it to

Bayern Munich

football club when he became the head coach of the team a few months ago, on 27 April 2021. Reportedly, he signed a five-year contract with the club starting from 1 July 2021.

In an interview with Bundesliga when Julian was asked about his journey of becoming a football coach, he replied:

"Fundamentally it wasn't too difficult, but you have to invest a lot of time in it. There was a lot of driving to-and-fro, although the journey between Hoffenheim and Hennef isn't too bad and some had it much worse than I did.

“You have to leave your family on Sunday afternoon and you get back on Wednesday evening so it can be tough and you have to drive a lot. I was quite close to my time in school, but there were some others who hadn't been in education for 20 years and had to sit quietly in a room and learn for six hours a day.

“That took some adapting for them. The content isn't so difficult, that isn't the point of it. The intention is to create a structure and to help you remember all the things you need to. Not just the big-picture tactical stuff, but also the minutiae that are important in football. It wasn't difficult with regards to content, but it was a demanding period of my life."

Julian Nagelsmann’s Personal Life

Julian Nagelsmann’s life was somehow lightened with love as he met Verena and started dating her ever since. The gorgeous couple have been in a relationship for a long time and from the very first moment, Julian kind of knew that she was the one!

Therefore, together they decided to take their relationship to the next level by making it official. Subsequently, Julian and Verena tied the knot in 2018 in a sensational wedding ceremony that was being held in Germany’s largest state called Bavaria located in Munich.

The two of them were blessed as their first child was born shortly after. Julian and Verena named their newborn Maximilian Nagelsmann.

Julian Nagelsmann once told the media that his favorite part of the day is when he returns to home, knowing that his wife and his son are waiting for him. He has also stated that Verena is his biggest supporter and a real inspiration who pushes him forward when he seems to second guess his abilities.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Social Media

A fact about Julian Nagelsmann is that luckily enough, he has recently joined many other people on social media platforms, including Instagram and also Twitter.

However, Julian doesn’t seem to be interested in sharing details of his personal life with his followers as he mostly posts work related content.

Now let’s look into some information on

Julian Nagelsmann’s social media

account; starting with his Instagram page (


) in which he shares a selection of his moments on the field of play with 56.1k followers. On the other hand, Nagelsmann’s Twitter account (


) includes 20.5k followers.

He began his activities on both Instagram and Twitter ever since 2 March 2021 but he has been posting regularly from that day forward.

So if you are interested to hear more of this German coach, make sure to check out his social media!

More facts about Julian Nagelsmann

  • Full name:

    Julian Nagelsmann

  • Birth date:

    23 July 1987

  • Birth place:

    Landsberg am Lech, Germany

  • Nickname:

    Baby Mourinho

  • Height:

    1.9 m

  • Weight:

    84 kg

One lesser known fact about Julian Nagelsmann is that before beginning his activities in the sports field, he studied business administration in university for four semesters on the whole but then he decided to transfer to sports science and focus on his main interest.

In an interview when Julian was asked about his experience of leadership, he explained:

“The feeling of pleasure and enjoyment in what we do is extremely important. It creates trust and respect when you walk into the changing rooms or on to the pitch and the lads see that the coach loves football and believes in what he says – a sense that “he’d really prefer to be playing with us”.

“That creates enthusiasm and trust in the coach. This enthusiasm and positivity is extremely important. Of course, there’s pressure too. It’s nerve-wracking, particularly in the Champions League with all the journalists and supporters.

“You feel you’re being watched and assessed by everyone so you need to be able to free yourself to a certain extent, but still have fun. If you can convey this fun and positivity, the players will also get this feeling.”

Something else which might be interesting to know about this German coach is that he is a vintage car enthusiast. In actuality, Julian tries to attend the ADAC Rallye “Heidelberg Historic” which is a heaven for vintage car lovers, once in a while.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Net Worth and Salary

Julian Nagelsmann’s main source of income is coaching. Like other types of personal information he has been trying to keep as private as possible, Julian is not really open about his personal properties either.

Nonetheless, we do know that Julian along with his family lives in an impressive mansion in Munich and also owns a breathtaking Jaguar as his ideal type of car. Also as mentioned before, he is a massive vintage car lover and a few years ago managed to buy a Mercedes 300 SC manufacture in 1995.

But one fact about Julian Nagelsmann is that before getting retired, while still playing for FC Augsburg II in 2007 he had the market value around €50,000.

Julian Nagelsmann’s net worth

has been estimated to be a number between $1 million up to $5 million, although the exact amount of salary he receives on a yearly basis has not been disclosed from the media yet.





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