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Jaap Stam Biography

A brave and fearless warrior who always was on the battlefield in all conflicts. Jaap Stam is one of the great legends in Netherlands; so today we are going to talk and write about Jaap Stam's biography.

Jaap Stam was born on 13 July 1972 in Kampen, Netherlands. Stam developed really well at PSV. In Eindhoven, he grew into a powerful and reliable defender. In his PSV period, he even made it to the Dutch national team and thus proved to be ready for international football. He also won several prizes with PSV. In 1997 he won the national title in Eindhoven, and during his PSV employment, he also won a KNVB Cup and two Johan Cruyff cups.

In 1997 he was even chosen by his fellow football players as a football player of the year in the Netherlands. In 1998 he moved for €35m to the European top club Manchester United. Coach Alex Ferguson was delighted with the Dutchman. He won some major football prizes at Manchester United. He won the English national title, the

FA Cup

three times, and even the Champions League and the World Cup for club teams in the 1998-1999 season.

Nobody will ever forget the Champions League final in 1999 (Barcelona) in Manchester. In injury time, Manchester United (with Stam in the base) scored twice more, and the Devils beat Bayern Munich. After many successful years, the employment at Manchester United ended less pleasantly, and this was just another start in Jaap Stam's life, which we recommend you read on for more information.

Jaap Stam nationality

is Dutch and he is known as one of the toughest players in the history. Jaap Stam was a great defender and without a doubt, is one of the legends of Manchester United. Sure it is not all about Stam's life story as there is so much to say. Stay tuned as we take a look at Jaap Stam biography.

All You Need to Know About Jaap Stam Biography

Jaap Stam was born on July 13, 1972, in Kampen, Netherlands, and is now 48 years old. Jaap Stam, who was signed by FC Zwolle in 1992, agreed on a five-year contract. He made his debut against Heracles on August 15, 1992.

In 1995 he moved to Willem II playing 19 games and scoring a goal. After two seasons, 76 appearances and 11 goals at PSV Eindhoven, He abandoned the Dutch league and moved to England for

Manchester United


During the 1998-1999 season Manchester won the Championship, the European Cup and the FA Cup, ringing among others, a record number of forty-five consecutive matches without defeat (from 24 December 1998 to 3 October 1999). Over the next two seasons the Trophy Defender was enriched with another Premier League victory (1999-2000). Jaap Stam is considered one of the best defenders in the history of the Dutch national football team.

Jaap Stam Information

In this part of Jaap Stam biography, you could find some general information about Jaap Stam listed down here.

Jaap Stam Bio

  • Full Name: Jakob Stam

  • Nickname: “Jaap” and “The Rock of Kampen”

  • Profession: Former Professional Football Player

Jaap Stam Physical Stats

  • Weight: 91 Kilograms

  • Height: 1.90 Meters

  • Eye Color: Dark Brown

  • Hair Color: Unknown

Jaap Stam Football Information

  • Position: Defender

  • Jersey Number: #6 Manchester United #31 AC Milan and Lazio/ #3 Netherlands

  • Professional Debut: 1992

Jaap Stam Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 13 July 1972

  • Birth Place: Kampen, Netherlands

  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer

  • Nationality: Dutch

Jaap Stam Early Life

Jaap Stam was born on July 13, 1972 in Kampen, Netherlands.

Jaap Stam childhood

was all about football. Jaap Stam's parents have always supported their son in all aspects.

Jaap Stam's parents have always supported their son in all aspects. Jaap Stam is a relatively late bloomer. Until his twentieth year, he played with the amateur club DOS Kampen in his hometown. Only in 1992, he was scouted by the professional football organization FC Zwolle. On August 15, 1992, Jaap Stam made his debut for FC Zwolle against Heracles. That year he played 32 games in the first division and scored 1 goal.

After just a year, Jaap Stam moved from


to Cambuur Leeuwarden, which plays in the premier division. Cambuur relegated with Stam to the first division the year later. After having played in Friesland for two years, he chose the premier division again by playing for Willem II in Tilburg.

The rock of Kampen played half a season for Willem II and made such an impression that he was able to sign a contract with the Dutch top club PSV in Eindhoven. Stam developed really well at PSV. In Eindhoven, he grew into a powerful and reliable defender. In his PSV period, he even made it to the Dutch national team and thus proved to be ready for international football. He also won several prizes with PSV.

In 1997 he won the national title in Eindhoven, and during his PSV employment, he also won a KNVB Cup and two Johan Cruyff Cup trophies. In 1997 he was even chosen by his fellow football players as a football player of the year in the Netherlands.

Jaap Stam life story

is filled with memories of tough memories and this probably makes him a hard-worker man with a great story.

Jaap Stam Profile

In this section of 

Jaap Stam biography

, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now. The turning point in Jaap Stam’s career was joining Manchester United, indeed.

Jaap Stam started his career at the age of 20 at FC Zwolle. The native Kampenaar made a season full in the Overijssel capital. His second club was Cambuur Leeuwarden. Stam played almost all matches with the club from Friesland and was ready for a step higher after two years.

