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Top facts about Koke, Jorge Resurreccion Merodio

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We all know how it works! You decide what you want, you determine your goal and you try so hard to reach the destination. That’s true! Everyone can get what they want by determination but what about talent? In this article, we are going to get to know a player who footballers refer to him as a football genius.

A person who had not only the determination but also the talents to speed up his rising process. Koke is an interesting player who so many people believe is one of the most talented midfielders in Europe. In Sportmob’s

top facts about Koke

, we are going to discover all the interesting facts about him.

Here we go! The top facts about Koke

As always before starting the real story, we are going to learn some info facts about Koke. Although this info isn’t rare, knowing them will help us to better understand the

top facts about Koke


  • Full Name

    : Jorge Resurreccion Merodio

  • Nick Name

    : Koke

  • Birth Date

    : January 8, 1992

  • Birth Place

    : Madrid, Spain

  • Nationality

    : Spanish

  • Profession

    : Footballer

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Capricorn

  • Father

    : Eugenio Resurrección

  • Height

    : 5 feet 10 inches, 178 Centimeters

  • Weight

    : 73 kg, 161 lbs

  • Hair Color

    : Brown

  • Eye Color

    : Brown

  • Girlfriend/Affairs

    : NA

  • Marital Status

    : Unmarried

  • Children

    : Not Known

  • Position

    : Midfielder

Now that we know the basic info about Koke, it's time to start our story. We will start from his childhood and little by little, we will get to the interesting parts of the story.

Koke early life

Let’s start the

top facts about Koke

with our genius’s full name!  Jorge Resurrección Merodio is Koke’s full name. Koke was born to his family consisted of his mother Mrs. Merodio; his father, Eugenio Resurrección, and his older brother, in Madrid, Spain, on 8 January 1992.

Koke was born in the suburbs of Madrid and he opened her eyes Alvaro Negredo, in Colonia de Los Taxistas; a town about 14 km southeast of Madrid's city center.

Just looking at the name of Koke's father "Resurrección" which means "Resurrection," in the English language, it’s not hard to guess Koke's family is Roman Catholic. You may ask yourself what Koke means?! Actually, there is no accurate definition but we know this name was given to our genius by his older brother.

Koke was not one of those lonely boys in his family. He had an older brother and two sisters; making them for child of Resurrection family. Koke and his older brother are more than just siblings! They are two friends who started their friendship in their early days.

 Koke football story

When we said Koke is considered a football genius by so many people, we didn’t mean he was a talented footballer right after his birth. Both of resurrection brothers were not that kind of genius!

The ones like

David Silva

or Santi Cazorla had something in them right after birth, a talent to create new things in football! There are so many kinds of geniuses; like those who are born with it and those who tried hard and learned to be a genius!

Anyways! Koke began his football story with learning about football while he was playing with his older brother. The two brothers of our story played football in local fields with their friends. The key to reaching this high in the sky, is Kole’s determination which made those local fields his runway.

Although Koke’s brother was with him everywhere and played in those fields alongside Koke, only Koke succeeded to overcome that hardness. His efforts finally paid back and he got accepted in Atletico academy.

He was only 8 years old when he was accepted at Atletico Madrid’s Academy! Sure, his passion for football was the key that opened this door of opportunity for him. But getting accepted into the academy, wasn’t the only gift of his passion. Koke met the legendary

Fernando Torres

who was playing for Atletico’s senior team. This experience made one of the best memories for Koke.

Meeting Fernando, made him an idle for Koke; Someone to look up to in his football journey. Koke was talented and determined. These two qualities made Koke’s journey a lot easier for him. No matter how hard he should work or how good his age group was; he knew he can’t give up on his dreams. 

Koke; the fame

Koke grew up in Atletico. When we say grew up, we don’t mean only the physical growth! Koke grew up to be a good footballer and a fine man. His progress was so good compared to the age group he was in. finally on 19 September 2009 Koke’s dream came through and he got chosen to play in

Atletico Madrid

’s senior team.

Playing in the senior team, was the key point to his fame. His outstanding performance in the field made him famous in the same year he started playing in the senior team. The reason was his remarkable role in getting the team on third place at the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

The 2012/2013 season was the perfect season for Koke and other prominent players like Arda Turan. This was the season in which showed his outstanding performance. He was one of Atletico Madrid's invaluable top team players and one of the key players who were essential for winning the

Copa del Rey


After this accomplishment, Koke continued to perform his outstanding shows again and again! Of course, all this hard work paid off and he was seen as an essential player in both international and club games. His fame was the result of his hard work in trying to help his team to secure the Spanish U21 UEFA European Championship in 2013. one year later in 2014, Koke's excellent ability to pass and strike led his team, Atletico Madrid to win the La Liga title.

Let's move on and continue our top facts about Koke with Koke and Xavi's story!

Koke and Xavi

Everyone has a significant turn in their life. For Koke, it can be what


said about him! When Xavi was set to withdraw from the Spanish squad; one of the candidates for replacing him was Koke. A Spanish player who had all the qualities Xavi wanted to see in his successor. 

