Worst own goals in football history

Sun 02 May 2021 | 10:30

Have you ever scored a goal against your own team? Can you imagine the sheer pain and embarrassment it can cause the goal scorer? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the most embarrassing own goals ever that haunt their scorers till date.

We might not be professional footballers. We might not even be amateur footballers and might only enjoy watching football from the stands or on our TVs. But that does not mean that we cannot understand the feeling that one would get when doing their job, the feeling that makes them try to be the best in what they do and help out their team if they are in a group project. Football is the same as any other job and might even follow this trend even more as players aim to gain fame and glory in their careers by playing decent football.

Sometimes, however, luck might not be on the player’s side as everything could blow up in their face in a matter of seconds. The player might give away a crucial chance or even commit a foul in their team’s penalty box, handing an easy goal to the opposition. But perhaps nothing says “easy goal gift” as much as an own goal, which is literally gifting a vital goal to the opposition without them even trying to score a goal.

We have seen it many times and players have been embarrassed for countless days after their mistakes. But there are those particular moments where the goal is so magnificently memorable that it stick with the player for the rest of his life, even resulting in their career going sideways. These goals might even win the award for the

worst own goals in football history


Worst own goals in soccer history

Are you ready to take a look at our choices for the shortlist of

worst own goals in football history

? Then follow us below as we go down the memory lane to revisit these hilarious and at time shockingly beautiful own goals that have stuck with the players who scored them in the first place forever.

The Backfire

One might think that keeping a stray ball from going into the back of the net as a defender is pretty routine. That is in fact how it should be, as simply heading the ball to the goalkeeper or clearing the ball away from the box is usually meat and drink for a defender. That is not what was planned in the skies for


defender Chris Brass, however, as he single-handedly managed to give us one of the

most embarrassing own goals ever


Christopher Paul Brass, shortly known as Chris Brass, is not a name many might have heard about. But you can watch his hilarious own goal over and over again if you simply Google his name, as apparently there is no other highlight in his career worth watching. Now the game was going as any other lower-tier game would normally go on. Darlington players sent the ball into the opposition box with none of their teammates available at the position.

What they didn’t realize was the fact that there was no need for any of their players to be in that very spot, as he English defender scored one of the worst own goals in football history without even breaking a sweat. The ball was in the air and the defender had all the time in the world to clear the ball. But he decided to clear it with an overhead kick which obviously backfired as the ball hit his face and went straight into the goal as the keeper stood and watched in awe of what Brass had accomplished.

Luckily for Brass, Bury did manage to snatch a late 3-2 victory against Darlington thanks to a goal from Matthew Tipton. But the win will never be enough to erase Chris Brass’ name off the list of

worst own goals in football ever


The Amazing Back-heel

Describing this one is a little bit difficult as we are still in awe of how Tony Popovic managed to pull this off back in 2004. We cannot even call it one of the

worst own goals in football history

as it clearly should have its very own category as the best own goal in football. In the match between



Crystal Palace

which the Pompey won 3-1 in the end, it was clear that Crystal Palace were missing their shooting boots as they only got to score one goal in the end.

But it seems that the problem lied somewhere else as they needed to invest in their center-backs to the job instead of their strikers, as we got to see one of the most beautifully struck and most embarrassing own goals ever thanks to Tony Popovic. During the match, Portsmouth had the lead and were pushing on for their third goal to cement their victory even more. But their attack did not have the required force as Steve Stone sent in a weak cross from the right flank into Popovic’s path.

This is where it all gets interesting and people still can’t understand how it happened. The ball simply flew past Popovic as he was running towards Steve Stone to defend the goal from the cross. But not only did he not get to defend properly, he also scored one of the worst own goals in soccer history as the ball somehow weirdly hit the back of his heel and the center-back flicked the ball into the goal with his right foot as the goalkeeper struggled to reach the right-hand side of the framework.

Not only did Popovic get to score one of the most brilliant and worst own goals in football history, he also got to experience an awful season with Crystal Palace in the 2004-05 season as the Eagles got relegated from the

Premier League

that very season.

The Tiki-Taka

While the other two already mentioned on the list of worst own goals in football history were solo efforts scored thanks to the sheer brilliance of the defenders at fault, this particular goal came after a shockingly hilarious and impressive tiki-taka style passing between a couple of players, as even the goalpost was involved in the passing. This absolutely chaotic goal came in the match between Paris Saint-Germain and


, which PSG won with ease and ran a rout over their Ligue 1 rivals, with the Parisians showing their raw power to everyone in the French league.

We have seen so many teams, especially


, make use of the good old Tiki-Taka passing style to reach the opposition’s penalty box by passing the ball in a dizzying manner in the middle of the park and involving almost everyone on the pitch. But rarely, if ever except this time have we seen an actual own goal being scored after hitting several defenders, the post and even the goalkeeper himself before finding its way into the back of the net.

During the game,

Paris Saint-Germain

had total control as Mauro Icardi opened the scoring for the Parisians in the first minutes of the game with a brilliant right-foot attempt from a tight angle, before Neymar making it 2-0 for his side by adding another goal in a one-on-one against the keeper.