His adventure with Willem II was short but sweet. Stam, 23 years old back then, had a definitive breakthrough as a strong central defender. He stood out in Tilburg to such an extent that he left for the Dutch top six months. That Dutch top was PSV. In two and a half years, Stam won the national championship, the cup, and the Johan Cruyff Cup in Eindhoven. Stam was one of the main pillars of the team.

In 1998 the great adventure began in England. Alex Ferguson was delighted with the arrival of Jaap Stam. In the Dutchman's first season at Manchester United, the club immediately won the Champions League. As mentioned in Jaap Stam's biography, the immediate reason for a departure from Manchester. Some of the statements went wrong with Ferguson, and Stam was asked to leave.

His new club became


. In his first year in Italy, Stam was temporarily suspended for alleged use of nandrolone. After three years in Rome, Stam went to AC Milan at the age of 32. In San Siro, Stam defended the black-red outfit for two years. Then it was time to go back to the Netherlands.

Surprisingly, Stam signed with Ajax. He immediately became captain, played a considerable number of matches in his first season, and became a champion. In the second contract year, Stam lacked motivation and stopped playing football quite abruptly.

After his football career, Stam remained active in football, first with his old love PEC Zwolle. Stam became an interim trainer in 2009 and an assistant trainer in the years that followed. Stam combined this with activities as an individual trainer at Ajax. Stam was the trainer of Young


between 2014 and 2016.

A foreign adventure also waved the way as a trainer. Reading was his first club as a head coach. The first year went well; Reading finished third in the Championship. Promotion is narrowly missed after a play-off round against Huddersfield Town. The second-year was a hoax. Stay tuned to read more about Jaap Stam Biography and get to know him better.

Style of Play

Regarding Jaap Stam’s style of play, he used to play as a center-back during his years with PSV, Manchester United, Lazio,

AC Milan

, Ajax and Netherlands. He was solid and very skilled. If you want to know the meaning of stubbornness and fearlessness, it is better to get acquainted with Jaap Stam.

A defender who was not afraid of any aerial duels was not afraid of any player and always hit opponents with power in one-on-one battles. He was never afraid of clashing with the coach or the player. Jaap Stam's main talent was his special ability in aerial duels, set-pieces, and physical conflicts.

These abilities were so useful that some coaches used Stam as a dangerous weapon in set-pieces, which gave the team various tactics to score. Needless to say, Jaap Stam was one of the toughest and best defenders of his generation.


Jaap Stam is 48 years old and has retired from football. Stam has lived with his family just outside Twyford since July 2016. Until March 21, 2018, he was the manager of Reading for 98 matches, playing in the Championship. It is the passion and experience in English football culture that made Jaap Stam decide to return to England fifteen years after his departure as a player at Manchester United.

“Whole families live for football. Grandfathers and grandmothers are in competition shirts in the stands, grandchildren with them. They used to take coffee pots and tea from home. That will no longer be allowed. As a young boy I wanted to play in England. I didn't have that with Italy or Spain. When I came back to England with the Orange from EURO 96, I was really sold.”

Stam may be a Dutchman, but he is so popular in English society that even after retiring from football, he chose this country for living, which is why he is a famous figure in England. Without exaggerating, Jaap Stam is one of the most respected players in the history of football.

Goal Celebration

Jaap Stam has always been tough and ice-cold looking as a professional player. Jaap Stam's goal celebration was not very special. You cannot find many scenes of Jaap Stam goal celebration as he had no special plans to celebrate at all. He usually shouted when he scored and encouraged his teammates to go back to the middle of the field and score another goal. Probably his most famous move after scoring was to raise his clenched fists.

 Jaap Stam Outside Football

Jaap Stam outside football is a very respected person. Jaap Stam played in many teams and became a legend in all of them. Fans of all teams, from FC Zwolle to the Lazio and Ajax love Jaap Stam. He has become a coach these days, which we will mention later. There is a saying that respect should be earned, and Stam has shown well that his character deserves respect. Stay tuned to read more about 

Jaap Stam biography

 and get to know him better.

Jaap Stam Personal Life

Ellis Stam is Jaap Stam's wife. The two have been together since Jaap was sixteen and eventually have four children. At the end of his football career, it was therefore not surprising that he took the opportunity to tie the knot. “We've been together since I was 16 and I love you."

Jaap Stam realizes better than anyone that he owes a lot to his Ellis. While he was able to make the most of his football career, his wife was at home to take care of the children. Jaap Stam has been together with his Ellis for many years and they are still very happy together. We should also note that

Jaap Stam religion

is Christianity.

Family, Children and Relationships

Jaap Stam and Ellis were married in 1997 and have been together ever since. They have four children, Jake, Thomas, Megan and Lisa. During his professional career, Stam sometimes felt guilty towards his wife and four children. “My wife took care of a lot when the children were small.

As a football player you miss many birthdays and moments in the upbringing due to training, matches and the travel days. That's a downside to a life in the football world.

