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Europa League 2021 semifinal fixtures, Line ups and live streams

Thu 06 May 2021 | 7:30

The second tier of European competition is joining the Champions League this Thursday as teams clash for a place in the final itself. Follow us below as we provide you with everything there is to know about the UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal.

We were edging closer and closer to having the beloved Europa League become completely obsolete as twelve of the best clubs in the world announced their plans for creating the European Super League this summer. Everyone lost their minds as these clubs included some of the semifinalists in both the UCL and the UEL and these clubs were aiming to generate more revenue for themselves.

For now, however, no matter what happens next, the

UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal

will kick off as planned. The clubs are locked and loaded for one of the most intense nights of the season as they lock horns in the semis to earn their place in the final game of the competition. Many teams tried their luck but only four teams are left standing, and these four will be battling it out on two occasions as we get to enjoy both of them after a couple of thrilling nights with the Champions League.

We will be having a brief look at the road so far to see how each of the teams managed to get here and then analyze how they have prepared for the 2020-21 Europa League semifinal fixtures. So follow us below if you too cannot wait for the games to start.

Europa League 2021 semifinal draw

The deal is pretty simple.

Manchester United

have drawn Roma and Villarreal will be facing Arsenal. We will also provide you with details on the

UEFA Europa League 2020/21 semifinal live streams

so that you can easily catch the games without having to search for the available options. First and foremost, the first leg of the 2020/21 UEL semifinal matches will be explored as we then update you on the return leg next week. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about this tense round in the competition.

UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal first leg

Both games in the semifinal will obviously kick off at the same time as tradition demands. Manchester United will be hosting the Italian side


as Arsenal pay a visit to Villarreal at 9:00 PM this Thursday. The return leg will be played on 6 May at exactly the same time.

One obvious point of interest for many would be to see how Manchester United and Arsenal get to play in the

UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal

as they were a part of the European Super League founding members, believing that they are in fact a level above all other teams in Europe. Will they be able to prove their point by beating the representatives from Italy and Spain? Or will they have to face the humiliation of losing to those whom they left out of their newly-found competition.

Manchester United v Roma

  • Date: Thursday, 29 April

  • Time: 21:00 CET


UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal

is about to start and we cannot wait for the clash between the Red Devils and La Lupa (The She-Wolf). Manchester United seem to have the upper hand on paper as Roma are believed to be the underdogs against the Premier League side. The advantage is with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men because they have been in fine form lately, winning four of the last five league games, with only a draw coming against

Leeds United

last Sunday.

Both teams have had it tough on their way to glory as they’ve had to best some of the strongest teams in the competition. United’s knockout stage journey began with quite a historic battle against AC Milan, who were out to get their revenge for losing to United in the 2006-07 Champions League knockout tie after so many years.

The game was indeed tough as both sides had the chance to win the match and go through to the quarterfinals in style. But while both clubs missed their superstars such as Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, who used to tear apart opposition defenders back in the day, they did give us an exciting match. In the end, Manchester United won 2-1 on aggregate and went through to the quarterfinals, where before earning a place in the

2020-21 Europa League semifinal fixtures

, they had to beat



The match against Granada was not as challenging though, as the Red Devils eased past the Spanish side in style, scoring two goals in each leg to make it 4-0 on aggregate. Now they are in the UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal and are awaiting their rivals Roma, who first met

Shakhtar Donetsk

in the Round of 16. It is worth noting that while Roma had it pretty easy in the Round of 16 and got to eliminate Shakhtar with a 5-1 aggregate, their quarterfinal clash against Ajax was one of the toughest games of their season so far.

Roma managed to beat the Eredivisie side 3-2 on aggregate and will now have to face one of the fiercest sides in the Premier League, who are only behind Manchester City on the league table. This particular

Europa League 2021 semifinal draw

will be quite enjoyable as many believe that we are going to be treated with many goals in this match.

United will be more than motivated if they ever take a look at the club’s history and stats so far. The Red Devils haven’t lost a home in a European semifinal for more than two decades and Roma have been bested by United at the Theater of Dreams in the previous three games between the two sides. The rivalry is already hyping up the game with so much going on off the pitch even before the start of the 2020/21 UEL semifinal matches.

Roma fans have reportedly targeted Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by sticking posters at the Italian club’s training ground. The club’s supporters were obviously angered after Solskjaer’s comments, who had the following to say after he was quizzed about the game right after their 2-0 win against Granada: “I don’t know them and I haven’t seen them play.”

The Roma fans have written the following on the posters in reply to the Norwegian manager: the posters show the “I don’t know them and I haven’t seen them play" comment from Solskjaer and is followed by the comment 'make sure he remembers us', underneath. The 2020-21 Europa League semifinal fixtures have already had their toll on the players and managers, which is why both teams rested some of their key players in their last league games to have them fully fit and ready in the European competition.

