Top Facts About Nicolo Zaniolo, the Shining Gem of Roma

Mon 19 April 2021 | 17:07

Nicolo Zaniolo is the young starlet of AS Roma and Italy national team who is considered as one of the most talented players in his generation. In this article we are going to cover some top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo personal life and see what is going on with this phenomenal Italian youngster.

So who is this guy? Another Italian footballer with some cool rhyming name? NO, Nicolo Zaniolo is a lot more than that. The left footed attacking midfielder who is currently playing for AS Roma in Italy’s Serie A has the potential to turn to an icon of his generation.

Nicolo Zaniolo age

at the moment is just 21 years old but he is playing just like a world-class footballer at his peak.

Although he suffered some horrible injuries in the past couple of years, there is almost no doubt that if he manages to get back on form there is nothing stopping him. That’s why we decided to put the spotlights on this young starlet and cover some top facts about

Nicolo Zaniolo personal life

, Nicolo Zaniolo parents, salary, net worth and much more.

Everything About Nicolo Zaniolo Personal Life

You may not believe it but there are not many footballers in Italy that have rumors about their personal life as much as Nicolo Zaniolo had in recent years; and we are talking about a country that has player like

Cristiano Ronaldo

and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in its domestic league. It got to the point that people got worried if Nicolo Zaniolo will be able to manage this much of drama in his life and develop as a professional footballer? Now if you are interested in some

top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo

girlfriend, children, injuries, stats and much more, then you have come to the right place. In the following article we’ll answer to all your questions about Nicolo Zaniolo.

Top Facts About Nicolo Zaniolo Parents and Family

Nicolo was born on the 2nd day of July in 1991 in Massa, a coastal town located in central Italy region, Tuscani.

Nicolo Zaniolo parents

are Igor Zaniolo and Francesca Costa. Nicolo was born in a middle-class family as his father was a football player at Italy’s lower divisions and his mother was a housekeeper. One of the top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo father, Igor, is that although he spend most of his career playing in Italy’s lower divisions, he was a decent attacker and helped Spezia to reach Serie C1 (Italy’s third tier).

The most well-known team the Igor got the chance to play at was


which was playing in Serie C1 back then. Another fun fact about Nicolo Zaniolo parents is that although his father was a football player, these days his mother Francesca is way more famous than Igor! And that’s because of Francesca’s ageless look and hot pictures on his social media accounts. Something that young Nicolo Zaniolo is not keen of at all.

In recent years with Nicolo’s breakthrough, football fans all around the world started to follow him on social media and that’s when his mother got famous too. Francesca Costa is 43 years old at the moment but she looks like in her late twenties. That’s why she got so much attention and followers for being just some footballer’s mother. It got to the point that young Nicolo got angry on his mother and asked her to stop posting sexy pictures on Instagram! Of course since Francesca wants the bests for his talented son, she decided to listen to him and became less active on her Instagram.

Nicolo Zaniolo also has a sister named Benedetta who is younger than him. Nicolo is so close to his family members and appreciates what they done for him so far. Actually his father Igor played a huge role in developing his son’s talents in youth level and always supported Nicolo in times that it seems he had no chance to become a professional football player. But with the support from his family, Nicolo proved himself and now he is showing how capable he is on the football pitch.

 Nicolo Zaniolo Childhood Story

One of the fun

top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo

hometown name is that the word


is a biblical and a Hebrew word which means

lifting up a burden

, and that name could just summarize what Nicolo Zaniolo went through to reach his current place as one of the most exciting prospects in football. There were too many occasions in which Nicolo got rejected in his football career but he never gave up and showed everyone why they should believe in him.

Since his father was a football player,

Nicolo Zaniolo childhood

was all about football and he loved everything about the beautiful game. As he mentioned many times, Nicolo Zaniolo childhood idol was the Brazilian golden boy, Kaka who was playing for

AC Milan

back then. Igor, Nicolo’s father, was willing to do everything possible to make sure his son becomes a top level football player. Nicolo started his youth career in 2008 joining Genoa football academy. He spent two years there and then in 2010 he moved away to the beautiful city of Florence to play for Fiorentina youth club.

First few years in


were great for the teenager Zaniolo and he was one of the best players in his age group. But then some serious problems started to showing up. Managers realized that Nicolo is not growing physically as much as his peers in the team, so they doubted that if he will be able to become a professional footballer in the future? They thought that Nicolo has some serious growth problems and the club can’t count on him as a player with high potential. Therefore after six years on Fiorentina youth club Nicolo had to leave and find somewhere that they have believe on his talents and skills.

Top Facts About Nicolo Zaniolo Early Career

In 2016 Nicolo joined a relatively unknown club named Virtus Entella. In just a few months, Nicolo Zaniolo was dominating the games and nobody was able to stop him from scoring spectacular goals. He was so good that got called up to play for Virtus Entella senior team and experience his first ever top level football match at

Serie B

alongside other professional footballers. It was at this point that the Italy U18 teams also recognized his talent and gave him the chance to take his part on the national squad.

At the end of that season many Italian giants were inquiring about this young wonder kid and in the summer of 2017, Inter was able to persuade him in joining them. In the next season Zaniolo didn’t find the chance to play for Inter’s first team in Serie A. Though he was performing quite well for Inter primavera team and everybody was excited to see him playing in for the first team in the next season. But in the summer of 2018 something unexpected happened. Inter coach Luciano Spalleti wanted to sign Roma’s

Radja Nainggolan

at any costs so Inter decided to put Zaniolo on a swap deal for Nainggolan.

