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Top facts about Radja Nainggolan, the Tattoo Collecor

Mon 14 June 2021 | 4:30

Radja Nainggolan is a Belgian professional footballer who is on loan from Inter Milan and plays as a midfielder for Cagliari Calcio in Italy. Let's start to read the top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Nainggolan is a central midfielder, but he has also played as the defensive midfielder and on the wings. In midfield, he is a box-to-box midfielder who mixes power and speed. Nainggolan is also known for his long-range shooting abilities and never-say-die attitude on the field.

Il Ninja spent his entire professional career in Italy, playing for Piacenza,


, Roma, and Inter Milan and appearing in over 433 Serie A matches. And now it's time to learn more Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Everything You Need to Know of Top Facts About Radja Nainggolan

Radja Nainggolan has established himself as one of the world's most sought-after midfielders. His move to

Inter Milan

was seen as the bargain of 2018 summer’s transfer window,as the Nerazzurri got a hold of his services for just €24 million-plus Davide Santon and Nicolo Zaniolo.

The Belgian midfielder has a reputation for being a tough guy. His ability to smash attacks anywhere on the pitch is unrivaled, and he's also known for his famous "Nainggolan Tackle," which he uses to reclaim the ball from a fleeing attacker. 

Now in this article, we are going to know about

Radja Nainggolan's early life

, family life, personal life, information, career, popularity, net worth, and salary. And I invite you to read this article.

Radja Nainggolan Early Life

Radja Nainggolan was born in Antwerp, Belgium, on May 4, 1988. His late mother, Lizi Bogaerts Nainggolan, and father, Marius Nainggolan, were his parents. He was given the name Radja, which means "King." The Belgian was born as one of two twins. He was raised with his three half-brothers and twin sister, who is named Riana Nainggolan.

He was raised as a Flemish in Belgium, but he never forgot his Indonesian roots. He is an Indonesian of Batak ancestry and a member of the Batak Christian Protestant Church by faith.

The midfielder of Cagliari was raised as a Roman Catholic and was fluent in Dutch, English, and Italian, as well as French. He saw his parents' relationship deteriorate when he was a small child. His father defied his family and walked out of Belgium, returning to Indonesia.

With little money, Radja, his siblings, and his mother had to fend for themselves. Any child who has experienced a parental breakup understands the intense emotional distress it can cause. Radja's mental health suffered as a result of this. The consequences had a direct influence on his life, which he went through during his childhood.

Il Ninja and his twin sister, Riana, we're encouraged to wrestle football by their mother, who believed that one or both of them could succeed. Liz Nainggolan saw football as a way for her children to escape hardship because she knew their talents and where they came from. We will go to read the

Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan Information

Now we are going to know about

Radja Nainggolan date of birth

and personal info

  • Birth name

    : Radja Nainggolan

  • Nickname

    : Il Ninja

  • Date of birth:

    4 May 1988

  • Zodiac sign

    : Taurus

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Club team

    : Cagliari

  • Jersey number:


  • Birthplace:

    Antwerp, Belgium

  • Father

    : Marius Nainggolan

  • Mother

    : Lizi Nainggolan

  • Sister

    : Riana Nainggolan

  • Brother

    : Manuel Noboa

  • Net worth

    : between $1 Million – $5 Million

  • Salary

    : 3.2 million EUR

  • Radja Nainggolan Nationality

    : Belgian

  • Profession

    : footballer

  • Ethnicity

    : Batak

  • Radja Nainggolan Religion

    : Christian Protestant

  • Relationship status

    : married

  • Wife

    : Claudia Nainggolan

  • Kid’s name

    : Aysha Nainggolan

  • Height

    : 176 cm

  • Weight

    : 65 kg

  • Social media:


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Top facts about Radja Nainggolan


Radja Nainggolan Love Story

For Radja, football is a golden flower. A refuge from his troubled reality where he could find shade and solace. Meeting his beloved wife, Claudia, might be another golden tree that has provided more shade and solace.

Radja Nainggolan's wife, Claudia Nainggolan Lai, is pictured below. She is a lovely, simple, and down-to-earth lady who misses her everyday life. She explains how she met Radja by saying... “In Cagliari, I met Radja and it was love at first sight.

After two months," I was about to give up when I discovered he was a footballer. I understand that the life of a wealthy footballer is hectic, particularly when they have a large following. I was working full-time in a shopping mall at the time, and I really miss it."

"I found shyness in his voice as he told me he loved me, despite his muscular appearance. I didn't react well when he told me he was going to Rome. In contrast to Cagliari, everyone in Rome seems to be well dressed."

It took some time for me to adjust. After a year," I started wearing sneakers out. I still yearn for my previous life, when I had more freedom to do things.” In 2011, both Claudia and Radja Nainggolan agreed to marry."

