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Most underrated premier league players of all time

Sat 08 May 2021 | 10:30

An unwritten rule always leads us to write and read about the best football players. But our goal in the following article is something else that may seem a little unfamiliar. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most underrated premier league players of all time.

Ignoring a good player in the world of football is not a new issue. But it must be acknowledged that in today's world of football, where every year hundreds of people want to enter the professional world  some footballers, despite their talents and abilities, are inevitably ignored. In the

Premier League

or any football league in the world, not everyone gets their due credit. Certain footballers are always hidden from view in the shadow of legends and the popular players of fans, and the media also encourages this issue. The English Premier League is one of the most stellar leagues in the world. Many stars play in this league, which is always the first headline of the media. But there are always stars who are hidden from public view and no one notices their impact on the progress and development of their teams. What follows is a list of the 

most underrated footballers in premier league history

Premier league underrated players of all time

Next to every great coach and every football star, there are players, Let's move forward to have an in-depth look at the most underrated premier league players of all time.

James Milner 

Reputation for a negative or unpleasant issue is not good for a player. The first place on our list of the

most underrated players in premier league history

 belongs to James Milner an English professional footballer who plays for Premier League club


as vice-captain. The 34-year-old English footballer started his career at a young age. He had the chance to play in the top teams in the English Premier League namely

Leeds United,Newcastle


Aston Villa


Manchester United

, and Liverpool. The record of playing in such big teams is enough to realize the pure talent of this player because the truth is that these clubs do not attract every player.

However, many have given him a nickname that is not pleasant at all: Boring Milner. The perfect techniques of Milner and his extraordinary ability to play in different positions and situations is a feature that every coach desires. It is safe to say that his good performance made him one of the most reliable performers during his 18-year career. But what has made him a shadow player? The fact is, Milner is not glamorous but is one of the best people in what he does. He doesn't show off and so his humility discredits his top football techniques, a feature that undoubtedly makes him one of the premier league underrated players of all time.

Michael Carrick

The second one on our list of the


most underrated footballers in premier league history is Michael Carrick, an English professional football coach, and former player. His professional career lasted almost two decades during which he only played in EPL. Throughout his football career, he managed to achieve some prestigious honors, he has five Premier League titles and a Champions League winner’s medal but his name and reputation were not as good as his achievements, some still do not believe has ever been good enough to play for Manchester United or represent his country. Despite the inconvenience, there is no denying that he is considered one of the best midfielders in the European game for the past decade and once he played in Man United he was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s best Manchester United signings.

Perhaps the problem that led fans and the media to recognize him as an underrated player is that he was not a typical English central midfielder, he was not like some great midfielders such as Roy Keane who was a powerful tackler, according to ESPN Carrick was a brilliant player who was a phenomenally gifted passer, capable of spraying the ball 50 yards towards the wingers. He was never as reckless as his longtime midfield colleague Scholes, whose indiscipline without possession undermined his undoubted ability with the ball, so apparently what makes him be known as an underrated player is that he didn't make hard tackles and wasn't a box-to-box player.

It should be noted that this disregard did not continue outside the UK. After his trip to Inter Milan in 2009, La Repubblica referred to him as "El Magnifico Carrick". Guardiola even believed that Carrick is one of the best holding midfielders he had ever seen in his life. He's the level of Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets in


, and

Bayern Munich


Olivier Giroud

Our next player on the list of the 

most underrated premier league players of all time 

is Olivier Giroud a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club 


 and the France national team. Giroud started his professional football career in his country and after almost seven years he was transferred to EPL to join an English Side. Now that he has spent almost eight years in EPL, still he is not considered one of the best. Perhaps the thing that has put his name on this list of

most underrated players in EPL history 

is that he has always been in the shadow of other players.

According to Guardian, for most of his time at


, there was someone else to take the limelight, he was overshadowed by Alexis Sánchez and Alexandre Lacazette. However, the fact cannot be ignored that he is one of the best in his position with 90 goals scored in these two English teams. According to some players, including Griezmann and Eden Hazard, Giroud is the best target man in the world. 

Ricardo Carvalho 

The third player on our list of the 

most underrated premier league players of all time

is Ricardo Carvalho, a retired Portuguese professional footballer who played as a center-back. He is still considered one of the best centers back in the modern world of football even after retirement. Throughout his career, which lasted about twenty years, he played for only one English Premier League team, Chelsea. Perhaps one of the reasons he has been underestimated and overlooked that his name is on the list of most underrated players in EPL history is because he was shielded by a great player like John Terry during his six years at Chelsea.

In fact, John Terry was a prominent Chelsea defender at Stamford Bridge in the 2000s, but he had Ricardo Carvalho with him for six seasons. He was a defender who defeated all his opponents. He always played his role in the team in the best possible way and at the highest standard level. He may not be a physical player, but what always set him apart from the rest of the players is his intelligence. He knew very well where he had to be on the ground to block the opponent's way and from which side to run, he even knew how much force to put into a tackle. Despite all these advantages, his attempts at Stamford Bridge were clouded by Terry's 19-year occupation. Jose Mourinho once said in a 2007 interview: Big names make big headlines and players like Carvalho are sometimes players people forget,"

Claude Makelele 

The fourth name on our list of most underrated premier league players of all time is one of the most familiar names of contemporary players. Claude Makelele is a French football manager and former professional player who played as a defensive midfielder. Like third on the list, he played for only one English team during his football career. He played for Chelsea for five years from 2003 to 2005. He played his role so well that many believed that his technique created a new definition of the position. Makelele was a very consistent and powerful player and was able to suffocate his opponents.