There are no news of the

UEL 2020-21 semifinal line ups

as of yet, but one thing is for sure,  and that is the fact that Solskjaer will be heavily depending on his on-form midfielder

Paul Pogba

, who has turned into one of the club’s most vital players in recent weeks. The former Manchester United footballer also rested Edinson Cavani in the clash against Leeds to have him locked and loaded for the big show in the UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal.

Who will make it to the next round? Will Roma be able to “Show who they are” to Manchester United? Everything will be settled partly in the first leg and finally in the return leg, where Roma will be hosting United in Italy.

Villarreal v Arsenal

  • Date: Thursday, 29 April

  • Time: 21:00 CET

The UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal just keeps on giving as we are treated to another thrilling game awaiting us at the same time as the Manchester United versus Roma match. While many of us certainly wished to have the opportunity of watching each game on separate days just like the Champions League or at different hours, we can still get to enjoy one game and also watch the highlights of the other.

Of the

2020/21 UEL semifinal matches

, this one also have the potential to bring us something unique as two strong sides go head to head for a place in the final itself. Of course United and Roma seem to have it better in the league than both Arsenal and


. English side have only won one of their last five league games, while their Spanish counterpart have won two of their last five league games, losing the other three.

Such an inconsistent form might get to hurt both sides in the UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal, as they could struggle to find the back of the net or play it too cautious against their rivals. The two clubs have met four times before, with all four taking place in the UEFA Champions League.

They first met in the 2005-06 UCL semifinals and later returned for another showdown in the 2008-09 quarterfinals in the same competition. Arsenal will be hopeful to retain their unbeaten record against the Spanish side, having won two and drawn the other two against Villarreal. Now in the road to glory, Arsenal have had it pretty easy in the competition, first drawing


in the Round of 16, whom they bested 3-2 in on aggregate which was closer a margin than expected of the Gunners.

Later they faced Slavia Praha in the Quarterfinals and were halted at home to a surprising 1-1 draw, which was yet another score-line few would have expected from Arsenal. They did, however, manage to beat Slavia Praha after running a rout in the second leg and scoring four goals away from home to make it 5-1 on aggregate. Now they will be visiting Villarreal in the UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal first leg, who met Dynamo Kyiv in the Round of 16 and scored two goals in each leg to qualify for the next round with a 4-0 aggregate.

The Quarterfinals proved to be a little bit of a challenge as they faced the tougher

Dinamo Zagreb

. Of course Unai Emery’s men were able to beat the Croatian side with a 3-1 aggregate to reach the semis in the competition. Having lost 2-1 to Barcelona this weekend, Villarreal will be hoping to get back on track with an early goal or two against Arsenal to seal the deal for the first leg of the competition.

Regarding the UEL 2020-21 semifinal line ups, Arsenal and their manager Mikel Arteta have been boosted by the return of their solid defender

David Luiz

, who was in doubt to make it to the game in time due to sustaining an injury.

Both sides are more than capable of punishing the opposition given the right chance, but Arsenal players might be going through a difficult period as the club itself is experiencing quite a bit of drama thanks to fans protesting and the Kroenke brothers being under pressure to sell the club to Spotify owner Daniel Ek, who already has the backing of club legends Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

If you too are looking for more info on UEFA Europa League 2020/21 semifinal live streams, then look no more as we have provided here a list of all the channels and streaming services that will have both matches available with live commentary. If you are looking for ways to catch the Manchester United versus Roma match, you can watch the games from Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports, ESPN Play Sur, BT Sport 2, beIN Sports 4, DAZN, Blue Sport and RMC Sport 1.

For those interested in the Villarreal versus Arsenal match, you can catch the UEFA Europa League 2020/21 semifinal live streams via RTL 7, ESPN 2 Netherlands, RMC Sport 1, DAZN, Optus Sport, BNT 1, TUDN USA, Futbol 1, beIN Sports Connect and the BT Sport app.

UEFA Europa League 2021 semifinal second leg

Oh boy what a first leg we had in the semis of the Europa League. Both matches more than delivered on what they had promised, as we were treated to some fine European football last week. The sheer thrill of watching the teams go head to head for a place in the final proved to be too much in some aspects.

To be honest, we were not at all disappointed as neutrals watching the games. While Villarreal and Arsenal battled it out in an intense and at times rough match, Manchester United absolutely humiliated Roma in an unbelievable manner, running a rout on the Italian side. The Red Devils have been in impressive form this season and look determined to win the Europa League, while having qualified for next season’s Champions League.