Aysha Nainggolan, their daughter, was born on January 30, 2012. Claudia enjoys accompanying her love, Radja Nainggolan, to the capital for a new adventure with their brother, who appears to be a little older in the photo below.

The couple has been through the ups and downs of marriage and has moved on. According to social media, the couple has had multiple fights recently. Radja Nainggolan was also charged by Italian police with abusing, threatening, and assaulting his wife. Claudia, if you're reading this, I, Fortunately, their disagreements have been resolved. We will go to read the Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan Family Life

To begin with, Radja inherited Batak blood from his Indonesian father, Marian us Nainggolan. It is important to note that Radja Nainggolan comes from poor family background, thanks to his father, Marius, who left Indonesia in the hopes of making it big in Belgium, only to find life in Belgium to be difficult.

Marian us Nainggolan was prompted to return to Indonesia to continue his business. While his son and daughter have achieved success in football, Marian has established himself as an entrepreneur in the island resort of Bali.

Unlike other footballers like Deli Ali, Radja was reunited with his father at Piacenza. After a whopping 13 years, the moment finally arrived in late 2007. “At long last, we've reconnected. Radja, who has never put his father's sins against him, said, "Papa came from Bali to Italy to see me and Riana." Radja's mother was born in Belgium. Liz Bogaerts was her given name before she married. After marrying Marius, she took the surname Nainggolan.

She died in 2010, just three years after her husband returned from his abandonment. Radja tattooed her birth and death dates on two big wings on his back after she died. As can  In reality, Radja has devoted his entire back to his mother.

Riana Nainggolan is the older sister of Radja Nainggolan, her twin brother. On May 3, 1988, she was born in Antwerp, Belgium, a day before her brother. Her brother was born on the 4th of May, 1988, as previously reported. As of this writing, Radja's twin sister, Riana Nainggolan, plays for AS Roma's women's team, just like her brother. 

She also tells of her father's abandonment as a teenager, when he left her and her family in precarious circumstances. Riana Nainggolan was still involved in the Belgian women's soccer team Kontich before joining Roma. In Belgium, she has led her team to successful national competitions. Stay turn to read

Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan Tattoo Facts

Radja was also a member of the Belgian National Team at the 2016 Euros. Radja's body, like that of other modern footballers, is covered in tattoos that tell us a lot about him.

The midfielder of Cagliari adores flowers and has tattoos of them all over his body, as well as a tattoo of his mother on his back. Let's take a look at the ones he has and what they say. A big tattoo of a rose flower with a few petals can be found on the footballer's front side of the body.

Il Ninja has a heart tattoo on the back of his neck, as well as wings that extend outwards and cover the sides of his neck. Within the heart are three yellow balls with the letters "R, M, and L" written on them. Above the left-wing, a small black star is also tattooed.

Many of Radja's tattoos depict his love for his kin, such as this one depicting his sister Riana, father Marius, and mother Lizi Nainggolan. A bunch of daisy flowers covers the upper portion of his right forearm, with lines in the form of a big swirl covering the rest of his right forearm and wrist.

The lower part of his right forearm, which has a big marigold tattooed on it, continues the flower theme. Three letters from the Tibetan language are tattooed on the inner side of his right forearm.

The letters on his forearm are pronounced "Ra, Da, and Ja" in Tibetan, and together they spell out his name, Radja, which means "King." The same daisy flowers are tattooed on the footballer's right bicep as they are on his forearm. A big tattoo of a chrysanthemum flower covers the upper portion of his right arm and shoulder.

The remaining tattoos on his upper arm are connected by vines and small flowers, with swirly lines in the background to fill in the gaps. Another big tattoo of a flower surrounded by leaves covers the footballer's left shoulder and upper arm. On his upper left arm, just above the elbow, he has a tattoo of a green lizard. Radja's left forearm has a tattoo of a golden Buddha statue on the upper side.

The swirly lined pattern from his other forearm, which can also be seen on this one, links all of the tattoos. While Radja is a devout Christian, he is originally from Batak, Indonesia, and believes in Buddhist teachings, which is why he has this tattoo on his body.

On the inner side of his left forearm, he has a few Tibetan words tattooed on it as well. The word "AYSHA" is tattooed vertically next to the head of the lizard on the footballer's left upper arm.

This is another of Radja's tattoos for his family members, with the name of his adorable daughter, Aysha Nainggolan, on this one. Radja has a curved line of alternating large and small stars tattooed on his left bicep, right next to his daughter's name.

A tattoo of a star can be found on the footballer's right shoulder. In front of a backdrop of circular designs and clouds, the Belgian has the words "One Life, One Wish" tattooed across his chest. In the middle of his chest, a snake's head can also be seen.

