Winner and top scorer odds for English Premier League

Sat 17 April 2021 | 6:11

With only 7 games left, the Premiership leaders Manchester City are sitting pretty 14 points clear at the top of the table, with 74 points.

They would need a spectacular meltdown in the closing stage of the season if Manchester United are to catch up to them. With 18 wins out of their last 19 (their only dropped points coming courtesy of a loss to their local rivals), this looks particularly unlikely.

However, if you fancied making some money on a long shot, you could bet 150/1 on the Reds, and 1000/1 on third place Leicester City, currently at 56 points. Worth pointing out that Leicester won the Premiership in 2015-2016 when they were 5000/1 before the season!

The quest for the Golden Boot (

top scorer in the league

) looks to be a 3-horse race, with England and Tottenham captain Harry Kane the clear favourite at 8/11 with 19 goals. Hot on his heels is Mohamed Salah of Liverpool at 7/4 with 18 goals, and Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United at 8/1 with 16 goals.

Champions League and Europe qualification still all to play for

As is often the case, the race for Europe is much closer and with more permutations than the title race. 4th place West Ham and 8th place Everton have only

5 points

separating them, with 5th – 7th Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool all fighting for a spot in the elite competitions.

The top 4 teams will all earn a direct entry into the group stages of the Champions League, and 5th place and the FA Cup winner will earn a place in the Europa League.

The top 3 have their Champions League positions pretty locked in, so worthwhile bets would be Liverpool at evens, Chelsea at 11/10, Spurs at 5/1 and Everton at 25/1. Interestingly, the winner of the FA Cup also gets an entry to the group stages of the Europa League, so if you fancied a long shot there, Southampton at 13/1 could be a way to go.

3 English teams are still in the hunt for this year’s Champions League though—City are of course the favourites at 15/8, but Chelsea could have an outside chance at 5/1, and Liverpool at 14/1.

Odd Manager for relegation, European Spots & Champions League

It is a fight right until the end, with a very strange season indeed. Players not on top form, injuries due to congested fixture lists and bad organization by the football league and cup competitions, while this is a season that has seen more away wins than ever—it just goes to show how much that home support really changes the game!

As we near the end of the season, there is still so much to play for over the next 2 months. This includes relegation and promotion battles in the Championship as well as a fight for playoff places where the odds at the bookies are red hot. Plus, there are still the European spots to content for in the Premier league. With all these betting markets sports fans will need to have their eyes open to get the best odds, but luckily the research is easier than ever if you have a decent


. You can see all the odds from multiple bookies, then choose which one deserves your money for offering the best margins!

Five teams still fighting for survival!

The relegation battle is also hotting up now, with Burnley, Brighton, Newcastle, Fulham and West Bromwich all looking to keep their heads above water come end of season. Two of these teams will join bottom-placed Sheffield United in an ignominious trip down to the Championship.

West Bromwich will find it difficult to overcome their 8-point deficit from safety, so they are 1/20 to go down. Fulham with 26 points are also currently in the drop zone and are at 8/11 to stay there.

Newcastle are only 3 points ahead at 29, so will need to end their 7-game winless streak to improve their likelihood of safety. They are at 6/5 to be relegated. Brighton and Burnley are 3 and 4 points above Newcastle, with odds of 20/1 and 14/1 respectively to go down.

source: SportMob