This Europa League 2021 semifinal draw has been absolutely mind-blowing and we hope that they all continue in this fashion for our enjoyment. Let us see how things went about last week for the four teams left in the competition, while also analyzing their form since last Thursday.

Roma v Manchester United

  • Date: Thursday, 6 May

  • Time: 21:00 CET

  • Aggregate: 2-6

Some of AS Roma fans might be in hiding for the next match against Manchester United, not only because they were battered against the wall by conceding six goals, but also because they taunted United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by demanding their club to make him get to know who Roma are. Of course obviously all the taunting blew up in their faces as Roma shockingly lost an early lead by conceding oh so many goals in the second half.

While Bruno Fernandes did get to score an early goal in the seventh minute of the game, Lorenzo Pellegrini quickly replied from the penalty spot in the fifteenth minute. Edin Dzeko later put Roma in the lead with a 33rd-minute goal that saw many doubt Manchester United’s ability to bounce back. It all looked done and dusted for the Italian side as they believed they had the upper hand in the game against the Red Devils. Well, that was partly true as they went into the dressing rooms with a one-goal lead in hand.

It was in the second half, however, that United took the initiative and fired on all cylinders. Roma were simply overwhelmed by the sheer force of the Red Devils pushing so much for an equalizer. It only took three minutes for Edinson Cavani to find the back of the net and equalize the game in the 48th minute.

It didn’t stop there of course, as he added another goal to his tally in the 64th minute to complete his brace. While some teams might fall back to their own half and park the bus to hold on to their fragile lead, United pushed on even more, which held Roma back in their own box for quite a while.

Shots were raining down on Roma keeper Pau Lopez, who had to deal with a total of 20 shots in the full 90 minutes, which is why he was not able to keep out all the attempts during the game. After Cavani’s brace, it was time for Bruno Fernandes to keep up with the Uruguayan striker, as he too completed a brace thanks to a 71st minute penalty. Nothing seemed to be able to stop Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men from humiliating Roma even more as Paul Pogba and Mason Greenwood went on to put their names on the scoresheet as well.

Roma were left trembling after a horrible and nightmarish night at Old Trafford, having conceded six goals despite their early 2-1 lead in the first half of the game. Whatever happened to Roma’s defense, we cannot overlook and not praise the fact that Manchester United fought back in the second half with such unbelievable intensity, which provided us with much excitement.

While it seems nearly impossible for Roma to complete a comeback in the second leg of the competition, nothing is written on stone in football and we have seen so many underdogs pulling off a historic comeback to shock everyone watching the game.

United have been going through a difficult time off the pitch, with the club’s supporters storming the Old Trafford pitch to protest against the club owners, who had previously decided to join the infamous European Super League.

The protests got so much out of hand that the Manchester United versus Liverpool match had to be postponed earlier this week. If United can see out the second leg against Roma, and probably they will, Soslkjaer would go through to his first final as the manager of Manchester United, which will double his motivation to win the Europa League. It seems that Ole is finally at the wheel the way United fans expected him to be.

Arsenal v Villarreal

  • Date: Thursday, 6 May

  • Time: 21:00 CET

  • Aggregate: 1-2

While the Manchester United versus Roma match was as far as a game could be from a tight one, the Villarreal versus Arsenal match compensated for the former’s lack of intensity. Of course that is not to say that we didn’t enjoy so many balls going into the back of the net, but we got something very unique in the latter game, as both teams seemed more than motivated to go through to the final. The game started with quite an early goal from Many Trigueros, who put Villarreal in front in the fifth minute.

Raul Albiol later scored another goal in the 29th minute to make it 2-0 in the favor of the Yello Submarine. The Spanish side looked to be in control in the first half as they showed their accuracy with the two goals that they scored. However, it took Arsenal quite a while to get back into the game. It only went south for Arsenal from then on in the earlier minutes of the second half as Dani Ceballos, who was already booked for hauling down Juan Foyth, committed his second bookable offence which saw him being given his marching orders to leave the pitch and go into the dressing room.

His absence made it even more difficult for Mikel Arteta’s men to bounce back into the game, which is made even worse given the fact that the manager had warned the hot-headed Spaniard to be more careful with his actions. Arteta later claimed that he was about to substitute Dani Ceballos before the midfielder got booked for a second time and had to leave the field.

The Gunners were saved from a 2-0 loss against the home side thanks a penalty decision in their favor in the 73rd minute, which gave way to Nicolas Pepe as he converted the penalty to reduce the deficit to one goal. The

UEL 2020-21 semifinal line ups

are not yet confirmed, but one thing is for sure, Dani Ceballos will not be there to help his team complete a comeback against Unai Emery’s men at the Emirates Stadium.




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