Radja has always aspired to be a footballer, and this tattoo symbolizes all of his hard work and dedication to the sport that has brought him this far. Radja's right hand has a tattoo of a pair of dice in front of a spiderweb on the upper side.

The numbers 5 and 4 are seen on the dice. Just below the dice is tattooed the date "02-05-2011" and the number "4". A tattoo of a pair of dice, both displaying the number 3, is also on the upper side of his left hand. His left hand also has the number "4" tattooed on it.

The number corresponds to the footballer's jersey number. Quotes are tattooed on the palms of each of his hands. “Hate to Lose” is tattooed on the right one, while “Love to Win” is tattooed on the left. On the ring finger of his left hand, he has a small swirl line tattooed. His right hand's fingers have the letters "A, I, A, and M" tattooed on them.

Radja Nainggolan Personal Life

Radja is a realistic and grounded individual. He is a person who enjoys reaping the benefits of his labor. He feels the need to be surrounded by love and beauty, and the most important senses to him are touch and taste.

Nainggolan is willing to persevere and stick to his decisions before he achieves personal fulfillment. In the wake of news that he was recently dropped by Belgium coach Roberto Martinez due to his smoking habit, he has spoken openly about his habit. We will go to read the Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan Net worth and Salary

The senior player presentation with Piacenza took place on May 28, 2006, against Arezzo.


won the competition at home, and after it ended, he was chosen as the unchanging person from the vital meeting.

On January 27, 2010, he was credited to Cagliari with a buyout clause. The club revealed having an improved portion of his benefits in a co-ownership oversee Piacenza after seven appearances with the gathering.

Radja began to be started more frequently under Pierpaolo Bisoli's direction in mid-2010-2011 to fill the void left by Daniele Conti's non-attendance. On January 31, 2011, he returned to Piacenza to complete the other part of his agreement.

For three seasons, he was the undisputed first-choice quarterback. In October of 2013, he was re-elected to a second term with the gathering. In January of 2011, Gathering Roma obtained him on credit until the piece of the can is estimated to cost €3 million.

Roma also had the option of purchasing half of his benefits for €6 million in the coming summer. In terms of the matches to be pursued, he will assist Roma in fulfilling all UEFA Champions League criteria.

He denoted a clear game plan with the Roma for €9 million during the 2015 off-season. In July of the following year, he resumed his agreement with the gathering, extending it by a year. On June 26, 2018, he signed Davide Santon and

Nicol Zaniolo

with Inter Milan for a fee of at least €24 million. His contract commits him to the gathering until June 2022. And now it's time to learn more Top facts about Radja Nainggolan.

Radja Nainggolan Career

Radja Nainggolan has played in four teams, and below we will briefly discuss his playing time in these four teams. And we invite you to read about his club and national team.

At the age of five, Nainggolan started playing football with Tubantia Borgerhout. He moved to Germinal Beerschot's youth team seven years later, where he stayed until 2005, when he was noticed by Alessandro Beltrami and transferred to Italian Serie B club, Piacenza. He made his senior debut against


on May 28, 2006, and was promoted to the first team permanently the following season.

Nainggolan was loaned to Cagliari with a buyout option on January 27, 2010. The club revealed on February 28 that it had purchased 50 percent of his rights in a co-ownership deal after he made seven appearances (including being sent off just minutes after entering the field against


on February 28).

Due to the absence of Daniele Conti in the first half of 2010–11, Nainggolan started frequently under manager Pierpaolo Bisoli. Cagliari redeemed the second half of his contract from Piacenza on January 31, 2011. 

On 7 January 2014, Nainggolan was loaned to fellow league club Roma for €3 million until the end of the season, with the option to buy 50% of his rights for €6 million the following summer. He also assisted in the defeat of


in the same game by playing the entire 90 minutes 12 days later. Nainggolan signed a contract with Inter Milan until June 2022 for €38 million (€24 million-plus €14 million for Davide Santon and Nicol Zaniolo).

Nainggolan returned to Cagliari on a season-long loan in August 2019. With two long-range goals and three assists in three games to help his team finish fourth, he was named the league's MVP for November.

On December 31, 2020, Nainggolan was loaned back to the Sardegna Arena. Nainggolan was qualified to play for both Indonesia and Belgium due to his father's heritage, but he eventually chose the latter. He competed in the finals of the 2007–09 International Challenge Trophy, which the under-23 team won.

Radja Nainggolan Achievements

He has won personal honors during his playing career, which we will mention below:

  • Inter Milan

    : Serie A: 2020–21

  • Individual

    : Serie A Team of the Year: 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, A.S. Roma Player of the Season: 2016–17, Serie A MVP of the Month: November 2019

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