Hilariously enough, however, it seemed that PSG scoring all the goals didn’t seem fair to the Saint-Etienne players. So they got matters into their own hands and decided to give us one of the

worst own goals in soccer history


The goal came after a cross from the left-flank that was sent into the box by PSG’s Argentine winger

Angel Di Maria

, who was clearly aiming for Neymar. But Saint-Etienne center-back Timothee Kolodziejczak intervened before the ball could reach the Brazilian superstar. One might expect to see such an experienced defender playing in one of Europe’s top leagues to clear the ball without even trying, but that was not how it all went down as the botched clearance hit his teammate before the ball changing direction towards their own goal.

Surprisingly, however, this is not how they scored a goal as it would not be called a Tiki-Taka attempt. The goal came after the ball hit the post, got deflected towards the goalkeeper, hit the keeper in the back and then went into the back of the net as the defenders stood and watched in shock and the goalkeeper stretched himself as much as he could to get his hands on the ball, but to no avail.

It certainly earned its place on the list of worst own goals in football ever, but that doesn’t mean that the goal itself wasn’t hilariously magnificent.

The Sharpshooter

Scoring from unbelievably long distances are one of the most difficult things to pull off on the pitch as a footballer, and only a handful of world-class footballers have managed to score such beauties in Europe’s top leagues. It seems, however, that Christoph Kramer was not going to sit idly by as the best in the business scored all the beautiful goals. That is why he decided to score his very own screamer of a goal from long range in the match between

Borussia Dortmund


Borussia Monchengladbach


Of course there was one simply matter he simply forgot to take into account, and that was the fact that you are supposed to shoot the ball in the direction of the opposition goal, not your own goal. It is worth mentioning that he obviously wasn’t trying to shoot and was rather passing the ball back to their own goalkeeper to get out of Dortmund’s relentless pressure in the midfield.

Kramer hastily put all his power behind the ball to send it to their own keeper, but due to the pressure from all sides and with Dortmund players running towards him from his back, Kramer simply didn’t realize that their keeper had stepped off his line to help them keep off the pressure from outside of the box.

The hardly-struck ball simply flew towards the empty goal as the keeper rushed back to maybe correct the German defensive midfielder’s mistake. But it was already too late as the ball flew off like a rocket and found its way into the back of the net as the ex-Bayer Leverkusen man scored one of the most brilliant and at the same time worst own goals in football history. 2014 simply wasn’t Kramer’s year as misfortune hilariously followed him through that year both at club and international levels.

The now 30-year-old midfielder was in fact a part of the squad that faced Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Final, which Germany won thanks to a dramatic winner by Mario Gotze in the extra-times. But the strange thing is that although Kramer was included in the squad for the match and got to play in the final, he got knocked out on the pitch and simply suffered a short-term dementia which led to the German footballer forgetting he was ever a part of the team in the World Cup. He simply doesn’t remember winning the prestigious trophy!

The Scorpion Kick

We all know of the legendary Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita, who amazed fans with his iconic scorpion-kick saves at vital games, as we either used to watch him play during his prime days, or we have simply heard of his heroics and crazy skills as a goalkeeper.

Well, while fans and viewers marveled at the way Higuita played as a goalkeeper, the now 54-year-old will certainly be proud of Festus Baise, as the center-back managed to pull off one of the most beautiful goals in football history by using Higuita’s technique to put the ball into the back of the net. One thing that the former goalkeeper will not be proud of is the fact that Baise actually scored one of the worst own goals in football history with a brilliant “defensive” attempt in their own box.

In the match between Sun Hei SC and Citizen AA back in December 2011, which Citizen won 3-2, the Nigeria-born Honk Kong international center-back scored one of the worst own goals in football history after a failed short cross from Jack Sealy came from the right flank and the defender simply leapt into the air and scorpion-kicked the ball backwards in a physics-defying moment as the ball flew in the opposite direction and landed inside their own goal past the goalkeeper.

At least Baise was surely thankful that this impressive and yet hysterical own goal did not cost his team the game as they managed to hold on to a 3-2 win over Sun Hei SC in the Honk Kong First Division League.

David Seaman hates chips

Surely most of you have played EA Sports’ globally famous football simulator series simply called “FIFA”. If you have in fact played some of the more recent versions of the videogame, you might have probably heard its co-commentator Lee Dixon saying something down the lines of “David Seaman used to hate chips in training” whenever you try to the chip the goalkeeper in the game.

Well, for those of you who have never seen how Lee Dixon actually botched a back-pass to the legendary David Seaman, then you are about to find out why the former


goalkeeper really hated chips as he had to backtrack to get his hands on the ball. Long before the start of the new millennium and back in the early 90s, Arsenal were a force to be reckoned with as they had in their squad some of the most talented footballers of those days.

Of course being a world-class footballer doesn’t necessarily stop one from scoring one of the worst own goals in football history. That is why Lee Dixon, similar to how Kramer scored his goal in the match against Dortmund, got under a little bit of pressure from the

Coventry City

players and suddenly felt the urge to pass the ball back to David Seaman who had come off his line to have a better position in case Lee Dixon ever lost the ball in such a vital area of the pitch.

What Seaman didn’t know, however, was that Dixon was going to try an unnecessary pass back to him, which the former right-back got a little bit too wrong (or maybe rather too right) as the ball flew off the goalkeeper’s head, despite his best efforts to try and reach the ball up in the air, and simply went past the goal line as fans witnessed one of the worst own goals in football history. The own goal actually cost Arsenal the game as the London-based club lost to Coventry 2-1 so many years ago in 1991.




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