I also think that afterwards I should have enjoyed my career even more. I was always performing. Also because there were regular doubts about my qualities. I had a constant urge to prove. There is also something in my character that makes me think more of my lost Champions League final with AC Milan than of the final that I won with United. "


Jaap Stam has a very close relationship with Mercy Foundation; Since 1990, the Mercy Foundation has been challenging unfair structures and systems that result in poverty by taking action and working in partnership with other organizations, providing seed funding for projects, advocacy with all levels of government and education to help bring about real change for disadvantaged Australians.

Modern slavery and human trafficking exploits highly vulnerable men, women and children experiencing poverty. It denies fundamental human rights and strips people of human dignity. Keep reading to know more about Jaap Stam Biography and see if he has had any legal issues so far or not.

Legal Issues

Jaap Stam, one of the best-known stars in Netherlands’s history, was charged for using banned steroid. The Dutch international left Old Trafford at the start of the season after falling out with manager Alex Ferguson over controversial comments in his autobiography and was sold to Italian giants Lazio for €16.5m in August.

Traces of the banned steroid were found in a sample provided by Stam after the Serie A clash with


on October 13th and was immediately banned by the Rome club pending further investigations. "This has turned my world upside down," said Stam, who was out shopping with his daughter when he was told of the news. "I am absolutely gutted by these allegations.

"I simply cannot believe this has happened to me. I feel sick at the suggestion I would take drugs. I do not know why the test should come out positive and I am in a state of shock and confusion. After giving specific information about Jaap Stam's legal issues, we go to the next part, the Jaap Stam career statistics part.

Jaap Stam Career Statistics

Jaap Stam statistics are just fantastic. Jaap Stam signed a professional contract in the 1992 and went on to appear in 193 Eredivisie matches in 1992–1998, helping PSV Eindhoven, to winning championships.

He was going to be a key player in Eindhoven. He even been elected as the best player of the championship in 1997, before joining Manchester United for a huge fee. Arrived at Manchester United wearing the label of the most expensive defender in history as well as the most expensive Dutch player in history.

With 3 years spent in Manchester, he won three Premier League title, an FA Cup as well as a Champions League. However, at 29, he suddenly left the club after comments in his autobiography that did not please the Scottish coach. The latter said a few years later that this incident was be one of the biggest mistakes of his coaching career. Destination was Italy and Lazio, where Jaap was going to regain his aura. Then he joined AC Milan in 2004 at the age of 32, and played his second Champions League final in 2005, and this time lost to



At 34, he returned home to Ajax, where he would once again refine his trophy room, still in the shoes of an indisputable holder.


Jaap Stam was able to play 488 games during his career. Jaap Stam joined Zwolle from Cambuur, and then left for Willem II on a free transfer. After impressive performances in this team, he joined PSV. Great performance urged Manchester United to sign Stam for €16.5m.

Jaap's important position in the 1998-1999 dream season is certain. Like other Manchester United players, he worked hard and got paid for his efforts by winning major cups. After a clash with Ferguson, Lazio decided to bring the Dutchman to the capital of Italy. He then joined AC Milan from Lazio. After winning many achievements, he finally joined Ajax in 2006. He finally retired from football in 2007 and took lessons to become a manager. After retirement and on October 10, 2008, Stam returned to Manchester United as an observer in South America region.

On October 30, 2009, after the resignation of Jen Everse became interim coach of Zwolle. In January 2010, He was appointed alongside Claus Boekweg as a deputy art director in Zwolle. On July 1, 2011, he joined the academy of Ajax. In 2013, the staff of the first team coached by Frank de Boer revealed that Stam was a staff member.

On June 13, 2016, he was appointed as


coach, signing a two-year contract to become the first non-English manager in club history. Despite losing in the final play-off to 'Huddersfield Town, July 4, 2017, Stam extended his contract by two years.


In 1996 Jaap Stam made his debut for the Dutch national team. This was the game at home against Germany. After an injury to Frank de Boer, he was even called up for the European Championship 1996 in England. After Danny Blind stopped playing football for the Dutch national team, he became a permanent fixture.

During the 2004 European Championship in Portugal, Stam played his last international match against Portugal. This match was lost to the Orange 2-1. Stay tuned to read more about

Jaap Stam biography

and find out what awards and titles he has won.

Jaap Stam Honors

The honors of Jaap Stam are quite clear. He is one of the most prestigious Dutch players in history who has won many trophies in England and Italy. Let's take a look at Jaap Stam's honors in the Jaap Stam biography article.

PSV Eindhoven

  • Dutch Champion in 1996-1997

  • Dutch Cup Winner in 1995-1996

  • Dutch Super Cup Winner in 1996, and 1997

Manchester United

  • English Champion in 1999,2000, and 2001 seasons

  • FA Cup Winner in 1999

  • Intercontinental Cup in 1999

  • Champions League Winner in 1998-1999


  • Italian Cup Winner in 2003-2004

AC Milan

  • Italian Super Cup in 2004-2005


  • Dutch Super Cup Winner in 2006 and 2007

  • Dutch Cup Winner in 2006/2007

Individual Achievements

  • Player of The Year in Netherlands

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