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When we think about Ghana, there are so many footballers to talk about; but today, we are going for the Top facts about Michael Essien!

Life is hard for every one of us in our own way. The only thing we are sure of is the fact that without working hard and setting goals, no one can come trump out of life’s hardship. In Sportmob we respect some players much more than the others. One of these respectable players is Michael Essien. There is so much information about him on the internet but as always, we gathered the best parts here. Just for you! So, let’s stop waiting and start our exploration in the

Top facts about Michael Essien

Exploration starts; Top facts about Michael Essien!

If you’ve been following our top facts, you know that we always start with basic information. Though this kind of info can be found everywhere, knowing them before we start exploring the

top facts about Michael Essien

helps us to understand more interesting facts about our favorite player. Without further ado, here you go!

  • Full Name:

    Michael Kojo Essien

  • Nickname:

    The Bison, Essien

  • Profession:

    Professional Footballer

  • Height:

    178cm and 1.78m, 5 feet 10 inches

  • Weight in kg:

    Not known

  • Hair color:


  • Eye color:


  • Body statements:

    Not known

  • Date of Birth:

    3 December in 1982

  • Nationality:


  • Birth Place:

    Accra, Ghana

  • Playing position:


  • Father name:

    James Essien

  • Mother name:

    Aba Gyandoh

  • Marital Status:


  • Essien’s wife:

    Akosua Puni Essien

  • Children's names:

    Michael Essien Jr, and Michelle Essien

Now that we know the basic info about Michelle Essien, it's time to take our exploration one step further. We will start from Michael’s early life and will eventually end up with untold facts about him. So, prepare all you need before we start the real exploration.

Michael Essien childhood and early life

Michael opened his eyes to this world on 3 December 1982. His mother Aba Gyandoh and his father James Essien knew that their son will be a famous person when Michael opened his eyes! Michael Essien's childhood wasn’t like those children who are noisy and stubborn. He was a quiet and intelligent kid.

During years of primary Scholl in Gomoa Nyanyano DC and JSS in Ghana, he was one of those boys who are modest but intelligent inside. These qualities enabled him to be one of the good students in his school.

Childhood passed and Michael graduated from St. Augustine’s College in Cape Coast. After graduating, he felt he needs to follow his passion and this was the time he began his football career by playing in a local club named Liberty Professionals. Everything was on its routine until Michael debuted in the 1999 FIFA U-17 World Championship in New Zealand.  His outstanding performance in those games caught the eyes of European agents and resulted in him being invited to


for a one year trial.

Michael Essien’s determination and performance made Manchester United offer him a contract but the United Kingdom didn’t issue a work permit for Michael. This incident made him join Belgian feeder club Royal Antwerp and wait for England to consider him eligible. Although our humble player wanted to continue his professional job in England, his mother tried to convince him so he would stay in France instead!

Essien’s mother Aba finally succeeded in convincing his son. So, after 5 years in France, he got French citizenship.

Michael Essien family life

 We already told you the names of Michael Essien's parents in this article. There is not much information about his family but there is one story about Michael and his father that caused him a lot of trouble! So, let's start reading the story in our Top facts about Michael Essien. James Essien, Michael’s father started a fire that was nearly destroying his son's reputation!

He once stated that Michael doesn’t care for him at all and never helps him when it comes to paying money!

 “I have been ill for over a year now. It is Kyeremeh who takes care of me, and I see no point in Michael continuing to bear my name,”. James said this to Ghana's happy sports interviewer. But this wasn’t the end of his ruthless speech about his son! He added, “His mother has been ill-advising him to stop providing for my upkeep. I will go all out to ensure that he stops using my name. Even if I have to drag him to the law courts, I will do that,”.

The story didn’t stop there and he continued saying such sentences in his interviews with so many Ghanaian media. The worst thing was the fact that he started this show between 2008 to 2010 when Michael Essien was at the peak of his career and as a result, the media attention around him was so intense.

All of this made this subject a good choice for the media and led people to take a trip and meat John! After an interview, he stated that his son is neglecting him and he is living in the worst situation. All of this made Michael Essien purplish the below statement to settle things.

“I have faced many difficult challenges in my life but this is the hardest thing I have ever done as my heart bleeds over the false statements recently peddled by a small section of the Ghanaian media goaded by my own father. I had never wanted to discuss my family in public or any good I do to anyone because when you do good, you go only for God’s recognition.

But for the thousands of Ghanaians and the highly respectable people of our country who have contacted me and know what I have consistently done for my father, I need to react to stop the attempt to destroy me in the eyes of the people of Ghana and disgrace my family.

Given what I have done for my father when I was told of the false, vile, and degrading comments he made about me, I wept because people normally do not get insults for doing good.

But my father decided to pay me back in such a terrible way. Because of this, I have been unfortunately forced to say what I have done for him because he has gone to the extreme to disgrace my family. I will like to state the following facts:

1. My father currently lives in a three-bedroom house (not a mud house) I instructed my sister to build for him with my own money.

