Top Facts about Mattia Perin, the Italian talented goalkeeper

Sat 17 April 2021 | 15:00

Mattia Perin is an Italian goalkeeper who started his youth career with Genoa and is currently playing for the same club on loan. Keep reading this article to learn some of the top facts about Mattia Perin that you might have never heard anywhere before.

Italian football has placed its trust in Mattia Perin since this young footballer has shown some reliable potentials throughout his entire career. His physical abilities such as pace, dynamicity and stamina are worthy of admiration.

But Perin is mostly associated with his intelligent reactions on the field and his quick moves which also prove that he is gifted with the ability of reading the game.

Some of his other attributes as a goalkeeper are the bravery that allows him to take risk whenever the situation requires it, excellent techniques compatible with the process of the game, consistency as well as shot-stopping ability.

This list includes top facts about Mattia Perin:

There are so many traits in Mattia Perin’s style of playing that occasionally make people to compare him with the Italian former footballer, Walter Zenga.

Mattia Perin’s Biography

Mattia Perin was born on 10 November 1992. He is from the central Italy, the city of Latina where is considered as the second largest city throughout the whole country. He was born to father Pierluigi Perin and mother Annamaria Perin.

It has never been stated anywhere so far whether Mattia is the only child of Perin family or he actually has siblings. In point of fact, just like so many other people defending their privacy, details of Mattia's personal life is highly limited.

As a matter of fact, this Italian goalkeeper prefers to keep his childhood memories all to himself which indicates the

fact about Mattia Perin

that he cares a lot about his privacy and makes sure it will never be disturbed by anyone or anything.

But as far as we are concerned, he would spend his childhood days mostly playing football with friends and practicing in various youth academies. Ever since he was just a little boy, he would daydream of becoming a great footballer as he is today.

Therefore, his admirable talents in football were discovered by some of his hometown clubs such as Pistoiese and finally Genoa where his focus on improving his skills got much more intense.

Mattia Perin’s Club Career

After coming out of


’s youth system, Mattia Perin began his career at senior level with the same football club. Although he was included in the first-team in January 2010, he was actually elected as the third-choice goalkeeper.

Therefore, he had to seat on the bench for most of Genoa’s matches with other Italian football clubs including Grosseto on 20 October 2010, Inter on 12 January 2011 and Lazio on 14 May 2011 until he finally made both his first-team debut and his Serie A debut on 22 May 2011 in a game versus Cesena that ended with a 3-2 home victory.

Nearly two months later on 11 July, he joined Serie B club


on a season-long loan. He made his first appearance for the new club on 1 October 2011 as a starter in a 4-2 away win over Empoli.

At the end of the season after making 25 appearances for Padova, Mattia Perin was loaned to the Serie A club


. In his new team, Mattia made 29 league appearances and by the end of season 2012-2013 he returned to Genoa and stayed there until 2018. Overall, the Italian goalkeeper made 149 appearances for this football club.


fact about Mattia Perin

that brought him unluckiness is that on 8 January 2017 in a 1-0 home defeat to


, his right knee got badly injured that he had to stay out of the field for the rest of season 2016-2017.

Finally on 8 June 2018, Mattia Perin signed a four-year contract with


. Allegedly, the contract was worth €12 million with an additional €3 million which would come along with bonuses.

After joining Juventus, Perin spoke out about his new club with much enthusiasm:

"I’m definitely at the biggest club in Italy and among the greatest in Europe. I’m very cautious and humble because I’m here to improve gradually, build my game step by step and get to know the Juventus family better…

"The atmosphere is that of victory. What you feel here is that winning is the only objective, so we need to adopt and embrace this mentality straight away."

He made his debut for Juventus three months later on 26 September in a match against


that finished with a 2-0 home win. During his short-lived career in Juventus, Perin would wear the jersey with the number 19 on it which later got revealed by himself that it had a special reason:

"I chose number 19 because I don’t really believe in numbers making a difference but I had to choose that one which has been very close to me for the last five months because my daughter was born on the 19th of February."

However, Perin appeared only 9 times for Juventus. In point of fact, he was on the verge of moving to

Benfica F.C.

but he couldn’t make it because of suffering a shoulder injury that resulted in failing his medical.

He couldn’t even maintain his spot in Juventus when


returned to the club and subsequently Perin was excluded from Juventus's 22-player Champions League squad.

As a result, on 5 September 2020 Mattia Perin was loaned to his previous football club, Genoa for the remainder of season 2019-2020. He made his first appearance in a 2-1 home win over


. He later extended his contract with the club for another season.

Mattia Perin’s International Career

Mattia Perin began his international career playing for


at under-17 youth level. He appeared as the first choice goal keeper in the 2009 European U17 Championship as well as the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup, both of which took place in Nigeria.

A few months later, he was also present for the 2010 European U19 Championship as a backup keeper. At Italy under-21 Mattia Perin appeared for the first time in a friendly match with Denmark that occurred on 11 August 2010.

Before starting his international career at senior level, he also represented Italy at under-21 three more time, once in Italy under-21 Serie B representative team and twice in Italy national under-20 football team.

On 15 August 2012 in a friendly match with


, Perin finally received his first call-up to make his international senior debut. He was also selected for the 23-man Italian squad to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil as the third choice goalkeeper. As a result, he was named as the youngest player among others in the squad and also the only player that didn’t have a cap before.