It is almost safe to declare that English Premier League has never had a French midfielder like him during his time at Stamford Bridge. It is no exaggeration to say that if Claude had not helped Chelsea with his high football technique, they probably would not have been as powerful as they were in 2004-2006. However, more respect and appreciation were given to the attacking players.

Gareth Barry

The fifth rank on our list of the most underrated players in EPL history is Gareth Barry who is an English former professional footballer who played as a midfielder and could manage to make 653 Premier League appearances for some top-level English sides including Aston Villa, Manchester City,


, and

West Bromwich Albion.

He spent his 22-year-old tenure only in EPL teams. It may seem a little strange, but despite such a background, the record holder for the all-time Premier League appearances, it is safe to say that he is one of the most underrated premier league players of all time. He started his early football in Aston villa and after 12 years of success as the captain and the eighth in their all-time list of appearances, he moved to Manchester City where he then proved himself as a versatile player and he won the FA Cup in 2011 and the Premier League title the following season.

It may seem a little strange, but despite such a history, it is safe to say that he is one of the worst. Although he was considered by many to be a valuable player, he did not have the chance to play in the Manchester City games, as he should, compared to his brilliant record at Aston Villa. During his five-year stay at Etihad Stadium, he played only 132 games. He is one of the players who have nothing to lose. He can read the game well, a feature that few players enjoy. Benitez's remarks about Gareth Mehr confirm his years of being ignored in world football. Benitez wrote in his book: "Barry was perfect, ‘Champions League Dreams’.

He could play as a central midfielder, of course, but he had some experience as an attacking left-back, which would be a useful option for home games where we were expected to go forward, and even as a left-winger.” Roberto Martinez speech in an interview would shed more light on this issue, he said: “I have never seen a player with such incredible professionalism as Gareth Barry. Gareth is one of those players who gets underrated. The reason we have so many developing young players is there are leaders in the mould of Gareth Barry. It is no coincidence when we have Gareth Barry around them.” He may not be one of the best English footballers, but he deserves more credit for a long career at the top. Despite being just one of only three players to have made more than 600 appearances in the Premier League, he has never really been noticed.

Pablo Zabaleta

The sixth

premier league underrated players of all time

is Pablo Zabaleta an Argentine former professional footballer who played as a right-back. Zabaleta started his football career in his country after almost six years he could break into the English premier league and joined Manchester City. This loyal player played for Manchester City for nineteen years and is considered a legend. He was one of the few defenders in the modern world of football to prioritize defense over the attack. In this case, however, it should be noted that his performance in the attack was also very praiseworthy. For all these nineteen years, he fought with 100% concentration on the field and was the number one player on the list of  Manuel Pellegrini and Roberto Mancini.


The Duracell Bunny is the last name on our list of the 

most underrated premier league players of all time

, an Asian player who despite his brilliant top-class football talents could n't buy himself a considerable reputation as others. Park Ji-Sung is our seventh-most underrated footballers in premier league history. Park is a South Korean former professional footballer who played as a midfielder and now he works as Manchester United ambassador. During his 14-year-long professional football career, he only played in two EPl sides, Manchester United and

Queen Parks Rangers.

Despite his great success at Manchester United during his seven-year spell, he never received the admiration he deserved.

He played an important role in many of the club's successes in those years, and ironically he remained as overlooked as always. The South Korean midfielder had an incredible defensive speed that rare players could match, therefore during Sir Alex's coaching career in United, Park was considered as his confidant. Though He was often left out of the starting line-up in minor games, he was always ready when the coach needed him and did not allow his minor role to affect his extraordinary attitude, so even in the less-important games he brilliantly came in handy with his significant goals.

Throughout his seven-year tenure, he won four Premier League titles in seven seasons at Old Trafford and his level of work as a player was higher than the chart, and his remarkable energy on the field earned him the title of "Three Lung Park". This hard-working Asian player was not only great in satisfying his teammates and coaches, but he was also a perfect example of a popular player with the fans. Park Ji-sung was the epitome of what every fan wants to see. He had unlimited power on the football field. He could run up and down and look for free balls forever. The energy he had was electric which annoyed his opponents.

The important thing here is that his teammates also acknowledge the fact that Park has been overlooked during his football career. Rooney once said in his column for The Sunday Times that: "It’s crazy but if you mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo to a 12-year-old, they would immediately say, ‘Yeah, he was a brilliant player for Manchester United,’ but if you said ‘Park Ji-sung’ they may not know who he was. Yet all of us who played with Park know he was almost as important to our success, that’s because of what Park gave to the collective. They — not stars — are the most important thing in sport." Defender Rio Ferdinand another former teammate of Park once said to Guardian that that Park was "a true players' player": Up there with best in the world for movement, and so intelligent and direct with runs off the ball. His work-rate is unreal, he adds a dimension no other player brings to the team. He's underrated, a real top player."

As you read, in the above article, we introduced you to a few well-known but shady players. Addressing such issues once again brings the names of these players to the forefront of the football world. What other players do you think can be included in the above list ? Let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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