2. He is visited monthly and more recently twice a week by my sister Diana on my orders to regularly give him money and other essentials I send. My mother, whom he has insulted so much, also provides for him.

3. I bought a car for him to make his transportation easier and part of the money I provide for him is used to fuel the car or repair it when it breaks down.

4. When his illness broke out I asked for him to be taken to the Asikuma Hospital but he said he wants traditional medicine. I provided money for him to undergo traditional treatment. It came to nothing and I ordered for him to be taken to the hospital. My family I believe has also organized for a nurse to come home and look after him on regular basis.

Because of these reasons and many more reasons, I won’t state publicly, I am shocked by what he is alleged to have said but God knows I have done my best to thoroughly look after a man who didn’t even raise me or take part in my upbringing and who has 8 other children who can help. What has surprised me though is how certain media houses in Ghana can present one side of a story and not seek to check the other side before going all out to criticize my whole family.

I want to state here categorically that even after such distasteful comments; I will continue to support my father as I believe it is the right thing to do. I will not discuss this matter further as I have asked my legal team in Ghana to investigate all the allegations and the media that callously carried out this agenda and take action where necessary.”

After this statement, the media left this subject very quietly and people who were rude to Michael started to apologize to him.

Michael Essien love life

Some people have a complicated love life. Michael Essien's can be one of them! Although he didn’t date 100 people until getting married, he has a good experience in dating! Without further ado let’s get to his love life in our top facts about Michael Essien.

Michael Essien wife

Secret wedding is getting popular between celebrities these days. Michael and Akosua chose to have a secret wedding like many others. Their wedding took place in London a little after Michael broke up with Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

You may ask yourself who is Akosua?! For the record, she is a successful businesswoman and she owns a bankrupt Italian football club. Michael and Akosua have two kids named Michelle and Michael Jnr. His kids are no kids anymore! Yeah, they are grown-up kids.

Michael Essien and Nadia Buari

Before stopping at the marriage station, Michael dated so many girls! One of these girls was the Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari who was deeply in love with Michael. Thanks to the media their relation were bolded in a level that everyone expected them to get married in no time! But the relationship between these two didn’t end well!

Michael Essien and Leila Beiruthy

This is what everyone except Michael himself called cheating! We don’t know the details but Michael Essien had an affair with Leila when he was dating Nadia! The relationship between Essien and Leila lasted one year. During this time, Leila got pregnant and gave birth to their son Jermaine Kwame Sakyi Essien. Although the relationship ended so soon, Michael undertook the full responsibility of his son and he is providing him with everything he needs.

Michael Essien and Cassie Summer

Cassie Sumer was the girl Michael dated after Leila. She is an English model who is quite successful in her own career. When these lovers were in their relationship, you could find photos of them everywhere. Of course, this was the result of fame on both sides. Michael wasn’t Cassis’s first footballer; she has also been the girlfriend of other football players Carlton Cole and the former Chelsea and Newcastle Defender, Celestine Babayaro.

Michael Essien social media

Social media is one the most important aspects of our lives these days and


knows this fact very well. This part of the top facts about Michael Essien is dedicated to his Social media accounts. We hope you find what you are looking for!

Michael Essien Instagram

For finding our Ghanaian player on Instagram, all you need to is searching MichaelEssien in Instagram’s search toolbar. The sad news is that Michael doesn’t run this page! The bio section of his page suggests that the page is under Michael Essien's foundation group administration. Happily, for Michael fans, the page is quite active and posts almost everything about him. Although most of the posts are dedicated to Michael himself; you can find some posts where he is supporting other players or he is enjoying his time with his family.

Michael Essien Facebook

You can find Michael Essien on Facebook searching for the same ID he uses on Instagram. His page in Facebook is not as active as his Instagram page, but there are so many posts that you can dig in! as long as we scrolled all we saw was Michael himself or posts about other footballers.

Michael Essien Twitter

Michael uses the same ID on Twitter so you can access all his social media by memorizing one ID! The same thing about Michael Essien foundation goes for Michael’s Twitter account which means the page isn’t under his direct administration. You can find so many tweets about Michael and his career on his page but nothing about his family and personal life.

Michael Essien untold facts

Now that we know all the facts about Michael Essien, it's time to explore the unknown! As always, Sportmob gathered all untold facts about Michael Essien. We hope you enjoy reading the facts we prepared for you.


One of the most popular nicknames that people call Michael by, is Bison! The word is the name of a large and powerful buffalo-looking animal. You may know Michael from his interviews when he is a little bit shy but this nickname was given to him because of his outstanding performance in the field.

Player of the year

Each year


fans vote for the player of the year. On 15 may 2007, Michael was chosen by the fans for the player of the year and became the first African player who was given this title.

The charity

It may not seem like it but Michael owns a local Ghanaian NGO. He found this charity in 2014 aiming to make a better life for those who live in undeveloped areas. They provide talented people in those areas with the opportunity to prosper.

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