Being a part of the swap deal is not something that any young and talented player would like. Now once again Nicolo Zaniolo has to prove himself and show to Inter that they made a mistake to let him go like that. After a few months at Roma, the coach Eusebio De Francesco decided to put Zaniolo on the starting line-up in a Champions league match for the first time. It was a group stage match against Real Madrid in Santago Bernabeu. At that time Nicolo Zaniolo age was just 19 years old and having your debut in that age on a

Champions League

night was something that he would never dream of. Since then he got more chances to play for Roma and as the saying goes, the rest is history!

Top Facts About Nicolo Zaniolo Girlfriend and Children

Nicolo Znaiolo has a rather complicated love life and it’s something that makes people concerned about his future. For the past few years,

Nicolo Zaniolo girlfriend

was Sara Scaperrotta. Nicolo and Sara looked very happy with each other specially when Nicolo suffered from terrible injuries and needed support to recover from that. But in the early 2021 it turns out the love story of Nicolo and Sara came to an end. It was such shame especially because of Nicolo got Sara’s name tattooed on his arm.

But then the drama escalated: Sara Scaperrotta announce that she is pregnant with Nicolo’s baby. Nobody expected to hear about

Nicolo Zaniolo children

when he was just 21 years old but it was happening. At this time Nicolo was recovering from his ACL injury but the amount of rumors and talks about him was unbelievable for a player that was not on the pitch for months! It was getting out of control for young Nicolo and even he decided to quit the social media for a while. He asked the people and media to stop talking about his personal life and leave him alone.

He also said that although his relationship with Sara is over, he is looking forward to take care of his baby and is okay with becoming a dad at such a young age. After the storm was over, Nicolo Zaniolo was seen with another girl named Chiara Nasti who is a Brazilian model who is pictured above. So at the time of writing this article, Nicolo Zaniolo Girlfriend is Chiara Nasti and Nicolo is expecting a baby from his ex, Sara Scaperrotta.

Nicolo Zaniolo Social Media Accounts and Personal Life

As you may noticed in this article about

top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo

he is an active footballer on social media.

Nicolo Zaniolo Social Media Accounts

are limited to Instagram for the time being. There is no verified Twitter or Facebook account related to Nicolo Zaniolo. But he has an active and verified Instagram account with more than 1 million followers. You can follow

Nicolo Zaniolo Instagram account

through this link.

You can find about

Nicolo Zaniolo personal life

by following him on Instagram but here we gathered some top facts about Nicolo Zaniolo personal life that you might find interesting. As mentioned above, Nicolo has a close relationship with his family and since he loves tattoos, he dedicated one of his tattoos on his left thigh to her little sister Benedetta. Nicolo also has some tattoos on his fingers which go like this:

we are this




One of Nicolo Zaniolo closest friend of the pitch is

Paris Sanit-Germain’s

Italian striker Moise Kean. Since both of them were in the Italy’s national team on various age levels, they become close friends and until now they share the room on Italy’s training camps. Nicolo Zaniolo’s main hobby in the house is playing video games and he also enjoys working out and building muscles when he is not playing football.

Nicolo Zaniolo Net Worth and Salary

In 2018 when Nicolo Zaniolo joined Roma, in only on year he showed how big of a player he could be. So in the August of 2019 Roma decided to renew his contract to ensure that he is not going anywhere. With the new contract,

Nicolo Zaniolo salary

was risen up to €2.5M per year which is quite impressive for a prospect in Serie A. If he could bounce back from his latest injury and keep playing like he used to before injury, there is no doubt that he will receive some new contracts that could offer him more wages.

For the time being and according to Nicolo Zaniolo salary in his current contract with Roma,

Nicolo Zaniolo net worth

is estimated at least €5M. Obviously with the amount of talent and potential Nicolo has, he could make much more money and build a bigger net worth with his football contracts and of course some paid partnerships with big companies. Currently the famous Nike is the outfit sponsor of Nicola Zaniolo.

Top Facts About Nicolo Zaniolo Transfermarket Stats and Injuries

We are going to end this article with some top facts about

Nicolo Zaniolo transfermarket stats

and his career stats. Nicolo Zaniolo started his senior level career at Virtus Entella which he joined on a free transfer. After a decent season,


bought Zaniolo for about €2M. Then in the summer of 2018 Roma bought Nicolo Zaniolo from Inter as a part of a swap deal. Zaniolo was estimated to worh nearly €4M in that deal so it’s fair to say that Roma paid almost nothing for a gem in Italian football.

Now despite two horrible knee injuries, Nicolo Zaniolo is one of the top 10 of most valuable Italian football players. He is also Roma’s most valuable player with a transfer market value of nearly €50M. Before his second knee injury, he was worth even more and there were rumors that Real Madrid and


are ready to pay more than €60M to sign him but Roma turned down those offers.

As mentioned many times, Nicolo Zaniolo has suffered two ACL injuries in his both knees in the time span of nearly 10 months. It’s interesting to know that after his second injury which happened on September 7th of 2020, Professor Mariani who operated his knee a few months back said that due to his unique anatomy I predicted that it is much likely to Nicolo Zaniolo suffer another ACL injury. But this time Nicolo Zaniolo decided to operate his knee abroad and went to a clinic in Austria. He is currently on his last stages of recovery and is expected to come back on the pitch in the coming weeks.


Nicolo Zaniolo Stats

doesn’t look bad for a 21 years old player who lost nearly 70 matches due to injury. Zaniolo played 69 matches for Roma and scored 14 goals and produced 6 assists in those games. Nicolo Zaniolo stats also show that he is a very aggressive player. With just 69 games for Roma he received 20 yellow cards which is quite a lot even for a defender let alone an attacking midfielder like him. Nicolo Zaniolo career highlight so far his brace against Porto in the Champions League first knockout round which made him the youngest Italian player ever to score two goals in a Champions League match.

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