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Top Facts About Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair's Stunning Wife

Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair’s wife. You know it’s not more than a month since they have had their third child together, but what more about the couple and, indeed, about Flanagan herself?

Well, if we are to cover top facts about Helen Flanagan in this post for you, we will surely let you know about Helen Flanagan age and body measurements, Helen Flanagan childhood, Helen Flanagan parents, and indeed, Helen Flanagan net worth and salary.

What more about her? That includes some top facts about

Helen Flanagan personal life

, such as Helen Flanagan partner, Helen Flanagan children, and of course, Helen Flanagan social medial accounts.

Top Facts about Helen Flanagan Personal Life

Here come some

top facts about Helen Flanagan

. If you really like to know about Helen Flanagan personal life, here’s the place.

Helen Flanagan Body Measurements

Well, maybe the most important question concerns with

Helen Flanagan body measurements

. Helen Flanagen is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 56Kg. Her bra size is 37 inches, her dress size 6 and her shoe size 7 (both US measurements). Also her waist and hip sizes are 25 and 36 inches respectively. With such measurements, you might have guessed that Flanagan is a slim type; if so, then we should say you’re right. She’s in fact a super slim type.

Helen Flanagan has blue eyes and dark brown hair. And what about her looks? They say that is mesmerizing and as you can see in the photo above, they’re not wrong. She really looks beautiful and can have you set your eyes on her and never look away!

Helen Flanagan Parents and Siblings

As for Helen Flanagan parents, we should say they are Paul and Julia Flanagan. Both of them are alive, but we don’t know much about them. For example, we don’t know what their occupation is or if they are retired or not. What is obvious from their photo below is that both at least are over 50.

Despite the fact that we don’t know much about

Helen Flanagan parents

, at least we know that they supported her acting career and were the ones who asked her not to let Scott Sinclair back into her life, however, that’s something of the past - somewhere around 2016. What is obvious about them is that they have always played their supportive role in their daughter’s life. And about Helen Flanagan siblings, we should say she has two sisters, Jane and Jessica, and a brother, Tom, but again we don’t know more than that about them.

Helen Flanagan Childhood

Part of the top facts about Helen  is surely concerned with

Helen Flanagan childhood

, however, before we get to the WAG’s childhood, let’s let you know about her age and birthplace. Helen Flanagan was born on August 7, 1990 in the city of Bury, Manchester, England. She’s almost 31 years old by now and is still pursuing her acting career which he started at the age of 10 with the series, Coronation Street, in 2000.

Although Helen was born in Bury, she was raised in Lancashire alongside her siblings as his family moved to the English city when she was still a child. She also attended Westholme School in the same city. Helen Flanagan showed an interest both in music and acting from her very childhood, but it was acting that she pursued and still does at the age of 31. They say she also attended Godbys Theatre Workshop in Bury taking drama lessons at the very early age of 5.

Helen Flanagan Career

As already mentioned, Helen Flanagan has pursued an acting career from the very early age of 10. She has acted in more than 20 soap operas and series, but is best known for her acting in the soap opera series, Coronation Street, where she acted as the character, Rosie Webster, for 13 years; once from 2000 to 2012 and another time from 2017 to 2018.

Some of the other series Flanagan has acted in are Soapstar Superstar, from 2006 to 2007 as herself and in 4 episodes of the series, Celebrity Super Spa in 2013 again as herself and in 6 episodes, Holby City in 2014 as Kirsty Brompton and in one episode of the series, and Lorraine in 2018 and 2019 as herself and in two episodes of the series.

Helen Flanagan was twice nominated for an award in acting but was not lucky enough to actually win it. In 2006, she was a nominee of British Soap Awards Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress, but she lost to  Ellis Hollins of Hollyoaks - another soap opera. The next year, in 2007, Flanagan was nominated for British Soap Awards Villain of the Year, but again she lost to another actor, namely a co-star of Coronation Street named Jack P. Shepherd.

In 2010, Flanagan appeared in a Coronation Street spin-off named Coronation Street: A Knights Tale as the character, Rosie Webster, as always. She also produced her Coronation Street spin-off named Just Rosie which was about the same character pursuing a modelling career in London.

Flanagan has also worked in the modelling industry actually from the time she quitted acting in the soap opera series, Coronation Street, in 2012, as they say. She has worked as a model for several campaigns such as the clothes campaign Chi Chi London and with her 4-year-old daughter as you see in the photo above and a black communities supportive campaign by modelling an “I Am Anti-Racist” T-shirt. Flanagan was also quoted once to stop editing her modelling photos to be “a better role model” for her daughters.

Helen Flanagan Partner, Scott Sinclair

Well, as clear from the title,

Helen Flanagan partner

is Scott Sinclair, the 32-year-old winger of the English club, Preston North End. That’s that! But how did the couple get to know each other? They actually met and started dating since 2009 when Sinclair was almost in the middle of his career; on loan to

Wigan Athletic

from Chelsea.