However, Mattia Perin made his international debut two years later on 18 November 2014 in a friendly match over


which resulted in a 1-0 win.

On 9 April 2016 after his right knee got injured during one of Genoa’s matches, Perin missed the UEFA Euro 2016. Nonetheless, on 4 June 2018 he made his second cap in a friendly match over


that ended in a 1-1 draw.

Mattia Perin’s Personal Life

The one and only woman in Mattia Perin’s life is the adorable Giorgia Miatto. Unfortunately, Giorgia’s biography or any fact regarding her personal life, educational background or even her birthdate is not available.

However, these two love birds were in a long-term relationship that actually dates back to many years before they finally decided to tie the knot.

We are not sure when or how Mattia and Giorgia first met one another; nevertheless, these two got married on 28 December 2018. Reportedly, among the guests on the wedding day, there were a few other footballers as well, including Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini.

In point of fact on that memorable day, Leonardo Bonucci posted a story on his Instagram page standing beside the newly groom, Mattia Perin.

Speaking of wedding ceremony, well it might interesting to know that it was being held in Erbusco, Franciacorta, Brescia where is actually located in the northern Italy. Mattia and Giorgia got married in the church of Santa Maria Assunta among their family and friends.

Apparently everything about the wedding looked like fairytales!


fact about Mattia Perin

is that he is not only a husband, but also a father of two. His firstborn was a beautiful girl who was born on 19 February 2018 and his second child, a son, is two years younger than his sister, being born in June 2020.

There are several pictures of these cute children on both Mattia and Giorgia’s Instagram account.

Mattia Perin’s Social Media

Although information with regard to Mattia Perin’s personal life is strictly limited, there’s still a familiar way for everyone, especially his fans to keep in touch with him and to be informed of the latest news from himself:

Mattia Perin’s social media


He is active on three of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. His Twitter account (


) includes of 183.7K followers, his Facebook page (


) with more than 172K followers and finally with the most number of followers, his Instagram account (


) has over 893k followers.

Another fact about Mattia Perin which is worthy to mention is that he has not posted anything on his Twitter account since 4 Mar 2019. But he is pretty much active on Instagram, as he keeps posting and sharing stories a few times in a week.

Actually Instagram is the only social media platform where he shares that personal side of his life with people as well. There are several pictures of himself playing with his lovely children, selfies with his beautiful wife, the vacations he has taken or even the nights out with friends and family.

Mattia Perin’s Controversy with Fans

A fact about Mattia Perin that somehow got him into trouble is that he might sometimes be a little bit blunt and argumentative. In actuality, up to now he has several times quarreled with some of the fans of Frosinone that are the main rivals of his hometown, Latina.

However, once during an argument with Frosinone fans that occurred on Instagram, in a rather racist comment Mattia Perin replied one of them "your grandfather speaks Arabic". He was simply referring to the Marocchinate atrocities back in 1944.

Due to the same comment, he got into trouble and Maria Spilabotte, the senator of Frosinone condemned this insult in the Italian Senate. As a result, in a game between Juventus and Frosinone that took place in September 2018, Mattia Perin was benched by the manager Massimiliano Allegri.

More Facts about Mattia Perin

If you are still curious to know more about this Italian goalkeeper, read the following facts about Mattia Perin.

  • Full name: 

    Mattia Perin

  • Birth date:

     10 November 1992

  • Birth place: 

    Latina, Italy

  • Height:

     1.88 m

  • Weight:

     77 kg

  • Preferred foot:


  • Religion:


After joining Juvents, Mattia Perin in an important interview shared some of his thoughts and resolutions playing for his new club:

"Probably most people thought I would choose the easiest way, but in my career I’ve never had it easy and I like challenges a lot. I’m a very competitive person and come here with a very humble attitude and approach. I’m here to learn and my competitiveness will be good for everyone."

Apparently, he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer n the whole wide world:

"As I said before, this news is incredible because Cristiano Ronaldo's the best player in the world. Being given the opportunity to train with not only the greatest in the world but also a great professional and not the only one with guys like Chiellini and Barzagli who can teach the young players how to behave on the pitch and in the dressing room…adding another to that will be great and Italian football will certainly benefit from it."

He actually thinks of himself as rather determined, he claims that no matter what he is doing, makes sure that is putting 100% of himself in the work. He wants to excel in everything he does, to leave a name and a mark of himself, which in other words, makes him quite a perfectionist.

In other words, even Mattia himself admits that he was born to compete, whether on the field of play or not.

Also due to the pandemic in Italy, on 26 September 2020 Mattia Perin tested positive for COVID-19 which luckily didn’t last for too long and the Italian goalkeeper recovered quickly.

Mattia Perin’s Net Worth and Salary

Now let’s look into some facts about

Mattia Perin’s net worth

, income and market value. Obviously, football is the main source of income for Perin since he is not linked with advertising companies.

According to the statements from valid sources,

Mattia Perin’s annual salary

is about £3.85 million, which means on a weekly basis, he receives a £74,000 wage.

Regardless of the fact about Mattia Perin that no information concerning his personal properties has been disclosed yet, this Italian footballer’s net worth is said to be the approximate number of $3.2 million.

He also had the highest market value, €18.00 million a year after joining Juventus. But gradually

Mattia Perin’s market value

reduced to €7.00 million.

Besides, Perin is actually ranked among the most expensive footballers currently playing for Genoa.




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