“HE IS EXTRAORDINARY…HE WILL BE MY SUCCESSOR FOR SPAIN”, Xavi said that about Koke! Considering the fact that Xavi is a legend himself; this was the highest acclaim Koke could receive, according to many football experts. But it wasn’t only the Xavi who believed in him, all his peers supported him too. As a result, Atletico Madrid extended its contract with Koke. The contract was signed in presence of Koke’s family and friends. 

Koke Love story

It's time for our top facts about Koke to turn into the love facts! No one can ignore the fact that Koke is a handsome guy with qualities like hard work and humility. All these factors make him marriage material! as we all know there is a woman behind every successful man. For Koke, that woman is a beauty named Beatriz Espejel.

Beatriz’s full name is Beatriz Espejel Jiménez. She was born on 13 June of 1989 in Mostoles, Spain. She is a blogger who is famous and was listed in the most popular bloggers list. Beatriz is known for her lifestyle, fitness, and fashion content.

Before getting famous for her blogging, she had graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a degree in Foreign Language Teaching. So, she is a teacher too! Just imagine having a model and famous person as your teacher!

Beatriz has a younger brother who plays football like Koke. Maybe this is how Koke and her found each other in their love journey. The good news is that these lovers of ours married in May 2018. The marriage was announced through their social accounts. They are one of the most established couples in Atletico Madrid’s history. We wish them a happy life with so many opportunities to come.

Koke personal life

Here we go with some interesting details about Koke’s personal life. As you already know, Sportmob is the first when it comes to digging facts and details.

Koke is a responsible and independent person who can achieve everything he wanted through determination. He is so disciplined; this is the one quality that enabled him to work harder and better than his peers. He represents both of his parents and the Spanish culture he is fund of. Like Koke himself, his parents are humble. It may not seem like it but Koke is a family guy who values his country and culture.

Fame and money enabled Koke to help his parents even more than before. Actually, we can say this is all the fruit of the three his parent planted years ago. In one of his interviews with El Pais, he said “I try to give them everything they need. that includes a mansion in Madrid. I provided cars for my father and a physiotherapist for my mother to deal with her aching joints. they tell me what they need and I always find a way to provide it for them.” He even mentioned the fact that he looks after his grandparents too!

Koke social media

Social media is a part of our life these days and Sportmob knows that very well. That’s why here in Sportmob we try to inform you about your favorite footballer’s social media in the top facts about Koke. Enough with talking! Let’s find everything about Koke’s social media.

Koke Instagram

You can find Koke on Instagram easily by searching koke6 in your search bar. He has 2M followers 984 posts to the day we are preparing this article. His Instagram page is filled with his own pictures. He supports social campaigns by using their hashtag under his posts. Another fascinating part of his Instagram page is Koke’s highlights. You can find a highlight named FAMILIA that is dedicated to Koke’s wife and son.

Koke Facebook

Koke’s ID on Facebook is “JorgeResurreccionKoke”.  He has 3M followers on Facebook by the time this article was written. The good news for Facebook users is that Koke is pretty active on Facebook. His Facebook account is dedicated to his team and his professional job and as we understand most of the post are the same posts, he shared on Instagram 

Koke Twitter

You can find Koke on Twitter by his ID on Instagram. He has 957K followers on Twitter and you can see that he joined this platform in March 2011. His tweets differ from his posts on Facebook and Instagram but as long as we scrolled the only subject of his Twitter account is his passion for football. 

Koke net worth and salary

Koke is one of the best players in Europe. that’s the reason he has a net worth of around 135 million euros.  He worked all these years and now is the time which pays him back. His contract with Atletico Madrid was signed in May 2017.

According to this contract which is valid by the time of writing this article, Koke will get paid 16 Million Euros per year. That means since you started reading this article, he made something around 200 Euro! That’s too much but it's what Koke deserves.

Koke's Life Style

Knowing all the facts we learned by reaching this part of the top facts about Koke, we all have a mental picture of him in our mind. It's not hard to guess Koke isn’t into the luxury’s life, buying top-end cars just to show off. The fact that he is a loyal man in his love life is something that keeps him away from all rumors. As an athlete, he eats healthy and lives a very simple life with his wife.

Koke and the untold facts 

Sportmob always tells the untold! So be aware you Sportmobers this is the part you were waiting for! 

He was once threatened by a gun!

 An evening in Madrid something happened to Koke that he won’t forget! He was simply in a car when a robber on a motorbike approached him. The robber was of course armed with a gun and requested Koke to give him all in his possession. Koke gave him his expensive watch which was reported to worth $77,000. Although we don’t know what happened to the robber, Koke made it out unharmed.

All but one

This fact is quite interesting! Koke has won every Atletico Madrid’s title except one of them. The one we are talking about is ranked second in European club football. Yes! It’s the champions league. Although Koke debuted in this competition two times he failed to win the final and secure the title.




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