The couple knew each other from then (2009) and they also gave birth to two daughters before they actually got engaged: Matilda, born in 2015, five, and Delilah, born in 2018, two by now. The engagement actually took place in 2018 after a traditional proposal from Sinclair by a Disney castle in Paris lit up with purple lights as you see in the photo below. The same photo was posted on Sinclair’s Instagram with the caption: “She said yes!”

Although it is three years from the time Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair have engaged, they have not yet married together officially. Why? Let’s see what Helen has actually said to the reporters: “We were going to get married this year but my little sister is getting married next summer, so maybe next year. I think it’s just because we’ve been together for so long, we’re just a bit lazy about it. But, it would be nice to have the same name.” Despite such claims, Helen said to Ok! Magazine that their marriage is not far off, though it’s not going to happen in a year as she explained to the reporters.

And just one more thing about

Helen Flanagan children

; she and her not-yet-married engaged partner, Scott Sinclair, have yet given birth to another child - this time a boy: Charlie who was actually born on the same date as his father, March 25, and is just around a month by now. The couple were so enthusiastic about this third child. They actually posted ultrasound photos of the fetus Charlie on Instagram and on the day he was born, his father posted a photo of him by his wife and the new-born Charlie saying: “I couldn’t ask for a better gift on my Birthday, what a blessing!!! welcome to the world son.”

Charlie is probably the last child Scott and Helen have together; it is actually what the couple have announced on Instagram. It might be also interesting for you to know that Helen thought she was having another daughter this time, too, however, this claim of her shows that she was happy either way: “My girls are super excited about having a new baby brother or sister and I know that Delilah and Matilda will be brilliant big sister.”

Helen Flanagan Net Worth and Salary

Well, Part of the top facts about Helen Flanagan is surely concerned with

Helen Flanagan net worth

and salary. As for Helen Flanagan net worth, we should say that the 31-year-old English actress has a net worth of around $3 million which comes from her acting and modelling career. This is actually what most of the sources have agreed upon and rightly so.


Helen Flanagan salary

, we should say that not much is revealed about the worth of her contracts except for the time he returned to Coronation Street series in 2017 for a yearly contract worth of almost $145,000. In fact, at first, she was to join the series just for three months and a contract worth of one fourth of her yearly one, but fans campaigned for a more permanent stay of her which actually resulted in her signing a yearly contract.

Helen Flanagan Social Media Accounts

And, for sure, part of the top facts about Helen Flanagan concerns with her digital life; we mean her social media accounts and specifically Instagram. As for

Helen Flanagan social media accounts

, we should say that the English actress has an account both on




but no account on Facebook. In fact, there is a dozen of Facebook accounts with the name, Helen Flanagan, but none of them has that famous blue tick by it.

And Instagram and Twitter she actually joined around the same time - Twitter in 2011 and Instagram in 2012, but despite this, her followers on Instagram almost double those of her Twitter. She has actually one million followers on Instagram but only around 508K on Twitter. Since an actress and a model, there is no wonder Helen Flanagan is more active on Instagram. She has posted around 5900 photos and videos on the social media platform with the photos of her new-born son, Charlie, recently.

The interesting fact here is that although Flanagan has twice as much followers on Instagram as Twitter she has posted almost two times more tweets than she has posted photos and videos on Instagram: 11K which means she has also been active on Twitter, but somehow in some way, she has earned more followers on Instagram. Of course, that’s not so strange; a model and actress as beautiful as her should have more followers on the photo-based platform, Instagram.

Fast Facts About Helen Flanagan

Here are some fast

facts about Helen Flanagan


  • Helen Flanagan is exactly 30 years, 8 months, and 14 days old by now (April 21, 2021).

  • Helen Flanagan’s complete name is Helen Joyce Gabriel Flanagan.

  • Helen Flanagan’s zodiac sign is Leo.

  • Helen Flanagan’s ethnicity is White.

  • Helen Flangan’s nickname is Helz, but we don’t where that nickname comes from.

  • Helen Flanagan is seemingly Christian. Her parents are Catholic by faith, but we don’t know if she has chosen that faith or not, however, she once said she feels connections to her religious roots.

  • Helen Flanagan has two tattoos on her body. One reading “strength” near her heaps and a love tattoo - actually a heart with wings and the name “Scott” at its center - on her butt. She also had a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her left forearm which he had removed by laser to be able to wear strappy dresses as she once said.

  • Helen Flanagan was featured on the cover of two magazines: Zoo Magazine and Nuts Magazine. She also posed topless for the for the Page 3 Girl of the British magazine, The Sun.

  • Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair’s house in Prestbury, Cheshire, was burgled in June 2013. That was a shocking incident for Helen but fortunately she was not harmed by the burglars.

  • They say Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair’s house in Cheshire is worth of around $7.8 million.

  • According to her mom, Helen Flanagan was too scared of the dark when younger and often slept with the DVD player on playing Harry Potter!

  • They also say Helen Flanagan is afraid of heights too, but that’s not confirmed yet.

  • Helen Flanagan gave birth to both his daughters naturally, one through water birth and the other through epidural and episiotomy.

  • Helen Flanagan’s daughter’s name, Delilah, means “delight” or “to flirt” in Hebrew.


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